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  1. I can cope with that under the risk management framework smart bookies adopt. The bit thats the struggle is stopping you before you have even placed the bet with an offer of a bet limit thats ludicrous. Its an admission of defeat.
  2. Yes exactly. Back the Home Team, You Know the Odds, Now Beat Them. As there marketing slogans say, provided of course you consistently lose. Its time a min $2k win limit was imposed like it is in Aus.
  3. The answer is obvious isnt it?.
  4. NZ TAB at its best, if you win anything resonable this is what you will be subject too.
  5. I am supporting many overseas parasites as you describe, from what I recall they are all contributing to NZ Racing now. I put those whom support one entity who offers on many occasisons terrible returns in the same catergory that leave their Kiwisaver in the default fund, just plain dumb. You are deluded if you think the world today is still confined to physical boundaries for anything.
  6. This is appalling & the letter via email to me is terrible. How many others are affected here?. The email I got was for Robert ------ & his account details etc.
  7. Hi Barry, Earlier today we advised that you had received incorrect personal information in error, as part of the TAB Summer Promotion. We wanted to provide you with a further update on this matter. We can now confirm that your information was disclosed to one other, single TAB customer, in error (when the TAB Summer Promotion email was sent this morning). The information inadvertently disclosed by us was: Your first and last name; Your email address; and Your TAB Account Number. No further personal information of yours was disclosed and the disclosure
  8. Interesting read for those who havent seen this. Gambling affordability checks by control freaks would be threat to civil liberties | Barry Glendenning | Sport | The Guardian
  9. I couldn't give a fark what they found, what I do know is you are an obsessive farking looney in conspiracy theories.
  10. Its a worry that loons like 100 1 are actually in our community, living out fantasy worlds in there heads.
  11. I do also wonder what electorate God was in? & how did he cast his vote for Don? I guess being extra special he might get 2 votes?.
  12. Idol, I think 6xes must have been very upset over the weed referendum outcome as he clearly has access to some seriously good shit. I guess its like driving, you shouldn't post on forums after toking up a storm.
  13. I hate to tell you but he lost, he fails to grasp that you cant win all the time and this time hes fired. I actually support the guy but the ravings of a few blind nutters whom support him regardless of fact are enough to turn anyone off.