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  1. So one picks 4 horse,how do you calculate points,bearing in mind you are putting picks in number order.
  2. I think it was on harness site a day or two back.
  3. mikenz

    Rova app.

    Maybe try and find a way then of free to air radio on main days,maybe fridays sat, sundays and holidays,there must be a way,hard to believe no radio on Cup days coming up,well there ain't at present it seems.
  4. It seems to work well(trackside radio)but why dont they now have a proper radio station even if its during days with nz racing and then switch over to simulcast at other times,at least it's a start,I find the TAB sites radio to be very poor and cuts out too much.
  5. mikenz

    new govt

    Hard to know really,apart from Adern and Robertson I don't know any of the others,never heard of them,isn't one of those guys who use to be on the tab in the labour setup?
  6. Hey there,I wasn't worried about the dates,don't give a shit about it but was just pointing it out to break the boredom lol
  7. Be fair to say the fact there ain't been any test probably creates more interest when they arrived,I did actually watch the game on prime and didn't know the result and Aussie did play well but once it got to 20 points I actually went to sleep
  8. Am I correct,from Southland?
  9. Hey Memphis,did you enjoy the same old same old rugby result,it's been that way for years but wait we've got two more games of same old same old to go then a couple of easy wins over the argentines it's probably exciting for the players no doubt but from outside looking in its as predictable as watching last week racing replays,
  10. Hey Memphis you know recently I put sky on hold for a while,so apart from the odd game on prime which I only watch if I'm around,I actually dont miss it,haven't even seen the test from last week.
  11. I dont believe labour could rail a decent turd.