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  1. The traditional Trackside channel will also run every race on the SENZ app under the ‘Trackside” tile That tells me all racing will still be available on the SENZ app 24-7, which I encourage you to download. The cricket coverage last week was the best in a long time. Sounds like the main racing on a Saturday will be on the actual radio airwaves, which I think is good rather than just having wall to wall racing as it currently is on TV. Might be a good way to go have the SENZ app playing through your bluetooth speaker or similar and marry it up the tv from trackside pictures so yo
  2. SENZ solidifies commitment to racing By SENZ SENZ has today announced it will be the major partner of New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing’s (NZTR) 2021 Horse of the Year Awards, to be held in September. This sponsorship of the Awards, which includes naming rights of the event’s ultimate honour, the SENZ Horse of the Year Award, reaffirms SENZ’s commitment to racing in its soon to be launched network of stations, acquired recently from TAB Trackside. Sports Entertainment Network CEO Craig Hutchison said that SENZ was proud to partner the awards. ‘’SENZ is excited to expand i
  3. Over there with one of our other callers who was given a raw deal so told trackside to stick it…now calling on one of the biggest stages. Go figure
  4. My exact point I made on the harness forum yesterday re Addington trots still being held
  5. I feel its not a good look with racing going ahead at Addington today, considering the weather warnings in the greater Canterbury area and state of emergency in Timaru/Ashburton areas. No doubt there are some participants from these areas that will struggling to get home later if the forecasts are right and the photos that are on the news sites of what’s currently going down in these places. People being told to stay at home yet harness racing thinks its a good idea to continue? Maybe its just me, but with all the rubbish going on in the industry at the moment and stories from jurno
  6. Neil Jennings, Australian who has been the handicapper for the Emirates Racing Association for the past few years. He will do a superb job, I have no doubt!
  7. Its a shithole is Timaru. Ellerslie has the best surface at the far! Just improve it my by putting a strathayr track in when the merger with Pukekohe goes ahead and then it will be worldclass
  9. Beaten again last night in HK, looks like he was well sold!
  10. Opie lost his high court appeal and WONT be riding at Ellerslie in the KM. Rules are rules and he has to accept the findings
  11. What an absolute wank you are! She’s an exceptional horsewoman
  12. Agree...who are you Mikenz? Always bitching and moaning. ARC is the best club in the country...boxing day and cup day have been terrific. great atmosphere, racing, crowds, track! I was in the hospitality area and the service was second to none and I’ve been to some of the biggest meetings in the world...and it’s world class! Paul Wilcox has done a terrific job there with his team. It has the best facilities of anywhere in the country! lets put in that strathayr track and race there every week or on a more regular basis than we do, particularly in the winter months!
  13. The National Party is promising a raft of proposals to support the racing industry if elected, including a review of how parts of the industry are taxed. Leader Judith Collins made the announcement while visiting the Hawke's Bay Racing Centre in Hastings. Collins said the racing industry employs more than 15,000 people directly and supports close to 60,000 indirect jobs. "Racing contributes in excess of $1.6 billion a year to our economy and will be an important part of rebuilding our economy," she said. National is promising to repeal the Resource Mana
  14. I am pleased to let you know the process of review of TAB NZ's Executive Leadership structure is now complete and we have confirmed our new leadership team which comprises of Jessica Meech - GM Corporate & Governance Services and Sam Moncur - GM Finance along with with existing executive Glen Saville - GM Customer and Betting who will hold the role until later this year and experienced industry executive Edward Rennell as GM Broadcasting and Operations until April 2021. The new structure will formally take effect on 7 September 2020. Both Jessica and Sam have been with the TAB fo