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  1. meomy


    Sounds like you walked into yet another TAB outlet that has staff that do;n't give a damn, nor have a clue about our Racing industry & betting to make some money. Racing needs to do something to wipe the negative attitude to participation in our industry, One has to question if perhaps they are mire used to buying Lotto or scratchies where there's minimal involvement or follow up in place of sales.
  2. meomy


    lol, have you not seen how many Banks have and are closing or have reduced days and hours, including in wealthier areas? Online transactions with all the Data Beaches and risks of one's private financial information is not the way to go. Bring back the acceptance of cash transactions at least that way we know where it usually is. Not a smart manouvre to have Banks or those who have . are working in them involved any closer in Betting/ sports enjoyment activities. Best to keep them at arms length. Financial online fraud is to greater rsik with so many hackers out there. Besides does anyone know who all has 'access' to one's TAB accounts, besides the TAB as there are IT companies who have subcontractors along the food chain?
  3. @Ludwig trust you had a bet David Clark would be gone, did you? One down, how many more to go? It's well known Ayesha Feral is standing in that neck of woods so he would go. Alas, he's not welcome in any job within the Racing industry. Maybe both him & Ashley Bloomfield can go bike riding together as they share that mutual bond
  4. its the contuined DOOMSAYERS once more popping up. Go back to the start of the chain of events and see which Scientists research papers were relied on. Who read that paper, jumped on the fact it reads "in a Wuhan market place" and has twisted a case of "pneumonia" which could happen anywhere to that of a new disease. It's rather ironic that a new disease has been found after 7 years of research on pigs in China by a Chinese academic who just so happens to have graduated to that of a "Professor" at the same time it was announced. Now , how many years does it take to become a "Professor" in China and across the world? How many years has it been btwn other new diseases and outbreaks like Mbovis, Foot & mouth outbreaks, Swine flu, Covid19 etc and where have they all originally originated from? Note the pattern of chronological order and context. It's all about the money honey including that paid to fund universities by big players. How coincidental our local universities were crying out for funds as various Depts were about to close earlier this year...go back and read those articles and who would have lost jobs...
  5. How many years have they been using a website ? They should have had readily available good quality live streaming operating simultaneously in addition to free to air Television, traditional Radio and other for the last goodness knows how many years - 20?? Those who think they are experts in IT and been creaming public monies over the years have much to be accountable for.
  6. All the best for a successful recovery Mickey. I'm sure you have the courage & strength to get there with the help of your family & friends. Article about this incident appeared online last night in mainstream media. We need our paper publications back for those who miss reading about racing related news that comes about via "Bush Telegraph".
  7. lol, they need to also factor into account population increases and how the came about. Ditto environmental factors of all kinds. Plenty of variable factors all around, a seive has many holes...
  8. lol note how the researchers always use the words " could" , "estimates".....Not factual.... Under Laws of the Land the requirement is to rely on facts not half full, half empty ideologues.... Hence in Legislation there's always the use of the words "may" and "reasonable". Modelling methods used across the world are under greater scrutiny than ever as is Health and sharing collecting of data and cross border regulations...
  9. Governments have been mislead by Academics who need to learn about more than "tick the boxes" science exercises taught through universities. This goes right back to basics within the education sector. Do you pop into a university to get a "Health check"? It's the universities that have taken a blanket approach that started a few years back with ther accessibility by all for private health information and statistics been placed on the internet. There's a need for controls on what information is shared and they way ones private Health Information is collected and where it's use will be. Look at the wider picture. Universities and schools were the first to get Computers and the internet back in the 1980's...sharing on vast amounts of info started back then without scrutiny.
  10. Research papers signed off by Prof. Neil "Lockdown" Ferguson are online. Case 1, Wuhan Markets - Had Pneumonia Case 2, Vo' Italy - Died of Pneumonia What normal person tells a person to "stay inside, stay at home" when healthy? Any intelligent person gets outside in the fresh air, Vitamin D and Sunshine & eats fresh fruit, veg and meat & diary and exercises to keep fit and healthy. All the advice given across the board is to encourage unhealthy lifestyles. Where's the logic and commonsense in that attitude? Notice how pasty and unhealthy looking some of those experts are? They all need serious help for behaviour disorders.
  11. Looked at the list of ALL the symptoms people have for Covid 19. It's madness. UK Judicial Review hearing is this week... We're up to 100 days of lockdown of our freedom through our borders and lives. Some Politicians have shown themselves up how uneducated they are about Law & Order despite the fact they are assigned a Duty of Care to discuss and introduce laws and apply existing ones in conjunction with new ones. It shows up how munted our education system is. Universities must adhere to the laws and it's clear "students of science" in key roles with "research" our Gvts rely on for policy have no concept of reality. The ever so narcissist Siouxie Wiles recent tweet reply to another user about border control shows how out of her depth she is. Her ignorance of laws is no excuse to keep breaking laws including basic Human Rights. She needs locking up for Treason and her keyroles in f*&*%ng up people world wide right to peaceful relations.
  12. @Berri and others.. With a Best Bets Form Guide or weekly Racing Publication in one's back pocket & in the teachers curriculum vitae to teach children about all aspects of horses, veterinary practices, land management and educate current and upcoming generations of the importance of inclusion of all creatures great & small just like Joel Chandler Harris who wrote under the name "Uncle Remus", Walt Disney did with mice & Mickey Mouse and Gyo Fujikawa and Christian K Nelson did with the Eskimo Pie around 100 years and more ago to embrace people with animals and animals with people for the betterment of society. GF worked as part of Walt Disney's Team of 4. They all did things for the greater good of humanity with animals and children. Remember that both Uncle Remus & Walt Disney started their lives using Tar to do their artwork - due to lack of means & materials available, JCH was an Irish boy who grew up with his mum and left home at 14 to work in the newspaper industry on the plantations where he mixed with children of another race, and Gyo who faced challenges as an Asian American all growing up in USA who have all touched our lives through clever communications. Look under Google including images to join the connection of young children & people regardless of status and colour. There's a lesson in the stories and illustrations of old that helped heal civil unrest that needs to come to the fore to get the Racing and general economies world wide back up and running. They all have had success in media.
  13. meomy

    Jacinda Ardern

    Under Aviation industry & Customs regulations every person PRIOR to entering an aircraft/ sailing vessel is to disclose any medical matters that may be infectious or of concern PRIOR to departure or immediately it's known on an aircraft or sailing vessel. It's up to the Captain to report those things to a Medical officer at the border within 15 minutes. Anyone who is free from diseases / medical matters that are non reportable are free to go and should not be held in "Quarantine" as is in the Quarantine Act, Aviation and related etc Acts. There's an in depth MofH discussion document, dated 1983, detailing the current status & proposed changes that's worth while reading.In this document it stated a person could only be held in Quarantine for up to 6 days... Who dreamt up the 14 day Quarantine period? Who has signed off documents from the outset? Interesting NZ has now retracted it's testing on people with runny noses...hahaha. The original symptoms of this Corona virus was "pneumonia & a chronic cough" remember... It's listed as Pneumonia in the UK original documents so how has it changed so much?? It's called the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing and bullderdash has been spun to cover massive methodology muckups.
  14. No 42 St Georges Bay Rd...look it up juicy titbits in recent Russell Brown article. Pack of dopeheads...