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  1. All we need now is Otago anniversary to have a meeting at Blenheim and Marlborough to have one at Hawera,bingo.
  2. 17 degrees in Wellington,that is kind of a heatwave for there ain't it?
  3. As I explained in earlier post I have just been looking at some of the results from a decade ago,,seemed to be a lot more racing then in the southern area,Gore,Wingatui, Riverton,seemed to have more meetings,you don't seem to notice how things have changed,till you compare,interesting
  4. I guess there is one lesson here for us all,you can sometimes have thousands to bet and still cant win so the TAB is happy with the promotion and the people betting still have fun anyway.
  5. Anybody got any news on Vigorosso,is he still going round over there?
  6. Hey I didn't actually realise the size of the acceptors for yesty till I had a look at the fields last night and monday at Matamata have big fields too,so the number of scratchings,its kind of self explanatory as for the most prolific poster on here and Tasman might mean me lol well it will die a slow death for me one day. Just to add I was last night looking at some past results,in 2004 Riverton raced at new year,maidens raced for 6 thousand,almost 20 years later were racing for 15 so some small steps must have been made.
  7. Can't they just accept the draw, maybe if no valid reason to scratch then maybe a stand down period might be a good idea. Or maybe just have 6 horse fields,happens a lot now and lots complain.
  8. Be interesting to know why so many scratchings Just to add 10 races at Gore,everyone there that wants a start gets one,will there be as many scratched?
  9. David White the head of cricket stated that the 2 20 20 matches screened on Tv1 had very large audiences but as yet hasn't given us the figures for spark,which don't seem crash hot. Shifting this to racing I can't see how racing can benefit by not being free to air,its on sky,also spark and online which like it or not you also pay for,unlimited broadband,the number of people who would subscribe for paying for racing would be I'd say a big fat zero, Might be fair to say that perhaps the lot running the TAB at present may not have gone off free to air but can anyone see what actual po
  10. Closing of accounts,really?
  11. I actually googled harness xpress and this thread popped up,as for being a serial poster,you can spend a bit more time than you set out to,that' just happens sometime. I note many of the posters on this thread ain't been here for a long time,I've been here less than a year posting,its wearing a bit thin now,as for posting rubbish,often i see the lighter side of life,somedays not so much but it seems to me the same old issues will still be being discussed here in another 4 years. Dates,stakes,courses the TAB,the website,probably nothing much will change much, as for Auckland,does anyb
  12. Do you like the simulcast?
  13. Well after nearly four years after someone posted this comment and judging by the size of most of the harness fields seems to be carrying on as usual
  14. I think we are becoming broken records,these sites tend to consume a fair bit of time,could be worse though,could be on facebook,Twitter or whatever,mind you those on there if they chat racing probably the same issues.
  15. That Hawkes bay meeting had has always been poor numbers wise,if that was in South Island it would be shutdown,Wairarapa on jan 2 was helped by 5 trot races. 12 noms for the big race on Saturday at Trentham,11 for another,racings just the same as harness these days,very light on numbers in top class,. Be interesting to see how many line up in the Wellington Cup,once an iconic race.