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  1. Ponderosa8

    LOSERS GET LAID - Week 2 Entries

    Rosehill Race 6 Horse 4 Exceedance. Thanks All
  2. Ponderosa8

    The only horse you need this Saturday.....

    For her birthday, my wife wanted something that went from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds...….she wasn't happy with the bathroom scales I brought her. I actually first saw that on the JOKE THREAD on here, be great if it started up again...
  3. Ponderosa8

    Name for my horse please.

    Starting in Race 2 at Tauranga Wednesday.
  4. Ellerslie Race 6. No 3 Alfie Dee. Thanks everyone involved...
  5. Ponderosa8


    I thought she was good value at $18 and $4.80 on FF so put some on. With her drawing 1 from the outside I just naturally assumed they would adopt her normal racing pattern and drop her back and then fly home with the 48kg on her back with a chance of getting somewhere near them. I never saw the lead-up to the race but was it announced they were planning to ride her forward like they sometimes do here and regularly in Aussie.?? After they had gone 100 metres, if they'd "paused" the race and ask any punters "who wants their money back on Aalaalune" I would have been first in the queue. Even though still a maiden, I believe she was still good enough to be competitive in the race but there is no way she was going to be in it being ridden that way amongst the big guns. I would practically guarantee she wouldn't have finished 15th of 16 had they ridden her back as normal. ….so Gruff I'm agreeing with you.
  6. 1. Ruakaka R5 Starts 2:19pm 7 10 2. Rosehill R2 Starts 2:45pm 5 7 3. Rosehill R3 Starts 3:20pm 1 9 BB 4. Rosehill R4 Starts 3:55pm 4 5 BB 5. Hastings R9 Starts 4:20pm 1 15 6. Caulfield R5 Starts 4.50pm 3 9 7. Rosehill R6 Starts 5:10pm 2 10 8. Caulfield R6 Starts 5.30pm 6 7 9. Caulfield R7 Starts 6.10pm 7 11 10. Caulfield R8 Starts 6.50pm 6 11 Thanks and Happy Punting everyone.....
  7. Ponderosa8

    Hawkes Bay fields

    Well dawned a beautiful day here in the Bay (photo taken from Havelock North looking towards where the Hastings track is).. sorry still haven't trimmed the trees.!!
  8. Comp R1 : New Plymouth R4 2:14pm 1 2 Comp R2 : Randwick R2 2:40pm 2 3 BB Comp R3 : Randwick R3 3:15pm 3 4 Comp R4 : Moonee Valley R4 4:05pm 3 6 Comp R5 : Randwick R5 4:25pm 1 3 Comp R6 : Randwick R6 5:05pm 7 12 BB Comp R7 : Randwick R7 5:45pm 1 4 Comp R8 : Moonee Valley R7 6:05pm 3 8 Comp R9 : Randwick R8 6:25pm 5 8 Comp R10 : Moonee Valley R8 6:45pm 8 9 Thanks Maria, Good Punting everyone...
  9. Ponderosa8

    Name for my horse please.

    Hi Chris, Appreciate an update on where with OUR horse Volaire's Secret is at.?
  10. Ponderosa8

    Helena Baby

    I'm definitely in the 93% of people, and because I have always taken "roughies", that's why I'll have a few $$ on Malambo at $6.75 FFPLC.
  11. Ponderosa8

    TAB Free Bets

    Not sure if this issue has been covered off before.... but anyway. Didn't realise I had a "$30 FREE BET" in my account until I accidently hit on the button (hope you know which one I mean). So earlier in the day I put the $30 on Grand Ariana FF PLC at $3.90 in the last at Ruakaka…. and it ran on nicely to finish 3rd. Well $30 x $3.90 = $117.00 but my account was credited with only $87 so if you happen to be a winner they obviously deduct the amount of the Free Bet off the winning total.?? (just glad I didn't put the $30 for a place on Aalaalune on the tote in the first, paid $1.10 so I would have been credited a whopping $3)..
  12. Ponderosa8

    Race videos

    Think if you were able to give the horses names that would help everyone to start searching.
  13. Ponderosa8

    NZTR board candidates

    Went to an exhibition match in Wellington about 1997, Gabriela Sabitini vs Lindsay Davenport..... okay I admit it, I really just went to look at Lindsay Davenport.
  14. My guesses for the day..... Comp R1 : Otaki R5 2.59pm 1 5 Comp R2 : Rotorua R7 3.15pm 9 10 Comp R3 : Caulfield R4 3.40pm 3 9 Comp R4 : Caulfield R5 4.20pm 2 5 Comp R5 : Rosehill R6 4.40pm 5 11 Comp R6 : Rosehill R7 5.20pm 6 9 BB Comp R7 : Caulfield R7 5.40pm 7 9 Comp R8 : Rosehill R8 6.00pm 6 7 Comp R9 : Caulfield R8 6.20pm 4 7 BB Comp R10 : Caulfield R9 6.55pm 3 8 Thank You,, Happy punting everyone..
  15. Ponderosa8

    Good Luck....

    35 mins since the announcement, he is still listed in the TAB as a runner!!!.... but then if you try and put a bet on him it then shows SUSPENDED which is really frustrating because if you weren't aware he was scratched and continued trying to put a bet on him you'd be pretty pissed off by now.