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  1. It’s called the internet, same thing you are using to post nonsense here. Punters are more educated than they were 10 yrs ago, have much greater and easier access to information, standout opportunities at longer odds are spotted in greater numbers. Look across the Tasman where the punter is way more intelligent than NZers, favs salute in bigger numbers than here. Besides you are looking at 1 meeting in isolation, a venue that has one of the worst bias in NZ.
  2. At $2 if it wins by a nostril the payout is still $2 as it is if it wins by 4 lengths.
  3. Yep, certainly doesnt get it, we can only hope a punter like this keeps playing the game, makes it so much easier for the rest of us to get a collect.
  4. Are they still shitting on what’s left of the grass?, and tormenting legitimate businesses in the vicinity?.
  5. Probably the most frustrating thing on the NZTR site is watching a replay, the constant buffering makes them unwatchable at times. It appears to have got worse as well, buffering techniques in the past sort of helped but now its the new norm for a video to stop about 5 times during a 1200mtr race.
  6. barryb


    TM, maybe this is lost on you but racing survives on punting t/o, like the other 5000 whom didn’t attend this meeting I spent far less than if I had of attended, my guess is the vast majority of that 5000 spend zero. Racing is a sunset activity and your comments suggest it’s all too hard to be nimble & the interest isn’t there anyway to bother trying. & to your point on membership, the club system in NZ is a crook of shit and one of the driving reasons racing is near deceased. Membership should be universal in NZ & it should be to NZ Racing not a club, it should allow you acce
  7. barryb


    Yep me 2. Normally spend a few hundred on food & drinks for the family, we also stay over in Taupo and spend stacks on Accom, Dinner & Breakfast. Oh well, I have lawns & windows to clean outside today.
  8. barryb


    From the 1st race today there will be a bit under 12 hrs before Taupo moves to Orange, what a complete f--k up to have Taupo racing today under Red (& minimal crowd) when tomorrow they could be running with no crowd restrictions. Taupo gets a massive crowd of race goers every year, NZTR have known for 3 weeks now, surely they could have swapped the dates with Hastings which can run with a full crowd today. Dumb just dumb.
  9. Should be gelded after such a poor showing
  10. What happened to the streaker at Awapuni in the last at the 200 mark? Did he get caught?, I can’t find any reference to it. Minor compared to the one at Trentham a while back, but still a risk as unpredictable.
  11. Its very popular across Aus/NZ, pricey but you get what you pay for. Its fine for all levels, I dont know of anything better.
  13. No, the money can't be written off, its the same as any other money borrowed, has an interest rate & must be paid back eventually. But like any money borrowed, if the return exceeds the value of paying it back then there is no hurry. The indebtedness of NZ as rightly pointed out has climbed significantly & makes us less attractive to overseas & internal investers as our ability to cover interest and repayment schedules has worsened, However we are near the bottom of Worlds indebted countries so nothing alarming. Public Debt to GPD Russia 18% NZ 46% China 6
  14. The money is from ourselves, borrowed from Govt Bonds which the Reserve Bank holds at very low interest rates which effectively don’t have a future pay back date, if we don’t make payments they get re-issued. Pretty much the Reserve Bank printed money from NZs future & gave it to us now. The spending programme is listed with Treasury, easy enough to find. Original COVID-19 related allocations by Vote ($ billion) as at Budget 2021
  15. & many of the non vaccinated are trying to spin any amount of bullshit via social media & other forums.