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  1. Our TAB has framed a market for the Dante at 125.6%. It would appear that an English firm has taken over our TAB. Bad Economics, but I will go for him.
  2. Whatever that commentator was drinking: I'll have a pint of it.
  3. Highclere? Tomorrow morning marks the sixtieth anniversary of Northern Dancer's win in the Kentucky Derby. I submit that Northern Dancer's influence is far greater than that of Highclere. In any Group One event in N.Z. every runner traces back to that Kentucky Derby winner of 60 years ago. Indeed, some are inbred four times, or even more, to that incredible stallion.
  4. Pak Star, your comments are appreciated. I think the problem is that in 2024 statements are vetted by public relations consultants. When they are trying to explain intricate details the public relations people get tied up in their own bullshit which most people use them to peddle. An organization"s credibility is inversely proportional to their spend on public relations.
  5. Was your personal opinion wrapped up in fine cotton?
  6. Further to my post on 21st March at 9.26 p.m., here are my handicaps for the Riverton Cup Capo Del Impero 61 Humbucker 58.5 Shockalla 58.5 Prince Alby 56 Lochiberg 55 The Tui Toiler 54 Astradeel 53.5 Choux In, Lily Of Valley, Twilight Gem 53 ........................................................... The Open Sprint Lightning Jack 61 Midnight Runner 60 Henry Hubber 59 The Good Shepherd 58 Mahabar 56 Sea shepherd 56 More Than Words 55.5 Hasstobeyou 55 Miss Harley Quinn, Zac Black & Arceus 54 Now; Compare those weights with the real thing and tell me where I am wrong.
  7. Many years ago an Australian political reporter asked the late Bob Hawke if he had ever been wrong. Hawke looked straight into the camera lens and said "Yes". The political reporter was astonished that a politician would ever admit that he had been wrong. "And how was that Mr Hawke?" I"I backed Galleon to beat Manikato" responded Bob Hawke, I sincerely hope that people will not say that Tauhei Notts was once wrong; "He backed Orchestral to beat Zarkozi"..
  8. I have become quite concerned about the handicaps set for open handicaps. I will endeavour to set my handicaps for he the two open races at Riverton, next week. Your criticisms of what I put will be eagerly awaited. Basically, if everybody moans then the handicapper has got it right.
  9. Sometimes owners use irony when naming a horse. Like, years ago "Head On" was out of Arson. So when I first saw Pulchritudinous at her first start in September I thought she may have been out of "Wahinenui", but not so. It was "Showus".
  10. Velocious arrived at the track just 25 minutes before the start. I would be concerned if I had a 2 year old in a group one race with such an inadequate time to settle down after stepping off the float after what had been a torturous ride to the track. That filly could be something extra good. Possibly off topic, but those road works south of Hampton Downs on HIghway One caused delays that are unforgiveable in a first world country. Friends who went to Pink concert on Friday afternoon got similar delays. And after all those delays to watch the Warriors fade in the closing moments of their match; the road delays were sad but that result was terrible.
  11. Rdytdy, I should have remembered Stipulate. I saw him get beaten by Great Sensation on my first visit to Trentham. The top deck of the public stand that day was shoulder to shoulder punters. Nowadays it is closed. I think I heard that in The Cup they went the last 600 in 35 and change. A race time of 3m 24.38 suggests that My Maebelline Girl set up a gentle pace, for the field to finish so quickly. Particularly in a 3200 event. That being so one must extend hearty congratulations to Joe Doyle. An exceptionally canny ride by that man. We are still all learning about the new Ellerslie track, but Joe Doyle has learned a lot quicker than many others.
  12. Hopefully somebody will tell us. What was the last time a horse won both the N.Z. Cup and the Auckland Cup in the same season?
  13. Had I not been to see Orchestral at Ellerslie I would have been playing golf with a burgling MIDGET from Clark's Beach.
  14. Memories. Corroboree in 1972 was memorable. It was the day of my maiden century. The first time I made $100 on the punt on a raceday. I have seen most Derbies since then. Orchestral is one of the best. I am confident that she will do better in later life than Sherwood Forest, Crown Prosecutor, Coniston Bluebird and Cut The Cake.
  15. I see the cops had to shoot a man yesterday. Very sad. It happened in Matamata-Piako District. Then I read further and found, after some research, that it was at Manawaru. I asked a friend why the news media didn't put in Manawaru area. He explained that nobody has ever heard of Manawaru. Well, I am so old I remember a good extremely tough, pacer from Mid Canterbury named Manawaru. He got that name as the owner's brother had a dairy farm at Manawaru. So, some people have heard of Manawaru.