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  1. There was a third pedo called Michael Shires. How many does it take in your eyes before it is seen as unacceptable? . My original comment was that Saint Pats Silverstream was one of the worst which it clearly is. The school has been asked for many years to remove the photo of Dunning and they refused until last year. It is claimed by survivors / victims that other pedos and enablers have their photos on the wall. They are a school with a digusting history that you choose to protect As previously mentioned I had an old work / mate friend who was got at by Woodcock and it was devastating that he chose to keep it a secret from his parents, wife and children. He took counselling for many years after Woodcock was arrested. I could not care a toss about Rugby,
  2. Since the Fireman with the big hose retired we haven't had any disasters.
  3. bloke


    Retired Rural fire Chiefs wanted to meet with Morrison 6 months before the fires to inform him of their fears around the coming fire season but Morrison declined.
  4. I agree that they need to look at catering as there needs to be more options than the usual hot dogs / chips etc. Most who attend 2 January take their own picnic lunch and BYO grog. It certainly was an impressive crowd
  5. I don't recall Tauherenikau declaring that they are a poor club. I have looked up their financial performance on The Company's Office web site. For 2018 year their net profit was $125k and for 2019 $50k. They have about $240k in the bank.
  6. Well Trump I guess it is now time to expose some other Saint Pats Silverstream Pedos after havng let you you gloat that woodcock was the only one. You may recall Fred Durning The Rector of the school in the 50s & 60s a shocking convicted pedo. He left a trail of destruction and there is a fair chance that he taught Woodcock his evil ways. For several years his victims and decendants of his victims have been fighting to have his photo taken down from The School's Hall Of Photos and in March this year they were successful after years of the school coming up with excuses not to take it down. The victims say that there are further Pedos and enablers who have photos up and they are fighting to have these taken down also. Another shocking convicted Pedo is Michael Shires from the 1950s who preyed on boys when he travelled away with them to sports events. Quite Simply your old school is disgusting easily one of the very worst schools for pedos. Happy New Year Trump.
  7. Trump has 6 cronies who are either in jail or have served jail sentences. He and his family were found guilty of using the Trump Foundation as their own little piggy bank and have to pay NZ$3M to various charities. But according to the nutters who read all the conspiracy theory shit on crazy right wing websites it is all others who are guilty. Then they cut and paste the crap as if its true.
  8. When those bent cops Schollum, Shipton and co were standing trial for the rape of Louise Nicholas, Shipton and Schollum had already been found guilty of rape so their names were suppressed until after they all had been found not guilty of raping Louise Nicholas. If Schollum & Shipton's names were not suppressed for the Louise Nicholas trial then it would have been highly likely that all of those on trial would have been found guilty of raping Louise Nicholas.
  9. Yes and when the WRC went broke the Treasurer was none other than J Fokerd who was some months ago suspended by The Accountants Society.
  10. Didn't the former CEO of Race who decided that he was a property developer get a job at Hawksbury as The CEO a few years ago.
  11. Weaver! Moved The Auckland Cup to a Wedneday in March and claimed that it would be the race to stop two nations. If the on course crowd got any smaller there would have been just Weaver and The barman present on Cup Day.
  12. Agreed, the relegated horse is owned by the Lindsays and if we are going to get into conspiracy theories then it could be argued that they are much bigger than Te Akau and could have more influence. Quite simply just a poor decision.
  13. Everton losing to Norwich may have upset your vision.
  14. The dish lickers race far more times so going on your logic you woud put a Trotting track inside a dish lickers' track and a galloping track inside that
  15. Well if you believe its untrue you have the option of making a complaint. If the media outlet is found guuilty then you will be vindicated.Currently you keep spouting the same shit that you do on The Tump thread so its highly unlikely they will find in your favour.