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  1. meomy

    Some Good News

    Oh did you know on the 7th or 8th of April is World Health Day? Wait for the spin thrust in our lives in the next week or 2 by WHO. Have a browse through there website and see what they have in store for us, heads up guys. Note the use of all different nationalities in there advertising...NOT!
  2. meomy

    #Good On Ye Mate!!

    To all of you here in Racecafe and far and wide, to add some positivity in our circles would we please give a big Thanks to all those over 70's who have been carYring on exercising a common sense approach to life and getting out enjoying the sun to get Vitamin D and taking preventative measures to keep one's health in line for winter. #Good On Ye Mate!! We have seen you out and about on our walks and heard from you that some of you that you are missing your swimming, some of you have said you are still swimming to keep your lungs & body healthy. #Good On Ye Mate!!" To those who may not know, the current Health Minister David Clark partakes in Running and cycling which is amongst the recommended exercise we inmates are allowed to undertake. Ask him why we others, and I'm under 70 btw guys, that all other forms of sport and exercise are excluded in his suggestions. It says a hell of a lot about how active, or should that be inactive some of our politicians and health workers are. Over 70's are far more active in the community than they may have been in days gone by and they have as much right as anyone to live independently and partake in what under 70's do. #Good On Ye Mate!! Stop the age discrimination that is been used based on Public Health research blanket approach
  3. meomy


    Pharmacists have been flat out, busier than Christmas filling prescriptions. Hydroxy-chloroquine - chlorine and quinine??Sounds like we should all be in the pools/ sea having a Gin & Tonic!! Seriously it's used for Type 1 Diabetes. Perhaps it needs to be asked who has purchased it all, or was it used in prescriptions, or have DHB'S gone around to get it for Health workers protection? "#Good on ye mate!!"
  4. meomy


    We know who found this in NZ & shared this to!! Been doing the rounds a few days now, including to Pharmacy:) Thanks for putting up here in Racecafe. This article was shared to the mainstream media so they have no excuse to not have seen it, bar the deluge of emails they have received from us all. It's also used for type1 Diabetes.
  5. meomy

    Golden Opportunity

    With the current WHO ordered guidelines to lockdown New Zealand we have the golden opportunity to promote & keep up the interest of the Racing industry through the likes of Radio Trackside with archives full of great history of our Racing contributors across the years. Why is Radio Trackside not playing these stories? Come on folks, this is a Golden Opportunity to encourage and revive an interest in racing as people reflect on the goodness we have had in society. Trackside TV must also take up these Golden Opportunities. How hard is it for those with IT skills and knowledge of how to source these archives to get the ball rolling? We all have the basic lawful rights to Quiet Enjoyment of life and that includes ensuring the BETTERMENT of all today and in future. It's times like this to dig out all those good stories the likes of Phil Leishman and other great Racing people before and after him recorded for us. and share them among the wider community which includes those who are looking for something to partake in and listen to as there's only so many Updates & Spin about Covid19 people can tolerate and will take notice of. Trackside should also allow the return of the public voice and opinion on radio by encouraging a talkback session or two - they would hear from people other than the usual ones as their are those at home who may not have previously had time to partake. Meanwhile the world keeps ticking on. It's the Racing Industries Golden Kiwi 0pportunity to keep up and revive all the people of New Zealand's interest in racing. In the not to distant future when this disruption is been put behind us people will be looking to have their normality back in life and hopefully a new appreciation of what has always been there to enjoy in the great outdoors
  6. meomy

    Some Good News

    What flight were they on? Who have they been in contact with? Exercise common sense please
  7. meomy

