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  1. I do t normally much attention to the shitty American races they have been showing over the last few weeks, but there were actually some decent races from Gulfstream Park this morning. One of the feature races the NZ TAB had as racing over 1600m, both on the website and the graphics on Trackside. The race was actually run over 2200m, bit of a difference! Would people who had a bet on the race thinking they were betting on a mile race be entiltiled to get their money back as it was clearly false advertising, and quite frankly totally unprofessional, although you do expect that from them these days.
  2. I think if Herlihy genuinely thought it was a good chance then Tony Cameron wouldn't be on board, he must be the oldest junior driver going around. Good luck to them, from barrier 1 she will get a cushy trip on the fence and you never know your luck, but there are a few more better crudentialed fillies in the field.
  3. I think Danzdanzdance is a good thing barring bad luck. Was a certainty beaten in the Avondale guineas having to switch back to the slower part of the track and just getting nutted, and Matty won't make that same mistake again. I liked Scott Base but the switch in jockey is a bit of a concern, Colgan is the Derby king, but to put a rider on who has never ridden the horse before is a bit of a risk, but no doubt the horse is good enough, did Rosie get the boot or did she stay loyal to the Bull team? Kudos to her if she did.
  4. I think you are allowed to ride up to half a kilo overweight without being fined, but I stand to be corrected. It would be a concern going forward to anyone wanting to book him for a ride though as it seems to be an ongoing issue not being able to ride correct weight. A shame as on his day he is the best in the business, but when you place a decent size bet ( or any bet for that matter), you are placing it expecting the jockey to ride at the weight allocated.
  5. Hardly a big issue with all the other garbage going on in the industry is it?
  6. Well it won't be Terra Firma that's for sure.
  7. Probably best to stay away today. The way some the races were run down there today were a farce. Coulee winning the 'open class' race went more than a second slower than the maiden race, and the cup was a dawdle fest with the first 3 all the way over the 2600m the first 3 home.
  8. WhoKnows

    M Williamson

    And another beauty in the first at Addington tonight!
  9. Let's face it, the Robert Dunn stable are very good 'bread and butter' trainers and get a lot of winners, but not many races of any real note. The Allstars stable target the decent races for their owners and horses and usually come out on top. Yes, they have the superior product, but they have earned that right by being dominant over any other NZ trainer by a country mile. Also of note the Allstars stable do not have current drug charges pending unlike the Dunn stable.
  10. Genuine question here, is there any reason why Karen Walsh doesn't race any of her dogs at Manakau?
  11. You have to feel for Johnathan Riddell, when asked about Kawi after winning on Dijon Bleu it sounded like he though he already had the race won. Said he'd ride it like the best horse in the race and would simply win, well he got it half right! He sounded like a bit of a smartass to be honest and was almost glad when he didn't even feature.
  12. WhoKnows

    M Williamson

    Check out his drive on Heavenly Love in race 3 at Gore today, a pearler.
  13. I like Greenpark Gem as a horse too, last run was massive and the trainers only keep good ones. Racha Cuneens strike rate this season worries me, only 3 winners from nearly 100 rides puts me off having a decent crack at it.
  14. Another interesting drive on Kaitlyn tonight miscounting the number of laps, entirely not her fault as the bell did ring a lap early but still should have known how many laps the race was. The horses did well considering but it was still a very unprofessional look, not just by her but by a number of the drivers.
  15. Monarco is a horse that is in serious need of a senior reinsman taking over, look at the drive on it today!