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  1. Sickopunter


    A 4yo mare. Well on behalf
  2. Sickopunter


    Sorry, I should say anywhere other than here. Have just put an ad in the classified section.
  3. Sickopunter

    Niagara Mare For Lease

    4yo Niagara Mare for lease. One unplaced trial but thought enough of to give her a year off and she has now had enough time. Progeny of the stallion do their best work late 3yo on and up in distance. On the small side but very much ready to go on with right now and only looking to move her as we have too many. At Guy Lowrys in Hastings. 027 2355809
  4. Sickopunter


    Where would one advertise to lease a thoroughbred racehorse? Paid or free Thanks in advance.
  5. Sickopunter

    te aroha bias

    People tend to think tracks are either fair or leader bias. The vast majority of Ellerslie meetings suit horses finishing off in the middle of the track and being wide is no trouble at all (if with cover) as long as you can be nice and wide in the straight. Plenty of tracks have the opposite of a leader/on pace/rail bias but I think the understanding of such is limited. On almost all tracks a dominant favourite may be able to lead and win but when assessing overall patterns there is no doubt there is a bias to overreaction and overstating leader bias tracks.
  6. Sickopunter

    Anyone watching Singapore

    Enjoying the non-stop music? No commentary, no comments, just music. For ages. Not the first time. Nice work Trackside.
  7. Sickopunter

    We don't have a rating system.

    How do they have 70 in the bank if they’ve taken 5 more years to get it? Do the maths for the owners.
  8. Sickopunter


    Aussie racing gets plenty of people punting and going to racemeetings without Winx. I agree great horses would help but have we even had one since Sunline? Not something we can rely on and with our shitty stakes who in their right mind would keep a great horse here? Hence I see stakes as a far greater issue. I would also argue trading is the only thing keeping NZ racing alive at all as who would be crazy enough to have a horse/train/etc without a re-sale market? Surely we would have 500 horses nationwide if no-one could ever on sell. I do respect your thoughts and you have valid reasoning. I'm just the other side of the coin.
  9. Sickopunter


    Quality of horses isn’t the issue. Low stakes, poor tracks, long term failure of the industry to improve and promote leading to a negative image of racing for many is the issue. Throw in horrific management and massive financial wastage at the top (mostly by people who know nothing of and don’t give a shit about racing) with little or no accountability and welcome to the result. Even when young people do come to the races these days nothing is done to retain them or further their interest as the areas they go to are usually set up as pubs and or nightclubs. In the colts and fillies area on Counties Cup day there wasn’t a single TV.
  10. Sickopunter

    Police Raids

    Sounds like you’re saying the opposite? Or do you have a stinging pain where the sun don’t shine from sitting on the fence?
  11. Sickopunter

    Trackside run by idiots...

    Only so often they can have Francesca and there’s only one of them
  12. Sickopunter

    No more

    Cool. And if someone accused you of dishonest or criminal behavior and you were found not guilty you'd be fine with people taking that attitude with you?
  13. Sickopunter

    Police Raids

    I've seen no evidence yet to suggest that anyone is guilty of anything other than stuff related to extasy - and that's nothing to do with Harness Racing. Yet these people have lost their income and had their lives and that of their families and loved ones turned upside down. That's part of the empathy.
  14. Sickopunter

    Police Raids

    Not a crazy as it sounds but my understanding is that the only “punter” identified had been losing with the tab in that period.
  15. Sickopunter

    Police Raids

    I'd go a step further and say I wouldn't be surprised if sackings and or lawsuits were on the way.