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  1. meomy

    Jacinda Ardern

    Lambs & sheep are used to trial Vapes on. Shameful of those who endorse vaping & then go on about damage of farming and agricultural. Did you know that @Ohokaman and others? Think about it next time you see the idiots who pushed for there use worldwide. Let's hope it gets banned anywhere there's our beloved lambs & animals.
  2. meomy

    Jacinda Ardern

    Red Sky in the morning, Shepherds warning ⚠ Nat's have a great strong team despite the numbers. Looking fwd to & expect the likes of Christopher Luxton to ask hard questions in Parliament about our locked borders that came about from "Scientists" who have mislead the public world wide with their incompetency and negligence. He must work with Simon Birmingham, Tourism Australia MP who "Dr" Siouxsie Wiles dissed publically bc her academic friends didn't get "Public Funds" from the Australian Gvt when Simon was in charge of education...interesting what chain of events people leave online...may it come back to bite Wiles & her associates hard in the butt.
  3. meomy

    Jacinda Ardern

    I understand a Kate MacDonald who is involved with DEDI ( Digital Economic Data...) has a role with WEF...Remember the Claire Curran fiasco? At the end of the day, the lot of them must be held to account for misleading the public and failing to perform the roles they are paid to with Integrity & transparency. To have "scaremongered" the ordinary public that a so called deadly infectious disease was going to kill over 30,000 people of New Zealand & compare it with the Bulbonic Plaque & 1918/19 Epidemic without due diligence and adherence to New Zealand & International Law is negligent. How Could anyone be so brain dead to not factor into account that we have motor vehicles & transport that they never had in those earlier eras, and a White Cross/ Southern Cross/ Public & Private Hospitals all over the joint, a vast number of Health care workers amongst other advantages? How could anyone be so lacking in education and familiar with what actually happened in earlier epidemics & pandemics that they didn't lockdown borders as there are pre-existing Laws in place to protect both infectious & healthy people in far less barbaric ways. Siouxsie Wiles has a long history of writing Open Letters to people who she thinks should listen to and do as she says to fulfil her dream of been an Infectious Disease expert... Look up her one from 2016 era to Ministry of Health about collecting data she had no lawful rights to be asking for.... Some Departments & Health providers are rightly so at arms length from each other. We all have the lawful right to Data Protection which she very clearly fails to comprehend. The failure to perform contracted roles is the first thing whoever gets elected into Parliament must be addressed in Courts of Laws.
  4. @Baz (NZ) @mikenz I believe back in the day it wasn't that unusual for that to happen with horse & rider. It's times like this that it would be great to have the likes of Trevor McKee & Norm Holland about to ask as I recall some of their great recollection of such occurrences. Best place to look is probably in The National library archives where there's a wealth of Racing related stories... Maybe Raceform editorial staff can do some investigating & follow up article when it's happened before with sone photos... Meanwhile, is he going to be a good place bet? Which race do you think Watch this Space will race at? I'm picking Hastings.
  5. meomy

    Jacinda Ardern

    Miss Ardern was prattling on in a Radio NZ interview around 9.30am about AI & I'm not meaning Artificial I of cattle but computers & internet how most jobs will be there. She's sure shown her true colours what an out of touch with the real world of Human Beings she is. By the way, who are the people from New Zealand who represent us on the WEF? That info is a matter of Public Interest & importance. Whoever it is needs to be named and held to account. It's understood there's around 3,000 contributors from 400 CITIES, note that's CITIES & NOT RURAL regions, around the world which in itself is not a balanced representation of our communities. It's also understood that MISS Ardern is on Radio Magic Talk with Mr Plunket this afternoon.
  6. Chairman Dan should never ever have taken a scrap of notice of Professor Tony Blakely who is great long term mates of Professor David Murdoch - unsure if he's related to Sharon Murdoch Stuff Cartoonist, Professor Nick Wilson & Michael G Baker all Public Health Advisors who have rubber stamped each others research papers & have been paid vast sums of Public Monies without been held to account. Australian's rightly so will be fuming to not be able to attend the Melbourne Cup Carnival bc of been dictated to by unelected dickheads.
  7. Recent news tonight from Melbourne, Victoria is that the State of Emergency is extending until November 8th which falls into Melbourne Cup Carnival 2020. Sad state of affairs in the world that we are been dictated to by those who create nightmares with "Computer modelling" in Science and the ongoing Political interferences by Academics who have disrupted World Peace. Meanwhile WHO are doing a back flip about effectiveness of Lockdowns. It's time heads rolled and those who instigated this unprecedented situation were ALL held to account, notably Professor Neil Ferguson & his "lover" Antonia Staats who works for AVAAZ Online Petitions which was foundered by Ricken Patel who is tied in with WEF in Davos, Switzerland. Staats has close links with Marama Davidson, Green Party who is activist on AVAAZ & a close associate of "Dr" Siouxsie Wiles. Interesting what info lurks online which shows damming Chains of events, and elements of Criminality.
  8. well said @Berri Don't think those two who you have asked questions of give a stuff about Racing. They seem to pop up when there's positive ideas been shared in here...see their other earlier swipes... Oh & welcome to the club Berri of their attacks. Been a recipient of them to.
  9. @MichaJ Heritage plays a huge part in tourism. New Zealand needs to up there game & retain what we have and that includes Tote buildings which are a nod to the Racing greats & good craftsmanship of olden days. It's a disgrace we have lost so much of it and what we have left it's left to ruin. One only needs to see the sad state the Entry Tote Buildings are at Alexandra Park in Auckland. A good clean & lick of paint together with Memorial Plaques are a must as well as inclusion in Heritage & Tourist walks.... It was a sad day when various clubs, including Sports clubs lost there small stands as they give a real feel of community spirit & unity
  10. Local and international Tourism & Races go hand in hand as we have mentioned here before. What better way to get our industry back on it's pedestal it belongs on. Alas rural racecourse meetings are vital as that's where grass roots interest starts with horses, pasture management, animal welfare care which without those communities racing would be more stuffed. We all need to be mindful of that & should reflect on Ken & Anne Brown, Snow Lupton & others in country areas where horses work in the hills and on farm land. We also much need journalism back in our universities as the current "Communication skills" courses are of little value in the wider world of many industries. Perhaps some of the old school journalists should put forth suggestions and course modules aimed specifically at Racing & Sports to be taught in Schools and University as society has lost that v in recent years with the internet & social media Wild West. Do remember our international tourism has been screwed over bc of those who instigated a Petition to get our borders closed withOUT taking into account Pre existing Legislation...they include a "Dr" of Ultrasound, Kelvin Ward... Who has much to answer for the demise of the unity of Society & our economies. Ditto others who have no clues about how Civil Emergency laws are written to specifically address individual situations, the blanket approach that's been taken has fudged up Racing which should never ever have been stopped. Good on the National Party for having a policy, has Cindy? Chloe? And others?
  11. meomy

