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  1. Quite possibly Ohoka meant with all the evidence, why wasn't she locked up?
  2. Cant possibly have another chance, don't know how the hell he got his first. I can't recall any other former presidents being investigated as extensively as Trump.
  3. Yet another case of a trainer and hound testing positive to the destructive Meth, perhaps all trainers and dogs will need to be tested before racing begins each day. If the trainer offends again, should be gone for life. And the animal is the innocent party in it all.
  4. Just a reminder, FORMER president Trump, a very dangerous individual.
  5. Well done for the early call, folks wont be stuffed around, and the Ryder will happen, has to be good for racing.
  6. Rotorua-Race 7:She's Apples New Plymouth-Race 3:Cholula Cheers
  7. Can't blame them really, aside from racing it's about family too. All the very best to the Collett family.
  8. No need for the insults Flash, but you really ought to review your own posts.
  9. I can't believe he's allowed to break in horses. I would have thought that banned would mean absolutely nothing to do with the industry in any capacity for the specified time.
  10. It just goes from bad to worse, particularly in the greyhound code. Life bans for anyone in any code, no exceptions. Just a few that stuff it for the genuine folks.
  11. Not sure Chris needs to stay in the Yaldy, Ascot, or any other for that matter but he still rides okay. Lets remember that he is 58 years of age now, won his second premiership at 53 which is an amazing feat. Travelling is a huge toll, especially now as he is based in the deep south. I can't wait for a book that one day surely must be produced, reflecting and celebrating Chris' amazing career.
  12. Not sure why it's not listed but will begin a 5 month suspension after Hastings. Another couple of wins today, particularly good ride on Platinum Bordeaux.
  13. I just mute the hounds until the horses are ready to go. Shouldn't have to. An ideal solution would be to have all hound coverage on T/Side 2.
  14. Yep, a real talent and always follow his rides as I'm sure many do. He could go a long way, or anywhere for that matter. Hopefully he can use the time away to re-charge mentally and physically and become the best all round rider that we know he can be.
  15. As you are aware this is an industry on notice to clean its act up or it's gone. Certainly does not deserve its own channel and definitely not free to air. The industry has had more than enough opportunities to sort its self out. As I've said before, ENOUGH is ENOUGH.