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  1. Gore noms will be out shortly, be interesting to see how they stack up
  2. From a betting perspective Baseball is so hard to follow, it's actually more popular than I thought it was, You can watch every game online on MLB tv, sky have it too. The season is so long, typical of USA sport, I do pay attention casually, follow the finals more closely.
  3. I note senz are broadcasting Oamaru and Te Aroha this afternoon, I heard the guy on there saying they are working on getting the Aussie races, when answering a text question, the Saturday afternoon show is on longer too, time drags a bit but as a whole I think they are doing a pretty good job as a sports station, I think in time the racing coverage will get better, just needs time. They seem to be close to the TAB ,most of the competitions you win bonus bets, only catch is you gotta have account with the TAB
  4. Hastings R5, 1 2 Hastings R7, 1 4 Hastings R9, 2 7 Randwick R5, 4 12 Randwick R6, 3 6 Randwick R7, 7 9 Randwick R8, 1 2 Randwick R9, 4 14 Caulfield R3, 6 7 Caulfield R4, 1 4 BB Caulfield R7, 2 15 BB Caulfield R8, 1 7 Caulfield R9 3 9 Hopefully the one more member of the team I'm in gets their picks in if they havnt already,good luck anyway.
  5. 7 races today, only 6 tomorrow at Otaki and 7 at Taupo Friday,, could be covid affected or maybe a sign of the times.
  6. Strange irony is I picked him in the competition, other than that, no.
  7. Nerula reckons might writing is shit so it just shows, we all make mistakes. On another matter Scooby, Archer don't seem to know if he wants to be in the picking competition or not,last week he was out , now he wants back in.
  8. Nerula, what does the word ashort mean?
  9. Numbers at Wingatui were not great and a good number of them were from Canterbury, seems a lot ain't bothering anymore, 7 race programmes seem to be more and more common, where will it go next, 5 and 6 races?
  10. Forty years ago today the All Blacks v Southl Africa test at Eden Park. Twenty years this week since 9 11, gee time does pass quickly. This being a racing site most here probably remember these moments in history and where they were.
  11. Those who didnt front are out of the comp? Dont you have some subs who could replace them?
  12. Ok here goes. Flemington, Race 2, 1 3 Flemington, Race 3, 2 4 Kembla, Race 5, 3 7 Flemington, Race 4, 1 11 Kembla, Race 6, 4 5 Flemington, Race 5, 2 5 Kembla, Race 7, 6 10 Flemington, Race 6, 5 14 Kembla, Race 8, 4 7. BB Flemington, Race 7, 5 9 Flemington, Race 8, 9 12. BB Hope I got all the right races. Gee heaps of very short priced favourites,however it is what it is, good luck all, hoping for a good start.
  13. Someone like that could set up a station of their own,then they can say what they like and no one can do anything about it,same with Banks, no ones allowed to call it as it it it seems anymore. Personally I thought William's was a pretty good bloke doing a job he did very well both on tv and radio.
  14. While Giorgi didnt carry the form through after Montreal some of the womens tennis at US open has been off the top shelf,sport at it's best.