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  1. Be interesting to see if any question asked as to why he didn't hold trail. I think on a $ 2 shot, you have to look as if you are giving best chance to win.
  2. Just wondering if any comments regarding Ryan Elliot's ride on $ 2 favourite at Rotorua today . Dear Oh Dear !
  3. Decided to follow it up tonight, driven with some urgency.
  4. Years ago, early 80's I think, they wanted to take a sample from horse at Ellerslie but couldn't find vessel they needed , so attendant said to hell with it, just use my old hat. The horse returned a positive through brylcream that had come off his head and into in the hat, so anything is possible.
  5. I'm sorry I see it as faux outrage, they are just two people expressing their thoughts as entitled in private conversation. So I'm at the beach with Maori mate of mine , another Maori lady he knew came along and started talking to him about " those stupid bloody Pakeha's " like I wasn't even there. I would never think to describe her on social media as the chubby Maori lady with little stubby legs who obviously worked at local Mc Donalds . She was expressing something in private conversation.
  6. That is right, wanted to retain autonomy and identity but be part of the umbrella. At that stage talks were being held and I think they said they couldn't see any fish hooks to stop it happening, So was just wondering what has transpired in talks to change things and where they see their future now. I can't see them lasting as go it alone.
  7. At the last AJC member's meeting they were all set to be on board, it was almost presented as fait accompli. They were really pushing for it and were in discussions. That was just before Christmas.
  8. So were are Avondale in this now, considering they were planning to sell of course for mega millions and make a threesome ?
  9. How many would be using embalming fluid ?
  10. It is human embalming fluid used in various concentrations . Bloody unbelievable !
  11. He was at Avondale races yesterday and looking well.
  12. Heard last week that there is a trainer ( well known ) that isn't allowed more than $ 10 on any bet. What cowardly plonkers.
  13. Same only 16's but as you say better than alternative. Also worried about that draw after first day but put faith in jockey.
  14. Much deserved after huge run first day. Just glad I followed my money.