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  1. After Randwick Race 9 the Doncaster which was the last race for todays comp. Gruff with the Quinella got up into 2nd place. Bad luck to Alan1234 who'd picked Cascadian and Dalasan. See you all next week for day 2 of the Comp. Remember your points for today will be x5 to get a starting $$ value for next week. So L.J Shannon will be starting off with $360 in their kitty, so us tail-end charlies will be looking for roughies in our picks to come rolling home.. NAME TOTAL L.J.Shannon 72 Gruff 61
  2. After Randwick Race 8.. the T J Smith Only 2 people got the Quinella, Crustyngrizzly and RacingJimmy who got it by the Scratching Rule. Surprisingly, the winner for todays comp (part 1) has already been decided as L.J.Shannon cant be caught as he/she and Slam Dunk both have Mo'unga in the Doncaster. And even if We're Doomed managed to strike he Quinella they'd come up 1 point short. Its still a race for the minor placings though as many of those behind the leader are pretty compact..(unfortunately no $$ for 2nd and 3rd today though). NAME TOTAL
  3. Ater Randwick Race 7. 5 points was the highest score in the race, Jenlove was the only one to select Explosive Jack. L.J. Shannon has a 16 point lead with 2 races to go, Arjay, Cabbage and Slam Dunk currently tied for 2nd. NAME TOTAL L.J.Shannon 67 arjay 51 Cabbage 51 slam dunk 51 We're Doomed 50 TurnyTom 49 Charlie Bukowski 48 del
  4. Interesting side note... The current top 3 in the comp each have Montefilia, Bivouac and Avilius in their selections.
  5. After Randwick Race 6. Last weeks comp winner Cabbage is on the charge towards the top after getting the Quinella along with Gruff, Majestic and Tasman Man. L.J.Shannon maintains a nice little the lead through. NAME TOTAL L.J.Shannon 64 arjay 51 Cabbage 51 slam dunk 50 dellajaz_ 48 Nearco 48 TurnyTom 48 Charlie Bukowski
  6. After Riccarton Race 7. 9 people with the Quinella including L.J. Shannon who now jumps out to a 12 point lead. NAME TOTAL L.J.Shannon 58 arjay 46 slam dunk 45 dellajaz_ 43 Nearco 43 TurnyTom 43 Charlie Bukowski 42 We're Doomed 42 Romantic Miss 41 Zappa 41
  7. After Randwick Race 5. Zappa with the Quinella. I missed an earlier entry from Slam Dunk, so their points now included. NAME TOTAL L.J.Shannon 42 Nearco 42 slam dunk 40 TurnyTom 39 Charlie Bukowski 38 dellajaz_ 38 Romantic Miss 37 gubellini 33 Nicobury 33 Tarantula
  8. After Riccarton Race 6. Jenlove, mike28 and Nearco with the Quinella. NAME TOTAL L.J.Shannon 42 TurnyTom 39 dellajaz_ 38 Nearco 37 Romantic Miss 37 Charlie Bukowski 33 gubellini 33 Tarantula 33 CommonSensical 32 Floyd Pink 32 Talk1 32
  9. After Randwick Race 4. Another low scoring round as no one got the Quinella. We now have a leader on their own.. NAME TOTAL L.J.Shannon 37 dellajaz_ 33 TurnyTom 33 Romantic Miss 32 Tarantula 28 Charlie Bukowski 27 CommonSensical 27 Floyd Pink 27 gubellini 27 mrzim 2
  10. After Riccarton Race 5 A low scoring round, only Archer Davey1 and Gruff managed to pick the winner El Gladiador. NAME TOTAL dellajaz_ 32 L.J.Shannon 32 Romantic Miss 32 TurnyTom 32 arjay 24 Baz(NZ) 23 Cabbage 22 Ohokaman 22 Tarantula 22 Black Kirrama 21
  11. After Randwick Race 3. 8 people with the Quinella including Dellajaz, L.J.Shannon, Romantic Miss and Turny Tom who've now struck the first 2 Quinella's in the comp so a really good start for them. NAME TOTAL dellajaz_ 32 L.J.Shannon 32 Romantic Miss 32 TurnyTom 32 Baz(NZ) 22 Ohokaman 22 arjay 21 Black Kirrama 21
  12. A popular result at Randwick Race 2 with 25 people getting the Quinella, 6 of those as a Result of the Scratching rule. NAME TOTAL alabar 16 arjay 16 Baz(NZ) 16 Black Kirrama 16 Cabbage 16 Camacho 16 Caroline 16 Charlie Bukowski 16 CommonSensical 16 dellajaz_ 16
  13. 66 entries today. Will post picks as quickly as I can but again there's times where races are pretty close together. If you notice any errors with what you believe should be your total please let me know and I'll check and rectify..
  14. Hey, can you please check and advise your picks for Randwick R9.. Thanks