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  1. Tauhei Notts

    Dodgy TAB?

    In a state of boredom I had a look at the odds at York races for tomorrow morning. I looked hard at race five. The total of the place pool was $11.00. Exactly. There are fourteen runners, so three place dividends. #13 is paying $6.20 for a place. If one deducts about 15.48% from the place pool that reduces it to $9.30; $3.10 per placed horse; so if a measly dollar was placed on that horse for a place it would be paying $3.10. It would appear that fifty cents has been placed on the horse. I always thought the minimum bet was a dollar. In the win pool the total turnover is $12.00 and #3 is showing $20.40 to win as is #13. That looks like 50 cents on each horse, but an unusual one is #4; it is showing $10.60 to win. If a lazy dollar had been placed on #4 and it is showing $10.60 on a $12.00 turnover that suggests a take out of merely 11.67%. These figures suggest to me some naughtiness going on. Please tell me where I am wrong.
  2. Tauhei Notts

    National may scrap Super Gold Card

    WTF is AIVCOP? WTF is FMA? Definitely some overpaid anti money laundering consultants are trying to make things hard at Racecafe.
  3. Tauhei Notts

    Te Teko Abandoned

    I only saw race 5. Taking into account that that digital television highlights colours, I wondered how in hell Aaron White could see those colours at the 800 metre peg with ordinary, but powerful, binoculars, in that awfully subdued light. It was an incredible performance, by the commentator.
  4. Tauhei Notts

    Felaar was ok

    It's nearly June and Flemington is a bog and Ellerslie is rated a "4". Weird, isn't it.
  5. Tauhei Notts

    Counties Racing tomorrow .

    I note that a breeding syndicate won a race with a gelding. It would seem that animal husbandry has changed since my cursory glance at the subject many years ago.
  6. Tauhei Notts

    Unlucky Felaar

    Can you please post the media release in full on Racecafe. It would be appreciated. The fleas of the main stream media were shown up by that Asian Invasion review of your HQ.
  7. Tauhei Notts

    Kentucky Derby Coverage

    Stuff report that the winner paid $132 for a win in the USA. When bringing news to New Zealanders it is best to show the dividends as they apply to New Zealanders. He paid $70 here. Yeah, I know the Septics declare divies to a $2 stake.
  8. Tauhei Notts

    Kentucky Derby Coverage

    I would love to read a critical analysis of the interference in the Kentucky Derby. The good thing about this blog is that there are a number of highly trained people knowledgeable in that field and their comments would be welcomed. I see the first past the post was relegated to seventh. I cannot recall a similar occurrence.
  9. Tauhei Notts

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    These are children who demand the newest smartphones, are chauffered to school where they are cosseted in air-conditioned classrooms, lavishly praised for how unique and wonderful they are, and no one is allowed to fail. They are spared even the confronting sight of a red pencil mark on their – rarely handwritten and increasingly grammatically deficient, not to say badly spelled – work. And they are endlessly, endlessly drilled in green-left dogma. Quote: Generations who came after the fall of the Roman Empire were often astonished at the crumbling splendour they saw all around them. Some decided that they could only have been built by giants. Quote: That cartoon is possibly one of the most brilliant cartoons I have ever seen.
  10. Tauhei Notts

    Name for my horse please.

    HAIRY CHEST That is all that is between me and you.
  11. Tauhei Notts

    Update April. John Allen

    If the figures posted by Eclipsed are correct, that the equity of NZRB dropped from 53.5 to 38.2 in six months; then how come Racecafe is the only place showing any worry about that dreadful trend. This is alarming in the extreme. My old lawyer mate, who is so old that he raced a horse by Test Case, told us on Saturday that he no longer has a share in a racehorse and that whilst John Allen runs the show, he will not have another share in a racehorse. This matter has now become extremely serious.
  12. Tauhei Notts

    Update April. John Allen

    I have been very critical in the past of the NZ Racing Board, and I believe my criticism has been justified. So, this morning I wish to compliment them on their live coverage of the Grand National Steeplechase from Aintree. It was wonderful.
  13. Tauhei Notts

    Jacinda Ardern

    I fly out on Thursday to see Winx. The two things I like about Aussie are their horse racing and the best newspaper in Australasia, by so far it is not funny. I mean, The Australian. I am sure I will enjoy it and hopefully get a quid at Randwick.
  14. Tauhei Notts

    If Messara really is The Messiah

    Hopefully this is not off topic, but John Messara is to be presented with the 2019 Award of Merit by the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities, on 11th April. New Zealand got his services for zip zero nothing, and nothing has happened. Sad.
  15. Tauhei Notts

    Fixed odds deductions

    I have seen Aussie markets close at 112%. Taking into account the inordinate overhead expenses involved, particularly in Aussie, I don't know how some of those bookies could make a quid. As one told me; "It is a battle, but we get by"