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  1. shame after her slashing run on Thursday
  2. Haha he will know as your listed in the racebook now
  3. YES 98.6% sounds an awesome stat until you break it down like you have. when was jetbet last updated does anyone know?
  4. The split of basic has definately made it value as i don't mind paying just over $1 a day for trackside
  5. I would like to see boys get paid be embraced as over 5000 members is AWESOME. Some clubs have and turnover was huge which is great for racing
  6. And anyone who cant afford the just over $6 a week now for sky with it now only being just over $24 for basic is not going to be putting a big dent in turnover are they
  7. What are the turnover stats since freeview closed. $1 EACH WAY customers were they?
  8. Shame it wasnt the bonus round. Lets hope Sarah can make the $75 into enough for date night
  9. Riccarton Race 7 Horse number 7 Beneficial Randwick Race 5 Horse 4 So Far Sokool Randwick Race 6 Horse 2 Long Leaf Randwick Race 7 Horse 1 Le Romain Randwick Race 8 Horse 1 Arbeitsam good luck all
  10. for Trump while he is relaxing in comfort. Correct format as per comp Riccarton R7 No 10 Podravina Randwick R5 No 3 One More Honey Randwick R6 No 12 El Dorado Dreaming: Randwick R7 No 2 Brave Smash: Randwick R8 No 14 Rising Red
  11. Another egg on face moment