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  1. Terminating killed pk6
  2. Quality form was one of the cuts the tab made. Not high earning, do nothing suits and pen pushers, but genuine information for punters (which encouraged turnover) in many cases written by expert analysts at a small cost. Enough pressure and they’ll bring it back.
  3. Yeah, it’s not a pool. It’s all fixed odds. Can be good turnover on early races though
  4. For restricted punters they take a small shitty bet then drop the price if you want to bet again.
  5. Shouldn't stakes be at least to some degree based on the turnover the different levels of horses generate?
  6. Depends on how hard to win they are and the handicapping impact etc. You have to compare apples with apples. And yes, we are that bad.
  7. Hey folks, we have a 16yo TB broodmare we are trying to find a home for. Catch The Day is by Keeper out of a Zabeel mare and the first 4 foals she left were all winners. She slipped or absorbed the latest foal but no reason to think she couldn't have some more. She is located at the Wentwood Grange in Cambridge. Photo was taken in 2016 but will try to get a newer one if necessary. Obviously she is in very good condition and reportedly has an extremely nice temperament.
  8. Could or has the bailout brought any trials or races forward?
  9. I can understand that, to some degree, but why not program a meeting or two before and if they get the numbers fine...? Also I think you would find there are very few private tracks for standardbreds in the North Island.
  10. Does that explain the specific start date? Can we set a market on how many meetings in July will be abandoned due to the state of the track?
  11. Excuse my ignorance (and if this has been answered prior) but with trots AND dogs starting so long before, why do we have to start on the 1st July? Why not sooner, if numbers permit?
  12. Yep. I find it hard to believe if Dr Nick was that big that he wasn’t betting big on the tote and getting a rebate. If he wasn’t betting on the tote why would anyone care if he leaves?
  13. Again, dodging direct questions. Yes I do.
  14. I've done it a few times. Still waiting for you to learn how to read obviously. Still waiting for you to tell us where he bet... And how does a fixed odds punter who wins leaving the market hurt the industry?