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  1. Ponderosa8


    How about a little "competition". Nominate who you think will be the top Lot from Book 1. Only a very minor prize but I'll give $100 to the winner. Rules: - only 1 pick per person. - in the event that the same lot is picked by more than 1 person, the person who selects it first will be the winner. - comp closes 11am Sunday 26th. - In the event that no one picks the top lot, it'll still pay out the $100 to the highest lot that is selected by someone.
  2. Ponderosa8

    Trevor ( Gripper) Harrison

    Agree 100% on the number of resources. Look at OZ and particularly HK, they seem to have 1 barrier attendant for each horse.
  3. Ponderosa8

    If you’re at Ellerslie today

    Yes, I saw him too..
  4. Ponderosa8

    ~ R2 Ellerslie...

    Ridiculous decisions still being made... Anyone remember the 1980 Royal Stakes and Arethusa.? She was going to win easily but ran about and caused some interference. After the interference happened, Arethusa ended up being (from memory) a length or so BEHIND the 2 horses she caused the interference to but came back again and still beat them.....but got relegated back to 3rd. (tried to find old video but to no avail).
  5. Ponderosa8

    Lloyd Williams

  6. Ponderosa8

    Name for my horse please.

    In the last at Te Aroha today. Drawn well and 3kgs off with Chelsea Burdan up.. Already had a nibble on FF at $71....
  7. Ponderosa8


    1st Twilight Payment 2nd Mustajeer Last Neufbosc Thanks and Happy Punting everyone..
  8. Ponderosa8


    R1 6 R2 1 R3 1 R4 7 R5 7 R6 6 R7 1 R8 2 R9 5 Thanks Trumpy and all. Interesting day. Always thought this day at Flemington was the best day of the year and has been added to with the Sydney feature.
  9. Ponderosa8

    Meech replaced on Derby Fave

    Agree 100% with you Chris.... both should have buttoned up. But as I said if anyone has seen the movie they will know Michelle isn't scared to put the boot in verbally (re her retaining the ride on Prince of Penzance in the Cup). NB: We have never met so not sure whether that helps as to who you think I am. Cheers.
  10. Ponderosa8

    Meech replaced on Derby Fave

    To those who've seen the movie "Ride Like a Girl"... it'll give you some insight as to why Michelle Payne got stuck in to the owners of Thought of That.
  11. Ponderosa8

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    Assuming you're taking about the strapper with Melody Belle.... no idea but had wondered about that myself.
  12. Ponderosa8

    Ride Like A Girl

    Saw the movie yesterday... absolutely loved it. Yes Family of 12 reduced to 11 following death of mom in a car accident, and then to 10 following death of one of the other girls in a fall. Didn't know this but another one of the girls married Kerryn McEvoy... Michelle Payne deserves every success because she did it tough but never gave up.... and Stevie is a hard case.
  13. Ponderosa8


    Pick 7 horses in the Race.. Winner will be the person who gets the First Four or closest too. If more than 1 person gets the First Four then decided on their next highest finishing runner and so on.
  14. Ponderosa8

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    I'm going to go again in the multi
  15. Ponderosa8

    Losers Get Laid - Week 8 entries

    I'll have to follow too … Lys Gracieux.. By my calculations, she has to close off at $3.00 and less and loose just to avoid getting the chop from the mercy rule...yikes.! (was today the last day for this comp.?) Thanks for the comp.. sponsors and Toblerone