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  1. Credit where it's due I believe it's called
  2. Totally agree, would be an awesome story. The heart and soul of Kiwi harness.
  3. Time for something positive, what more can you say to describe this greyhound. 14 from 14 over the distances, easily New Zealands best greyhound. His sectionals prove he can match it with the best over the sprint and 520 ... 17.29 and 29.98 then still powers away at the distance. Garry Cleeve and his wife are also a credit to the industry, the always turn their dogs out in top condition and they are always bouncing on the end of the lead, obviously happy dogs. I would hope the greyhound industry will try and promote the Know Keeper story in mainstream TV and newspapers mmmmm ??? ... anyway wel
  4. Because these days slackness and incompetence at the helmet has crept in. And there are no repercussions for it, so it carries on slowly getting worse
  5. Darn sight better than The Whale .. good work
  6. Exactly .. I do mute the above, and my point is I pay for trackside. Never muted Brian Martin ... greyhound admin managed to do that.
  7. While I'm really grumpy, the whole industry needs looking at including some presenters who front our TV audience. Not all require the mute button, but the Rosanowski show does .. non stop waffle about every statistical snippet he can find about each runner that leaves 99% of viewers totally confused, and his continual praise of the Lisa Cole kennel, actually who is Lisa Cole ? I have never seen her on Trackside. And Rosanowskis race commentaries are below par. Unfortunately he drags Pip Morris ( I agree totally with everything you have said Rozzo) down the same path. And there is no reason for
  8. What happens guys is nothing !!! .. until it's too late. Incompetence of the highest degree. Greyhounds are the most important factor bar nothing, but I don't see evidence of that at all in this industry. Those at the top should be gone, it is their responsibility to ensure 110% wellbeing of these beautiful animals. Nothing bloody happens .. just excuses and it really pisses me off. I have a mate who purchased a handy racing dog, went to trainer in North Island. Suffered an injury and when presented to the races was 3kg under its previous racing weight and raced shockingly ... W.T.F .. that is
  9. I'm simply pointing out that the subject raised is the point, like it or not. I'm not interested in finding any dirt on the poster. Cheers
  10. The point is actually the subject matter posted
  11. Was the watered pitch a possible reason for penalty miss ? .. if so Rudan would be spewing knowing him.
  12. Answers are yes to first question and no to second lols