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  1. Hey 6xes, whilst your busy with god a fair bit over the next few days, can you find some time to just quickly ask him to advise me what Saturday’s powerball numbers are. I will spot ya a bag of weed if he’s right. If he’s got a bit more time, ask him who wins the Livamol at Hastings too thanks.
  2. God probably sees him putting too much Nitrogen on the Wacky Backy, he’s developed a seriously potent strain for sure.
  3. Yes pretty much it isnt it. What a shit sad state of affairs this is, just imagine if BGP had been treated like this a couple or so yrs back, the industry & the TAB both would not be the richer for it. I also note that as of yet he still hasn't had an email reply to the question as to why. Customer service, ha whats that. Isn't it time the TAB was legislated to offer bets to a certain winning value like the Aussies are? Instead of treating people like wastage when the industry is under extreme pressure like it is.
  4. My daughters 19yr old boyfriend (whom opened a TAB account 3 months ago) has only got into racing since hanging around me, had an interesting experience today with the TAB. He's a $5 win punter, hasn't made a withdrawal, lost about $300, regularly topped up his account, today he phones me to say that he is getting stranges things on his TAB account in that his $5 win bets are coming up with max $3.05 or $1.02, $2.85 etc when he goes to submit them. I tell him to phone and see what the problem might be, well after a lengthy waiting delay they come back to him & advise that the Ris
  5. Elderly Gentleman, Short shorts, T shirt, cap, in the morning in mid May at Awapuni?.
  6. Great that they are now paid out in full, including for multis. Not that we have many in today’s racing, but they can be really frustrating when they occur. Just need them to adopt fully the protest payout like Oz does.
  7. Probably fair to just admit you are wrong TM, instead of making yourself look a bit of a wanker.
  8. Are you for real? You knew the horse and you knew the race, took me less than 10 secs to find the answer. Melody Belle (NZ) :: Racing Queensland
  9. 10 secs of a google search would have given you the answer. Her gear was listed as: Blinkers, Synthetic hoof filler.
  10. She had to be restrained heavily at the 500 mark and if not for Opie's quick reactions anything could have happened.
  11. Have you watched any of the races? other than the last as you refer too?. Racing needs characters to survive & hes a lively entertaining character who gets stuff wrong occassionally, who cares.
  12. If not for him, the flat racing is boring as batshit on that track. Scan the races, the vast majority are run at a pathetic pace, the first 2 skip away before the turn and win. He at least makes a horrible spectacle interesting.
  13. Superb jumps racing yet again at the Bool, Ric in fine form. How good are the new jumps? only 1 faller from what I can see over the first 2 days, are they on the adoption list for NZ?. Kiwi breds dominating many of the races.
  14. Yes, I find the results thing bloody annoying. The website often says running when the race has been over for 10 mins and the Aussies have long since resulted it. The fixed odds not updating is a total pain in the arse.