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  1. bestbets

    BGP ....sure is a BGP !

    All I can say is I wish I could bottle that days racing up an bring it out every day I attended. What a fantastic day
  2. bestbets

    HQ Restaurant stars

    I finally made it to HQ and had a great experience. Didnt get to eat as arrived quite late. Service was very good, sure didnt need to wait to long for a beer as there was plenty of staff. Had a great time on the 9 ball table. As Arnold said "I be back"
  3. bestbets


    1st Mer De Glace 2nd Prince of Arran 24th Neufbasc
  4. bestbets

    Results page

    No it's not working with me. 50 million wasn't enough
  5. bestbets

    Today's Best Bets...dated Friday 27.9.19

    Along with with the rova app giving me a geo block message that I couldn't listen to trackside. The website been a lemon an now bestbets. Its worst than Fontara yearly result. You wonder if someone behind the scenes is deliberately trying to ruin racing.
  6. bestbets


    What a champion
  7. bestbets

    TAB website down for maintenance

    Had same error message this morning only to find out they accepted my bet 3 times when each time saying bet unsuccessful.
  8. bestbets

    Trackside Radio Ongoing Off Air issues

    To think in this day an age that they still transmit in AM to the biggest city tells you everything about NZ racing
  9. bestbets

    Damn TAB app.

    The biggest fuck up of an industry you ever did see. Reminds me of the movie titanic we all watching the ship sinking an we are all helpless
  10. bestbets

    Nash Rawiller gets 15 months

    I guess most humans are so greedy. It isn' like he needs the money. I don' rob banks cause I know one day I might be caught an I don' like the penalties that might follow. Enjoy your holiday. Do the crime do the time
  11. bestbets

    Another "stain" to remove.

    I know of one agent who gives out tips but the real bully is kept very quite an that' is human nature why ruin a price by giving to total strangers when the next day all forgotten an on to the next race
  12. bestbets

    Matamata Comp

    Neverstopdreaming Pierrocity Blue breeze Rikki tikki tavi Richie mchorse Seventh up Mihuaul Thanks
  13. bestbets

    Commentators - genuinely good blokes

    What a lovely story, in life, it is all about the next generation and sharing the knowledge is what it is all about. I have played snooker for most of my life and I am only to happy to share my knowledge and show players what they are doing wrong etc. It gives me great satisfaction to see players improve and also the delight they get from trying new shots etc and every sport needs the next generation coming through. I take my hat off to all those that give of their time.
  14. bestbets

    Another Legal Bunfight on the way in Ozzie

    Was very common practice back in the day