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  1. barryb

    Farewell to the Queen......

    Not at all, I agree with P4P, I just don't like it when you constantly stick it in our face. We all know its average at best here, but according to your view any and every thing is better in gods chosen land, which we all know is close to being accurate.
  2. barryb

    Aussie racing coverage poor form

    Was a hot fav you would come out defending the lucky countries coverage. Shame you are FOS as 95% of the time Sky Aus take off to another race in outback who knows where to squeeze another $ out of viewers. They must have a directive to show members of the crowd jumping around after the race as its really crept in over the last 3 months. Take note next Sat as to how obvious it is.
  3. Is it just me or do others get sick of immediately after the finish line in Syd and Mel that cross to some complete wankers jumping around, mainly connections I guess, but fark I don't want to see spoilt suited up clowns leaping around, show us the bloody horses. It seems like its a directive to show us for sure, we bag the NZ coverage but at least we have the sanity to show the horses for a while after the line.
  4. barryb

    Stay Strong Christchurch

    Nah leave him in Jail here Trump, when he's sentenced to Paremoremo some of them in there will ensure he gets well looked after and serviced daily.
  5. barryb

    Stay Strong Christchurch

    Reading it again it looks like a resonable delay from first shots to getting a 111 call, I would imagine they don't pray with there Iphones next to them & besides when some fuckstick is trying to blow a hole in you getting the fuck out is probably a much larger priority than looking for your Apple. He was at the scene for what reads like a total of 3 mins, would not have made any difference to how quickly they responded. The distance is too far & the time lag too short for there to have been only 1 shooter, reportedly less than 5 mins. Its dangerous to assume anything really on what you read in the media on this as there appears to be stacks of half facts and miss reports in an effort to get a story out there. 13 mins for Police to be alerted after the first shots were fired.
  6. barryb

    Horses 'sweating up' before races

    This will be the book cubes.
  7. barryb

    Capital Gains Tax

    Are you a university theorist who wears roman sandals with white knee high socks, Hallensteins light brown walk shorts with a silver buckle, loves a grey cardigan, wears large circular glasses, drives a jap import Leaf & still live at home with your Mum and Grandma?
  8. barryb

    Capital Gains Tax

    & a GFC, but a beneficiary wouldn't have a clue what you are talking about of course.
  9. barryb

    Capital Gains Tax

    Most of the bad things are as a result of labour initiatives. Soaring social welfare costs, lower crime sentances, poor infastructure spending, foreign policy disasters. increasing refugee's, reintroduction of trade unions,
  10. barryb

    TAB at their best again?

    Even easier than that. Just leave your home computer on and access it from your phone using either Logmein or Team Viewer. 5 mins set up and away you go. Both those programmes have Apps in Apple and Android.
  11. barryb

    Boys get Paid

    They have missed a huge opportunity if not. Send all new accounts overseas then till they do, Sportsbet, Bet Easy, Ladbrokes will pay. Get all members to open accounts with all 3, BGP will have money coming out of their ears. Deposit bonuses for all accounts open, everyone wins.
  12. barryb

    Boys get Paid

    Of course they are all about punting & while the hell should it not be? What do you mean its doomed to failure, in what possible way?. They are having a bloody great time, winning a few $ & entertaining thousands, what else do they have to do?. Rebates are designed to assist large investments that contribute to pool sizes (exotics mainly) whom over a period of time don't break even, its a reward for the contribution to enlarge the pools. Fixed odds win betting doesnt feature on the list. For this reason any bets they make unless large in the exotics should not qualify for rebates. I imagine they have been receiving something under an affiliates programme for a fair while already for new accounts etc, increase that % is the logical way to go if they want a bit more. Clubs are free to offer them drinks/feed freebies & the occasional betting voucher if they choose.
  13. barryb

    Fifth week is it and more of the same...

    A simliar issue occured in Australia last week when they renamed Pukekura Park to New Plymouth Raceway & the 4 digit code changed to NPRW. The Bookies were flat out trying to update websites so they could import the fixed odds data copying programme they all use.
  14. barryb

    Fifth week is it and more of the same...

    As I said above, it will be because of below, old names left. They don't have a dead track, so the data being imported obviously has an error in that it can't find where to allocate good 4. I have seen simlair issues elsewhere when the Aussies first made the switch over to these new condtions.
  15. barryb

    Boys get Paid

    No negativity towards them from what I can see Nick, I can understand where they are coming from for sure, however I have raced plenty of horses over the last 10yrs and have 5 right now, NO ONE is paying me anything for providing the show. They just need to understand that a few of us are ahead of them in the line to get something back, especially owners who pay for the event in the first place.