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  1. One would hope so. Westcoast circuit at Xmas is great. Shame Greymouth closed. Gave the battlers a chance to pick up a few crumbs as the blue colors didn't go there!
  2. Great thread. All true and they were "good old days"
  3. What a great thread. Brings back great memories. Great horses all of them not like the pretenders that run around today Oh and yes hard to get starts with up to 150 noms for a maiden race was the norm. Money well $7,000 would buy you 10 acres in North Canty close to Kaiapoi another 9000 to build a 3 bedroom house and on a Friday night fish and chips to feed 2 adults 3 kids 70 cents. Wages 25 cents an hour.
  4. Front page of Press. Interesting to see a list of the "Desperados "who have dragged the industry to rock bottom over past few years ! When it comes to doping though the ones caught are the dumb ones. The smart ones get away with it!!! Hopefully their day will come and the sooner it's an even playing field for all the better. Would be a disaster if we end up like the "blue magic" days and people take their own lives.
  5. H R N Z has to come down harder on these young desperados with now a J Alford accused of doping. It seems now a weekly occurence the sport gets bad press. Life bans needed if proven guilty. Show some balls HRNZ
  6. Grass looks very dry
  7. I am sure everybody will be very "happy "
  8. On stewards now. Robert got a slap over wrist with a wet bus ticket......again
  9. Both galloped yet only one disqualified. Fist day Nelson Mentalist galloped when close to leading was pulled back to trot over the line in 4th place. Wasnt lapped on and a clear 4th yet back to last. Ok fair enough rules are made to be broken re lapped on. Today Ilas Son also galloped Anderson moved into passing lane ran 4th kept place. Talk about a rule for one and a rule for another. Now i havent seen stipes report so still awaiting that but I was lead to believe if you take another horses line going down into the passing lane you could be in trouble. Shifty looked to
  10. My error he yells out. Happy its always been you errors. Second race Nelson.
  11. After the coast circuit quite a few horses will have to trial satisfactorily before they race again one would think!. Suggestions have been made P (happy)Lamb should also have to trial before he is allowed anywhere near races punters can bet on.
  12. Hopefully he wont be at the Mot today. Time the drivers stood together and made a statement!
  13. Very few fair starts at Westport. He just hasnt a clue.
  14. How very very true. Vindictive is the right word to describe the bully. Good honest post about the person responsible for killing this once great sport! A very sad state of affairs.
  15. He gets away with it because only the Premier Club Addington has taken a stand and replaced him. Some shocking starts at Methven. Drivers at fault he will say but really he's the starter and was letting them go with several lines still moving up. Time the Horsemen (woman)made a statement! Worst things to come he's probably going to Westport to wreck them as well!