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  1. Ragamuffin

    This is the future......

    Could have a lotta fun passing time with that, specially if we gotta go into lockdown
  2. Ragamuffin

    South Island Jumps Racing....

    Months away yet, who knows what will happen in the interim, hope they're not, my fav time of racing, all booked Dec, don't wanna be in Ch-ch with no racing
  3. Ragamuffin

    More race meetings canned in the north.

    All those not absolutely necessary to run raceday as from tomorrow are banned oncourse, we were notified this morning
  4. Ragamuffin

    NZ following Oz

    Racing from tomorrow at Rotorua is following same protocal re virus as Oz till further notice
  5. Ragamuffin

    Riccarton races

    Was a good week, better warmer weather than up home, last day was a tad colder but hey just dress right, No snow or heavy rain, was a great day watching Shaun win his 3rd Nat
  6. Ragamuffin

    Time to end Jumps in the South?

    I so hope not, my fav time of season, always travel down to the National, but this has been my fear the past 10 odd years watching the decline of all things "Jumps", for many years it's been so hard for jumps jocks & most did it for the love, definitely not the $$ when lucky to get 2 jumps races a meet. Travel alone was a killer, & most gave the game away. As we know owners not keen to "risk" their horse & not many trainers keen to spend time needed, but mostly now can't get enough to even school them in Sth. Be a big loss in the South if it's lost. Riverton Easter meet & Riccarton were always good to attend. At least now in the North there are some clubs that have 3 & 4 jumps races which is good for all involved, clubs whose members dont care about Jumping have & will be the decline. Bad enough we have the Animal rights" iriots" trying to destroy all things racing
  7. Ragamuffin

    Ownership Clarification

    Danielle is listed as Co Owner: Sir Peter Vela & Miss Danielle Johnson Breeder: Pencarrow Thoroughbreds Ltd NZTR Balios details
  8. Shaun McGarry has passed away, trainer of Mary Josephine, Red Card, Jaggard, St Bernhard etc, was in hospital at same time as Micky Didham
  9. Ragamuffin

    RIP A.N. Didham

    Condolences to Courtney, Jumbo & family, Another good old trainer passed, gone whitebaiting elsewhere
  10. Ragamuffin

    Winx - Just Simply Amazing

    Amazing mare, hope they don't travel her overseas, she gets anxious enough in the gates, has nothing to prove I wouldn't risk anything going amiss, she'll make more in the paddock foaling now than risking racing on
  11. Ragamuffin

    Memories of Chestnut Colour Horses

    If we went by stallions then Pakistan and Battle Waggon had a string of super chestnuts. e.g Panzer Chiel was quite striking. Battle Eve etc. My fav Susan Jane, cried buckets when she was sold to USA
  12. Ragamuffin

    Jockeys lives ruined...

    Was that Owen Anning
  13. Ragamuffin

    Jockeys lives ruined...

    Des Tucker was killed in car accident at Dunsandel travelling back from race meet, Gavin Gullery & Max Skelton were 2 of his mates in accident luckily survived, recall it well a sad day as all were top young Riccarton jocks at the time
  14. Ragamuffin


    Was a brilliant day, biggest day of the year for the club & biggest crowd yet