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  1. 99% sure that Freequence was trained in the Taranaki and the 3 winners on Saturday are also trained in the Taranaki... you'd have thought that after all the years that have passed at least one of them would eventually be trained outside of Taranaki... obviously local people keeping it local still...... and I Do was also trained in Taranaki but don't know about Iggy Pop.
  2. Part of an article off Stuff .......said the land was likely to sell for more than $150m, and it had already attracted attention from residential and retirement village developers
  3. Or even a Multi on each horse for "Any Two".. That will cost you $36. So you'd only need 2 horses to run in the money paying $6 each and you're all square on the bet.. and if 3 came in paying $6 you'd have a collect of $108 and so on.
  4. For some reason the results for Eagle Farm Race 9 were in error for those who had the 2nd and 3rd horses as their picks... fixed now Luckily it didn't make any change to the top 3... otherwise that would have been a bit embarrassing for me. NAME CURRENT TOTAL Rusty $1,127.00 Arjay $1,044.00 Eeebee $948.00 Bazza54 $921.00 Thepaw $896.00 Dogzstar1 $891.00 Ponderosa8
  5. After Caulfield Race 9 which was the last comp race of the day. Rusty with the winner again and hung on to win the comp from Arjay. Eebee got up for 3rd place as they had their $100ew bet on The Gauch which was scratched and therefore went on to the favourite which won the race... so you have to feel for Bazza54. NAME CURRENT TOTAL Rusty $1,127.00 Arjay $1,017.00 Eeebee $948.00 Bazza54 $921.00 Thepaw $896.00
  6. After Eagle Farm Race 9. Bazza, Black Kirrama, Dogzstar and Rusty had their $100ew bet on the winner Away Game... and Rusty shoots to the top of the table. NAME CURRENT TOTAL Rusty $1,045.00 Arjay $1,017.00 Thepaw $896.00 Ponderosa8 $820.00 Bazza543 $816.00 D.burrow $790.00 Gubellini $754.00 Lynzim $736.00
  7. After Caulfield Race 8 Gubellini with their $100ew bet on the winner so moves up the table considerably. NAME CURRENT TOTAL Arjay $1,017.00 Ponderosa8 $820.00 D.burrow $790.00 Thepaw $770.00 Gubellini $754.00 Lynzim $736.00 Al Feilding $732.00 Voiuce of Reason $670.00 Pottsie $634.00
  8. After Eagle Farm Race 8... the big one of the day the Tatts Tiara. d.burrow, Lynzim and Voice of Reason had their $100ew on the winner Tofane, while yours truly had their $100ew on Nudge and moves up to 2nd place.. NAME CURRENT TOTAL Arjay $986.00 Ponderosa8 $820.00 D.burrow $739.00 Thepaw $719.00 Al Feilding $681.00 Lynzim $680.00 Voiuce of Reason $670.
  9. After Caulfield Race 7 Arjay had their $100ew and Tarantula their $50ew bet on the winner... and with that Arjay went from the bottom of the pack on $56 and storms into the lead... but doesnt have any more "larger" bets remaining. NAME CURRENT TOTAL Arjay $986.00 Thepaw $669.00 Al Feilding $631.00 Pottsie $603.00 Pegasus 9 $536.00 Tarantula $521.00 Nicobury
  10. After Eagle Farm Race 7 L J Shannon had their $100ew bet on the winner. NAME CURRENT TOTAL Thepaw $669.00 Al Feilding $614.00 Pegasus 9 $536.00 Pottsie $510.00 Nicobury $486.00 Insider $465.00 Camacho $432.00 L.J.Shannon $382.00 Paigezim $373.00 Ponderosa8 $370.00
  11. After Eagle Farm Race 6. 3 people with $50ew on the hotshot. NAME CURRENT TOTAL Thepaw $641.00 Al Feilding $614.00 Pegasus 9 $513.00 Pottsie $487.00 Nicobury $486.00 Insider $465.00 Camacho $432.00 Paigezim $373.00 Ponderosa8 $370.00 Rusty $353.00
  12. After Eagle Farm Race 5 Mikenz, Warren and Ponderosa with the $15 shot but all only as a $10ew bet. NAME CURRENT TOTAL Thepaw $641.00 Al Feilding $499.00 Pegasus 9 $490.00 Pottsie $487.00 Nicobury $486.00 Camacho $416.00 Paigezim $357.00 Insider $350.00 Ponderosa8 $338.00 Beece
  13. After Tauranga Race 7. Pottsie with the $100ew bet on the 3rd horse Sweet Clementine the biggest collect of the race, Thepaw hanging on to the lead NAME CURRENT TOTAL Thepaw $641.00 Pottsie $487.00 Nicobury $486.00 Al Feilding $482.00 Pegasus 9 $473.00 Camacho $399.00 Insider $328.00 Beecee $292.00 Ma
  14. After Eagle Farm Race 6 Thepaw with their $100ew bet on the winner ($590 collect) jumps into the lead. NAME CURRENT TOTAL Thepaw $626.00 Pegasus 9 $438.00 Camacho $399.00 Al Feilding $397.00 Insider $313.00 Nicobury $311.00 Majestic $272.00 Beecee $262.00 Say No More $255.00 Ru
  15. After Riccarton Race 7. Majestic and Nicobury with $20ew on the winner the biggest collects from the race. NAME CURRENT TOTAL Al Feilding $397.00 Camacho $340.00 Insider $286.00 Majestic $272.00 Beecee $262.00 Nicobury $252.00 Nukkledragga $215.00 Say No More $196.00 Rusty $162.00