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  1. My understanding is that the NZ TAB provide nothing to BGP in the way of any rebate or affiliate scheme.
  2. No one has demanded anything. Any rebate would be at the discretion of any club once they have weighed the commercial considerations. Any private outfit is absolutely within their rights to ask or open a dialogue about commercial deals with race clubs. If owners want a better deal maybe they should organize themselves and demand it. What the f*** does a 'true racing supporter' mean! For someone who bemoans the left wing of politics you sure like to throw around alot of anti free market group think.
  3. Who within the senior management actually oversaw this whole transition. Seems pretty clear John Allen isn't a wagering/IT expert, he is a corporate/bureaucratic manager, who in NZRB actually did the work on this? I would have thought we would know their name by now as they would be centre stage taking all the credit for the marvellous platform..
  4. Here's a question, for all the clamping down on BYO liquor, all the cops, all the check points. Did the day look like drinking was more under control? For all the PC crap nothing has been achieved other than to force people to heavily pre-load before an event to try and avoid the high pricing and big drink Q's.
  5. FF-win is final field (fixed odds) S-win is tote. I know other novice punters who have been confused by this on the Not sure why they wouldn't more clearly define it like every other bookmaker website.
  6. It's online now too
  8. Maybe the govt can front up with a one-off payment to buy the future profits of sports betting from Racing that owns and funded the development of the TAB? (unlikely)
  9. Article on Fast Track in this weeks Informant...
  10. Posted 3 hours after this forum topic started. As always masters of communication (or panic control?).
  11. Free entry to the casino on a quiet night, whenever its packed you pay $20 at the door. Same with clubs and pubs. Racing should be no different. If the demand exceeds the space available then you charge. If not, all welcome!
  12. The NRL has about 5 TV shows on Fox Sports alone, all full of banter and entertainment. Guess what the next generation are watching...
  13. Difference is Racenet is covered in corporate bookmakers, when was the last time you saw the TAB NZ throw anything at a domestic site... it's not hard to figure out how leakage can happen..
  14. Did anyone notice the not so subtle dig at the codes?