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  1. With this contract having ticked over in 2019, does anyone know what the yearly cost is also to the USA? Do these Racing Clubs have an ongoing contract with them? Or do the Clubs now maintain them in the background with upgrades of Software etc? Do others find the Racing Victoria Website a challenge to navigate to find Racefields?
  2. @barrybCount your blessings, and his he doesn't have a Credit Card, or perhaps a Debit Card. Too many young ones get them and get into endless debt. Bring back TAB's in local shopping centres -there's plenty of empty shops so no excuse for the TAB to not be looking to secure a reasonably priced lease, or purchase, suitable prominent sites with good parking and accessibility to lure the wider community back into Racing. It's an opportune time for them to get out there and market racing in all aspects. Maybe it's timely the TAB looked at the way they promote themselves as onl
  3. This short video is well worth watching from New South Wales, Australia. What we would like to know is, How many of these deaths of people who had Covid19, young and those in advancing years, had been exposed to the second hand impacts of Vapes/ E-Cigarettes? What steps have the Public Health Directors, and their staff worldwide, Have THOSE who have a legal Duty of Care for Public Health, undertaken to ensure these questions are asked and the answers accurately and truthfully recorded? Bearing in mind that there's serious Criminal investigations and Court cases going on rela
  4. @fermoy and others Re Red Badge Security, Have the Wellington Racing Club followed up on these incidents with the Security Guards Licensing Department in the Courts systems? If not, why not? If so, what has been the outcome? They have legal obligations to ensure their agents are 'Fit & Proper Persons" under the related Act
  5. How many Gate Staff work for 2 years at the same City or major Racecourse these days? Gone are the days of the average person in any job lasting that long, let alone knowing a persons name and saying Hello XYZ like they used to. It's overdue we all went back to the days of getting to know and greet Patrons/ Customers and others by their name. The loss of people knowing who is who who and acknowledging them by their name is a failure in today's day and age in general terms in New Zealand.
  6. The blame for the lack of Jumps Riders in New Zealand lies fair and square with all those in the industry and Governance. It's a legal obligation, and part of the wider Circular Economy for those in charge of Racing & managing Racecourse Clubs to promote and provide 'Education" to attract participants into the industry. Maybe we need to see a return of the Agricultural and Pastoral shows to what used to be Rural Racecourses and are now City Racecourses and actively encourage people of all walks of life and ages back to the Races. Hack Races and other Equestrian events were
  7. May we ask which horses you have owned @Blossom Lady and which part of the country you grew up in and live in? Have your family owned and trained Horses? Just curious
  8. How many Labour MP's and office staff have had 2 Covid19 vaccines? How many tests have Politicians had to test for Covid19/ VCoronavirus in New Zealand? How many tests has PM Ardern had? Diito Hipkins? Bloomfield? Ditto Public Health "Science" Advisors Wiles? Baker? Hendy? Nick Wilson? Bryan Betty? This is something that we should all have openly disclosed across the world, including in that of China
  9. Hey did you know in the UK the sheep eat the Gorse and Broom? As for Miss Ardern , Didn't she disclose when she was a university student that she ate 2 minute noodles? And aren't 2 minute Noodles generally made in China? Have her cooking skills & eating habits improved? Perhaps someone should ask her how often she prepares home cooked meals for her Family, and what they consist of.
  10. Would someone please confirm if it includes the parcel of Pond/ Wetlands, previously also called Swampland and Wastelands under the Auckland Wastelands Acts, and the section where the Ellerslie Racecourse Nursery is, is included in the parcel of land 'For SALE''? For those who may not have seen the advertising Large prime development land parcel on offer next to Ellerslie Racecourse - listed 15 July 2021 Expressions Of Interest - Ascot Avenue Ellerslie Prop Id NZ 166007Q21
  11. Going backwards to go forwards, Have you not noticed a pattern of behaviour from those Accountants who audit Horse Racing? They appear, on the surface to be in it for themselves..without being held to account. Look at the history and subsequent investments made by John Connolly now former Chair of Deloitte in Head Office in the UK. Where are the Reports on How to Promote and Market Racing? It's all about Selling of Assets which don't benefit anyone in the industry longer term. Just saying there is a better way which is a Win-Win for Racing, we are currently going through
  12. Suppression Plans straight from CCP Play Book UK's Right wing media launch McCarthyite witch-hunt of Scientists
  13. By the way, with the track intending to be closed for Synthetic Turf, does that also mean all events including Classic Cars Concourse Events and other events that use the Track will no longer be held at Ellerslie? A number of events, operated and paid to be held at Ellerslie are also also attended by paying Patrons of the Racecourse and Club which aid the Club financially, and the wider local economy. Consequences that appear on the surface to not have been factored into Decision making.. Just wondering
  14. Rule of Law @Gruff They think they are above the law, they are not. Roll on Judicial Reviews and good legals looking into this...
  15. Pakuranga Hunt - Haakon's Good Victory - McGregor-Grant 1932