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  1. A Dogs view of the whole ongoing silly Covid19 situation in New Zealand. Photo belongs to us, and credit to the Artist who created this Sculpture
  2. NO masks or Face coverings on any of these Dogs on Takapuna Beach, Auckland for Sculpture by the Sea, indeed there would have been less than a handful over over 400 people at the beach wearing a mask. Plenty of people swimming, surfing and no one much been concerned about Behavior Science Social Distancing, indeed it was very much common sense living And we have only seen 1 lone Chinese woman ever wearing a mask whilst swimming in the ocean and thankfully they were not there this week. The last thing New Zealand needs is all those dreaded Plastic Masks in our oceans. Wake u
  3. Happy Birthday Spring chicken Bob, guess that means Stephen must be ticking on 60 then is he?
  4. Didn't there used to be a Timeframe restriction on doing this ? @Berri Might have to delve into Papers Past as there's bound to be discussion on it in there..
  5. @Iraklis Personalised case?? According to the Court Case that Sue Grey, Nelson, took around May heard by J Sian Elias, Bloomfield and co were going on about the Financial side of the has to question how many jabs have they ordered??? Bear in mind that the Trial was not originally for all people but a Limited number of persons...and aged over 16 years only. There's some interesting aspects mentioned in this decision
  6. Does anyone know if there has been , and where we can find full disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest, of shareholdings in Pfizer that the Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield has? Ditto any shareholdings Stuart Bloomfield , Counties Manuaku/ Waitemata DHBs may have in IT companies they have key roles in? Are these 2 men, and other Bloomfields in key Healthcare roles related? Who did they use as Character References? Who signed off and oversees their contracts? If Politicians have to declare their Interests in their roles, shouldn't those who have overt
  7. To funny @stodge, hardly a plane flies over these days and shipping is pretty much at a stand still in and on these shores so not sure how we will fulfill this Trade Agreement which has been over 5 years in the making. Re Pubs in towns, those that remain are understood to be owned, and neglected, by the same Pandy Family who have the MIQ contract, we could do with them back up and operational like they once were with horses outside and trusty ole Vintage Electric cars like back in the day. We have lost far too many of our well built cozy buildings due to shortsightedness and SUPER SI
  8. She and her COVID19 Response Team are the most cold hearted barbaric bunch of incompetents around. If only it was their children's Granny and Grandpa who are obstructed from seeing and being with in their advancing years suffering in silence as so many are. Not once do these lunatics ever stop to be Compassionate of those in need of a hug from their own families and loved ones. For the Greater Good, what B/S. NOT one act of KINDNESS from Miss Ardern and her Team, NOT ONE.
  9. Well I never, there's 'Underlying Conditions' that have since come out of the shadows from the PM and others mouths..and why certain events have been canned in the name of Covid19. It's time folk all spoke up and ensured these Politicians and Experts adhered to Rule of Law. Never have we ever known in the history of the world has there been targets imposed on people innocently going about their lives that they are Diseased...Control, Control, Control. Look at the history of these DOC workers and where they keep popping up... Covid19, Mbvis, Operation Evergreen, eradication of Ex
  10. Sadly @Ohokaman Much of the division over the years has been created within universities bc they don't apply or include pre-existing Laws that they to are bound by as students. Remember Operation Evergreen re Moth Spraying over Auckland? Remember the classifying of Exotic Trees and Botanicals as Pest Plants? Remember the division and kicking off the land of Farmer and his animals that provided joy and attracted income for Tourism on the Volcanic Cones? Then the kicking off from the Volcanic Cones of those who once all used those places in harmony for Pleasure that those in
  11. Heather Simpson, Helen Clark and Bloomfield families including Stuart, Katherine, Max Bloomfield and others in key roles within DHB's and healthcare across the countryside MUST be held to account. One MUST not overlook H Simpson's Reports and the role of MP David Clark in this living nightmare HellHole THEY have created years ago and THEIR own ongoing Failure after Failure and gross Incompetence. It's overdue for a Full Enquiry into DHB Fraud, Misappropriation of funds and the aforementioned 'expenses" over the years. They are clueless about Budgets and targets in the real world
  12. How many 'cases' positive and negative have been detected through each of these people's own GP? How many of these Positive cases are from people who don't have a regular GP? Why do they not have their own GP where they have been 'diagnosed' in the crude manner they have been? It's time there was accountability across the board why some GP's are receiving vast sums of the Public Monies to operate clinics that appear on the surface favour their own race. What are the numbers for other Infectious Diseases at these same clinics? Is there a pattern of Infectious Diseases
  13. @Thejanitor, they should also have left it as Status Quo with people going to their own GP not placing things in the hands of Public Service who appear to have completely failed to factor into countless Laws we have had in place in differing ways over the years. The whole way in which local communities were founded under The Municipal Act laws has not been carried may or may not recall there used to be 5 mile, yes that's 5 MILES radius for everyday services included when Towns, Boroughs and cities were created. Every location had a Hospital or Doctor, Bank, Post Office,
  14. It's a start to get them trained how to present the overall Racing Product. Watching and learning from videos of those who we mentioned in our other post would go a long way as those people were knowledgeable, Polished and Professional all rounders who knew about the background of the Horses, owners, jockeys etc, where and how they were trained etc. Their friendly, good natured personalities encouraged new people to partake in the Racing community. Mary Mountier, from memory that was her name, was also a pleasure to listen to, spoke eloquently and none of this quick paced cram i
  15. Wasn't it the Banking Industry plonkers who moved from the Finance Sector to the Racing Industry era of International Money Laundering Legislation changes who created this issue? Who signed off these contracts? They should be held to accountability