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  1. Correct, all the boys club stuff and back slapping becomes tiresome
  2. He comes aCross as having a high opinion of himself. This is the same guy that got bottled by a former nz based jockey at the harness jewels a few years back when carrying on like a pork chop!
  3. Definitely agree, why piss all your money away. Sell up, move on, invest wisely and run your meetings somewhere else.
  4. Three people, including two trainers, have beencharged by the Racing Integrity Board after two greyhounds have tested positive for methamphetamine. Greyhound racing (file picture). (Source: SAFE spokesperson Will Appelbe said it’s alarming that greyhounds are still testing positive for the drug. "Methamphetamine can cause muscle tremors, seizures, vomiting, and potentially death in dogs. It’s a serious animal welfare issue," he said. The drug has been found in multiple dogs around the country in recent years.
  6. And look today…money there for stakes and infrastructure.
  7. 100% P4P synthetic tracks - would still be talking about them if he hadn’t been at the helm. Lifted prizemoney - we would always love more but he did get some through. Lifted the codes marketing arm because the TAB have done a terrible job at that.
  8. Bernard Saundry appointed as CEO of RSN Radio in Victoria the primary race broadcaster for all three codes. Well Done. Obviously oversaw the creation of and knows his stuff. A loss for NZ but he did a job and did it well
  9. Murano was not even racing at Ashburton today. Comes across as thinking he’s a bit of a hot shot IMHO
  10. Im not singling out Wanganui, but it’s also a saftey concern. Charging to the outside fence especially when the outside fence is usually made of metal, wire and in most cases the posts in the ground with concrete. remember Gizzy and Troy Harris I think it was, yes it was an inside rail but that was a shocking incident. just saying,
  11. Doesn’t make for good racing though, lets all scramble to get to the fast lane
  12. The best? It was shit racing watching them all charge towards the outside rail where the fast lane was.
  13. Anyone have any updates on the progress of the work on the new racing surface? Yes I know it’s a big job but thought there might be some updates on their social media channels but cannot find anything. some progress updates would be great to see.
  14. Evidence on the head on footage is pretty telling. Maybe if he can’t conduct himself properly he needs to give it away. In this day and age where animal welfare is so much in the spotlight, the game doesn’t need this sort of crap in the headlines
  15. Every dog undergoes a vet check on the table before it is locked into it’s kennel after arriving on track. weighed and vet checked