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  1. Tauhei Notts

    Cox Plate for Consensus....??

    It is nature's way that female mammals have hormones going into their system when they become pregnant. Hormones that it would be illegal to inject empty mares with. It is nature. This is the one chance Consensus has, if she conceives in early September, to win a huge race. Nature will be on her side. I wonder if I would be allowed to join the cheer squad if she ran at Moonee Valley.
  2. Tauhei Notts

    Trump written off

    Has anybody noticed the emphasis given to the El Paso dickwit as compared to the Dayton Ohio shooter, and wondered why one gets so much adverse media coverage. Well, the answer is; The Dayton Ohio shooter was a card carrying member of the Democrat Party and that puts him above media scrutiny.
  3. Tauhei Notts

    RIP Scott Richardson

    Scott Richardson was far and away the best share broker that I ever dealt with.
  4. Tauhei Notts

    Anyone remember 'Styx' ?

    I had the pleasure of attending the Randwick autumn carnival with Eric and his wife. Eric Davies was far and away the best racing tour host that I am ever likely to meet. Their room became headquarters. 10 a.m. on race day was assembly for a little tummy wash and organise groups of four to get taxis to the course. 6 p.m. on race days was assembly for more drinks and organise where we are going to eat. Eric was a veteran of the ill fated Crete campaign in 1941. Eric told me that most of the fighting he did in World War Two was against Aussies around the bars and brothels of Cairo. In those days at Easter, Randwick raced Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. One year I had a bundle of travellers' cheques and went to cash them at Dominic Beirne's stand an hour before race one. I went through all the carry on with signatures etc. Then was told that I have AUD1000 in credit; no cash. After the last I went to get my AUD1090 and was given the travellers cheques plus AUD90 cash. The man said about the travellers cheques; "we don't want this shit."
  5. Tauhei Notts

    TAB Final Field Option Numbers

    But there must be a reason for this new system of option numbers; a system that I find silly in the extreme. I am one of those elderly people who find it quicker to walk 1400 metres to the TAB than it is to navigate my way around their torturous web site, which I am sure was designed by nerds with masochistic tendencies.
  6. Tauhei Notts

    Just the one bet today......

    Brave bet $1000 at 5/2 on. But imagine if you had placed the bet at Te Rapa today. You would have had to produce your driver's licence, and possibly a duly certified copy of your rates demand, when you went to collect. This is an absolute joke!
  7. Tauhei Notts

    Saratoga TAB today

    Please advise when the Travers Stakes is on. The local TAB will probably call it a selling race or something similarly asinine.
  8. Tauhei Notts

    Take your pick from these three for NZTR

    I was, of course, referring to one sixth of a pound, being 3s 4d.
  9. Tauhei Notts

    Take your pick from these three for NZTR

    Poundforpound; Your comments on Brian de Lore suggest that you are only 16s 8d in the pound. Get the final sixth and you will be there.
  10. Tauhei Notts

    2 for Saturday

    Friday 8.18 p.m. Ohokaman; Thank your for your comment. Very Flash I liked. My mate at the Matamata track said that Trueman did not look as good as he did prior to his $20 win at Matamata a year or so ago.
  11. Tauhei Notts

    NZTR board candidates

    I have a huge amount of respect for a bloke who was on the Auckland committee a few years ago named Alistair J. Sutherland. He has a sharp business mind, has seen a heap of trainers' invoices, but sometimes his well thought comments are considered acerbic.
  12. Tauhei Notts

    Not a good look

    Boss Hogg, The lovely 47 year old manageress at my Club died today at 5.30 a.m. Days at Roebourne; live them up to the max. And if you are charged with disorderly behaviour; who the fark cares. You are a long time in a pine box.
  13. Tauhei Notts

    Mares getting relief

    Thank you for bringing that Guardian article to our attention. Isn't a pity that we do not have that sort of brilliant journalism in our country.
  14. Tauhei Notts

    Distance races for 2 yr olds

    You may have seen the Chesham Stakes at Royal Ascot over 7 furlongs, run in June for two year olds. A winner of that race was imported to New Zealand and was an abject failure, viz Smuggler.
  15. Tauhei Notts

    Glenda Hughes scores

    I am certain that Glenda will have a huge affinity with the female greyhounds that few on this site will ever have.