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  1. barryb

    John Allen must be sued !!!

    Fark he could be waiting for a while for Nats, they have zero idea how to get re-elected. I am a Nat member and paid supporter but fark mate they have zero idea about how MMP works. Do them good to reflect on the benches
  2. barryb

    John Allen must be sued !!!

    more than a few by the looks, damp cold Saturday brings them out.
  3. Have a read of this, Roy Morgan survey on Australian race gambling.
  4. barryb

    N.Z Racing

    Nothings changed, the same carpet etc inside & the outside seating is still dusty and covered in birdshit. If they leave it another 5 yrs the carpet will be back in vogue.
  5. barryb

    Thatz David

    The point you are missing though Gub, is this isn't the local pony club derby whereby it just can run around for the hell of it. Its a business where unsupecting people are placing money on something that is no longer competitive & hasnt been for a fair while, its bloody obvious to all that the horse has had enough, its embarrassing to her as much as it is to NZTR to allow it to continue.
  6. barryb

    Thatz David

    Yes it is, however if the horse is consistently uncompetitive like he is then it’s NZTR’s role to issue a warning and then enforce if no improvement. Unsuspecting people are investing in a no hope option, you could say serves them right, but the reflection on racing is not good if allowed to continue
  7. barryb

    Thatz David

    Just wait, the anti racing movement is gaining traction there & a change in Govt will fast track it.
  8. barryb

    Thatz David

    Its a terrible look when he is fast retreating at the 1400 mark though, he should be retired on that run.
  9. barryb

    Thatz David

    To be fair here, he has been a bit of a rogue in the past and sometimes when ridden like that he has responded and rallied. But yes in general terms if another poor showing today NZTR should give him a warning of uncompetitiveness.
  10. barryb

    Thatz David

    No arguement from me there RR. Urbanisation of the last 30yrs will see racing done and dusted worldwide within 20yrs, young kids today have zero connection to animals other than a cat or a dog, everything else to them is cruel. Probably best to just get out and enjoy racing whilst it still exists in its current format RR. Besides virtually no one in Palmy North would even be aware the races are on today & certainly would have zero idea that a 13yr old no chance horse is going around, the industry only has itself to blame for allowing the trainer to continue with it. TAB commentary on the race is worth noting: Old THAT'S DAVID is worth a mention. This is incredibly his 8th attempt on the race.
  11. barryb

    Thatz David

    I think we are all well aware of that, the reality is that plenty of those going around in jumps today and any other day don't have a future if its not for this. Jumps racing potentially gives them a future after racing also. Look into the glass as half full RR rather than empty, focus on all those whom have made it into other pursuits in a large part thanks to jumps racing. Many have gone on to become very useful horses to their current owners.
  12. barryb

    Thatz David

    I tend to agree, but more the angle that it’s destructive for racing to have uncompetitive horses consistently going around, fades out well before the turn now and time NZTR gave them a warning of repeat performance tomorrow and he can’t race again until they are satisfied he can be competitive from trial or Jumpout form. Your comment about a lot die over sticks is based on what? I haven’t seen much evidence of it, unless it’s well hidden and besides what classifies as a lot?.. My understanding was the mortality rate in NZ was just over 1 per thousand starts v UKs 2.5 at the worst. Neither figure to be honest fits the lot category, any racing death is tragic of course, but inevitable when competing as they do at these speeds with not much room for error as we witnessed last week in Brisbane.
  13. barryb

    RIP Lord Arthur

    It looked like typical tight aggressive Aussie group1 Racing, however Berry did move in significantly when not clear and his actions had catastrophic consequences, do the consequences change the penalty I guess is the question?. If it does then he should get an extended break as a deterrent to others.
  14. barryb

    RIP Lord Arthur

    watch the replay here fm/20190608/race/7
  15. barryb


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