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  1. Tauranga R5 no4 Rua Rocks 588ew Tauranga R7 no12 Whoshegirl 60ew Tauranga R8 no15 Rockwithattitude 100ew Good way to go broke as a punting strategy. Thanks
  2. Scratching Ipswich r8 no.8. Replace with number 14 please. Thanks
  3. Te Rapa R6: 2*9 Te Rapa R7: 1*14*15 Te Rapa R8: 4*9 Flemington R5: 6 Rosehill R7: 9 Ipswich R7: 2*5 Ipswich R8: 2*3*8 Ipswich R9: 4*6*13 Thanks as always.
  4. 1. Ruakaka R1-1*2 2. Ruakaka R2-5*12 3. Ruakaka R5-8*10 4. Eagle Farm R1-5*10 5. Ruakaka R7-5*7 6. Randwick R4-9*11 7. Ruakaka R10-8*10 8. Eagle Farm R6-1*3 9. Eagle Farm R7-4*8 10. Eagle Farm R8-2*11 11. Randwick R10-7*15 12. Eagle Farm R9-4*15 Free Slot: 10th Thanks
  5. 1. Whanganui @ Waverley R4 -4*8 2. Avondale R3 -2*4 3. Whanganui @ Waverley R5-3*6 4. Avondale R4-3*11 5. Whanganui @ Waverley R6-5*7 6. Eagle Farm R4-2*5 7. Eagle Farm R5-7*9 8. Eagle Farm R6-1*7 9. Eagle Farm R7-1*10 10. Eagle Farm R8-1*9 11. Eagle Farm R9-2*18 12. Eagle Farm R10-5*6 Thanks
  6. Pukekohe R2-3*5 Pukekohe R4-4*7 Pukekohe R5-fp Pukekohe R6 -1*5 Pukekohe R7-7*9 Eagle Farm R4-2*11 Caulfield R4- fp Eagle Farm R6-2*10 Eagle Farm R7-6*16 Eagle Farm R8-3*5 Eagle Farm R9-2*12 Eagle Farm R10-3*20 Thanks
  7. Te Rapa R3-6*13 Te Rapa R4-1*12 Te Rapa R6-3*10 Trentham R8-11*13 Doomben R5-6*7 Doomben R6-4*6 Doomben R7-1*9 Doomben R8-6*7bb Flemington R7-9*14 Morphettville R6-5*7bb Morphettville R7-2*7 Morphettville R8-1*4 Thanks to all for the comp.
  8. Rotorua R3-4*7 Rotorua R5-1*2 Rotorua R6-7*9 Rotorua R8-2*3 bb Eagle Farm R3-4*11bb Eagle Farm R5-13*18 Eagle Farm R7-2*18 Eagle Farm R8-9*11 Scone R8-15*16 Scone R9-1*3 Morphettville R3-1*7 Morphettville R8-1*6 Thanks and good luck to all.
  9. Te Rapa R2-3*5 Te Rapa R4-1*7 Te Rapa R5-2*4 Riccarton R4 -1*9 Riccarton R5-4*6 Riccarton R7-4*8bb Morphettville R4-4*11 Morphettville R5-4*7 Morphettville R6-6*7 Morphettville R7-6*7 Morphettville R8-1*9 Gosford R8-9*10bb Thanks
  10. Te Rapa R2-5*7 Te Rapa R3-1*8 Te Rapa R5-1*11bb Te Rapa R7-1*5bb Eagle Farm R5-2*6 Eagle Farm R7-1*4 Eagle Farm R8-3*8 Hawkesbury R6-2*8 Hawkesbury R7-1*5 Hawkesbury R8-4*10 Hawkesbury R9-8*11 Sandown Hillside R8-5*6
  11. Te Rapa R4 6*8 Randwick R3 1*4 Randwick R4 2*5 Hastings R6 3*8 Te Rapa R7 1*2 Randwick R5 2*4 Hastings R7 2*11 Riverton R8 FP Randwick R6 1*3 Randwick R7 1*2 Randwick R8 1*6 Caulfield R8 2*9 Thanks
  12. Randwick R4 no 2 Paris Dior Caulfield R1 no 5 Maseratie Bay bb 2 lives down. Go hard or go home.
  13. Awapuni R6 no 1 Dynastic Randwick R8 no 1 Nature Strip Thanks. Could be a short comp for me.
  14. Awapuni R4-1*7 Awapuni R5-2*6 Awapuni R6-6*7 Awapuni R7-2*3 Randwick R3-6*9 Randwick R4-4*14bb Randwick R6-7*12 Randwick R7-1*7 Randwick R8-2*3 Randwick R9-6*17bb Bendigo R6-5*7 Bendigo R8-9*16 Thanks
  15. Riccarton R4-1*2 Riccarton R8-3*5 Tauranga R6-6*9 Tauranga R7-4*5 Rosehill R2-8*14 Rosehill R3-5*13 Rosehill R4-3*13 Rosehill R5-4*7 Rosehill R6-4*11 Rosehill R7-4*10bb Rosehill R8-4*12bb Mornington R7-2*11 Thanks