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  1. Mr Spyro

    Covid-19 restrictions

    It is a weird old world right now . Was talking to my best mate today who is watching this unfold while , owed about $ 100,000 by clients that might not be able to pay him now through no real fault of their own . He is in an industry deemed essential, has thousands of dollars worth of other orders ready to go. Problem is although his industry is declared essential , his clients can't put through any more orders to him at the as the infrastructure that clients need like contractors that come in and work land with heavy duty machinery etc are deemed non essential. So ruling this industry essential is not worth anything , as they have been simply stopped dead in their tracks. Asked him what can he do , knowing all he has worked his guts out for may be gone forever. Said sitting in the sun today with a rum and bourbon in one hand and a joint in the other wants to shut it out for one day, back to the gut churning uncertainty tomorrow.
  2. Mr Spyro


    He is starting to hack me off. Telling people he can enforce a lockdown as long as he deems fit. He has a secure job, no apparent business, telling that to people sitting at home watching all they have worked for going down the gurgler with every advancing week, . 3 months, 6 months whatever time means nothing to him. If he thinks people are going to stay onside no matter the length of time he comes up with he is going to get a shock. Look at Spain even with all the deaths, 3 weeks of lock down, they now taking to the streets in civil disobedience and reclaiming some semblance of life. Ultimately people will only be stretched for so long and power rests with them.
  3. Mr Spyro

    AUSTRALIAN Guineas

    He was competitive enough his first start was he not ? He might not be as good as the first two but to finish behind some of the others like he did indicated that something wasn't quite right and so it has proved.
  4. Mr Spyro

    ORANMORE remembered

    What they should have done was not use them in Winter. No one with a brain, which excludes myself obviously, wanted to be there in winter. One night there wouldn't have been more than 5 members there, pissing down with rain, fog and as cold as charity. The president was buying this small rag tag bunch bourbons to keep us warm Summer...... a different thing, good crowds, one committee member told me the summer night on course turn overs far exceeded when they raced in the daytime. If they had stuck to say 5 months of the year it could have been very different
  5. Mr Spyro

    The ride of the day at Trentham

    Yes, came back from the dead to win at Ellerslie I think it was. One of those horses you couldn't help feeling affection towards, such a game little horse and him and Shiffnel Chief had so many great battles at Avondale under big weights.
  6. Mr Spyro

    The ride of the day at Trentham

    Or Tony Williams ? The reason a French jockey rode Oranmore in Avondale race was it was invitation rider's event. Trained by Joe Doran I think.
  7. Mr Spyro

    The ride of the day at Trentham

    Wasn't Oranmore something else ? As a schoolboy got a double on Jan's Beau in Avondale Cup at $ 30 with Oranmore in Conchord at about $ 5. Would have been big bucks for a a school kid. Jan's Beau hared off in front and eventually finished 3rd to Paul DeBrett . A French jockey Phillipe someone ? rode Oranmore who the jockey remarked " cornered like a little rabbit " hugged the rail and bolted in. Two great front runners on same day. Oh for more horses like those two these days.
  8. Mr Spyro

    Michelle Pickles

    Exactly. How in God's name she ever got the job......... She had been life long friends with a relative of mine but they hadn't seen each other for awhile. I had to tell relative that she had landed this position, their first comment was " What ?? she never showed any interest in horses and wouldn't know the first thing about them " Just a well paid gig, and no ties to the industry.
  9. Mr Spyro

    Trump written off

    If they aren't careful it will cost the Democrats an election. They are throwing so much into this fruitless exercise they are losing focus on what's ahead in coming up with a viable opponent for Trump. Is a 77 year old Biden the best they can offer up ?
  10. Mr Spyro


    Lost the qunella in protest plus bets on 2nd horse. Oh that hurts !
  11. Mr Spyro

    Te Akau Shark

    He would have to say that wouldn't he, the other horse had his head in front a stride or two past the post, so much for a furlong. Three wide albeit with some cover at stages and the extra weight...... How much would those 2nds have added up to in NZ dollars for the day ? Surely a bloody good day, think back maybe 5 years when they were struggling. Credit where it is due.
  12. Mr Spyro

    Te Akau Shark Pound For Pound, bang on with his comments, so damn close.
  13. Mr Spyro

    May and O'Reilly at Gore

    Would never say no good but has a reputation for being tame sometimes. Funnily enough without any other comment from me, asked one top trainer how he rated him. . His exact words were " Bit passive on occasions " No one in right mind would say he wasn't a good driver though.
  14. Mr Spyro

    Taupo Gone!!

    Who would be a trainer, esp like Fraser Auret travelling all way up from Marton . All programs going forward thrown out for those resuming horses. Enough to make you tear your hair out.
  15. Mr Spyro

    wierd names of horses and dogs.

    No and wasn't there one a couple of years back, like Pointing Percy which got through ? Then the greyhound Puma Pants.