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  1. bloke

    English Football

    Raumati won Wellington Div 1 in 1975 and Stop Out was then in National League so it may have been the second team that you played or did you play them in The pre season tournament? Malcolm Dunford first played National League for Stop Out in the late 70s as a 16 year old so maybe yu are getting confused with another blonde kid Phil Peters who was a mate of Steve Boyland..
  2. bloke

    English Football

    I recall the Raumati Team in the mid 70s which was probably the best that the club ever fielded but did you beat Stop Out's first team or their reserve team? I moved to Lower Hutt in the late 80s and when my son was five I enrolled him at Stop Out. Shortly after the club was hi jacked by a bunch of undesirables who amongst other things sold the gymnasium and made great inroads into the proceeds. I decided to get involved and send the crooks packing. The club suffered on the playing field for some years but came back stronger than ever. Today Stop Out is situated third in Central League and have wonderful facilties at Hutt Park which consists of 4 playing fields, two large training areas and very good clubrooms. For my sins I am a life member. Our honours board is chocka with famous All Whites such as Wynton & Shane Riufer, Sam Malcolmson, Malcolm Dunford, Barry Pickering, Keith Barton, Steve Boyland and many more names that you will be familiar with. Our most recent All White is Justin Gulley who commenced with Stop Out as a five year old.
  3. bloke

    English Football

    As a Leeds fan I am disappointed but every cloud has a silver lining because when I go over there in August I will get to see them play. If they were in The Premier League my chances of getting a ticket for Elland Road would be virtually zero. This year is Leeds centenary which by co incidence is also the centenary as my NZ Club, Stop Out
  4. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    Gee Ted congratulations on making some comments which are not cut and paste. Yes the re entry is politically motivated just as the decision not to go into the mine is politically motivated because the Tories were worried as to what would be found.
  5. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    You have form for protecting your old shool who harboured a Pedo
  6. bloke

    David Ellis decides to speak out....

    Yes good idea! The Clubs will then have the opportunity to challenge Board Members regarding the wasted $500k they chucked at the Magic Millions. No doubt DE will not have a problem with that.
  7. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    Yes it has to be safe but Key did make the unconditional promise to recover the bodies in the days after the disaster. However,The Tories were mindful that any recovery may point the finger at their Government so did not put in much of an effort and they just wanted it to go away. The Tories will be shitting themselves that something will be disclosed from the mine. The crooked Minister of Finance, Bill English who channelled rental income that he was not entitled to through his family Trust told the SOE that it needed to make bigger profits so they expanded at rapid pace and went broke as well as building Pike River. That useless prick English has to take some blame for what occurred.
  8. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    Yeh and Key told the relatives that he would get the miners out. When Erebus occurred there was a massive cost to recover the bodies which we rightly spent to return the dead to their loved ones. $50M spent on Pike River is far better spent than Key's flag folly of $27M. Even with soldiers killed in Asia, The Tories refused to bring bodies home, the miserable arseholes.
  9. bloke

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    Bob has always hated religion but he sent his girls to a Christian school, Chilton Saint James. That's the double standard that he goes on about against The Aussie Rugby Union.
  10. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    Shit Ted you have cut and pasted some crap but the above is in fantasy land. Poor old Simple Simon they claim that the Tories need a dishonest liar like Trump. I wouldn't even put Crusher in that category.
  11. bloke


    Speaking of mismanagement, what is the latest with their former Treasurer John Fokerd since he has been suspended as an accountant while he is investigated for misappropriation of trust funds over several years?
  12. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    Crusty I have looked at the Labour Party's 2017 election policy on tax and there is no mention that CGT was the cornerstone policy. It stated that they would carry our a review of taxes but not your false claim.
  13. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    No Government ever got voted in promising an increase in tax such CGT. They put it out there for public debate and tested the waters. It was clear that it was unpopular especially with Baby Boomers who have done well out of property. CGT will have more chance when the current Gen Ys gain ascendancy and the Baby Boomers have died off. So we are talking 20 years plus. The current government also knows that National is stuffed with Simple Simon and with Crusher taking over they are more than a shoe in. At the end of the day politicians are driven by votes so why chance fate when you only have Simple Simon and Crusher to contend with.
  14. Yes it was given the school's conduct. When they finally acted it was to transfer Woodcock to a Fielding school where he assaulted others. Their conduct was appalling. The children most affected were boarders and apart from being told to pray were given stuff all assistance. However, you were some great sports star so everything about St Pats Silverstream is fine. I note that they are one of four schools that competes in athletics for The McEvedy Shield. Hardly a success, they have only won it once in the last 40 years.
  15. Oh that's right I remember now, you tried to make out that St Pats Siverstream had tons of All Blacks. All I could find was five and three of them only played one test. Yes they were one of the worst as they had Woodcock who left a trail of destruction with one victim being an old colleague and friend of mine. He broke down and told me about it one day back in the 90s. Poor bugger was so upset that he had never told his wife, kids or parents as he could not handle it. Then when Woodcock was charged in the early 2000s he decided seek help. When St Pats found out about Woodcock they sent him to to a school in Fielding where he carried on his merry way. Bloody digusting. Yes Saint Pats Silverstream were one of the worst and they even got a mention in the Oscar best film winner Spotlight.