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  1. mckenzie

    Parliamentary horse trading

    I agree completely, you need people with a thorough knowledge of the sport running it. But for some reason they never get appointed.
  2. mckenzie

    Parliamentary horse trading

    If he's a libertarian then he's probably got no interest in bailing out racing. We need government involvement if the industry is to survive.
  3. mckenzie

    Queensland Racing on the way back....

    If the industry here all worked together they could no doubt force some big change. It's almost like there's a complete lack of desperation in NZ. Qld knew things were bad and got moving. You look at the successful administrators over there and hear them talk, they have a clear idea about their plans and actively advocate and put pressure on government to deliver for racing.
  4. mckenzie

    Queensland Racing on the way back....

    Good on them, certainly seem to be on the up after not looking so good a few years ago. I saw a clip a few days ago where one of the trainers was crediting the new administrators with coming in and making big improvements and getting things back on track. We could do with a bit of that here.
  5. mckenzie

    C. S. Hayes Stakes........

    Also, typical Trackside, we miss the buildup and then don't even get the race live. If Invercargill are running 5 minutes late then that is their problem, give the racing fans what they want, you have two channels for a reason! We should be doing all we can to promote our sports biggest stars.
  6. mckenzie

    C. S. Hayes Stakes........

    Catalyst was giving Chenier 3.5kg. These set weights & penalties races are a bit of a joke at 3yo level.
  7. mckenzie

    C. S. Hayes Stakes........

    Cataylst can lead, just look at the HB Guineas, although he started slowly as well, but there's no reason if the pace buttons off he can't make a mid race move. In fact looking at his races I think he is better in front out of trouble and maybe some aggression out of the gates wouldn't be the worst thing rather than letting him flop out of the gates and settle last then expecting him to sprint from last at the 600m. Neither trainers will want their horses to have gut busters though since there are bigger fish to fry in coming weeks.
  8. mckenzie

    C. S. Hayes Stakes........

    Has to give Alligator a kilo and starts from the outside although in a small field you'd probably rather that than barrier 1 where he could get caught up behind horses. Good test to see just how he measures up.
  9. mckenzie

    Absolutely utterly appalling

    No. When the Derby was on Boxing Day the Waikato Guineas was run in early November. That changed when the Derby was moved to March, and until recently Te Rapa had two Saturdays in a row, and the Guineas was run on the first day and the week later the Sir Tristram Fillies Classic. Now Te Rapa only has the one Saturday meeting instead of two, so the Guineas is on the same day as the fillies race and just a week before the Avondale Guineas at Ellerslie. So basically another programming failure that no one thought 'is this a good idea' before they went through with it.
  10. mckenzie


    Not sure, their website is no longer there and facebook page hasn't been updated for almost a year.
  11. mckenzie


    I think he'll measure up, but as always you want to see him do it against the very best before declaring him. Re. his future plans, after the 2000 Guineas they mentioned it was likely the last time he'd race in NZ. Now I see they are talking that he may be back at Hastings for the triple crown. So on that basis you'd think it looks like he's staying with the current trainer.
  12. mckenzie

    Another Balls Up by Andy Kydd

    Great point. Another example, last night I was enjoying the racing from Moonee Valley, the G2 feature of the night was upcoming, we get the birdcage preview and the build up is about to continue, taking in the on course atmosphere, then suddenly Trackside crosses to France where a nondescript race from Chantilly had been programmed, with a very small pool. It's running late so we spend the next 5 minutes watching them behind the gates before crossing to The Valley as the gates open. There's just no thought for the product or quality of broadcast, it's all about throwing every race from any corner of the globe on air. What other sport has that sort of attitude to it's premium product? As you say pop-up channels are available, and in the age of streaming there's opportunities to have an app and let viewers choose what coverage they want to watch. They wonder why it's so difficult to attract people to the sport, how about starting with one of the most important things, which is the presentation and broadcast you put to air.
  13. mckenzie

    What A Shambles

    Surprised the race went ahead when a good number of them had gone a lot further than others.
  14. mckenzie


    Looks good, have subscribed for 3 months Link to do so is here if others are interested Subscription
  15. mckenzie

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    Sit one out instead of going to the rail? It's the $3 favourite in a $2 million race, you don't need to ride for luck.