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  1. The races at Palmy yesterday were crap, late scratchings galore, obviously Robert's dogs getting to the track late were travel affected. Rosanowski boring as ever and his calling as boring as ever. CD racing is boring.. especially with the monopoly.
  2. He's as good as any of them, which probably doesn't say a lot
  3. Should have stayed and developed Hutt Park. Never understood the logic of moving to Wanganui, it's been a failure through and through. The old not what you know, but who you know
  4. Its exactly as that famous book title says "Everything is f*@#^d" .. trouble with racing in this country as opposed to Australia everything is about budgets and having lowest possible budget product. Our governments have never given a toss either. On Trackside today Andy McCook was presenting remotely and it was a cock up .. like that advert on TV he obviously had bad net, very embarrassing.
  5. Hahaha !! .. I haven't the slightest interest in all the conspiracies and any of the thousands of so called theories going around, rightly or wrongly will just hang with the vast majority thanks.
  6. What's all that guff got to do with the rules ?
  7. Have noticed a chap at Christchurch that never covers his nose, and same with chap leading out Cole dogs in C.D ?? .. obviously nobody is checking this
  8. The Whale is very very average, great analyst yes but there is an exponent missing, statistics are only part of the equation, and with him his judgement is obviously astray, because time and time again his tips are raging hot favourites and even then he may get 1 out of 3 on a good day paying $1.50 ..
  9. The standards of our Trackside presenters is definitely dropped over the years. Listening to Pat Cumerford is embarrassing, he just talks nonsense, and clearly struggles to come up with anything knowledgeable, it appears he just comes out with stuff off the top of his head sometimes.
  10. I see he's still picking hotties that run down the track .. 4 tonight, Major Perry 2.3 for win, beaten. Phoebe Imperial 3.3 nowhere. Has Optical Illusion at 4.2 .. huge money for Whale and Marathon Man in last at 1.4 to win .. get rich on that lols
  11. Trevor cracked me up today, Goldstar Linda bolted in .. and all he could say twice was it must have trialled up well, "and nobody old me" haha .. if it had why would anyone tell you Trevor ?? ... obviously he lost on the punt
  12. Surprise Surprise .. what they gunna do this time
  13. Really, I thought he got horses mixed up, and ummed and arrd a lot. Was bad even by his average standards almost like he was commentating from afar.
  14. Here we go again, Rosanowski explained why meeting called off, and mentioned it's becoming more common these days. I would suggest that is correct, but only really at bloody Wanganui, obviously something is not right with this surface. If everytime it rains there is going to be an issue then what is the point, trainers coming from elsewhere will be extremely wary of venturing there for some of the money races leaving it open for the monopoly kennel to win even more. This club has abandoned meetings for all sorts of reasons, with the surface being a dominant reason.