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  1. Not sure if you got something wrong but I think I might have lol.
  2. Dont think that winners is me, so far a big fat zero.
  3. Looks like only 44 entries, at least I wont finish past 50th this week
  4. I will be serious for a moment try harness site, no need to log in, I will try myself
  5. Not working here, might go better if I turn tv on
  6. Tauranga R6 4 Diamond Pegusus 25 EW Riccarton R3 My Degree 25 EW Riccarton R7 16 Final Savings 20EW Randwick R6 4 Feel The Rush 25 EW Caulfield R6 1 Starry Legend 25 EW Eagle Farm R6 7 Fetch 20 EW Morphettville R7 6 Lakes Folly 20 EW That will do, how I came up with some 25 each way and some 20 no idea but in for a shot.
  7. Indirectly you could say yes but Peters was the racing minister, he helped those who helped him I guess, wasn't it the racing guys who were backing him with advertising etc etc, one wonders if the big help out hadn't happened ,where or in what state would racing be in.
  8. Robertson did nought but what do racing people want, anyone got any ideas.
  9. Just noted 1 trot and 2 dog meetings in nz today, all on trackside 1.surely they can schedule things better on sundays so all nz stuff on one channel .40 minute gaps seem a long time and thats when they have split coverage.
  10. Personally I think the show is fine As I have stated I don't watch trackside that much , but due to different work habits was watching just after dark last night, the two or three hour barrage of racing from oz is good, because the quality is good.
  11. no, not this time either
  12. Te Rapa R6 3 [10] TeRapa R7 3 9 [17] TeRapa R8 4 6 [13] Flemington R5 6 7 [11] Rosehill R7 3 [19] Ipswich R7 4 8 [17] Ipswich R8 3 7 12 [18] Ipswich R9 5 15 [15] Hopefully my adding up is right, takes a bit of working out, if not so be it, theory is the more races you cover the more chances to score points.