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  1. Lovely horses, about the only thing he’s done was change the messenger to open age so he could win with a 6 year old. Don’t forget he was instrumental in driving the tab to the edge of bankruptcy while he was in charge and nz taxpayers had to bail them out 50 million dollars, seems he’s intent on taking harness racing the same way
  2. Nigel McGrath banned for 8 years has now been given permission from gary woodham to break in horses only 2 years into his suspension, hrnz have changed their rules to give Woodham the right to make these decisions himself, perfect example of the head rotting the fish. Why would the riu bother catching these rotten cheats when another one can just change the rules when it suits
  3. 21 months disqualification for needling horse on race day and lying to investigators. Only a young man so maybe he can turn things around. What I found interesting was the post on this forum from his mate who stated that his horse was only on the horse float and he knew nothing about this and wasn’t involved in anyway and yet his statement from the hearing was that he was at the stables and had seen Cam holding a syringe but didn’t see him administer anything (next Tui ad). JJ Flash, I often read your posts sometimes agree sometimes not. You stated i was to gutless to put up my real name but w
  4. The word I’ve heard is that home detention is the most likely outcome
  5. As someone who has lived through addiction doesn’t mean it’s an excuse for being a thief and a crooked dog
  6. Unlucky buggers, busted the only time they did it aye
  7. I agree CMN , 5 or 6 caught in the act administering horses on the spot including the trainer fronting court now on other charges, in the last 12 months but not 1 positive test on race day , amazing
  8. That’s the least of his problems right now
  9. All the best Jamie, a great example of how hard work, dedication and a love of what he does can bring the rewards it deserves
  10. The CEO owns both south coast arden and spakem and keepingthemhonest is correct that the ceo signed off on a 5 horse field which only he can which he had a runner in
  11. No 2 will be outed soon, the RIU don’t do anything in a hurry, apparently he’s pre occupied singing like a canary. I’m sure you are quite happy to support this click of scumbags who steal from owners and syndicate participants, who buy, sell and train horses that don’t exist, who beat the shit out of there girlfriends and pump illegal and dangerous drugs into their horses. I’ve called these guys out both before and after they were caught, what the fuck have you done. As for silence is deafening maybe it’s more of a case that ignorance is bliss which would make you the happiest person on earth.
  12. Another pair of cheating bastards busted, just the tip of a decent sized iceberg. Goes right to the top