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  1. Off air still in Auckland, any other locations without coverage? please add to here so others can see where there's ongoing issues
  2. Who are these people who can't seem to get there act together who work in IT that once more Radio Trackside is off air this morning? well done Glenn Patrick & his Grass Valley legacy. Bring back the good old fashioned Wireless transmission networks we could all listen to & pick up.
  3. It's observed in this article there were only 75 submissions in regards to racecourse closures. Is this democratic in todays day and age and fair to all those who attend and work in the industry in the regions this racecourse are? Racecourses are there for the betterment and enjoyment of all people in all regions, including for the health and well being of those people and there communities. It's unfortunate to see as the very courses where they are closing are exactly where they have horses and ponies for the younger generations who are our future participants unlike in the now city areas where one is lucky if one sees a horse... Blenheim track among three racing venues to get closure reprieve 13:37, Apr 11 2019 Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Comments13 RICKY WILSON/STUFF Blenheim's Waterlea Racecourse is no longer earmarked for closure after a New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing review. Three racing venues earmarked for closure have got a reprieve in a partial backdown by New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR). The Blenheim, Wairoa and Reefton tracks have been spared the axe after NZTR officials confirmed on Wednesday the number of closures had been reduced from 10 to seven. "The NZTR Board carefully considered feedback from nine regional meetings and the 75 written submissions received and decided that these three venues should remain, at least for the 2019/20 season," NZTR CEO Bernard Saundry said. SCOTT HAMMOND/STUFF NZ Thoroughbred Racing chief Bernard Saundry at Waterlea Racecourse with Marlborough racing club chairman John O'Brien. "The Board focused solely on the 2019/20 season at this stage and those venues which were listed to close from the 2024/25 season onwards will be considered later in the year." READ MORE: * Ten tracks slated to close * Australia to bid Winx farewell * Petition to save Phar Lap Raceway There was an element of geography which came into the reasoning behind retaining each of the three tracks. This was particularly relevant in the case of Wairoa where its distance from other alternative venues on difficult roads, was a concern. "The club also demonstrated that it had strong community and wider industry support, however there are still issues with the standard of the venue's facilities," Saundry said. "The decision to allow the club to race at Wairoa is contingent upon some work being undertaken before NZTR will continue to support racing there in the future." The continuing need for a transport hub for horses travelling between islands played a significant part in the NZTR Board's decision to retain Blenheim. "The club will keep its traditional two-day meeting in April in the 2019/20 season and this will enable the club to hold its centenary meeting at its traditional venue," Saundry said. "As with Wairoa, there is work which needs to be undertaken by the club to secure its future at Blenheim." Marlborough Racing Club chairman John O'Brien said the club was "very pleased" by the news it could continue to race at Waterlea Racecourse. "We're thrilled we've been given the opportunity to continue to race here. We know there has to be changes with thoroughbred racing, as with other clubs throughout the country." The club already offered lots of incentives to race participants, but would be looking closely at other ways to increase turnover, he said. "I'm sure there will be continuing discussions between NZTR and ourselves going forward, looking at what changes will be necessary. But we're very pleased." While it was initially recommended that both Hokitika and Reefton tracks be closed and the clubs relocate to one of the two other West Coast tracks, the NZTR Board said it saw merit in retaining three tracks on the Coast. "The Board saw the benefit of Reefton for the time being as it provides additional accommodation for horses on the Coast circuit," Saundry said. "While it is the smallest track in the country and does need work to improve it as a racing venue, it does provide us with potentially better track conditions and an alternative venue if there is significant rain on the Coast during the traditional circuit." The clubs which will relocate from the 2019-20 season are Dargaville RC; Thames JC; Stratford RC; Westland RC; Waimate JC, Winton JC and Wyndham RC. Dargaville, Thames, Waimate and Wyndham – have all recently raced at other venues. "The decision we have made does not reflect on the efforts the very dedicated volunteers have put into these clubs over the years, but instead on the state of the industry and the significant issues it is facing," Saundry said. "NZTR is committed to working alongside those clubs which will be racing at alternative venues to ensure that their transition goes smoothly," he said. "We will also be working with those clubs who are remaining at their venues to assist them in achieving the standards we have set for them." Stuff Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Comments
  4. meomy

    Vale Trevor McKee.....

    Claire Bird, Frank Ritchie & family, Roger Lang, Graeme Sanders and families were also there which was nice to see and catch up with, considering a couple of them have not been in the best of health. Take care Graeme and Roger. Nice tributes said by true loyal companions in the industry, including Thayne Green Trevor would have kicked a couple of hanger ons out that were spotted however, they know who they are, such a shame they are still about.
  5. meomy


    Well done for another win on the weekend!!
  6. meomy

    Vale Trevor McKee.....

