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  1. I have been told that smoking is bad for my physical health. Possibly this is off topic , but I have found that listening to National Socialist Radio is bad for my mental health. I make this comment after reading extensively about German history in he 1930 - 1939 period.
  2. For our filly the training fees in July were $2356. The bill came to $3717.08 with the add ons; and there were no trials or race days nor any veterinary fees. Okay, GST was $481 of those add ons.
  3. Stodge, any comments on that Belardo colt that won at Goodwood. i thought he looked like something quite good.
  4. I wrote shortly after the race that if Bowman gets less than six months suspension the stewards will be guilty of bringing racing into disrepute. He got six weeks and the stewards are guilty, as charged. Ever since this happened I have been racking my brain trying to think of a similar occurrence. I can't. It was the worst I have seen.
  5. But at Matamata the picture quality of the racing from San Francisco and Louisiana was brilliant. I am going to let you people in on a little secret that sodomites from Jackson Street, Petone may not be aware of. Punters who travel to race meetings such as Matamata could not give a tuppenny half penny stuff about Golden Gate and Evangeline Downs racing. They are interested in the betting at the course they are at.
  6. In my childhood, which was a long time ago, I was taught that if you look after your pennies, the pounds will look after themselves. That is, get the little details correct, the big stuff will follow on in seamless manner. So looked at the punters at Matamata betting on race three after the horses had left the birdcage. And the highly paid dongbeaters from the TAB in Wellington had the screens showing the approximate dividends for race one. Remind me how much those dingbats spent on information technology. They would not know a caslick from a cannon bone. They might think that a caslick is an orthodontal operation on a mug punter; well it is a matter of stitching up a cnut, isn't it. To treat your customers as if they are contemptible individuals is very short sighted. I use the word "contemptible" as my Google dictionary has two meanings for one four letter word; the first is a vulva, the second is a contemptible person.
  7. It is not a foul swoop, nor is it a fowl swoop. It is a fell swoop.
  8. EsquireNZ; thank you for bringing the video to our attention. If Bowman gets less than six months suspension the stewards will be guilty of bringing racing into disrepute.
  9. Leggy, thank you for putting that thesis on here. I think the authoress would know a hell of a lot more about gambling than does anybody on the RITA Board.
  10. That association with such a euphemistic name was really the Bookies' Union, back in pre TAB days. I have been hearing alarming reports about bookies getting huge boosts to their turnover. Why? Because the powers that be at the TAB are making betting such an unnecessarily difficult task. Call the bookie is a damned sight easier than negotiating one's way around a self service betting terminal, which is generally clogged up with dog racing from the "back of Bourke", gallops from Uruguay, Brazil and sundry other rubbish. The turnips, that run the TAB, even have trotting run by Swedes. I wonder if the Dominion Sportsmen's Association will be revived.
  11. Mikie, can you please confirm that one night's on course turnover at the country's premier harness racing club was $7000. That is phenomenal. I have seen a pub bookie turn over that much in one afternoon, and he did not need a $47,000,000 computer system.
  12. Newshub have a poll out this morning and it has The Crusher ahead by 8 percentage points. I always thought she would make a difference but this is astonishing. I thought Newshub's readership would be smitten by the pixie dust, but it looks like I am wrong again.
  13. The Oaks and the Derby. Galileo might be one of the best stallions to stand in the Northern Hemisphere. Serpentine ran them ragged.
  14. Could somebody please advise the name of the recruitment firm that hired John Allen. It is essential that Wellingtonians become aware of name of those charlatans.
  15. Cameron Rodger's response was despicable. He cannot comprehend that the racing industry in our country is made up of a huge number of unpaid volunteers and to treat them like used toilet tissue is totally unacceptable. Our industry has no future if people of Cameron Rodger's ilk are running it.