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  1. More importantly, I think we'd all like to know what the horses names are!!
  2. Just did some Googling after reading the Stuff article, the Hoofcamp Saddlery is in Whakatane so it cant be her.
  3. Just noticed that Michelle Bradley isnt in the partnership with Chris Gibbs any longer (from 2 November). Didnt see anything published about it.
  4. While there's money being dished out, I'm taking donations for the Trump fight to court so anything you could give would be great... but if you dont think he's got any chance of promotion up from 33rd place then thats fine.
  5. After 60 races from all over the place, we can say congratulations to the winner of the Spring Carnival comp of Group races.... Pegasus 9 beating Seddon into 2nd Place. Ohokaman with the Trifecta ensured they easily held 3rd and only finished up only 5.5 points away from 2nd. mrzim also with the trifecta in the last got up for 4th pegging Disillusioned. Nukkledragga with the First Four ($773.20) NAME CURRENT TOTAL Pegasus 9 536.5 Seddon 526.5 Ohokaman 52
  6. After Sandown race 9 Pegasus maintains the lead but Seddon still a chance to run them down but they have similarish picks in the last. Its close for 3rd and 4th with only 1 point separating Ohokaman and Disillusioned. Another to post for the first time today was Koriokaramea and they struck the First Four (($1,805.90). Good Luck to those still with a chance leading into the last. NAME CURRENT TOTAL Pegasus 9 532.5 Seddon 518.5 Ohokaman 502.0
  7. Results after Sandown Race 8 Pegasus 9 got the Trifecta so jumps into the lead with now just the 2 races to go.... so if you're within 50 odd points of the lead you're still a chance. Right First Time entered the comp for the 1st time today and got the First Four ($425.00) NAME CURRENT TOTAL Pegasus 9 524.5 Seddon 517.5 Ohokaman 498.0 Disillusioned 495.0 Archer 492.0 mrzim
  8. After Newcastle Race 6. Peter R S with the First Four ($2,304.10), after that a few with 8 points was the next highest. Still not much happening at the top so I'd say a few nervous people with 3 races to go. NAME CURRENT TOTAL Seddon 514.5 Pegasus 9 505.5 Ohokaman 492.0 Archer 487.0 mrzim 482.0 Disillusioned 476.0 Red Rum 473.5 S
  9. After Sandown Race 6. No 1 was a Scratching so the Scratching rule came into play on just about everyone's selections, meant heaps got the Trifecta but no one got the First Four. 1st and 2nd remain the same but Ohokaman jumps up to 3rd while Disillusioned drops down again. Just the Newcastle race and 3 races from Sandown remaining. NAME CURRENT TOTAL Seddon 513.5 Pegasus 9 504.5 Ohokaman 489.0 Archer 483.0
  10. Results after 5 races for the day with the better results Tauranga Race 7: Red Rum with the First Four ($324.20) Sandown Race 3: Caroline with the First Four ($537.80) Sandown Race 5: First Four struck by quite a few: Disillusioned, Archer, mrzim, Red Rum, Cabbage, Gruff, Bazza54, Ivanthegreat, L J Shannon, lynzim and Jack. That was Red Rum's 2nd First Four for the day and with Disillusioned also striking it that put them back into contention. NAME CURRENT TOTAL Seddon 494.5 Pegasus 9
  11. Tauranga Race 7: 1,3,6,8 Riccarton Race 8: 7,9,10,14 Riccarton Race 10: 4,5,7,11 Newcastle Race 6: 2,4,7,9 Sandown Race 3: 1,2,6,7 Sandown Race 5: 1,2,6,7 Sandown Race 6: 1,3,5,9 Sandown Race 8: 3,4,5,6 Sandown Race 9: 3,4,5,12 Sandown Race 10: 1,3,13,15
  12. Just checking your Riccarton Race 10 Selections..You've said 2,7,4,16... but you've always been good putting your picks in numerical order.. So wondering whether you meant to say 2,7,14,16.? If you dont see this message and reply back either way, I will record your picks as initially given
  13. I've got this... 1st - 5 Lincoln King 2nd - 7 Robusto 3rd - 11 Diorissimo
  14. Hi, Just letting you know you didnt post any selections for the Newcastle race