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  1. An article in ODT today about Waikouiti and maybe some decision about the track within the next twelve months, if the club own it and they sell it , just like Forbury they keep the money, they are still a active club, well that's how it should be anyway.
  2. Easy to be critical of Wingatui but Trentham today had some big races with freely small fields more than likely dominated by a few big stables, just seems racings just fading off the scene in many areas,
  3. No good asking me, the only time I can give you winners is the next day lol. Interesting how I say about the Tyler's light on numbers, I see that guy Kennedy has about 16 running today, i wonder if this meeting was at Waikouiti if it would be any different, after all the southern trainers have had a wee break since Riverton.
  4. Have they scaled back their stable numbers recently, only 2 in at Wingatui or is it just one of those situations where for various reasons just nought doing at present ?
  5. everybody's probably stuck in traffic heading home before getting stuck in traffic going to work tomorrow
  6. I used to study racebooks, these days, nagh, too much toil for so little return, still interested but leaving others to do their dosh
  7. In a close finish he was just holding on
  8. He may have won a race by a Bob of the head
  9. I actually believe the buck stops with the management of the TAB, they put a lot in advertising to senz so they should dictate the terms, as it's a sporting station no one would want racing day in and day out but boxing day is one of the biggest days of the year so just having a mish mash simulcast through apps would have more turning off than tuning in. I watched one or two of the early races on tv then went out after that , didnt bother, the dullest boxing day racing wise ever, who wants to spend all day watching racing on tv or tv for that matter, the odd day it's ok but every day nag
  10. I havnt seen any of the ashes, no sky these days, seems like it might be one of the big non events, England ain't that bad aside but the preparation wasn't very helpful, shades of our team two years ago. As for betting on Ameican or South Ameracan sport on the TAB, well if they dont have it customers will just go somewhere else, I personally believe that even though we may not like some of the aspects of the TAB they do put back to our own sports organizations and our race clubs, most of the corporates overseas dont give a shit about NZ, dont ever forget that.
  11. I think the same way, NZ stuff should be on channel 1, senz on the app screen trackside too, but only on channel 1, another odd decision of many.
  12. Not loading here, blue picture with circle but nought.