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  1. Reminds me of my late GP ranting about hospitals bringing in ex brewry CEO's to run them, he maintained how vital it was to have leaders with knowledge of the specific area. Yet here we are heading down the same old blind alley, doing the same thing over and over that always end up going down like a Led Zeppelin. To cock up is normal , to learn nothing from past cock ups is unforgiveable.
  2. Incedible among the messages of sympathy to his daughter's twiter account, some dickhead had tp post ' another gone in name of human entertainment ' what a heartless moron.
  3. i see his daugter saying she is very worried about her dad, 90 you can't take many shocks. All thoughts with the poor getleman, i remember him saying the horse gave him reason to live.
  4. life can be a bastard at times, so unjust. Backed the winner but no joy in that, would rather have lost anyday than win under those circumstances
  5. half senile, thought he'd entered in best dried arrangement at flower show next door and mixed up the venues
  6. Was only race I would have collected in all day. Backed winner and 2nd horse and ............. You know your luck is bad when that happens.
  7. Don't know about " rushing It " things have been basically locked down since August 17, over 3 months. We have played our part like over 92 % vaccinated and it just can't be held back any longer. I have friends in small business that lost $ 600, 000 in sales last year and now have been through it all again, it just isn't sustainable . What if situation remained same in January, February, you just keep Auckland shut up with no end in sight ? It is not the fault of Aucklander's that the halfwits decided to put the MIQ facilities in heart of biggest city. And don't forget SI
  8. Be interesting to see if any question asked as to why he didn't hold trail. I think on a $ 2 shot, you have to look as if you are giving best chance to win.
  9. Just wondering if any comments regarding Ryan Elliot's ride on $ 2 favourite at Rotorua today . Dear Oh Dear !
  10. Decided to follow it up tonight, driven with some urgency.
  11. Years ago, early 80's I think, they wanted to take a sample from horse at Ellerslie but couldn't find vessel they needed , so attendant said to hell with it, just use my old hat. The horse returned a positive through brylcream that had come off his head and into in the hat, so anything is possible.
  12. I'm sorry I see it as faux outrage, they are just two people expressing their thoughts as entitled in private conversation. So I'm at the beach with Maori mate of mine , another Maori lady he knew came along and started talking to him about " those stupid bloody Pakeha's " like I wasn't even there. I would never think to describe her on social media as the chubby Maori lady with little stubby legs who obviously worked at local Mc Donalds . She was expressing something in private conversation.
  13. That is right, wanted to retain autonomy and identity but be part of the umbrella. At that stage talks were being held and I think they said they couldn't see any fish hooks to stop it happening, So was just wondering what has transpired in talks to change things and where they see their future now. I can't see them lasting as go it alone.
  14. At the last AJC member's meeting they were all set to be on board, it was almost presented as fait accompli. They were really pushing for it and were in discussions. That was just before Christmas.