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  1. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    There are plenty of right wing commentators in the media. The Prize Wanker "Hoskings" who Ted sets his alarm for every morning prior to taking his medication. You cannot get more biased than Hoskings. There is also Sean Plunkett, Peter Williams, Mark Richardson, Duncan Garner. The list goes on. Its funny how right wingers go on about free speech but its only when they agree with it. Ted gets all of his cut and pastes from right wing web sites like Whale Oil which was infamous for Cameron Slater, now bankrupt after facing slander litigation.
  2. bloke

    Trump written off

    Trump has lied from Day One claiming at his innugaration that it was bigger then Obama's which it was not. Then the fool claimed his win was the biggest since Reagan, just more bullshit. Google Trump Lies there are hundreds of them . He boasted about molesting women and then claimed it was just locker talk. Then he gave massive tax cuts which he funded by massive borrowing of Trillions. USA is one fucked nation. Mate I just look and have a laugh at you fools once in a while. I am not obssessed by Trump as you and your mad nut jobs are.
  3. bloke

    Trump written off

    I see this thread has been well and truly taken over by the nut jobs. Trump a great statesment my arse. A shocking liar, many of his cronies in jail and he crows about sexually molesting women, hated by many of his allies, and sucking cock with the likes of Russia and North Korea. Only saved by White House Staff loyal to their country refusing to obstruct justice which he demanded that they do.
  4. bloke

    Mares getting relief

    Weight did not seem to worry Phar Lap, He carried massive weights for many of his wins in handicap conditions.. He carried over 10 stone when he won his Melbourne Cup
  5. bloke

    John Allen

    Perhaps they have hired him to fetch the coffee.
  6. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    Well done Crusty you seem to be the ony one who can express an opinion on this thread and not cut & paste ramblings from alt right wankers
  7. bloke

    Glenda Hughes scores

    Hughes hired Allen and Nathan Clown hired Hughes. I know we have some usueless Ministers' Of Racing but surely Nathan Clown wins the prize for the most useless.
  8. bloke

    Aussie Commentator moved to Invercargill

    There was also a women's rugby comp held between the top world teams. It was shown on Sky and reminded me of Grass Roots Rugby with only a few spectators and playing on crap fields.
  9. bloke

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    Sure Pogo you are an old gay hater from way back so Folau's hate speech would be music to your ears.
  10. bloke

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    Sure repent and all is well. Is that what happens to the Catholic Priests? They have their wicked way and then repent and go to heaven. If you believe that sort of shit mate good on you.
  11. bloke

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    So let me get this straight. Israel Folau not only promoted gay rugby, but he was also described as being a STRONG ADVOCATE for ending all forms of discrimination in the sport. His crime therefore, is not that he treats Gay people badly or that he discriminates against them (as clearly he is very supportive of them), but that he believes that all sinners (including gay sinners) need to repent in order to get into heaven. The whole media beat up is a storm in a teacup that has been labelled a Category 5 hurricane. Shit Ted when are you going to get an opinion of your own rather than cutting and pasting and then stating that you are right and soemone else is wrong? It just goes to show the character of this idiot Folau. He says that in his younger days he was a rooter and a piss head and then he supports Gays only to turn on the rooters, piss heads and gays and say that they are heading to hell.
  12. bloke

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    Partly right Crusty, the Bank with the swaps issue was National Bank which ANZ bought about 16 years ago. John Key showed that he was just another useless Tory PM turned Director with his spin about David Hisco's demise and blaming some office junior for the Reserve Bank regulation stuff up.
  13. bloke

    How y’all looking now

    And David Hisco
  14. bloke

    Thatz David

    He is a NZ Cup Winner and full brother to Werther, Hong Kong Horse Of The year
  15. bloke

    Worse than a Dear John letter??

    Gee Jumping Jack Flash, got No Satisfaction there