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  1. And the changes at the warriors have been? You could say that havnt lost at Mount Smart stadium for a long time/
  2. Our devices are a great modern day invention,but do we want to spend all our life on them? Coming on here often enough is bad enough,you often come here for a short time then boom been on here for ages,if it's not here for some it's Facebook,you tube or whatever,sometimes it's nice to have a slightly simpler life,as in staying out of the net,. If out and about in our normal life,does one want to be glued to our smartphone,we all have to work,that's why sometimes radio is a convienient way of being informed,taking all racing off radio isn't smart, in my eyes,and in many others as well
  3. And the AL L DRESSED, UP no where to go, It actually get as monotonous as everything else about Alexandra Park seems to be getting like these days
  4. Hopefully some radio will return sometime,,not so sure about the 4 track scenario making money,a recent study down south showed Forbury and Ascot as the poorest performers,Aucklands turnovers,which indicates interest is poor,Cambridge not much better,the real performers are the little country clubs who probably do best for two reasons,one being traditional meetings as in holidays and racing at the weekend,as in the Canterbury grass circuit,it's no wonder Forbury all turned to shit,there are a lot of those southern meetings now that also ain't running on such fashionable days either.
  5. Yes but you have to admit L J, it's even better when you win
  6. Randwick R2 4 8 Randwick R3 3 5 Riccarton R5 5 13 Te Aroha R5 5 11 Randwick R4 5 11 Riccarton R6 1 8 Te Aroha R6 4 7 Randwick R5 5 6 Riccarton R7 4 8 Te Aroha R7 2 3 Randwick R6 1 3 Randwick R7 1 3 Randwick R8 2 9 Randwick R9 9 19 14 races,surely I can at least get 1 point,hopefully more. Hopefully I've got all the right races,that's a good start. Good luck,thanks to the sponsor
  7. I had 4 accounts with Aussie,Centrebet which strangely use to do live betting on sport,normally you actually have to ring them to place a bet on live sport,weird but true.,they had the casino games as well,I lost too much there so pulled the plug.They didn't even send me a Xmas or birthday card for being a good customer. Now I only have one,as Sportsbet,William Hill and Crownbet are all one now,I will add I don't really use it but it is there,although I do actually like a lot about their website,phone app etc. Yep the verifying ideas for Aussie is a pain,I wouldn't do it again,and I
  8. Well for some reason it's fine all the Southern meetings being Saturdays since Easter,they are just being the third meeting yet through spring mostly no 3rd meeting anyway. Northern racing, you got to admit the fields are short on numbers at times. As for the last comment I will let that one pass by for now lol.
  9. This is probably more an issue of the hrnz board who schedule the calandar as it is. Still dont change the fact northern racing ain't that flash these days. Just to add for most of the season Southland have been racing Wednesday's and Thursdays,now for some strange reason nearly every week isince Easter s now Saturdays yet Forbury are Thursday nights in the dead of Winter,another anomaly,no wonder the place is in decline.
  10. Radio reaches more places than tv, and the internet,and it's so convieniant,hopefully this new setup will get the races back on in some form,there is still a lot who dont bother with devices. The rova app trackside is a miss mash but it's better than nothing at present,I only tune in if there is a specific race I want to hear. other than that forget it
  11. That picture me rollin is a bit like beam me up, just pops up now and then,seems it likes ascot park, which race in a fortnight, if it turns up might be worth a look aye.
  12. How much did you not win, ,did you had beam me up Scott's in the multi or just a single bet,if you had him in ya multi and tennessee rock was paying 23 you were probably pushing your luck just a bit far.
  13. Did that multi win?