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  1. could have something to do with health and safety and possibly because they are high risk the insurance company might of required them to install time locks. NZ isn't the NZ of old.
  2. Thanks for the info. Sounds very bizarre, might be a world first, never ever in my 100yrs have I heard that one before.
  3. What happened today with race 3. I wasn't able to watch or listen but saw the race abandoned and no stewards report at 7.30pm. Hope nothing to serious happened.
  4. Had a friend given a horse to bet on. so night before he sees on fix its paying 1.95 a place an puts 40 a place. Next morning after scr an deductions the TAB adjust the price to 1.05 yet when they set the price they open it at 1.35. How can there be two different prices. My mate made 2.60 an feels the market shown pre race day is very miss leading. I explained that lesson learnt. they always set a market an include the ballots so you know the prices are misleading for experience punters like myself an usually the tote price is a lot better than what the TAB set. Not a good experience fo
  5. R1 9 - Little Belle R2 3 - Festivity R3 8 - Ever So Clever R4 1 - Montre Moi R5 7 - Scotch R6 4 - Mascarpone R7 1 - Amarelinha R8 3 - Beauden R9 3 - Les Crayeres Good luck all and thanks to those running the comp
  6. Sadly New Zealand is awash with idiot's that have no accountability when it comes to spending others money. Auckland council is another that spent hundreds of millions on an automated system for the ports. Government throw money away on consultants without achieving a thing. It's the new norm of how this country works. The TAB just took a little longer to catch on to ruining a great product that we once had to the lemon we now got
  7. What is the starting limit, track looks fantastic but seems quite narrow to big fields.
  8. Simple do speed map an determine the pace then you get an idea of how the race will be run. Also some tracks have a front runners bias. All part of the the punting puzzel
  9. One of the most gifted riders in nz. Very little said as to what has happened other than didnt give urine sample. Was there ever a set time of suspension given?
  10. Isn't history littered with these so called experts that are paid exorbitant salaries only to ruin industries. The exposure of why racing is failing is very evident to most of us but what are they doing to fix the problems nothing but keeping with the status quo. They get an independent assessment on a new betting platform that was damming but ignore this report. Not sure why they spend so many millions on consultants only to dismiss there findings. Personally I hope that some wise heads get together an turn the industry around but I dont see this forth coming with no radio coverage. No free
  11. All I can say is I wish I could bottle that days racing up an bring it out every day I attended. What a fantastic day
  12. I finally made it to HQ and had a great experience. Didnt get to eat as arrived quite late. Service was very good, sure didnt need to wait to long for a beer as there was plenty of staff. Had a great time on the 9 ball table. As Arnold said "I be back"
  13. 1st Mer De Glace 2nd Prince of Arran 24th Neufbasc
  14. No it's not working with me. 50 million wasn't enough
  15. Along with with the rova app giving me a geo block message that I couldn't listen to trackside. The website been a lemon an now bestbets. Its worst than Fontara yearly result. You wonder if someone behind the scenes is deliberately trying to ruin racing.