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  1. Just an ex kiwi wanker like Trump, ,so no issues from me. As bad as a reformed smoker.
  2. Can’t be any good racing forums in the great land, if you are wasting your time on a NZ one, mind you I guess this appeals to you as you can appear big deal to all us poor peasant NZers.
  3. Read pages 6 & 7, despite massive wagering increase it’s still losing money. Maybe aquaint yourself with facts before you post, beside wtf has the weather got to do with anything?
  4. For sure, agree with that. The original statement was that Australian Racing was getting stronger and stronger, which is malarkey. It’s in terminal free fall decline and is equally non sustainable as NZ. Qld racing is losing $10s of millions each yr, Vict & NSW are declining so fast that only Pokies and Sports betting can save it. Sound familiar?
  5. Delusional post, do you live under a rock?. The decline in Aus is covered up with smoke and mirrors, but the above 3 articles paint a very grim picture of racing’s future in Aus.
  6. 19 July 2018, 4:08 p.m. Three all-weather tracks for NZ Racing Minister Winston Peters announced at a public meeting held in Invercargill on Wednesday night that three all-weather tracks have been earmarked for construction around New Zealand. As reported by the Otago Daily Times, he said each track would be financed through the provincial growth fund. ''We know that we are going to have to have three all-weather tracks in this country.'' ''There will be one probably around the Waikato, there will be one probably around Awapuni - I don't know where exactly - and one in the South Island. ''Likely to be near Christchurch. You can't muck around, you can't have 38, 46 events being cancelled and all the losses involved.'' ''This will be funded, I might add, by the provincial growth fund, but we want clubs to put their share up as well.''
  7. barryb


    & the farking dickheads who let them off on New Years Eve. & the wankers who let them off around midnight for weeks in areas where they are heaps of kids.
  8. barryb


    Whilst I don’t disagree with you and fireworks being an extreme danger to horses, & I hate the thought that any of my horses or anyone else’s will be injured by them. I do take issue with you wanting something banned just because it doesn’t suit your pursuits or interests. If we stretch that out to its extreme you won’t need to worry about your horses as probably more want racing banned in this country than want to see it continue. The only great thing about fireworks is it’s the one time I get each year to scare the shit out of neighbours dogs who terrorise kids and anyone else walking by most days of the week. I take great delight in having a cannon explore above their property knowing that the dogs are roaming as the owners are too stupid to get them inside.
  9. barryb

    Australian TAB

    Look we know you are an Aussie apologist Trumpie. The land of hipocracy, made its fortune in selling raw materials to the Chinese, suits you Trumpie.
  10. barryb

    Australian TAB

    No one gives a toss what a wanker from South Sydney thinks either
  11. barryb

    Australian TAB

    If you love Aus so much, stay there and shut the f%%k up. Those of of us in gods country dont give a farking toss what you think. Most of us have had a gutsfull of cocks like you poking shit at us.
  12. barryb

    Australian TAB

    Use your passport, drivers licence & a power bill & thats all you need, scan copies to there accounts dept & they will send you a form to fill out for bank transfer.
  13. barryb

    Another meeting bites the dust

    Transferred to Friday.
  14. barryb

    Happy Birthday.....

    Happy Birthday Puha.