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  1. Pegasus 9

    RIP Sacred Falls.

    RIP Sacred Falls. Very very sad news.
  2. Pegasus 9

    5 years Karaka data

    I think sadly he died.
  3. Pegasus 9


    1st: La Trobe 2nd: Finche Last: Neufbosc cheers and sorry I’m late
  4. Pegasus 9

    The Golden Eagle at Rosehill

    She was very lucky not to fall. It was rough and very messy.
  5. Pegasus 9

    The Golden Eagle at Rosehill

    She was very lucky indeed. Clipped heels in a very messy run race.
  6. Pegasus 9


    R1– 4 R2– 5 R3– 5 R4– 8 R5– 2 R6– 6 R7– 3 R8– 8 R9– 4 Cheers
  7. Pegasus 9

    Australian WFA racing is very weak

    If he had the choice, it can’t have been an easy one for him.
  8. Pegasus 9


    “Distressing vision of one of Darren Weir's prized horses being tormented with an electric prod in preparation for last year's Melbourne Cup may be a crucial piece of evidence in the case against the disgraced trainer and two of his associates.The emergence of the video at the start of a new spring carnival directly links the Weir scandal to Australia's greatest horse race.Video footage obtained by Victoria Police detectives and shown to racing authorities shows Red Cardinal being "jiggered" in the neck by stablehand Tyson Kermond as it "jog trots" on a treadmill inside Weir's Warrnambool stables.The footage, which runs for about 20 seconds, allegedly shows Weir and stable foreman Jarrod McLean looking on as the horse is repeatedly subjected to the painful ordeal on the weekend before the running of the Cup.”
  9. Pegasus 9


    Very sad news.
  10. 1. Ruakaka R5 Starts 2:19pm 4-10  2. Rosehill R2 Starts 2:45pm 5-7  3. Rosehill R3 Starts 3:20pm 2-11 4. Rosehill R4 Starts 3:55pm 2-8 5. Hastings R9 Starts 4:20pm 1-11 6. Caulfield R5 Starts 4.50pm 4-9 7. Rosehill R6 Starts 5:10pm 5-9  8. Caulfield R6 Starts 5.30pm 3-4 BB  9. Caulfield R7 Starts 6.10pm 11-13 BB  10. Caulfield R8 Starts 6.50pm. 1-11 Cheers
  11. Pegasus 9


    Hope he goes really well. I will be cheering for him.
  12. Comp R1 : New Plymouth R4 2:14pm 1-2 Comp R2 : Randwick R2 2:40pm 2-7 Comp R3 : Randwick R3 3:15pm 2-3 BB Comp R4 : Moonee Valley R4 4:05pm 3-9 Comp R5 : Randwick R5 4:25pm 1-3 Comp R6 : Randwick R6 5:05pm 7-12 Comp R7 : Randwick R7 5:45pm 1-10 BB Comp R8 : Moonee Valley R7 6:05pm 1-2 Comp R9 : Randwick R8 6:25pm 3-4 Comp R10 : Moonee Valley R8 6:45pm. 9-11 Cheers
  13. Pegasus 9

    Roaring lion withdrawn from service

    Tragic news. RIP Roaring Lion.
  14. Pegasus 9

    Buyer Beware - Gavelhouse auctions (Racehorses)

    I have since found out that this is not Lawson the bowler. Sincere apologies, I should have made sure of the facts.
  15. Pegasus 9

    Buyer Beware - Gavelhouse auctions (Racehorses)

    Also R Lawson, is he the bowler chap who now owns a bar in ChCh.