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  1. In the 1970's I bet with bookies in Australia, Ireland, South Africa and England. The Aussies were far and away the best. Now that corporate bookies prevail I am not so sure.
  2. But hey, I am likely to be at Poundforpound's illustrious establishment at about 7 p.m on Friday 22nd and I would be pleased to join you for an animated discussion. Ask mine host; he will point me out.
  3. Kilcoyne, you ask if I am prepared to put my name up. A number of the posters, whom I see around the tracks, call me Tauhei, because they have forgotten my name. I am Stephen J. Lindsay, retired chartered accountant of 18 Kowhai Avenue, Morrinsville; a man who knows that an imbecile of your nature could not practise law in my town for more than two years, because by that time everybody would understand the despicable ethics you employ. An MBIE search will reveal the companies of which I am a director. Such a search will not reveal the inter vivos and substantial testamentary trusts of wh
  4. Kilcoyne, about two hours ago. $40,000 and I am sure that a person with your ethical standards would be very proud of that. I would be so ashamed that I would continue to use a pseudonym. Can you not see that that it is the actions of fleas like yourself that hinder the economic growth of our country. I have advised numerous people that they must not take on extra staff as there are parasites like Kilcoy who will crucify them if they make one minor mistake. Business is all about taking calculated risks. I have taken many calculated risks. Like, I would never back a Volksraad
  5. A.J. Taylor put the racing industry to considerable unnecessary expense. He was very fortunate that the Racing Integrity Unit did not seek costs from him. I believe they should have sought costs. In 2021 the Racing Industry must not just be squeaky clean, but it must look, to all of its numerous vocal critics, to be squeaky clean.
  6. If any computer genius can get links to Tom Waterhouse's advertising out of Australia, then please do so. The ones I have seen are hilarious. The feminazis in the Advertising Standards Authority would be defaecating pants over them, whereas many of our readers would need incontinence pads because they would be pissing themselves laughing. Get some links and let us all enjoy it. I regret that my IT skills are insufficient for such an exercise.
  7. Scooby3051, I am writing as one of those with what you call a "delusional disorder". It has been my experience that almost all of those with an attention span in excess of 140 characters would be classified by yourself as having a "delusional disorder". I have read several very lengthy treatises on the stolen election, and they are hard work to comprehend, but all point to the fact that the election was stolen and that the thieves have won and that I should just get over it and move on. It is quite remarkable how those swamp critters managed it. They knew that to get the irrefutabl
  8. Take the $14000 unclaimed stake money from the Eclipse Stakes and add to it the $12000 unclaimed stake money from the Zabeel Classic, and you will have cash left over.
  9. Which brings me to another irritation I have. Concession doubles were introduced about 1967 when the minimum bet on a double was $1 which equates to $17 in 2021 dollars, adjusted for inflation. It was a great idea, at the time, but the ravages of inflation have made it a joke in 2021. I doubt whether anybody in Jackson Street would be aware of how silly the situation has become. Once upon a time the double was the preferred way to bet, as the take put was the same as win and place betting. So much so that even the effete writer A.R.D. (Rex) Fairburn referred to striking the double
  10. Hey Napier. You can tell a friend his wife is no good. You can tell a friend his daughter is no good. But you cannot hope to retain a gentleman's friendship if you tell him his racehorse is a cripple.
  11. I got my latest trainer's invoice for the month of December and it includes charges for B Boost, Gastropel, Hemoplex, Ketoprofen, Lasix, Meloxicam (2), Quick-Lyte, Pentosan, Uptite and Vet Wrap (4). Stake earnings for the past THREE months, nett of trainer's and jockeys' percentages come to $170. I recall seeing a trainer's invoice from the late Bill Sanders and it was not so detailed, even though he was a fully qualified pharmacist. Racing is a great game but, by God, it is hellishly expensive.
  12. That American election was stolen. FACT. But proving that it was stolen would take about two years to get all the incontrovertible facts together in a manner that would satisfy each and everyone of the judges. No country can be held in limbo for two years. The cnuts stole the election and we must accept that terribly unpalatable fact and move on.
  13. Arithmetic is my speciality. If punting was I would be rich. So, there is something fishy with those sectional times. Note how the winner's time was 68.91seconds; and they came the last 600 in 32.54seconds. But look further and see that Levante, who was spotting the leader a decent lead at the 600, came her last 600 in 32.53 seconds. This does not seem to add up to me, just as the distribution of $188,000 in prize money does not add up to the $200,000 usually accorded a group one race. Poundforpound is correct to make mention of a sprint where they went the second half 4.37 secon
  14. I backed Jamie Richards in the first race and the ninth race. Second & third. He won every race in between. I thought on the way home, that I had backed Surfers Paradise in the Wanganui Guineas and the AJC Derby. He won every race in between.
  15. I note that Omoto and Reefton both have prize money for the 13th and 14th horses. When ever did they expand their 12 horse starting gates?