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  1. Try all of these, one of them will most likely solve the issue.
  2. Have you tried swapping between Chrome, Edge, Firefox? How much ram do you have? Have you deleted all you cookies & tried again?
  3. Never an issue for me, no idea what you are talking about. Hamilton 100 fibre plan.
  4. I just re looked again to check my facts. It was under a nice reign till the 1000 jump where it didnt jump it at all and smashed through the hurdle, the hurdle at the 800 mark it slowed right up and hoped over on an angle (was beaten at this stage) Matt proceeds to ride the horse hard for the length of the turn, tacks onto field & struggling, proceeds to get carted wide and wider again by Ave Maria & would have had to be re checked on his run to make the hurdle, (Ave Maria was just able to scramble on it out very wide) pulled out of the race was the right option.
  5. Might pay to go back and watch the race again. Was under hard riding before the turn to stay in contact, tacked onto the back of the field and was forced wide completing the turn, forced wider still and was pulled out from the jump. Not without a miracle was it going to finish closer than its position when removed, nothing to see here. Cropp made the right decision by the horse, connections and himself.
  6. The normal international transfer charges apply.
  7. I know this isnt the point, but you can log into Loveracing via your phone and watch or you can use Sky Go.
  8. Huge money up, woefully small fields. We just have to hope the Vic's are stupid enough to keep stumping up with the money as it gives Kiwi owners opportunites to make great coin out of jumping horses. With the quality of NZ jumpers running around here currently, next yr in Vic could be an even bigger benefit season. Poor Rick tried to make race 1 exciting, but it was a borefest walk with 5 runners strung out, only he can make a poor race sound exciting.
  9. barryb

    A question

    Most of the time it works perfectly. Easiest way to reduce the issue is to start the video and then hit pause for 10-30 secs and it will stop the problem 99% of the time.
  10. Read the article again Baz, Retail is declining even in Aus. Only an idiot business would invest more in stores when it’s on the way out. I haven’t been to a TAB outlet in 12 months, why would I need too?. Too many connected with this business are averse to progress & change, like outlets, publications, venues etc. For the good of the business they need to be confined to memories.
  11. Yes the closing odds for NZ TAB are located there.
  12. barryb

    Bank depo

    Its instant. can bet 30 secs later.
  13. Yep, however they are not the only ones struggling with COVID lockdowns, food outlets across Auck are getting punished again for 2 more weeks, along with many others. Jacinda did the only option available realistically to her, despite what a few crackpots on here post. The public are not yet ready to accept this widespread in the community & let grandma/grandad take the hit. What’s happening in Vic would be intolerable here as it is for Australians, maybe by round 3 we will be happy to accept it more.
  14. Sure we get that Trumpie, mate I hate to tell ya but there are NO tourists & wont be for a yr. What Queenstowners can’t then do is whinge & shit on the only likely high end tourists left from Auckland. Those Aucklanders are what’s keeping those businesses alive mate, I am sure you are intelligent enough to understand that if the Aucklanders don’t go to Queenstown then by Xmas Queenstown is toast. To help you as I think you missed the context here, it was Queenstown locals & some others slagging Aucklanders for legitimately leaving before lockdown & claiming them selfish & likely to ruin them if they bring the virus to town. With well in excess of 50% of visitors keeping the town afloat coming from Auckland that’s biting the hand that feeds you.