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  1. Govt's own webiste Medsafe hold the stats, which can differ from those being touted by Jakcinda & media, still experimental/ provisional consent "data to support the longer-term safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines is not yet available". Guinea pigs abound
  2. Given his history within & out of racing industry nothing would surprise.
  3. Sad that snitches have to run this route, obviously have a purrsonal distaste for WP, bad enough Govt is encouraging society to "nark" on each other. As you say P4P, he's not a bad kid, I like & encourage him, shyte like this does nothing to encourage young riders to stay within the industry, it's no easy life for any of them & having green eyed participants does nothing to help a flailing industry struggling to tread water. Kia Kaha Wiremu, 3 mths having fun out with kuri's hunting's, tino pai ki to Te Wairua
  4. What a beautiful steeplechase course, love the no need for rail & what they utilize instead. Puts Aotearoa's to shame with their paltry fences, just like Oz poor excuses for hurdles. Always a delight to see good jumps fences, horses & courses, such a pity they're all overseas.
  5. So when will the others who have done the same be charged. Good enough for these 2 good enough for all the rest who ran off to their batches both Level 4's, to date one of them have been charged. Just like the Rottenrua man who's been the 1st to be charged for not wearing a mask, see it all the time, they haven't charged them. What's good for 1 is good for all. Although I know popo would have targeted him again. It was pick on PK again.
  6. Another of Racings stalwarts to depart, a very good family with some very good harness successes. First time I ever went to a harness meeting, (Forbury Park) I fell in love with a lil "Black man" with a huge heart, it didn't stop there, his dad Johnny Globe & son Lords also became favourites but Lordship always held my heart the most. The only 1 to come close was at Cambridge at his 1st race, my heart pounded like no other since Lordy & I couldn't believe the beauty b4 me, just as Lordy had done for me, Il Vicolo was the 2nd. The Nyhan's lived down the road in Templeton from where I
  7. Yes lets hope the Minister's cloth is cut differently to that of his father Doug Robertson, who while preaching against poverty, was quietly stealing $120,000 over 10 years from the firm where he worked as an accountant. He was convicted in 1991 and spent two years in jail. As you allude to Meomy, Serious answers are required by this Govt & their cohorts, I won't be holding my breath
  8. It's ONLY a good idea if the subsidy goes to the owner or owner will get rebate from trainer as owners still have to pay weekly trainers fee which covers all but vet bills. My biggest question is where is all this dosh coming from that Govt & others like NZGA are paying out someone has to pay the piper at the end of it. Kai bill can easily be $5 daily when you feed what some trainers obtain
  9. Spot on, lesson for the week for some & 1 I learnt 50 yrs ago, until everyone other than owners pay the bill for nag/s got no say & NO right to any comments so Shauny next time "media" wanna korero, that mix of Maori/Irish you inherited from your awesome tipuna, me kati tonu te waha & Haere ra e koe
  10. I watched the interview & wondered afterward what the fuss was. Bugga me I missed it, had I heard that, I too would have done Exactly what I just did, laughed my lilywhite nono off. Ko tautoko te korero IMHO. Shaun would be 1 of the least "race ist" tane in Aotearoa & us Maareez should & do joke about ourselves & anyone else for that matter. Sad state of affairs for those with no sense of humour. Mostly only racing people who watch Trackside IF they happen to & one can hear far worse oncourse. A warning should suffice, after all watch TV & far worse is said &
  11. Wilful damage was tossed, no proof it was Jason IMHO threat to kill is OTT, accuser would only have to sit on JW he'd be squished game over lol. Wasted talent to be out, like many he's had/s his share of load to deal with, it's a hard life they live & kudos to him for getting through as much as he has, no easy task & males just aren't good at acknowledging & worse at accepting genuine support. No need to kick those when they down, should be offering a helping hand at the very least, it's all in the delivery of whether it's accepted. Wish Jason all the best whatever his & hi
  12. Don't sound like the same race script I watched. Tumeke ride by Troy who knows the mare so well, more than most, patience's a virtue, well done to all involved.
  13. Zed stood at Erewhon Station https://erewhonhorsestud.co.nz/, his progeny were sort after having the speed from Zed & strength/build of mares he was put to for the high country work progeny had to endure. I met some here https://mtnicholas.nz/, Kinloch & other stations in the area. We used to ride up Pounamu Valley, Dart River, past Paradise since kids one of the most beautiful peaceful places I've encountered, quite different on the journey now with all the billion $$ mansions enroute but still worth the journey weather permitting. Took many pics of some of his progeny I encounter
  14. Met a number of Zed's progeny when no one wanted to know him, they roam the Queenstown & surrounding hills of the southern district high country stations I spent time at each time I visit down them there hills