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  1. Olmedo discovered to be lame in off hind leg.
  2. He is the very very best in my opinion.
  3. Stunned but can’t help thinking that it was predictable. Wishing them all the best for the future. A huge thanks for all the wonderful horses they have been involved with over many many years. I will miss the colours winning.
  4. Thanks Gruff, if I can win one of these comps then there is hope for anyone. And congrats on your win today.
  5. Thanks Trump and congrats to you for your win today.
  6. Wow, I am over the moon to actually win a competition like this. Normally I finish down the line. Thank you very much to the Sponsor, Scooby and a big thank you Ponderosa for an excellently run competition. It was very close and six of us were in with a chance right up to the end, and a big thanks to my old mate So Si Bon who I think helped me pip Seddon.
  7. 1st: 7 Robusto 2nd: 4 The Good Fight 3rd: 5 Lincoln King Cheers
  8. Tauranga Race 7: 1,3,6,8 Riccarton Race 8: 2,7,9,10 Riccarton Race 10: 4,5,7,16 Newcastle Race 6: 1,2,3,9 Sandown Race 3: 2,3,5,7 Sandown Race 5: 1,2,3,6 Sandown Race 6: 1,3,4,8 Sandown Race 8: 3,4,5,6 Sandown Race 9: 2,5,10,12 Sandown Race 10: 2,5,7,13 Cheers
  9. Riccarton Race 7: 1,3,5,15 Riccarton Race 9: 2,6,10,12 Riccarton Race: 11: 2,6,7,8 Cheers
  10. No, I demand the comp stop now. I won this competition. You are trying to steal it from me.
  11. Great news if they relocate from Werribee. And arriving earlier makes a lot of sense. Positive steps forward in trying to reduce the fatalities of overseas horses.
  12. Riccarton Race 8: 1,2,3,7 Rosehill Race 7: 1,3,5,10 Flemington Race 3: 4,6,7,8 Flemington Race 5: 1,2,3,4 Flemington Race 6: 2,3,6,9 Flemington Race 7: 2,10,12,13 Flemington Race 8: 5,7,8,9 Cheers
  13. Race2: 1, 4, 5,9 Race 8: 1,2,6,7 Race 9: 2,6,13,16 Cheers , hopefully not too late given the circumstances.