    Trevor John MCKEE Trevor John MCKEE Notice Condolences MCKEE, Trevor John. 22nd September 1937 - 5th April 2019. Peacefully at his home after a short illness. Much loved husband of Noeline for 59 years. Loving and supportive father and father in law of Suzanne and Colin, Stephen and Fiona, Donna and John and a proud granddad to Brent and Emma, Daryl and Rosa, Jessica and Tane, Shannon and Thomas and great granddad of Chloe. A life well lived, you've earned your rest. Forever in our hearts. A memorial service to celebrate Trevor's life will be held in the Guineas Room at the Ellerslie Race Course on Thursday the 11th of April at 1pm. All message c/- [email protected] Published in The New Zealand Herald on Apr. 8, 2019
  7. meomy

    Vale Trevor McKee.....

    The ever so wonderful Mr True Gentleman of Racing Trevor's Celebration of life/ funeral is to be held on Thursday 11 April 2019 at 1pm, Ellerslie racecourse, Ellerslie, Auckland. Would it be fitting to wear at least one of the Mckee family stable colours? We are sure it'll be a day where many colourful stories are shared. Trevor, one is still kicking oneself for not taking up the offer to have shares in Pay My Bail, a horse we both shared fun memories with from the moment you purchased it to it's racing career. Other horses folk will recall include Ebony Honor, Interval, and sorry but can't recall without looking them up horses that raced in both NZ and across the ditch in Australia. Does anyone recall which other horses he rode or trained in Australia, besides Sunline ? Ahh, how many of you have a photograph alongside Trevor, Sticko, Claire Bird and Sunline in stable stall on raceday? Treasure them because I sure will. Other things of note to remember Trevor for include his diet of peas, the incredible promotions with Sunline including caps and posters and featuring on NZ Post Stamps just like Horlicks did. Will always treasure his hugs & cheeky kisses!! As a gesture to Trevor, it would be great if all racecourses he had horses race at to plant a tree or flowers, in fact, some racecourses including Ellerslie really must do something about there gardens and remember they were also set up for Memorial Gardens of those who contributed to racing and a place for peace and reflection for all people. Rest in Peace Dearest Trevor, you will live on in our hearts for the positive contributions you have made to our lives x
  8. meomy

    The Informant Chutneyed

    Same Sh**e, different year but same month that the good ole Friday Flash racing publication went under. That to was a preventable situation and should never ever have gone belly up either. Those who were responsible for both publications folding should hang there heads in shame. There's always people in the background and there families & friends who are impacted on with the snowball effect. Bring back The Friday Flash !! Courier companies & some within Retail industries have much to be desired for not putting these publications on display stands until a day after they have arrived in store. Those who contributed to the demise of The Friday Flash back in the day should be ashamed of themselves for wrecking the Racing fraternity in the way you have. You know who you are and your behaviours are abhorrent.
  9. meomy

    Radio Trackside Moving To Auckland

    Well done Glenn Patrick and others, your crap legacy lives on. Which other parts of New Zealand at the moment are unable to "access" Radio Trackside / Trackside Radio due to " maintenance / technical issues? Fellow racecafe followers please add which location in New Zealand you are as we suspect it's not only Auckland based listeners who are unable to access listening to our beloved Horse Racing programs on RADIO
  10. Trackside Radio has got ongoing technical issues that is causing it to be off air during Racing NZ hours. Why the heck are the "technicians" experts not working in fixing it during overnight hours instead of during "normal NZ horse racing hours? just another fudge up thanks to the powers in control. And detrimental to the betterment of racing. Is this what we get for the overpaid Grass Valley contract ? Enough is enough. who are these "expert technicians", how much are they been paid by Racing folk? Where's the accountability?
  11. meomy


    Well done to the Warriors, all the best for next weeks game... been very quiet in here... You guys all fallen asleep?? & lost for words??
  12. Best not to sell off anyone's family silver
  13. In the interests of transparencey and acting within the Integrity of racing, how much was paid for this Report? Who chose to have a male to undertake it? With all due respect to the person who wroite it, would it have been different and included looking at the wider pictire of the impact on the wider communities social inclusion if it had been written by a woman? Or had input from a woman's perspective, after all women also have an equally important role to play in society.
  14. It wasn't that many moons ago that they had lights for Night racing at Avondale racecourse, was it? Will will see a history of regret with having all weather tracks and subsequently ripping them up as the weather will do what the wesather does as it has a mind of it's own. Has anyone bothered to ask those in the wider community how they feel with potential loss of community social ocassions in primarly rural regions where they in fact have access to horses that spur an interest in the racing industry? Or is it a case of ask less than 1,000 people like they did with our Free to Air Freeview TV coverage and kicking those at grass roots in the guts again? It can't be that far away and the likes of John Allan's contract will be over and done with and yet anoither mess wilkl be left for others to pick up the pieces
  15. meomy

    Fair Tax Campaign

    same political party in control of reigns now, isn't it? time for accountability, note how they are introducing all these discriminatory taxes to pay for there grandiose " flawed academics who never leave university". there rot started in NZ in the 1970's with cow emissions - look up how that came to that opinion. fair tax or fart tax??