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  1. Swap the runs and Temporale beats BFB
  2. Thanks Barry. Do you actually use this one? Is it user friendly for someone not especially techy?
  3. Not really what im looking for but thanks for the reply.
  4. Does anyone use, or can anyone recommend a thoroughbred racing database for Nz? Something that automatically downloads all race results, times, stewards reports etc that I can add my own comments, data to? Thanks in advance
  5. Guessing never. Good luck finding a country which is co-mingling that hkjc will allow to take any kind of fixed odds markets.
  6. Competition is a wonderful thing. our lack thereof… not so much
  7. What they want is people just good enough to do what they're told, stick to the script and not get fired, without being good enough to get offers to leave. For the most part this is what they have. Hopefully they'll look at bringing in some stronger artillery on the bigger days but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  8. I agree. TAB doesnt want to pay them what they're worth. Not their MO. Pay peanuts get.....>>??
  9. And less employment opportunities every year
  10. What makes you think any of those people would want the job? Especially Tiley and Campbell (the latter of which I dont think would be well suited, despite the fact he was an extremely astute trainer)
  11. For what its worth I agree that its a good idea to keep stats on presenters tips and have more betting focussed info. I dont think it would work as well however, without the big panels and better knowledge etc that Aus have. I just dont think in a country like NZ paying the rates Trackside etc does we can expect to have high level presenting quality and expert analysis. Its a highly specialised field and we are drawing from a much more shallow talent pool than Australia. I also think the idea of training these people up is even less realistic when there are so few opportunities for racing jour
  12. So one guy you know of ever then. Well done to him. But one guy who either does'nt have the confidence/balls to bet instead of present or has some other reason to tip for free? You think there is some treasure trove of winning punters in NZ looking for trackside work?
  13. How many punters do you actually think make money? Like profit in the long run? He tips lots of winners so that helps turnover but are you seriously trying to tell me there are several Aussie presenters that will tip their followers into LONG TERM PROFIT?
  14. The whales analysis would be up there with any presenter of any code in Australasia. Not his fault that we have shit pools and people back his horses down. Yes he tips a lot of short odds but as you may have noticed we have a lot of short priced winners too. He's not a natural presenter but his knowledge, research and analysis makes him one of the best around IMO.
  15. And they (the TAB) cant think long term. Their suits aren't paid to think that way.