    Some Good News

    we live in a democratic society. World Health Organization and politicians should not be comparing apples with pears. New Zealand generally has a high standard of health. China meanwhile is making billions of dollars out of use once throw away masks, gowns and other items whereas we once had quality garments and sterilised steel and metal items that didn't fill up our countryside with there rubbish imports. Let those who want to work, after all how many times do we keep getting told 'Work is good for your health and well being?" We all need some form of exercise to keep fit and healthy in general and over the winter months. Those who think this lock down means staying inside are stupid when it's a well known fact we all need Vitamin D through natural means. Who is going to get well staying indoors cooped up? Some will only get sicker and more obese as that's the lifestyle they live - any politician in New Zealand who thinks a locked down is good for us all is in need of education. BTW, send those kids back to school where they belong. How many of those "school students" were traveling internationally during school term who have Covid19? Keep active I say and exercise the common sense we New Zealand and Australian & other folk exercise. Perhaps ensure those who have traveled or been in close contact with those who may be carriers are not allowed on tracks or on course. Common sense must prevail. Bring it on folks, we have the internet to speak up which those during the war & Spanish & other viruses didn't. This is about countries arguing over Minerals and Oil.
  8. meomy

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    Incidentally Robert Mugabe sought treatment & died in Singapore which is the country WHO are taking there lead from - it's a well known fact Singapore have very high standards of cleanliness - in comparison with places like those from where current WHO directors are from.
  9. meomy


    An interesting season and times ahead. Let's hope common sense prevails so we can all get on normally with our lives and away from the dictatorship we currently are due to those in charge of WHO who seem to be lacking common sense and have their own agendas.
  10. meomy

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    Tedros Adhanom / Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian, who is head of WHO has a degree and is not a qualified Doctor of Medicine. He appointed Robert Mugabe to assist him in 2017 and had to get rid of him. Adhanom was also tied in with Research with Ebola, HIV and other infectious diseases - look where he studied to see his full background. Has he helped spread it with his own travel? There appears to be a lot of Political figures or their partners who have tested positive for it so maybe they have all crossed paths with those who are mingling with the same carriers. The health and sanitation standards in countries like Ethiopia are not comparable with New Zealand & most western countries. We shouldn't be dumped into the same category as 3rd world country practices or where sanitation is s***. Adhanom was backed by a US PR firm Mercury Public Affairs to get the Head job of World Health Organization, his assistants are primarily from 3rd world type of countries where health care is substandard. Wuhan in China has a history of around every 10 years in the 8 or 9 year of sticking there rubbish behaviour into mainstream society. Look up the history of those places where it's originated from in the National Library & Papers Past NZ and one sees a pattern of political fighting between these countries. E,g Wuhan virus, Chinese Pandemic to see the history of pandemics and viruses and land wars. The timing with Brexit when things are unstable, and would be known to be unstable is also a factor. Incidentally Chinese who have visited New Zealand in November and December knew about it then so why was it not addressed then? It's time for accountability from those associated with the World Health Organization.
  11. meomy


    Any positive updates folks? The local Paper Plus shop said they had a few people wanting Raceform however it's still not on the shelf. Do staff not follow up on business these days to satisfy there customers? One would expect a lot better from such franchises and get copies in for customers. Raceform should be in every Supermarket, Petrol Station & book shops just like the Friday Flash was when we had it available.
  12. meomy

    Michelle Pickles

    Bloke, is Weaver still going to the races at Ellerslie?
  13. meomy

    Michelle Pickles

    Boss Hogg, have you visited where the good ole Captain Cook breweries and more recently Lion Breweries were in Khyber Pass Rd Newmarket once stood? It's got rats there and is just another car park. Whoever signed that contract off from Auckland university needs to be held to account. It's been barren land where once a grand building/ brewery stood. All those great heritage marketing opportunities gone to dust. At least Australian's have seen the light & produce 19 Crimes
  14. meomy

    NZTR CEO Appointment

    John Fokerd has been found guilty of misappropriation of funds as an accountant. He was once upon a time a player with Silverstream productions, an advertising agency that produced a variety of adverts for high paying clients including Telecom back in the day. Silverstream went belly up as appears to be a few other companies associated with Fokerd. Where have all the funds gone to? If it's true there's been misappropriation of clients funds it's unacceptable as there so oft is others along the way who have also been stung. See Stuff online most recent article for the current outcome. It's observed that once more Racing is mentioned in the title, alas he was also tied in with the heady days of advertising companies where corporates used to live above there means in the 1980's. Some in Harness racing are also owed monies according to info online. What is Winston Peters & othesr remarks about this?
  15. meomy

    Wellington RC Press release

    our best irrigation students learn using trusty ole square ice cream tubs for their experiments. There's always a great use for those empties!!