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  1. That was quite a class you were in PS - who were you working for at the time?
  2. Dennis Nyhan was my favourite trainer when I was growing up, on the back of being the biggest Robalan fan there was
  3. I didn't receive a bonus bet from a win bet running 3rd at Flemington. It's only a few bucks so hardly worth chasing but in principle it sucks, and I wonder how many have gone unpaid, unnoticed
  4. My memories go back as far as Stella Frost (when I was 8 years old) A list of great horses there
  5. That's a bit uncanny PS - only yesterday I was thinking about Captain Harcourt and remembering his flashy mane and tail, which I think was part of what endeared him to people. Pretty sure he was trained by Arnie Gadsby, who may even have had a young Tony Herlihy for him in his early days? Again, from a sketchy memory, he tragically broke down in a work out and had to be euthanised. I think there is a still a memorial plaque in his honour at the Pukekohe training centre.
  6. Bonus Back Saturday - am i missing something here??? Runs 3rd and no bonus bet in account?
  7. Full screen now available on desktop, so well done Entain Only thing is it seems low resolution There did seem to be buffering issues with the new site that weren't as prevalent on the old site, so maybe the low resolution is part of that issue as well??
  8. Doomben Race 2 - Weigall Tiger Doombeen Race 8 - I Wish I Win Thanks John & Scooby
  9. Looking like a great talent.
  10. Caulfield - Race 9 - JOKER please Sunshine Coast - Race 2 Thanks John & Scooby
  11. Interesting, and Rugby An oxy moron if ever there was ....
  12. High Tech and expensive - even used the embossed type
  13. Brilliant idea Mikie - she's all sorted, complete with appropriate paper!
  14. Changed my mind from being on the fence - it's a smelly crap of an upgrade! The more I use it, the more I'm disliking it. Can't even put on 9 / 12 Multi - last week it wouldn't work on the phone, this week it won't even work on the Desktop!! Another thing is I hide my balance, so that I can work my way through results to see how I did, if I couldn't watch the races live, Everytime you sign back in, the 'hide' doesn't work and there's the balance hitting me in the eye Can't train myself to look away Probably the most frustrating thing though, is you don't even get a max payout calculation for your Multi - big step backward from this IT pround bunch. They're just a bunch of can'ts (irish accent intended)