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  1. Ponderosa8


    Probably because jockeys arent able to travel inter-state.???. Isn't thats why JMac picked up the ride on Castelvecchio?
  2. Ponderosa8

    Mulit issues

    Dont disagree with you. Another way to look at it, say you had $2 fixed odds on each of your 6 horses and they all came in you would have collected $24.65 for the $12 spend.. Taking the same 6 in a Multi with Any 2 (for $1 units), and if they all came in you would have collected $57.60 for the $15 spend.
  3. Ponderosa8

    Mulit issues

    Reminder to self... read properly and check before sending. Earlier said: "but under the under system you cant take just the Any 2" Supposed to have said: "but under the new system you can take just the ANY 2
  4. Ponderosa8

    Mulit issues

    Sorry dont agree with you totally. Under the old system yes it forced you to take "All 6" (even if you dont want it), but under the under system you cant take just the Any 2 (without the All 6). BUT, if you're on course it still forces you into an All 6 selection so go figure i.e., it somehow uses a different system from off course to on course.!!! Every single Saturday (off course) I usually take a roughie in each race at the North/Central gallops meeting and take them as Any 2 but got caught out when I tried to do it on course about 6 weeks ago because it said "Dividend too large" as it added in an ALL selection which didnt have a hope in hell of all of them coming in
  5. Ponderosa8

    Did H Bowman drop his hands

    I noticed that too as the race unfolded near the end. Am sure the Stewards have/will be having words with him.
  6. Ponderosa8

    Mulit issues

    Because you went for "Any 2" it would be calculated as follows: $1.45 x $2.50 x $0.66 = $2.39 collect $1.45 X $1.55 x $0.66= $1.48 collect $2.50 x $1.55 x $0.66 = $2.55 collect Total collect is $6.42 (give or take a couple of cents depending on roundings up and down etc). If there were any late scratchings in any of the races that you got a collect, then deductions would make your collect even less. FYI, if you'd only picked 5 selections and spent the $10 you would have got $1 units, picking 6 selections you would have had to spend $15 to get $1 units
  7. https://loveracing.nz/News/30051/PopularracingcommentatormakingMarkinHongKong.aspx
  8. Ponderosa8

    opie suspended

    Heres why Opie was suspended. The adjourned inquiry was just part of an unwanted post-script for Bosson, who was hit with a suspension for causing interference to Super Seth near the 1100m when he shifted in aboard Te Akau Shark.
  9. Ponderosa8

    This is the future......

    I had one of those too... fantastic fun
  10. Ponderosa8

    Only at Te Teko!

    ....so what happened on Monday after the horse got back home.!!!
  11. Ponderosa8

    Cooper 38a

    Yes its still on Trackside, but I think you'll find its now not on until 9am Monday morning. Probably because American racing on Trackside is more important.!!!!
  12. Ponderosa8

    Michael McNab

    Just noticed this on the Love Racing website. "Michael McNab | Not riding until further notice" So he misses the ride on Loire in the Lowland Stakes at Hastings tomorrow.
  13. Ponderosa8


    Hi All, I've been in touch with Kingshill. He said he is going to donate his winnings to the Catwalk Trust, so just another example of how great and generous the people of Racing and RaceCafe are. Thank You Kingshill….
  14. Ponderosa8


    Kingshill wins the little comp. Selector Lot # Gender Sire Dam Sold For Kingshill 155 Colt Pierro Our Squeezer $900,000 Huey 79 Colt Savabeel Magic Dancer $800,000 Gubellini 247 Colt I Am Invincible Sancerre $625,000 Pegasus 9 189 Colt American Pharoah Posavina $575,000 Breeder 368 Colt Exceed and Excel Tricia'o $500,000 JJ Flash 243 Filly Ocean Park Ruud van Slats $450,000 Talk 565 Filly Snitzel Echezeaux $450,000 Aaron Bidlake 13 Colt Snitzel Katie Lee $375,000 Blue 229 Colt Savabeel Rockadubai $310,000 drewandjo 399 Colt I Am Invincible Wedding $300,000 Rusty 140 Colt Savabeel O'Dianne $280,000 Patiti 546 Filly Tavistock Diamond Smile $260,000 Southland 86 Colt Tavistock Meleka Belle $250,000 Mikie 50 Filly American Pharoah Latest Plan $200,000 Red Rum 71 Colt Tavistock Lovetessa $150,000 Jeepers 316 Colt American Pharoah Strada Cavallo $150,000 Abide 537 Colt Savabeel Dating $120,000 Memphis2 521 Colt Burgundy Corsage $60,000 Caroline 615 Colt Burgundy Game Duchess $50,000 Mike28 59 Filly Sacred Falls Lillet Passed, Res $60k Slim Dusty 305 Colt El Roca Star Affair Passed, Res $70k Tarantula 417 Colt Tavistock Zonza Passed, Res $300k Caroline 476 Colt Belardo Boundless Passed, Res $100k
  15. Ponderosa8


    … and a Charm Spirit colt (lot 512) sold for $5,000.