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  1. Don't sound like the same race script I watched. Tumeke ride by Troy who knows the mare so well, more than most, patience's a virtue, well done to all involved.
  2. Zed stood at Erewhon Station https://erewhonhorsestud.co.nz/, his progeny were sort after having the speed from Zed & strength/build of mares he was put to for the high country work progeny had to endure. I met some here https://mtnicholas.nz/, Kinloch & other stations in the area. We used to ride up Pounamu Valley, Dart River, past Paradise since kids one of the most beautiful peaceful places I've encountered, quite different on the journey now with all the billion $$ mansions enroute but still worth the journey weather permitting. Took many pics of some of his progeny I encounter
  3. Met a number of Zed's progeny when no one wanted to know him, they roam the Queenstown & surrounding hills of the southern district high country stations I spent time at each time I visit down them there hills
  4. You've ALWAYS done your best & had the horses' wellbeing uppermost & will continue to do, you have a good mentor from a very good trainer in your father & others you take heed of. You can hold your head high in what you have & continue to achieve in all aspects of your life. I take my hat off to you & others who've found themself in the "shoes" you've chosen to "fit" & wear, it's no easy task raising children & you've undertaken more than most would, I so admire you for not heading for the hills, it's a real testament to who you are, the love you have & share
  5. His name is Donovan, not Dominic, hardworking guy, hope he's healed well from his surgery last year, haven't seen him at races for a while
  6. Is this right enough for you 7 MAY 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A subsidiary of the controversial Clinton Foundation is set to receive US$3.9m (NZ$5.5m) in taxpayer money in 2018/19, the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union can confirm. This is in addition to NZ$8m given to the organisation since 2014.
  7. She may well be as you claim, intelligent well, in some areas she should be for the positions she's held, but I detest any woman who abuses women as she did purely due to husband can't keep his Dik outa places, an intelligent woman would have directed that anger toward the DIK she married & stays with, rather than walk. She may well have met a match who is prepared to do what it takes as he has with media & those abusing their position, time will tell, corruption is rife everywhere. BTW, I'm no boomer or geriatric, just a seeker of "truth", sifting thru bullshit is the time killer.
  8. Hillary Clinton in NZ, Gets Another $5.5 Million of Your Money When Hillary Rodham Clinton is involved, it's a question of "What do you want first, the bad news or the really bad news?" Let's start with the worst bit of old news: over the last 5 years, your government has given $8 million to an affiliate of the Clinton Foundation, which is under FBI investigation for corruption. The next bit of bad news is that they're getting $5.5 million more of your money in the next year. Don't worry too much though, it's all going to help cure diarrhea in Africa. Promise. The Foundation i
  9. Grand National & specially Cup week you can't move in the stands, gets such a massive crowd even at $25 entry, go each yr to both, not this yr, have to cancel flights booked (every Boxing day), no refund but credit, looks like no National next yr either as there's a lack of club interest as well as other issues towards Jumps racing sadly. I booked this yr as I hoped I was wrong in that it was going to be the finale. I have to wonder how much of the demise of Riccarton racing is CJC itself, hope rumours are incorrect be so disappointing if true
  10. Far too late, too many cops on gang payroll, lots of cops became addicted using drugs to "infiltrate" gangs & taxpayers continue to pay their ACC for deliberately using drugs within gangs to gain "evidence", too many "people" in high places are P users, from the very rich to very poor, it's an epidemic that was ignored for too long
  11. Could have a lotta fun passing time with that, specially if we gotta go into lockdown
  12. Months away yet, who knows what will happen in the interim, hope they're not, my fav time of racing, all booked Dec, don't wanna be in Ch-ch with no racing
  13. All those not absolutely necessary to run raceday as from tomorrow are banned oncourse, we were notified this morning
  14. Racing from tomorrow at Rotorua is following same protocal re virus as Oz till further notice