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  1. Trentham - Race 5 - Reign It In Scone - Race 6 - Martini Mumma Thanks and good lluck
  2. Agree with your overall point, but from a life practicality standpoint you can save most of them in your phones online wallet these days... Airpoints, sub card, onecard, debit card etc. I use both a debit and one card every time I visit countdown, but both are 'beeped' from my phone I dont even take my wallet any more. (unwanted millenial advice)
  3. In fairness, over 100 noms for the Wednesday meeting without trawling through dual noms. 30 more than New Plymouths Saturday grass meeting.
  4. And right on cue she goes and grabs an early double today
  5. Denby Rose Tait riding well at the moment too after a slow start to her career, and the big suspension.
  6. Was it in the middle of the scratchings? I know even the old site would temporarily go down for a few moment when scratchings were released - perhaps this is their way of doing it on the new site. Gave them time to redo the book I guess.
  7. Rotorua - Race 8 - Pure Fiction New Plymouth - Race 3 - Hasstobefast
  8. Earn it through a bonus back race or sports event for the most part. But for the lucky few this week, there was a deposit matching bonus up to X amount.
  9. It was at the time, albeit with many pending bets as I generally do a wave on Wednesday nights when the markets open.
  10. You were on a hiding to nothing really. With AI these days you could request an image of 14 and a half women in a hot tub and it would probably create it for you out of thin air
  11. Probably could have, but surely would have become an inconvenience for the already depleted jumps jockeys ranks to split over two days for a handful of races.
  12. Well what do ya know, I just got offered a 100% deposit match in bonus cash. Wife would often get these despite having an idle account so nice to see the regulars getting a perk for once
  13. Pretty sure thats one of the last remaining gripes among the general public.... Along with easybets, prize money, race recaps and black book notifications.
  14. Ah I thought the incentive was going to be perfectly aligned with Just Ben cracking its maiden win next season, but then I see its only for KM eligible horses.
  15. Not sure if the page updated in the 2 minutes I happened to be looking at it, or if there is a lag in loading the data, but looks like the full form is now up