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  1. barryb

    Raceday Attendances

    It’s burning to the ground, won’t be anything left soon. Actually I find Aus racing boring to watch, similar to Harness in that it has no interest to me, if forced solely to watch Aus stuff then I would give up and go fishing instead.
  2. barryb

    Raceday Attendances

    Yes the cinema does make racing look a super value thing to do in comparison. Often shite movies, crappy over priced food and drink & then the f--king whack is the car parking cost for the privilege of getting shafted. The cinema does give hope for racing though, it was dead a buried 20 yrs ago, reinvented itself and now is a popular modern day rort.
  3. barryb

    Matamata today

    Check out Taupo or Tauranga this week for your answer.
  4. barryb

    Matamata today

    Honestly? racing at Matamata is hardly capitalising on holiday destinations at Xmas time. I went along and it was a pitiful crowd and it was a boring meeting with no atmosphere at all, what a joke waste of an opportunity at this time of the yr.
  5. barryb

    Racing in trouble in Aus

    . Go back and read again before posting and confirming you are an idiot with zero clue. He accounts for 6% of turnover on Aus Racing. Stimulates the market. Topsport states that 5 yrs ago 1/5 of punter money came from sports betting, now it’s on a par with racing. Sydney & Melbourne spring carnivals reported sharp downturn in wagering. sportsbet $40m hit to profit.
  6. Dr Nick set to quit Aus Racing.
  7. barryb

    Why TAB has to change

    Yep only exist for that day.
  8. Yep for sure, reminds me of that bobby calf place in Te Kauwhata that got done for animal abuse, no different here, the workers guilty of the behaviour should end up before the courts as should the owner for ignoring the goings on, ignorance is the same as condoning.
  9. In the Herald today
  10. barryb

    Results page

    what part of it doesn't work for you?. Probably need to look a smidge closer to home, like you own PC. There is nothing wrong with the results page. I only this week had a mate whom told me he couldn't get the races to play video because the site was shit and his internet speed was too slow, went to his house, cleaned up all the crap off his laptop & did a speed test for all to be fine. Video didn't play because he didn't play because he didn't have flash player installed, simple fix and now works fine.
  11. barryb

    Results page

    Its you, works perfectly fine, everything is there.
  12. barryb


    Large fields today with the prospect of a number of owners attending, but plenty more owners sitting at home watching on TV instead. What incentive is there for an owner to attend other than the joy of watching there horse perform & a drink afterwards with a bit of cheese. How about incentivising owners to attend on Saturdays with an on course only boost of say 15% on fixed odds on their runner up to say $500.
  13. I can tell you the Rugby wasn't exactly an entertainment extravaganza either.
  14. I went to the AB v Tonga game last Sat, cost shitloads to get in and $9 beers, food expensive and poor quality. For a couple attending with 2 kids there wouldn’t be any change out of $400 for most. Compare that to $40 entry to the races, a full days entertainment and a chance to leave with more in your pocket than you arrived with, it all comes down to how it’s marketed.
  15. barryb

    Viewing Trackside from outside of NZ

    There are a few options for you, but you will need to pay for it. You need a VPN setup which makes it look as though you are in NZ, basically you are renting a space on a computer based in NZ. I know plenty in Aus who do the below. Takes a bit of time to set up, & there is a 600GB limit per month for the AUD$12 month cost. But firstly you need to find a friendly mate here whom will open a NZTAB account for you and deposit $10 so you can access the vision. Really depends on how serious you are I guess.