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  1. The coverage of the Grand National on Trackside 2 was very good. And this praise comes from one who has been scathing of our TAB in the recent past.
  2. I was surprised that I could not bet at the pub tab on the Grand National, but when I got home I could bet using my computer. The operator at the Pub was surprised when I asked for number 28!!!
  3. This is something new from our TAB. I think, but I am not sure, that it provides the TAB with the geographical location of where a bet is made on a digital device, so that if it is made in a TAB agency then that agency gets a percentage of the turnover. This may have some impact on on course turnovers, which are presently understated by so many people on course using a mobile device, such as a telephone, for their bets. Hopefully more knowledgeable people will be able to explain it all in detail.
  4. Charles Bukowski's comments above were totally brilliant. Saundry & Co. state that the club system is not good as there is no succession planning. Saundry fails to realise that competent volunteers will not put their names forward to help in an industry that is run by people like Saundry. Instead of having one foot in the departure lounge Bernard should help our industry by putting the other foot in the departure lounge.
  5. They have betting on minor races from all around the globe, but the Dubai World Cup; That is not important to them. I hope the Sepoy horse gets up. I see he is the fourth favourite. The winner's prize money is about NZD10mil
  6. Notice how they suggested that the Reefton track be extended to a one mile circumference, when funds allow. 100 years later and it is still 6 furlongs around, and a great day out. But I wonder what will happen when the hugely enthusiastic committee get to be replaced. Actually, I think the diversity of racecourses is wonderful. Reefton looks to me like a track that if you had a squib that can negotiate sharp curves and sprint like hell, it would be the only course in the country for it. I had a big each way bet on such a squib there 15 months ago. It was four lengths clear with a 100
  7. The Report is of interest to me. Notice how the Report said close Napier Park. It took another forty two years for good sense to happen. Notice how the Report said keep Takapuna but get rid of Avondale. From my reading Takapuna was on a swamp and was a dangerous course. These ministerial reports don't always get everything right. I had no idea there were so many racecourses in our country a century ago.
  8. Latest figures out show that the average, per adult, spend on gambling in the 2020 calendar year was Pokies $204, Lotto $160, Casino's $128 and TAB $80. It makes one wonder why we pay turkeys so much on the Racing Board, or whatever is is called this week. Those turkeys are gobbling our industry's funds.
  9. Distribute the stake money 65% the winner, 20% second, 10% third and 5% fourth. Horses placed fifth through to tenth get their entry fees and riding fee refunded. The savings in Goods and Services Tax would be huge. Consider the split to be 62.5% first and 2.5% for fifth for races of $50,000 or more, in which case it would be 6th to tenth get their expenses refunded. The above system is too simple for the powers that be to comprehend, and guess what the trainer's percentage would be if that trainer was good enough to train a horse to come 9th when the tenth horse was scratc
  10. I think the longest straight run on any New Zealand racecourse is from the 1600 start at Matamata, where the horses run 785 metres in a straight line to the first turn.
  11. This was unveiled this afternoon by J.A. Gibbs MNZM, D.J. O'Sullivan OBE and C.C.E. Thompson B.V.Sc (Hons). It is placed sixty or so metres east of the town clock in the town. It is impressive and well worth a visit. It is the most impressive horse statue that I have seen.
  12. Weasel57. Marques De Pombal, winner of of race 9 at Concepcion this morning was sired by a Chilean bred stallion named Scat Daddy. Do you really want me to plough through the 143 other errors?.
  13. Mates asked me to go in a yearling with them. An Embellish colt. I like Embellish. I told them that with the present racing administration in our country I would be asylum material if I invested in a New Zealand racehorse. Each week there is another example of their gross ineptitude. It is a pun to use the word "gross" because there have been 144 examples of that sort of idiocy during the past 33 months. If you want me to bore you shitless, I will list them.
  14. Congratulations Billy Pomare. I was there yesterday and congrats also to Paul Wilcox. He did not know until about 11.40 a.m. Friday whether the races would be full on. I noticed that the food stalls, bars, tote staff and ancilliary staff were all run cleanly, efficiently and fully stocked. Staff were there adhering to OSH stuff in a polite and efficient manner. This was great organisation, especially when one considers the seemingly impossible time constraints. If our government had half a brain they would pinch Wilcox off the Auckland Racing Club and have him run the Ministry of
  15. You fine an unemployed person $8800. Does the judge know, in bookkeeping terms, how to set up an account called; "Provision For Doubtful Debts". And NO conviction was entered so the moron can visit Australia and the USA. This is a sick joke.