    Jacinda Ardern

    Amendment - As are those who are known to be involved in the Bribery investigations of GSK and damages where GSK were Court ordered to pay out millions of monies. Did Cindy really do her Background checks and balances before firing her gun with Covid19?
  12. meomy

    Jacinda Ardern

    @tripple alliance Cindy doesn't seem to care much for the Diary Industry which Glaxo NZ is well known for been a World leader in with food and nutrition products. GSK is tied in with Vaccine processes for Covid19, as are previously involved people with GSK who are calling the shots internationally. Professor Neil Ferguson & Siouxsie Wiles both have ties to GSK... As the founding country of Glaxo Miss Ardern should be standing up for our Diary Industry on the World stage. Have we heard a peep out of her to EAT healthy NZ produce / grown foods to stay healthy & help prevent Covid19? It's all been focused on finding a Vaccine... The way Glaxo has been lost from it's core set up & purpose is unacceptable. There's also international Reputational Damage to our image over the yrs and more so the last 8-9 months bc of an obsession with finding a Vaccine when we have very good Diary products we should be focussing on promoting worldwide to help our wider society. It's time we all ensured those in positions of power were called into line who are tied in with GSK. Joseph Nathan must be turning in his grave.
  13. meomy

    Jacinda Ardern

    @eljay @tripple alliance There's laws in place already relating to Carriage Travel when one has Medical conditions. Did any of them have pre-existing conditions? Were they disclosed prior to purchasing a ticket to travel & BOARDING the aircraft they did to New Zealand? Or any other country? Did they advise Air Crew on board they had any symptoms? Did those Air Crew disclose any passengers who were unwell or had Medical Conditions to the Aircraft Captain? The Aircraft Captain has a legal obligation to report to Immigration Authorities those who have, or develop Medical conditions within 15 minutes of arrival according to Law. If these people and staff have not completed required Declaration forms as true and factual, why not? How many of these people have been followed up with within the NZ Medical systems to establish & confirm having Pre existing conditions that should have been disclosed, previously & currently? It's a known fact in the Auckland District Health Board area there was a scam going on in within the last 10 yrs by some in Human Resources to predominantly employ a certain race when there's people already living in New Zealand, or from countries beside India who are qualified for those roles but were declined. The ADHB Nova Magazine doesn't tell lies as it lists " New Employees " so very easy to see the disproportionate number of Indians !!! It's also a known fact that appointment letters were not sent out to patients who had regular check ups for medical matters and that the people of the same race were getting priority treatment over and above long standing New Zealand residents and natives. Well done the Lange Gvt for opening the flood gates to 100k of them without factoring into account "Consequences" including ongoing Consequences - NOT . It's overdue for a clean out of dishonest persons in Public Agencies, prosecuting them and sending them back to the country they came from. Be mindful those who have previously been dishonest with Immigration tend to have a short term ban to return to New Zealand so can come back. How many of those who have Returned to NZ since Covid 19 & locked borders fit into the Category of those Deported Persons? What nationalities are they?
  14. 1 August 2020, Race 9 Ashburton, Brand & Gunn Want the Return of Radio Trackside Does anyone know if a Petition has been started to encourage the Return of Traditional Transistor Radio coverage of Radio Trackside? It's one way to also generate additional interest in the wider community. Perhaps some of those who lost their jobs on the likes of Radio Sport & Sponsors in the industry could also be sent a copy of a Petition to return it. The harsh reality is, we are all impacted by what's happening in the world regardless of our situation & as they say there's 2 degrees of separation in life .
  15. meomy

    Jacinda Ardern

    I'd like to know their viewpoints on the demise of New Zealand founded company Glaxo now known as GlaxoSmithKline and why it is now so focused on vaccines when it was set up expressly to provide Nutrious Milk and other products for those living in far harsher times than we will ever experience, that of poverty stricken and malnourished people to provide nutrients for survival. How many of you recall Milk Biscuits? Glaxo They are far more nutritous to all than a pill, or injection. Be mindful the last 20 or so years how much the company has changed and been involved in Bribery & Corruption since Shangai, Hong Kong was taken from British Governance