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  1. Thought the same myself, they have a FFA at Auckland with only 5 noms maybe one or two of those at Cambridge may have run in it but would they if it's dominated by one or two anyway. Westport noms for Friday are better than Xmas, does help when their rating 51 feature races don't have to compete with another rating 51 race at Motukarara.
  2. Don't know much about the horse when racing but by my reckoning it's probably passed on by now
  3. Looks like Southees drop off Lyon is going to haunt him more, just not his game at present.
  4. Well he is entitled to it but when everyone's meant to be belt tightening, he can too, think he's got a lot of learning to do.
  5. mikenz

    Tim Southee

    He even got out without firing a shot, yet at time of posting 2 wickets but would he be good enough to play test 2 ?
  6. That last wicket stand is probably a game defining partnership.
  7. Radio is still more informative and easier to access than TV but its struggling too, Media Works are another organisation that's on skid row, they have a lot of music stations, we're once part of the TV3 umbrella, they are losing lots of money too, Newstalk ZB and their organization seem to do OK, they got rid of radio sport though. Senz came along and bought trackside frequinces from TAB, made a big loss and sold it back, just as well Entain have got plenty. NZ is just such a small market. Anyway Cricket starts today, real Cricket and its not stuck behind a paywall, not sure how long its on for , might be over by Saturday.
  8. One thing I've always questioned is why newhub had their news at same time as one, why go head to head. At least when Addington and Alexandra Park go head to head they still attract the same audience, maybe if newshub had their news at 9 or something may have helped, no noticeable sport probably don't help either, times change I guess. Easy for people to go on about overseas owners of many of our organisation's and not caring , TVNZ is owned by NZeders and funded by NZeders. All media are having issues, changing times indeed.
  9. Looks like TVNZ have lost their competition, have to say I never watched TV3, but if you don't have competition then.complacency sets in. Sky are without competition and seemed to have dropped a lot of content, probably when some of TVNZs content when sparks deal ends will more than likely dissappear or probably move to streaming online which means multiple subscriptions.
  10. I wish to have my post removed from this thread, need to have a rethink.
  11. The stakes in year 2 and 3 are going up but not the winning stake.
  12. I'm pretty sure Betfair run a Sportsbook out of the UK but here in NZ we keep getting redirected to an Australian section that is exchange only, and a very poor visual app, a android version, Black background, i think that there is also a web version as well that runs on older browsers i stand to be corrected, probably the worst one to navigate around is Betfair.
  13. A 15 year old driving and a 36 year old Co driver killed, fucked if I'd get in the car with a 15 year old driver, but he was exceptionally talented, obviously, it just keeps happening.
  14. Think 20 20 should be seen in the same light as seven a side rugby, but records should not be included as list A games. It simply makes average players and average teams look better than they actually are, a quick bash or taking wickets when slogging, game suits some but the longer version checks out one credentials. ,
  15. I think you will find visitors of some note will be well treated, I think the locals probably a bit different.