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  1. The National Party is promising a raft of proposals to support the racing industry if elected, including a review of how parts of the industry are taxed. Leader Judith Collins made the announcement while visiting the Hawke's Bay Racing Centre in Hastings. Collins said the racing industry employs more than 15,000 people directly and supports close to 60,000 indirect jobs. "Racing contributes in excess of $1.6 billion a year to our economy and will be an important part of rebuilding our economy," she said. National is promising to repeal the Resource Mana
  2. I am pleased to let you know the process of review of TAB NZ's Executive Leadership structure is now complete and we have confirmed our new leadership team which comprises of Jessica Meech - GM Corporate & Governance Services and Sam Moncur - GM Finance along with with existing executive Glen Saville - GM Customer and Betting who will hold the role until later this year and experienced industry executive Edward Rennell as GM Broadcasting and Operations until April 2021. The new structure will formally take effect on 7 September 2020. Both Jessica and Sam have been with the TAB fo
  3. The premier club in the land doing a great job, well done to PW and the team. they are progressive, financially sound and have done a good job over the years with their property portfolio and investments. my only criticism is that the place should have a strathayr racing’s imperative. but the club is going the right way. and you are right, I hate going to tracks that have subpar facilities...look at Flemington, Randwick, Sha Tin, proper facilities for everyone no matter what rung of the ladder they are on.
  4. The Aussie bloke calling some of the trials at Te Rapa today, Pat Comerford I presume? Had a mate with a share in a runner in Heat 19, if it was on the radio you would have no idea what an earth was going on. I get he maybe learning but goodness it was bad, calling horses in the finish that were not there and missing horses completely.
  5. Called the wrong horse as the winner today at Invercargill in Race 4, not even the same your game...lucky we can all see now because the clowns that employ this bloke no longer provide radio coverage.
  6. Correct...she’s a dinosaur and a Labour Leftie. Been on the committee for years and done sweet FA.
  7. Exactly, I agree with you on that. No racing in the biggest city for 3 months of the year is a disgrace. When they renovated the track recently they should have gone the whole hog and put in a Strathayr surface and done it properly once and for all rather than this halfway measure called sand slitting. Didn’t I see on here or somewhere Sha Tin racing after 500mm of rain the other day....just get on with it. Ellerslie have the cash and the balance sheet to be able to do it!
  8. Shut the bloody place’s awful. Nobody wants to go’s the slum of the industry. Jan Skinner - move on, do what is right for the industry and not just for your own self interest. Auckland doesn’t need two galloping tracks within a stones throw of each other. Just enjoy some days at the nations premier track down the road and invest your money wisely. There’s still a place for your club, just not at your current venue. The lawyers will drain your finances as well as the industry’s funds and at this time those dollars are more important than ever so do the right thing
  9. NEP is a broadcast supplier as in the broadcast facilities, like the cameras/hardware, broadcast can, crew etc. SKY flagged up in the last few months they were looking at potentially outsourcing their production to them as having all that equipment costs a lot to run and maintain I imagine. Sky will still screen the sport, it would be produced in house, but the broadcast facilities run by an external outfit. Here is what’s interesting, before SKY purchased the broadcast production arm in 2010, OnSite Broadcasting which was tied up with Ray Standidge who no doubt made a lot of money o
  10. $283-1 on the HK tote according to results so $2845 for a $10 unit former Kiwi horse I see, with Shane Crawford who won at New Plymouth and had blinkers added.
  11. Moreira is all class, that was perfection from Joao. on conghua - reading the press they are still transporting horses, they are classified as freight apparently. But trainers have had their sha tin horse limits increased. and i agree about the tab form, it’s diabolical. I use the hkjc from guide on their website when betting in hk, it is superb.
  12. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO BE THE NEXT RUSSELL JACKSON OR PERHAPS MAYBE JOHNNY NOT SO BRIGHT, WHAT ABOUT JEREMY HAAGLAND??...judging by slacksides previous record we are bound to get some other winner Are you passionate about Racing? Are you an experienced Racing presenter who can do it all? Are you looking for a new challenge? Then we're looking for you! This is an exceptional opportunity to join the TAB, a truly diverse business. We're a totally Kiwi operation and what we do touches the lives of a large number of people
  13. Bit of an exodus from the broadcasting wing of the NZRB...(soon to be RITA on Monday) Jason got to him by the sounds... Darryl to honkers... ...question marks hanging over Mark Mac???
  14. Race 1 Sunday at Sha Tin Commentary & Tips: #11 Cour Valant was luckless last start at Happy Valley, checking off heels on a number of occasions before switching to the outside where he closed off nicely. He should appreciate the spacious Sha Tin straight which should give him every chance if he finds space. #8 Adonis found form last start finishing second. He might be ready to string a few nice runs together and if so, hell find himself in the finish. #6 Exponents has mixed it both on the turf and the dirt. He struggled out to 1400m last start but a return to 1200m should spark
  15. Would he want to return? No disrespect to Ellerslie but I’m picking commentating at Happy Valley & Sha Tin is more of a draw card