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  1. Keneperu

    TAB account

    Anyone know how many millions betting is down on races since the tab changed from user friendly old site to the current fiasco?
  2. Keneperu


    This new million dollar web site is a failure if you bet on your phone. Barrier draws shortened horse and jockey names not even what a race is worth. All basic neccessary information. Shame they just dont get it!
  3. Keneperu

    Useless TAB

    Today Te Rapa 2nd Race. Two horses no 5 and 6 no barrier draw but the heap of scratchings some with longer names ALL have what they were drawn. I use a Samsung 7 and have tried rotating phone to know avail. The new website definitely "manure "
  4. Keneperu

    Useless TAB

    Pleased I am not the only one re this. Harness draws easy to work out but big fields at the galloping meets are any ones guess. I could buy a Turf Digest I guess but shouldnt have to. Simple thing but don't think things will change. Note they havent had any surveys out of late!
  5. Keneperu

    Useless TAB

    What really annoys me now is sometimes no barrier draws shortened horse names etcetc. They are closing TABs and want everyone to have a phone account but they cant get the basics right
  6. Keneperu

    Pretty new TAB site BUT.....

    Its hopeless designed by a computer not a simple human