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  1. mckenzie

    Todd Muller / Nikki Kaye

    Can't think of anything positive that came to racing from the last National government. Not sure why it will change this time around.
  2. mckenzie

    Jacinda Ardern

    Nats downward trajectory since Key continues...
  3. Part of the problem is racing has no one in its corner speaking out. Successful administrators know how to communicate and explain to the general public by giving interviews to every network saying how important racing is, answering critics etc. When you don't do that the void gets filled by all the naysayers, then public opinion turns on you and the politicians bail.
  4. mckenzie

    What would you give for a V’landys

    V'Landys does sometimes go too far, the Everest colours on the Sydney Opera House debacle wasn't great for racing, but at least you know he is pushing hard for the industry he is representing, and not sitting back like other administrators who expect someone else to sort things out.
  5. mckenzie

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    Great to see him back today. 3 G1's in Aus now, not something many kiwi horses can do, especially over the sprint distances.
  6. mckenzie

    Cooper 38a

    It's avaliable on click here and scroll down for this weeks episode Also post all their weekly shows on their website that don't get aired here. After The Last is their review show and is a good watch. Autumn Contenders is another one.
  7. mckenzie

    AUSTRALIAN Guineas

    I expected something like that. He loomed up and then looked very unhappy in the straight, and horses he had pretty easily accounted for two weeks earlier were going past him.
  8. mckenzie

    C. S. Hayes Stakes........

    Catalyst has been taken to Ballarat Vet Clinic to determine the extent of a back issue.
  9. mckenzie

    Te Akau Shark Phenomenal !

    I'd love to see him over 2400m in a race like the Tancred since he's out of a top staying mare but the 2000m races will be his limit given how valuable the QE and Cox Plate are.
  10. mckenzie

    AUSTRALIAN Guineas

    I think he'd win a Cox Plate but trainer seems to be looking towards the Everest and Golden Eagle judging by his comments this week, they are in discussions with slotholders.
  11. mckenzie

    AUSTRALIAN Guineas

    Who was the last nz trained horse to win this race?
  12. mckenzie

    NZOaks vs NZDerby vs Probabeel

    I think it is awarded to the NZB filly of the year based on who accumulated the most points over the designated races So Two Illicit could win the Derby and not get the 3yo filly trophy, the same with Probabeel in Australia.
  13. mckenzie

    Parliamentary horse trading

    I agree completely, you need people with a thorough knowledge of the sport running it. But for some reason they never get appointed.
  14. mckenzie

    Parliamentary horse trading

    If he's a libertarian then he's probably got no interest in bailing out racing. We need government involvement if the industry is to survive.
  15. mckenzie

    Queensland Racing on the way back....

    If the industry here all worked together they could no doubt force some big change. It's almost like there's a complete lack of desperation in NZ. Qld knew things were bad and got moving. You look at the successful administrators over there and hear them talk, they have a clear idea about their plans and actively advocate and put pressure on government to deliver for racing.