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  1. Tauhei Notts

    Update April. John Allen

    If the figures posted by Eclipsed are correct, that the equity of NZRB dropped from 53.5 to 38.2 in six months; then how come Racecafe is the only place showing any worry about that dreadful trend. This is alarming in the extreme. My old lawyer mate, who is so old that he raced a horse by Test Case, told us on Saturday that he no longer has a share in a racehorse and that whilst John Allen runs the show, he will not have another share in a racehorse. This matter has now become extremely serious.
  2. Tauhei Notts

    Update April. John Allen

    I have been very critical in the past of the NZ Racing Board, and I believe my criticism has been justified. So, this morning I wish to compliment them on their live coverage of the Grand National Steeplechase from Aintree. It was wonderful.
  3. Tauhei Notts

    Jacinda Ardern

    I fly out on Thursday to see Winx. The two things I like about Aussie are their horse racing and the best newspaper in Australasia, by so far it is not funny. I mean, The Australian. I am sure I will enjoy it and hopefully get a quid at Randwick.
  4. Tauhei Notts

    If Messara really is The Messiah

    Hopefully this is not off topic, but John Messara is to be presented with the 2019 Award of Merit by the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities, on 11th April. New Zealand got his services for zip zero nothing, and nothing has happened. Sad.
  5. Tauhei Notts

    Fixed odds deductions

    I have seen Aussie markets close at 112%. Taking into account the inordinate overhead expenses involved, particularly in Aussie, I don't know how some of those bookies could make a quid. As one told me; "It is a battle, but we get by"
  6. Tauhei Notts

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    I think that Winston is the best racing minister since that portfolio was created. Accordingly he should have our support and encouragement. I seriously doubt if I would ever vote for him, but I wish to extend him my support in his role as Racing Minister. The comment about his cyclical xenophobic anti Asian nature is a new one to me. I thought 453 grams meant cynical rather than cyclical, but Winnie's opinion does go around in circles, so maybe cyclical is the correct adjective.
  7. Tauhei Notts

    Stay Strong Christchurch

    The shooting commenced at 1.40 and was live streamed by the cnut doing the shooting. The police chief was interviewed at 3.40 p.m. and had NO knowledge of the live streaming of the carnage. I believe that the police should spend more time studying the deranged phuckwits of society than they do on studying the ever changing principles of The Treaty. Come on, you apologists for Mr Plod; bring on your platudinous pretentious pap in Plod's defence.
  8. Tauhei Notts

    Michael Jackson songs dropped from NZ Radio...

    Ohokaman, I become accustomed to your imbecilic diatribe about my hero, "The Donald'. So you can imagine my astonishment when I read your wonderfully crafted piece about Michael Jackson. Thank you for your contributions to this blog. But, please, I beg of you, leave my mate alone.
  9. Tauhei Notts

    Auckland Cup?

    Set weights & penalties sets up some standouts. Chenille a couple of years ago was a standout. So was Glory Days, but I did not believe she would relish those track conditions. I had seen Charles Road go okay for 7th at Flemington and it was so wet that day that no New Zealand jockey would have ridden on that track. He disappointed me. This may seem insulting to the trainer of Patrick Erin, but to choose the Wellington Cup handicap against the Auckland Cup was silly. I think, on his Wellington Cup run, he would have got into the Auckland Cup really good and would have defaecated upon the field from a great height. Mugs don't win Randwick's Metropolitan Handicap.
  10. Tauhei Notts

    Horse cartage expenses

    Sorry. It is $5312, not $5172 as mentioned above.
  11. Tauhei Notts

    Horse cartage expenses

    There is a maiden two year race at Trentham on Saturday 9th. There is a maiden two year old race at Matamata four days later. Each race has a winner's stake of $5172, nett of percentages. Three of the eight acceptors at Trentham are from north of the 38th parallel. Have float fees dropped recently?
  12. I thought that Tasmanian form was worthless. I have just given myself an uppercut.
  13. Tauhei Notts

    TAB at their best again?

    Racecafe might just be the best read blog at Jackson Street, Petone. They have since fixed up that race 6 stuff up.
  14. Tauhei Notts

    TAB at their best again?

    I see on the TAB web site that race 6 at Ellerslie on Derby Day is, get this, "The McKee Family Sunline Vase Maiden Plate" Do people actually get paid to write garbage like that?
  15. Tauhei Notts

    Capital Gains Tax

    To summarise; if you are a small time breeder not registered for GST, then the horses are personal chattels and no capital gains tax will apply. Because the supercilious Michael Cullen said that personal chattels were exempt from the cgt. John Clydesdale suggests that my knowledge on tax matters is not up to date. Possibly there is a recent Taxation Review Authority case, that has thrown all precedents upon their collective heads, that I have not heard of. If so I would be grateful if he could be so kind as to cite such a case.