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  1. Is it furreal or a hoax again
  2. Have to wait till well after September & probably after elections held. Meantime 1 of the men is sitting at a hill with no mates nearby to chat with if anything Springs to mind. Maybe ask Ex Racing Minister re CG lol
  3. My thoughts & prayers are with Graeme, wishing him a speedy & full recovery, we don't bounce back as easy at our golden age. Ann usually always helps him with the horses so we're hoping it wasn't her injured also. Farrk recall when it happened to Rodney Marsh in parade ring, he lived just up on the corner property. PLEASE stay vigilant, as magnificent as horses are you can't be too careful
  4. Pic. Thats by Graeme Mee's place, only stable left up there, other than boxes at racecourse built next to his place, all those new houses in pic built on what was Bob Heasley's paddocks & stables
  5. Mmm, who doesn't have "faults", many unclean hands in any part of the industry, some known others hidden A few have done a lot worse. I reiterate, if there's a known issue, DEAL with it in an appropriate manner with POSITIVE interaction. Jealousy is a fugly trait & usually has hate following right behind. IMO, LEAVE THESE KIDS ALONE & offer POSITIVE encouragement not denegrate. Some come from less than desirable backgrounds & can be supported with positive tutorlage. Geez, he's a good rider & could go a long way with the right guidance. This industry "heirachy" may th
  6. Agree P4P, the games hard enough for all & specially for young guns, less has tipped some over the edge. Whatever support is required should be readily available, not sharp knives as experienced with those targeted on/off track
  7. Victory AGAIN High-Court Judge ruled that for Members of the NZDF and NZP. Vaccine Mandates are "Unlawful". Members have a right to refuse the Vaccine on religious grounds. And, Members have right to refuse medical treatment. Period! 2nd time court has same conclusion, what we always knew, & also against Nuremburg Code our Pm refused to recognize. Now what law will she rush through to circumvent this as she did with Airline workers ruling won https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/462265/covid-19-high-court-quashes-unlawful-vaccine-man
  8. Banks closing down accounts in NZ apparently. Banks refuse to take cash over the counter
  9. Truth always comes to the light eventually. Can't deny what the REAL experts speak out on, we know convicted felon Bill Gates is continuing his grandfathers failure, our Pm signed up to his 200m 2 yr contract to roll out the EXPERIMENTAL vaccs. Make from it what you will, there's always those who can't see the wood for the trees https://www.naturalhealth365.com/grand-jury-proceeding-for-covid-19-crimes-3550.html?fbclid=IwAR2O427p2ame_qR96zepgJKNmeB3hTJeapg0PxUVUnMvmwaF-8GCQWif1H0
  10. Try ACC stats for REAL notified reactions to these jabs. We all know how slow ACC are at acknowledging any payouts should be made. According to interviews with Manager of ACC, payouts are being paid out within 2 days (unheard of till now.) Due to the consistency of reactions re heart, clots, myocardiopathy etc, ACC have accepted many vaccine injury claims lodged. 1 I know of is really so serious they're wheelchair bound with no future of being otherwise, ACC are supporting any treatment etc required. Who knows how many more, will it be a requirement as in UK of 4 boosters? This Govt ha
  11. PLEASE do not give known hoarder Keiasha Aplin-Howse ANY horses, she is partly responsible for the closure of Heart of the Horse rescue, (Rotorua area) & has since been part of the HOH Exposed page. I have since called her out on her lies regarding 1 of the thoroughbreds we helped home. She's based in Wairarapa area now looking for grazing. Also PLEASE do not give any animal to known horse abuser Tania Harrison
  12. Jody's mother is well known for doing the same scams, apples don't fall far lol. They been scamming for decades
  13. Did allude to this some time ago that sharrock had been appointed, took a long time to "come out" https://loveracing.nz/News/35764/NZTRappointsnextChiefExecutiveOfficer.aspx
  14. Should that sign not be ALM, Bishop Brylcreem for all his faults, is one of the few making a public stand for freedoms we've been & are being stripped of at the drop of a hat. Recall last year Govt said, vaccines would never be mandated & we would not require passports, well, we know what bullshit lies that was. Of big concern is the "opt in" Digital Identity Services Trust Bill & even bigger is this & our next generations of P effected children who are so overlooked, that is the pandemic in Aotearoa. Rottenrua is 2nd to Sth Auckland in usage, it's known to be utilized in