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  1. Not sure what time, but it's not on Trackside, they're screening it on the Comedy Channel
  2. Nope get over it, as good as T.Lee was, and not a huge fan of Justin Evans .. but he's doing ok.
  3. Yep got ya, again hopefully he's been told to pull his head in, and seek out more variety, and told it's Trackside not the Bevan Sweeney show
  4. Yep agree with you, while I like diversification as long as they don't get carried away. Commentators seem to be popping up all around the Country as well. Entain must have a big bucket of money for travel and accommodation costs. I'm wary about what happens when the barrel is empty
  5. I think she is doing just fine, way better than Rodley with his checklist of questions.
  6. I'm sorry but he can't tip, when he is presenting he has that goofy smile going on. And yes I would be no better, but why is he being paid ?? .. what does he add ??
  7. I think they want us to punt like the ridiculous advert .. "I've got a hunch" .. I miss the Turf Digest, you got to know whether your horse faced the breeze, was blocked, broke in the running, or got a good run but couldn't go on with it, etc etc. If they want to attract people to the game, and more importantly keep them. Then bloody well treat your customers with respect.
  8. It is good that they are getting more interviews and views from a far greater range of trainers, jockeys etc. They tended to just concentrate on a few, but now they're spreading it around which is good. An example was Sweeney used to seem to interview Robbie Patterson week after week, don't get me wrong.. top trainer, top bloke, and really enjoyed listening to him. But variety is the spice of life and involving as many as possible is great for the sport and its customers, so keep it up.
  9. Well I did crap, but still managed to beat him lols
  10. So you have read the room finally and by your own admission you are 99% wrong not the 98% I quoted
  11. Whales 3 at Addington. Race 3 Delightful Dreams, Race 6 Mr Love, Race 9 Here Comes Jane. My 3, Race 3 The Night Fox, Race 6 Master Class, Race 9 Paris Prince
  12. Read the room, think you'll find you are Wrong 98% of the time. I will give credit and ticks where they are due, but why would I thumbs up rubbish. All Emtain have done is thrown a lot of money around. Some personnel are giving it their best shot and good on them. But to be frank if you keep fielding a mediocre team then you will only get mediocrity.
  13. Well the Whale gets paid, and his tipping, apart from being a waste of time, is atrocious. Entain obviously don't care about attributes.
  14. Yep onto that and agree, but my point is it is soooo wrong.
  15. I keep seeing "senior jockey on top" in the runner comments, this is rubbish in a lot of cases. A horse I was checking out today at Wanganui had that comment. The jockey was Amless Bohorun, no disrespect to whoever that is. But never heard that name, let alone being a senior jockey. How can they get away by misleading potential new punters as well as seasoned punters.