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  1. PFP This looks like it will play out exactly how the N Jack,M Pitt case is over here The falsely accused will want a royal commission into the entire case , and heads must roll , and they will want to be reimbursed their costs The enquiry into the cases here are well advanced
  2. How many mistakes does this commentator want to make?? 2/June - calls Penelope hall - Penny Lope Hall calls The Present Maker -A Late Late Pressy the majority of the race calls Claaus- Stac Ashburton 5/June calls Escargo-Murano the entire race Still will only mention 2 drivers -when John Dunn makes a move-or Sheree Tomlinson Always only refers to Sam Ottley as *SHE* during a race This caller makes so many mistakes during his calls he must be either drunk or stoned
  3. We are looking at a Slot race here in Australia , funded by a tax on service fees Will Kiwi's come for it?
  4. A millionaire Trotter Hopefully they will bring him to Australia so we can witness the horse in the flesh Running slow sectionals wont happen around Menangle or Melton Watching the drivers interview online, J Dunn always had an excuse when he got beat. All horses get beat sometimes there are better horses on the day If he wins at his next start J Dunn said he has won every Grp 1 in NZ which is an amazing feat only a champion can do Unhinged on facebook always rates J Dunn as the best driver of rating a horse in front
  5. Why do they not have a winning post at the Westport track today??
  6. It was stated the gates at Trentham in Wellington for the said race were wrongly positioned at the start making the distance short of the advised 1200metres
  7. Kiwi's steal our premier Group 1 Sprint The 4th horse got the wrong side on the split
  8. Dynamite


    King Of Swing created history last night. It was a beautiful sight to see Group 1 winner at age 1 ,2 ,3, 4 ,5, 6, 7 3 Miricle Miles. 2 Hunter Cups King will be at high demand when he stands at stud Would you bred to him??
  9. Justin Evans is well known here as ~the early crow~ Jason Teaz is needed back with his correct calling of horses and also sectionals. Last night at Addington a leader run its first 1/4 of the last mile in 30.4, the commentator says at the 1000m the pace has increased considerably, yet they run the next 1/4 in 31.3:{ It will be a good night at Manangle tonight. Night markets on as well
  10. The rain is still coming down Garrards at Menangle that i tried to get to yesterday, it is flooded inside and the stock is ruined and unfortunately nothing is insured The rain needs to stop before Saturday It will not be masks that is the issue it will be getting onto the course
  11. The rain is persistent here The entrance under the bridge to Menangle is flooded and shut today when i tried getting to Garrards The river is still predicted to rise Hope Saturday night can go ahead The track is badly affected and this morning had big craters from around 6 carts out to the inside the track pegs
  12. How did she only get such a short disqualification? It warranted years not months Deliberate attempt to cheat
  13. Teaz is a very good commentator and also tips well His insights into sectionals is second to none Today M Cross comments R Todd has one starter, he had a runner in the previous race and this shows Cross does not do his form Reports from calls made after the races last night from Menangle Cross was very intoxicated Whale on his previews we receive he only tips 1.04 shots
  14. Did the CEO walk before he was asked to leave? This must been seen as to how bad a situation, financially , the club are in Robert Dunn joins the Board - does he not have a history of bad betting debts and owing 100's of thousands of dollars when he run a TAB outlet , as well as many positive swabs. Jamie McKinnon races his horses out of the Dunn Barn and races them in the South Island, and very close friends with Dunn The ATC are doomed
  15. I did meet the Addington race caller in Sydney previously, when he was on holiday with his partner at the time Ellie Barron It is obvious now his new found love is K Newman, he seems to be the only driver can say K Newman was one of our best drivers to grace a track here, i hope the NZ version follows in his famous namesakes footsteps The commentator seems to be calling the correct horses tonight but the sectionals he quotes is different to what is shown in the graphics?