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  1. https://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/114124266/exaustralian-race-commentator-moves-to-invercargill-for-family-reasons Sorry, not sure if this has been brought up before...
  2. https://www.tab.co.nz/punters/Info/news/betting-or-collecting-1000-or-more
  3. Ponderosa8

    Name for my horse please.

    Hey HS.. There for all to see on the NZR website (sorry not sure how to copy and paste it properly). Voltaire's Secret (NZ) 2015 Trainer: Chris Wood / Cambridge Training Location: Cambridge Race info Flat Rating: 45 Steeple Rating: 0 Hurdle Rating: 0 Current Gear: Approved Plates Lugging Bit Horse Details 3YO Bay Gelding Owner: S Plowman, A Pointon & C J Wood Breeder: Marriott Thoroughbreds Ltd Sire: SWISS ACE (AUS) 2004 Dam: BETWEEN YOU AND ME (AUS) 2008 Foaling: 3 Nov 2015 Current Nominations Current Fields
  4. Comp R1 : Te Rapa R3 1.02pm 3 8 Comp R2 : Te Rapa R5 2.14pm 2 3 BB Comp R3 : Royal Randwick R3 2.40pm 1 5 Comp R4 : Royal Randwick R4 3.15pm 2 3 Comp R5 : Royal Randwick R5 3.50pm 1 7 BB Comp R6 : Royal Randwick R6 4.30pm 3 6 Comp R7 : Royal Randwick R7 5.10pm 4 5 Comp R8 : Royal Randwick R8 5.50pm 9 12 Comp R9 : Royal Randwick R9 6.30pm 2 9 Comp R10 : Morphettville R8 7.00pm 6 7 Thanks Maria and everyone involved...
  5. Ponderosa8

    Dodgy TAB?

    Nice return... $1,603.50 for the $3 bet...
  6. Ponderosa8

    Hastings track - SLOW

    According to the TAB website, the Hastings Track is SLOW.... So is it a Slow 7, a Slow 8, a Slow 9.... or is it just that the TAB is SLOW!!! Well for everyone's info, its a Slow 7 according to NZR website...(as at 7.27am this morning).
  7. Comp R1 : Caulfield R1 1.45pm 6 11 Comp R2 : Rosehill R3 2.40pm 1 10 Comp R3 : Caulfield R4 3.30pm 2 6 Comp R4 : Ruakaka R7 3.59pm 3 4 Comp R5 : Ruakaka R8 4.32pm 4 9 BB Comp R6 : Rosehill R7 5.05pm 9 10 Comp R7 : Morphettville R6 5.36pm 2 6 Comp R8 : Sunshine Coast R6 5.57pm 9 12 Comp R9 : Sunshine Coast R7 6.33pm 10 12 Comp R10 : Sunshine Coast R8 7.10pm 2 3 BB Thanks Maria... Good Luck everyone...
  8. Ponderosa8

    Name for my horse please.

    Congratulations HS... when I didn't make the short list Voltaire's Secret became my favourite name... Are you based in the North so will be able to make it to the races when he lines up.?
  9. Ponderosa8

    Horse in picture - Trade me

    Actually, I'll change that to 100%... Just checked another picture of Balmerino and he has the 3 white feet as per the Trade Me pic...
  10. Ponderosa8

    Horse in picture - Trade me

    99.99% sure that its Balmerino and Maurice Campbell
  11. Ponderosa8

    Name for my horse please.

    I'm gutted too... CAFERS CALL didn't even make the short-list either. Thought it was a good name as whenever he ran everyone on RaceCafe would recognise the name straight away and feel as if they were all part of the ownership group too. Oh well, Good Luck to all those who made the short-list..
  12. Comp R1 : FLEMINGTON R1 1.40pm : 2 Comp R2 : TAURANGA R6 2.09pm : 9 Comp R3 : RANDWICK R3 2.35pm : 4 Comp R4 : FLEMINGTON R4 3.25pm (Bonus Race) : 3 Comp R5 : RANDWICK R5 3.50pm : 6 BB Comp R6 : RANDWICK R6 4.30pm (Bonus Race) : 1 Comp R7 : RANDWICK R7 5.10pm : 5 Comp R8 : FLEMINGTON R7 5.25pm (Bonus Race) : 4 Comp R9 : RANDWICK R8 5.50pm : 6 BB Comp R10 : FLEMINGTON R9 6.38pm : 6 Thanks Maria...
  13. Ponderosa8

    Worse than a Dear John letter??

    What $$ amount did it increase from.??
  14. Ponderosa8

    Nostalgic Race Videos Here !

    Remember Greatness well... first thing to pop into my head was Earl Harrison. Looked back on the NZR website and yeah was always there or thereabouts. Wasn't scared to travel him or back him up. You would have had a few fun trips to OZ.