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  1. Wanganui/Waverley R4 02-04 Avondale R3 08-09 Wanganuii/Waverley R5 04-06 Avondale R4 02-13 Wanganui/Waverley R6 07-08 Eagle Farm R4 05-09 Eagle Farm R5 02-05 Eagle Farm R6 02-05 Eagle Farm R7 01-10 Eagle Farm R8 02-03 Eagle Farm R9 02-06 Eagle Farm
  2. Pukekohe R2: 03-07 Pukekohe R4: 01-04 Pukekohe R5: 04-07 Pukekohe R6: 06-07 Pukekohe R7: 04-06 Eagle Farm R4: FP Caulfield R4: 02-13 Eagle Farm R6: 02-16 Eagle Farm R7: 01-16 Eagle Farm R8: 02-17 Eagle Farm R9: 13-16 Eagle Farm R10: 03-09 Thanks John
  3. Te Rapa R2 03-04 Te Rapa R4. 02-04 Te Rapa R5. 04-05 Riccarton R4 05-09 Riccarton R5. 07-08 Riccarton R7. 09-10 Morphettville R4 03-04 Morphettville R5. 03-08 Morphettville R6. 02-05 Morphettville R7. 04-07*BB Morphettville R8 01-05 Gosford R8. 04-05*BB Thanks John
  4. Te Rapa R4 02-08 Randwick R3 04-10 Randwick R4 05-06 Hastings R6 FP Te Rapa R7 02-07 Randwick R5 02-07 Hastings R7 FP Riverton R8 10-11 Randwick R6 01-03 Randwick R7 01-02 Randwick R8 02-08 Caulfield R8 02-09 Thanks John
  5. Randwick R4-06 She’s Extreme Randwick R6-03 Big Parade (Joker) Thanks John
  6. Awapuni R4——01-02 Awapuni R5——09-10 Awapuni R6——01-07 Awapuni R7——05-06 Randwick R3——01-05 Randwick R4——03-05 Randwick R6——02-12 Randwick R7——05-15*BB Randwick R8——01-02 Randwick R9——02-03*BB Bendigo R6——07-11 Bendigo R8——01-09 Thanks
  7. Bendigo R6-02 The Cunning Fox Randwick R9-16 Forbidden Love Randwick R10-13 Zapateo Thanks John Scooby
  8. Tauranga R4-#1 Funtonic Rosehill R9-#13 Gravina Thanks John
  9. Riccarton R4 02-10 Riccarton R8 01-05 Tauranga R6 01-10 Tauranga R7 03-05 Rosehill R2 03-11 Rosehill R3 13-14 Rosehill R4 03-13 Rosehill R5 08-10*BB Rosehill R6 05-14 Rosehill R7 04-11 Rosehill R8 02-06 Mornington R7 02-09*BB Thanks John
  10. Trentham R4 03 Trentham R5 08 Trentham R6 08 Trentham R7 02 Trentham R8 11 Rosehill R6 04 Rosehill R7 03 Rosehill R8 12 Rosehill R9 15 Flemington R6 01 Flemington R7 04 Flemington R8 01 Thanks John Scooby
  11. Ellerslie R1: 07 Ellerslie R2: 07 Ellerslie R3: 03 Ellerslie R4: 03 Ellerslie R5: 05 Ellerslie R6: 05*BB Ellerslie R7: 06 Ellerslie R8: 02 Ellerslie R9: 03 Ellerslie R10: 03*BB Thanks John Scooby Its been a bit like running in the Grand National I’ve hit 3 fences really hard, now tailed off, just trying to survive now and get round Bit unlucky with Argentia, they walked it in front
  12. Pukekohe R1: 14 Pukekohe R3: 01 Trentham R3: 04 Trentham R7: 01 Flemington R1: 10 Flemington R4: 01 Flemington R5: 09 Flemington R6: 08 Flemington R7: 08 Flemington R8: 03*BB Rosehill R2: 02*BB Rosehill R3: 05 Rosehill R5: 10 Rosehill R6: 12 Rosehill R8: 06 Thanks John/Scooby
  13. I would say draughts would come in rather handy for this comp SNM....Draught horses that is Yeah a couple of La Crique BBs and you'd be Off and Gone, where have I heard that before Iv'e spoken to Kasparov and he's keen I know this is one of your favourite comps SNM, now if I recall you're very good at picking the first winner, so perhaps maybe a little safety first up Looking forward to it, as is the vapour trail, some cracking races on the weekend lets hope the weather behaves
  14. Do we lay the favourites Maybe stick to mid range Play it safe go for the 10-1 shots Hmmmm! It's going to be a bit like a game of chess