SATURDAY COMP TeRapa this Saturday all are welcome to enter!!!!


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  1. That’s a change. Last comp I led from start to 2nd last race and was run down to 3rd. Thanks to all
  2. R1 1-8-9-11 r2 2-6-7-12 r3 2-4-10-13 r4 1-3-4-5 r5 2-4-7-9 r6 1-2-4-15 r7 7-9-13-17 r8 1-2-5-8 r9 1-5-9-14 r10 3-7-8-12 r11 2-5-16-18 r12 3-6-14-16 Thanks
  3. I think it’s a good idea to give some back. What about 50-50 split of the win bet on an E/W bet if they back a winner. They keep all the place money.
  4. Thanks all for another great competition. One thing it confirms to me is boxed betting does not suit my style of betting. Mainly a trifecta first 4 and quaddie bettor and I like to find anchors or get a few legs down 2-3 and have the field in leg I don’t like. Trifecta always anchor the 1 I like with field for 2nd and 3 for 3rd. Don’t know why but it seem to work for me. R3 at Randwick today for example I anchored my top pick 4 to win with my other picks to run 3rd and for $15 collected $700. Mates think I’m mad but hey it suits me.
  5. They had no 1 when 9 ran 4th?
  6. Late scratching R1no 5 Replace with no 3. Thanks
  7. R1 5-6-11-15 R2 1-3-4-6 R3 4-5-8-10 R4 1-2-4-10 R5 5-12-14-16 R6 2-3-11-13 R7 1-4-6-14 R8 2-3-5-8 R9 1-4-10-11 Good luck to all.
  8. Comes from stable hand in Aussie. Tomorrow Newcastle R6 No 7 Sacred Suite.
  9. Add mine to next week too if that’s ok as had top payday yesterday.
  10. Thanks for great comp. Would normally be disappointed at getting caught late but ironically I got a share of late quaddie and pick 6 with Oakfields getting up in the last at Randwick. Had 3 going and put the other 2 in my picks.
  11. Rosehill R4 1-9 R5 1-2 R6 3-4 R7 4-16 R8 2-6 Flemington R4 1-3 R5 3-7 R6 2-7 R7 1-13 R8 3-17 Thanks all.
  12. Great competition thanks to all involved in putting it together.
  13. R1 1-6-18 R2 3-10-12 R3 2-4-6 R4 1-5-12 R5 1-4-6 R6 3-5-6 R7 1-2-11 R8 2-4-5 R9 4-6-10 Thanks to all concerned.
  14. R1 1-2-3 R2 1-2-9 R3 2-4-10 R4 1-2-13 R5 2-3-4 R6 1-3-4 R7 1-2-5 R8 2-4-12 R9 1-5-17 R10 3-7-9 Thanks to all.
  15. Yep did have a profitable day. Would have been even better had I boxed my 4 picks in cup f4.