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  1. I finally caught up with the replay from Ellerslie on the 9th Jan and watched Race 5 where La Crique beats The Perfect Pink and see that Opie gets 6 days. Personally, I think its rather concerning that from my view he hits the horse 4 times and not in consecutive strides. C Grylls uses the whip 5 times in consecutive strides and nothing said at all. I guess this is all over the minority group of animal lovers that seem to get a louder voice than anyone and are changing the way racing is conducted. Next target will be the Zoo once they finish with the racing industry and ruin it. The para
  2. Wiremu Pinn | From close of racing Thursday 25 November to close of racing Friday 25 February I must be asleep at the wheel, What has he done to get such a long layoff?
  3. I am a fan of multis, is there a way of taking a multi where in one race you like 3 horses and next race 2 horses and another race 4 horses without having to fill out the form 24 times.
  4. bestbets


    you would find his property is in the Waikato district and his rates would go to the Waikato council. The powers that be decided to change the the boundary when they put up the road blocks at mercer. Pretty harsh this government, there not very kind as they tell us.
  5. yes i do smoke, but don't tell my mother she don't like her lovely son damaging his health
  6. Two Saturdays in a row and the site can't keep up with all the bets. (Error, please try again). Is this what 50 million gets you So annoying when you have a gambling problem like me. The government locks me up then the TAB stops me betting, next my brewery stop supplying my beer.
  7. No surprise at all when Jacinda tells you that you can have people around to visit but they cant use your toilet, then Robbinson says its ok for people to use your toilet but only one at the time. No one has a bloody clue, its an embracement that they get a pay packet. Reading your comment it is so comical that different groups are using different rules. Anyway you have no concerns of covid the nazis just want to keep you all under there control. I really look forward to next election to see how much of the South Island is still Red.
  8. I experienced a restriction of the amount I could bet on a horse when the market open. Wanted 100 ew on very flash at 26 an 6.8 reply was I could only have half the amount. What I did was put 50 ew then did the bet again an got my 100 ew no problem.the sites a dog. The other problem I have I start selecting my quad an get the first leg selection then the page refreshes an I haven't noticed an go to 2nd leg an I'm making individual bets as the site has gone away from my quad bet. They surely could of got better value for there millions they spent.
  9. could have something to do with health and safety and possibly because they are high risk the insurance company might of required them to install time locks. NZ isn't the NZ of old.
  10. Thanks for the info. Sounds very bizarre, might be a world first, never ever in my 100yrs have I heard that one before.
  11. What happened today with race 3. I wasn't able to watch or listen but saw the race abandoned and no stewards report at 7.30pm. Hope nothing to serious happened.
  12. Had a friend given a horse to bet on. so night before he sees on fix its paying 1.95 a place an puts 40 a place. Next morning after scr an deductions the TAB adjust the price to 1.05 yet when they set the price they open it at 1.35. How can there be two different prices. My mate made 2.60 an feels the market shown pre race day is very miss leading. I explained that lesson learnt. they always set a market an include the ballots so you know the prices are misleading for experience punters like myself an usually the tote price is a lot better than what the TAB set. Not a good experience fo
  13. R1 9 - Little Belle R2 3 - Festivity R3 8 - Ever So Clever R4 1 - Montre Moi R5 7 - Scotch R6 4 - Mascarpone R7 1 - Amarelinha R8 3 - Beauden R9 3 - Les Crayeres Good luck all and thanks to those running the comp
  14. Sadly New Zealand is awash with idiot's that have no accountability when it comes to spending others money. Auckland council is another that spent hundreds of millions on an automated system for the ports. Government throw money away on consultants without achieving a thing. It's the new norm of how this country works. The TAB just took a little longer to catch on to ruining a great product that we once had to the lemon we now got
  15. What is the starting limit, track looks fantastic but seems quite narrow to big fields.