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  1. Isn't it lovely and peaceful without hearing from the Politicians over the last few weeks? Wouldn't it be great if they just stayed away and we had some normality back in our lives free from those who lack Critical Thinking?
  2. Can't wait for Wind Farms to channel the wireless Smart City technology, can you??? One has to question what is going on in these Tech . IT people running the show heads that we are paying vast sums of money for with NO accountability from them. Bring back Horse and carriage, it's far safer, reliable and environmentally friendly.
  3. Are Professor Robert WEST & Reverend Robert West, who has ties to the radical British National Party one and the same person as shown in Google images and videos all over the internet? Have conflicts of interest including the fact he & Dr Susan Michie are now understood to be married? Aren't Gvt Advisors supposed to be Politically Neutral like Judges and those in the legal fraternity? Looks like there could be a bumpy ride coming up for some..
  4. Yes we saw this, brilliant piece of marketing. Great to see Tom's inherited his Mother Gai's great sense of humor and marketing. We all need a good dose of laughter and fun in these times of craziness in the world Well Done Which Australian's are coming to New Zealand for Karaka Sale's? They should all be here
  5. Since when has Tony B liar oops BLAIR had any experience as a Doctor of Medicine? Why is he not in jail? Have others noticed how he has long been pulling strings? Or seen his interviews telling people they must get vaccinated or won't be able to travel? He who had a key role in instigating Iraq v Iran war He who has caused serious disruptions to the lives of people across the world Be mindful that there's many a Labour Party Politician and their families in the UK from who have made phenomenal sums of monies out of Coronavirus 19 claiming they are acting for 'The Grea
  6. Yes, this is very serious what has happened under our watch for far longer than we realise. Take a few steps back in time, Dr Hugh Edward MONTGOMERY the "Physician" calling the shots in the UK who is telling people to Wear a Mask or have Blood on one's hands and that people will be killed/ die if you don't. Who is he? He's a Climate Change activist for over 20 years. He has written Research Papers and still is with the BBC. He started the Project Genie education project in schools and has been funded by Bill Gates. He has also written a variety of Books and his mo
  7. The TAB have like many businesses have been far too focused on going Digital and overlooked local currency and cash in society is how the world goes around. They call it Money Laundering for a common good purpose, it makes the world go around. Keep tabs on Cryptocurrency News and you can see where all the rot is coming from on the internet and how a minority think we should be living our lives, yet they are extremely far removed from reality. You will find the same players lurking in the background who want at least 55% of jobs/ things in general done via the internet their way
  8. Anyone else recall the Human Genome Project that was stopped in 2000's that involved Labour Party both in New Zealand and overseas? It was stopped for a valid reason. Anyone else notice how it has reared it's ugly head and creeped into existence under the Guise of Coronavirus/ Covid19 genetic tracing? A little history, SUSAN MICHIE who is the (so called) BEHAVIOURAL EXPERT with SAGE, UK has a tidy sideline where she and her current husband, ROBERT P WEST, who are both receiving funding from WELLCOME TRUST ( the legacy of Henry WELLCOME whose history and deeds are all recorde
  9. Just like the damage various people have done to the FINANCE industry and Society in general, Where have all the TAB's and Flowers gone? Those who ran our Financial Sector, NZ Post and other Crown Entities to the ground have no clues about the Circular economy. All roads also lead to Michael Bienof (Spelling) #SALESTALK USA who has been pushing through WEF (World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland) for a 55% DIGITAL CURRENCY WORLD economy and Bitcoins, Cryptocurrency. He clearly has no clues about how people do their jobs or requirements to operate at the coalface where people i
  10. Well done Lisa, it's fabulous to see Racing finally recognized. Those of you who feel someone in the overall Racing industry deserves an accolade, you need to find the Nomination forms which I understand may be on the Governor General's website. Get in there for Queen's Birthday Honours and Dame Patsy Reedy disappears as we are likely at some stage to see someone replace her unless this current Gvt are thrown out on technicalities this year.
  11. Good easy money & damn great HOURLY pay rate for the required number of hours to be worked. Am surprised no one has questioned that and if it's an appropriate amount bearing in mind the fact we are in a Recession..
  12. @tasman man, It's understood a former Handicapper took delight in screwing around deadlines with the Late Friday Flash editorial team, it's not just the Clubs in the wrong. The fact of the matter is, we live in a Society where there's Human Beings who still like to mix and mingle with other Human Beings, not just Robots & machines, people are still needed for Face to Face day to day contact or one may as well be 6 feet under.
  13. Well said. Bear in mind also, that if you have a current Drivers License which has expired. it appears the other Phil, that of Phil Twiford in his role as Transport Minister has FAILED to send a message to Financial Institutions /Banks and Telecommunications providers and others one's current one was auto extended in April, 2020 bc of Coronavirus19 and may still be current despite it not having been renewed yet.
  14. That's bc they never learnt education that other folk did. It's commonsense that coastal erosion happens, idiots like Peter Haynes have spread myths that cows cause damage to the environment when it's a well known fact animals naturally plough the earth and just like human beings require water including to cool down in and bathe. Some people have weird perceptions of living creatures. It's time those types of pple who are so Anti Animals got out and worked & lived in the real world away from Computers and Concrete Jungle that they live in and have contributed to Climate Chan
  15. When is the TAB going to reopen in Newmarket, one of the busiest shopping centres in Auckland? There's absolutely no where in Newmarket or Remuera in Auckland, where old money still is, that sells RaceForm either. Why Not? We used to be able to buy Racing Guides at Countdown, BP, Whitcoulls and the Local TAB. It's no surprises that the New Zealand Racing industry is in disarray when people can't access there services. Those who are behind RaceForm should be ensuring it's available at all those venues and that TAB reopen as they are a fundamental part of our Society.