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  1. I know that's perhaps thats not that funny but taken in its proper context one could see the funny side(perhaps).
  2. Maybe he has put on a santa suit and snuck in to addington.
  3. I wonder with horses getting faster and faster if there will be a time when they will be finished before they start..........there must be a time when they reach a limit of what's physically possible.
  4. I dont like making comments on people or situations like this but that race at Nelson he drove that horse in was a very strange drive.
  5. Wingatui today,good fields good day and track not too bad,its early in the season but gee it's all good today though,Gore in 2 weeks will they have same good fortune?
  6. You wonder though if clubs do any better racing a 7000 stake as they would running a 25000 dollar race with 6 horses and 5 from the same stable,not sure if there is any difference.
  7. I stuffed up my comment was meant for gallop site but cant see how to delete.just ignore.
  8. I will say I'm still interested but just not following as much these days,I use to listen to radio most afternoons,now I just miss a lot of the races as a result of no radio.watch tv simply when I'm around.smartphones aren't always reliable when it comes to coverage.
  9. I use to love trackside radio,since it's gone I dont follow races as much,I dont go out of my way to watch tv and I dont want to be married to a cell phone,radio is so handy.
  10. I wonder if it will be on sale at Milford Sound
  11. 23000 is almost a major country cup in nz ,wingatui tommorow has 10000 dollar races and one or two 12000 ,yet field sizes are pretty good,in reality how do you get the stakes up with stagnant turnover,can anybody explain?
  12. A service for Jock was in Nelson today,does anybody know how it went,a bit of a legend was J E.
  13. Just as well you didn't call them and abuse them lol
  14. It will be interesting to see what cricket coverage is happening this season,hopefully radio and not having phone only coverage,I dont mind phone but I dont want to addicted to them,its bad enough now.