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  1. Here's an example of the legacy left behind by Steve Evans, Fletcher Building’s Chief Executive, Residential and Development, from his days in the UK when he was with Heron International It’s big, it’s bold, but is the Heron tower any good? By Ike Ijeh21 April 2011
  2. Meanwhile up in Northland, this is also going on. Neighbours want proposed 450m Dargaville Racecourse Development canned The Communities who have had their Racecourses targetted Housing should be banding together and take Legal action with those in their communities. Racecourses were often created on what was known as 'Wasteland' because of it's what is now known as Wetland areas - these in themselves are protected under various Regulations with Town Plan
  3. Harsh lesson. How do these penalties compare with those in the Criminal Court systems? The sooner this scourge disappears in our society, that became prevalent in the era of skanky Clint Rickard's in charge roles of the Police force back in the early 2,000's, the better. Must be plenty of old Police Notebooks that should sink a few, perhaps it's time they were dug out of archives and put to good use.
  4. Proposed new residential development for The Hill, Ellerslie - Fletcher Building Friday, 1 April, 2022 - 11:22 Auckland Thoroughbred Racing (ATR) formerly Auckland Racing Club has selected Fletcher Living, to develop a 6.2ha parcel of land at Ellerslie Racecourse known as The Hill, for residential housing. The proposed development will include approximately 370 residential units in a mix of different housing types including apartments, duplex, terraced and detached houses. Some of the dwellings will be allocated to Fletcher’s ret
  5. 2 years on and now the same ones who told us to stay at Home and pushing the Agenda to do away with Alcohol Sponsorship of Sports yet think it's fine campaign for the use of cannabis and such like,and not be tested for illicit Drugs when Driving, try figure that one out
  6. Do be mindful, there's also Lawyers, and Judges who partake still, when they can, in Hunting and showjumping and Horse events, how do they feel?
  7. Here's a few stories about Ray Demler's childhood days. Contributions like this are very important and tie in links with the importance of the wider picture why all Racecourse Reserves must stay as that. Ray Demler
  9. query=Knight’s+Star
  10. There's always Legal avenues, including Judicial Reviews. This is one such example of what potentially could result, add to the mix Chamberlain Park Golf Course Judicial Review because the land belongs to the wider people of New Zealand, not a select few. Ellerslie Racecourse has a very long history which is not ever to be crushed in the manner some think they can. It has always been protected for the people of New Zealand in perpetuity as a Recreation Reserve since the 1800's for a good reason by wise ones before us - as we have covered elsewhere here in Racecafe IN
  11. Did you see an unnamed Entertainer was before the NZ Courts yesterday? Be mindful name suppression is still currently in place so assume what you like. Truth will come out, including in other countries Courts of Laws in 2023. Looking forward to Phase 2 of that international investigation details to come out as and when it does.
  12. How many hours has the Minister of Racing actually done anything to do with Racing? How many hours has he been paid for this at our expense? Perhaps he needs to be held to account in Courts of Laws for failing to fulfill his paid for role with the Racing Industry. It's far too easy for them to rubber stamps Ministry of Health matters which is not his only roll.
  13. Only know he went off to work for the Greyhounds. Anything else we need to know ?
  14. Sure is, add to the mix there's old footage been used including of the 2 young children walking on the street with the Teddy Bear. Would be helpful if current footage was used, or at least the Media disclose and acknowledge it's from years gone by.
  15. Hmm, looks like ankles are different sizes..and long trousers in the middle of a hot New Zealand summer is well, a little odd, isnt it? Perhaps it was a cold wind