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  1. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    I see that GDP increased by 1% for the June Quarter. Gee Ted and all that cutting and pasting shit about the economy tanking, well you have been proved wrong. But quick tune in and get your dose of the prize wanker Hoskings firing up about her. I see that Jenny Shipley is up in Court as she does not appear to know what trading while insolvent or the solvency test means. Just another useless Tory leader along Bill English who helped himself to rent that he was not entitled to and should have also been in Court, that old rooter and racist Don Brash still spewing out his hate and of course the biggest Socialist of them all Rob Muldoon. Lets not also forget Pullar Key who became the but of jokes from the World press. Finally wanna be leader Crusher Collins or is her name now Twisted Sister.
  2. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    The Kiwis came home because the Aussie Government clamped down on them denying them access free healthcare, superannuation etc. Anyway its good to be able to debate with you Triple A, poor old Ted just cut and pastes. He needs to stick with racing, he knows a bit about that
  3. bloke

    Police Raids

    1979 NZ Cup. Cecil Devine driving Lord Module begins slowly and is tailed off. After about 800 metres he circles the field. Cecil's son in law who is driving Sunseeker which is one out and one back, takes a very firm hold on his horse to let Lord Module in to assume the one out and one back. Problem is he carves up the field with a number of horses breaking and having their chances ruined. Lord Module pulls out on the turn and wins the race. There are many upset punters in the crowd and then the hooter goes to signal an inquiry. A few minutes later the inquiry is dismissed because the video recording system taping the race was found not to be working. It was very clear to all what happened they did not need any recording, it was team tactics but a blind eye was turned. That was the day I gave up the standard breds.
  4. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    Ted shall I remind you? Nathan Clown! The Racing Minister that gave us an all weather track at Addington. Just another idiot Tory Minister
  5. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    Mate Simple Simon agreed that the Tories cocked up over housing. They demanded that tha Housing Corp return a ividend of $500 M a year and were selling off houses rather than building. Communist that is a strange word. Vietnam is Communist and they are more private enterprise than NZ
  6. bloke

    Well done Col.....

    Well done Col. The owners cheering rivalled Stamford Bridge.
  7. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    Sleep well Ted don't start yelling out "Jacinda Jacinda" at 2 in the morning and then your Mrs shoves you out of the bed to sleep on your own because she has had enough of your nightmares.
  8. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    Even Simple Simon has said that the Tories screwed up on housing. Nick Smith announced heaps of housing schemes and I doubt if any got off the ground. Simple Simon has stated that The Tories will have far more teachers in other words acknowledging that Hekia was a fool. Sure Labour has its share of clowns but The Tories have more than their share. They have done little while in office and of course they have the legacy of Rob The Socialist and we are still paying the price of his National Super after scrapping an individual scheme.They even oppossed the introduction of Kiwi Saver even though they claim to represent the individual getting ahead. Then when they got in power they whittled Kiwi Saver back.
  9. bloke

    Trump written off

    Yes its a fantasy movie, your favourite
  10. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    During The Key Government there were about 12 Ministers who were sacked by Key and some he did not sack including Hekia.who would rival Curran for stupidity. Crooked Bill English helped himself to rental money channelled through his family Trust and got to survive what was in my opinion fraud. Look at National's great pool of leadership talent. Simple Simon, he reminds me of Cunliffe, Crusher Collins and Paula Benefit. National is a Socialist Party that only looks after the moaning farmers and beating up on anyone on the DPB. It has introduced little in the way of major legislation over the last 40 odd years.
  11. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    I agree Curran was useless but your lot had many, Hekia, what a bloody mess she left. Also Nick Smith (death warmed up) there is no housing crisis. Do you know who I am, remember that clown. Plus many others
  12. There are nearly 400 golf courses in NZ so there has not been much merging. However, Featherston is about to close and Manor Park announced in the last week that they would probably have to close. They are the tip of the ice berg, there will be many more. Those that are merging are doing so because they have to otherwise they will close. The numbers playing golf like many other traditional sports are in serious decline..
  13. bloke

    Trump written off

    Gee 1% you really are one sick puppy. I suppose your favourite song is "They are coming to take me away ha-ha"
  14. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    Ted has been waiting all week end. The Alarm goes off at 6.00am. He awakes screamimg Jacinda, Jacinda! and then reaches for his medication. The radio is on, Its the prize wanker Hoskings spewing out Jacinda hate. Ted loves it, it gives him a boost. All is now great in the World for Ted.
  15. Listening to some of the fish heads Its seems that many of the problems with NZ Racing have been caused by the small clubs who must sell their assets and gift the proceeds to the industry as reparation for being leeches on the industry over a long period. The real truth is that the big clubs such as Trentham who set some sort of record by going bust twice in a few years (as Wellington and then Race) are the real bludgers and reading this morning's Dom Post the CEO of Trentham has the cheek to pontificate about the small Clubs and he is lining up with his hand out for more bludging