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  1. Dead right. Shame they didnt go back to racing around Marshland Domain with no T V coverage,in Canterbury anyway. The scourge of racing!
  2. Not quite right Diesel. Horse fans have to watch the dogs because they dominate the racing channel. Its complete overkill when we are subjected to continuous hounds from here and Aussie. Boring beyond belief. Give them their own channel so horse racing fans are not subjected to the continuous waffle that we have to put up with. More power to Horse Racing i say!
  3. Yep they having a few problems but great if they can get it right....and no bloody dogs from out back Australia
  4. I say again now that Harness start tonight trialling a Harness only channel WHY DON'T THE HOUNDS RUN THEIR OWN CHANNEL! Same reason. Horse people Dont have to watch or channel search when they are on!!
  5. Why dont the Tab give greyhounds their own channel.? racing folk wont have to watch!
  6. And compensate connections for the horse he killed. Got off light . And yes he did admit the charge against him.
  7. Big fields,full front line,some on second line,then a few of 10 meters. A recipe for a shambles of a start. Thats what we got at Addington yesterday. Your dreaming if you think 15 or 16 horses are all going to behave. I saw a video from Ireland of Handicap Mobile's. Seemed to work ok but in saying that only 8 or nine in each race. Maybe just maybe they could trial that here at workouts and trials. Having all those horses late scratched like yesterday is not good for the look of the sport. Just an idea .Works in Ireland so if the Irish drivers can
  8. Yes another holiday. Sure creating chaos on the track. Thanks 45 years. Had to be some reason and yes 3 suspensions in a very short time. Bit of a worry!
  9. Thanks 45 years. Had to be some reason and yes 3 suspensions in a very short time. Bit of a worry!
  10. Seems now you do the "crime" then you choose when you start the "time". HRNZ fast losing credability? Could be wrong but dont think the fields were out for Friday Addington when the "praying mantis" knocked one over last Saturday.
  11. How many more horses will he knock over before he gets a permanent holiday. Young Hope reins going everywhere knocks Williamson Cantfind abettor man for 6. Hes just come off a holidayfor the same thing. Be interesting to see if any action taken. (I see he got 4 days) He's a decent young fella but those reins flying around his head not good. The "praying mantis" or stick man i call him but in a nice way! Surely a senior reinsman should take him under his wing and help him because one day he is going to cause a serious accident
  12. Not really. Probably don't read the race cardcertainly had our winning dividends slashed but hey who cares its only money. Sharpest tack in the box comes to mind
  13. Williamson gets 8 day holiday. How long did Colleen Negus get for exactly same thing? Don't think it was days but months and i know big differences re both drivers!