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  1. MrBigStuff

    Getting the basics right

    Didn’t know that the Grand National was now the final jumps meeting of the season.... on the nztr site, written by the races crowd...muppets NZ Jumps Racing: What You Should Know The Races 3 May 2019 We’ll start with the basics... There are two types of jumps racing in New Zealand; Hurdles and Steeplechase. Hurdle racing is over smaller, batten fences, while Steeplechase races are over larger brush fences. There are around 100 jump racing events in New Zealand and these are split evenly between hurdle and steeplechase. In New Zealand, jumps racing is far less prominent than flat racing and usually takes place during the cooler months. There are Prestige Jumping Races on the New Zealand calendar which all owners, trainers and jockeys strive to win. Top of the wishlist is the Great Northern Steeplechase and the Great Northern Hurdle, both of which carry a generous $125,000 stake. Some horses are bred to be jumpers, while others find themselves jumping due to failing on the flat. Many horses who struggle in flat races enjoy the new challenge of jumping and do very well with the correct training. Teaching a racehorse to jump also makes them much easier to rehome to an equestrian lifestyle following racing. Alongside NZ Jumps Inc, New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing are continuously working to improve the safety of jumps racing. There has been significant investment into developing the design of padded hurdle jumps - jockeys are now required to withdraw their horse from a race if they’re considered beaten (no longer a realistic chance of winning prize money) and detailed reviews of accidents are undertaken to identify any areas for improved safety. Both horses and jockeys must hold a certificate of qualification for jumping racing and jockeys are required to undergo training and attend pre-season clinics before being granted a jumps jockey licence. New Zealand have had some wonderful jumpers over the years! Perhaps the most remarkable of all Hall of Famer, Brookby Song. He raced during the 1940s and was applauded for his ability to carry huge weights, up to 79kg on some occasions. His career started on the flat, where he was unplaced. Trainer Bob Hall then turned his attention to jumping, with the hope that they’d have more success. Bob's wife took Brookby Song hunting, to teach him to jump. He won his first race with ease, winning by 10 lengths and only went from strength to strength. Brookby Song is one of three horses to win the Great Northern, Wellington and Grand National Steeples all in one year. He retired with a total career earning of £17,000, which at the time was a record in New Zealand and Australia. This year, jumps racing kicked off on 22 April at Riverton and will conclude with the Grand National Steeples at Riccarton Park on 10 August. As if Thoroughbred Racing in itself isn’t thrilling enough - throw in a few jumps and you have a whole new race on your hands!
  2. A plastic running rail and a general tidy up and painting of buildings...always looks scruffy on tv
  3. MrBigStuff

    TAB on You Tube....

    And why would he come back here when he’s probably on 200 large, being paid accommodation and probably a few months bonus as well... NZ Racing wouldn’t be able to afford him now!
  4. MrBigStuff

    Justin Evans

    PI hope someone is mentoring / tutoring him and sitting him down to tell him where he is going wrong...I think he is early to mid thirties I am told so who knows if he will improve or not. As for Wood, well he clearly came on in leaps and bounds through people giving him the right nurturing a d fostering his talents as a raw & green commentator. now calling on one of world racing’s biggest stages...not looked after by slackside or the racing board by not being allowed to call the big races..... go figure! sadly nz doesn’t seem to have any new callers coming through with much talent. G Simon/M McNamara..........daylight........A White/T Lee....more daylight....J Teaz/M Cross.......darkness.....the rest.....
  5. MrBigStuff

    Justin Evans

    Some awful calls from this bloke on Thursday night at Manawatu....especially R2...embarrassing and over the top. Calm down and don’t scream like Tony Lee..who is one of the worst at screaming, J Evans isn’t far off. Another top appointment by Michelle Pickles at the NZRB...the talentless manager not the talent manager.
  6. MrBigStuff


    yes the hkjc obviously recognized his talent unlike slackside here in nz. He is the number 2 commentator there behind brett davis. another kiwi performing on the world stage, like jayne ivil with who i note took a shot in the informant at her previous employers slackside. couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery
  7. MrBigStuff

    Justin Evans

    Again screaming down the TV at the Manawatu last night his bloke. Anyone would think every race there at Manawatu is a Group 1 the way he yells. Great callers don’t yell Justin
  8. MrBigStuff

    Absolute rubbish coverage

    Cross is ok but he will learn bad habits off his bff Tan who is boring as bat shit
  9. MrBigStuff

    Justin Evans

    This guy should just call the race and not scream down the microphone at the end of a race. Went over the top IMO. Some awful calls there today capped off by getting the photo wrong in the last. Yes I am talking through my pocket with that one but still. You don’t here Matt Hill or Greg Miles blowing the arse out of the microphone do you.
  10. MrBigStuff

    Hong Kong Races

    Just heard one of our former kiwi race commentators in action there, sounds like he’s doing well. Kiwi proud, doing well on the world stage
  11. MrBigStuff

    Another meeting bites the dust

    Yes because you can transfer them like they do in Victoria, however they always have to make some minor distance changes if they go to Pakenham or Geelong
  12. Te Teko abandoned tomorrow
  13. MrBigStuff

    The Kiwi girls taking over Singapore

    8 nz bred horses in the group 3 3YO race tomorrow I see
  14. MrBigStuff

    The Kiwi girls taking over Singapore

    Yes best of luck to them. They all do our industry proud. Us Kiwis have a strong footprint up there in the lion city with nz bred horses, Trainers like Walker, Gray, Marsh, Logan. Jockeys like Grylls & Collett and stable staff like Gus Clutterbuck and I think Robbie Hewitson is also there I think. Also now a number 1 race caller up there now the previous caller left. Kiwi Proud here
  15. MrBigStuff

    Judge's Call

    Judges call is a thing of the past and old tradition NZ has never been able to shake. You don’t here a judges call at Flemington or Caulfield do you? God help when Stu McGrail was the’d be only minutes before the next race he was finally able to yell it out - good to see the ARC team moving with the times. New Zealands premier club