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  1. barryb

    TAB to go tits up

    Do you not read Stuff or watch the News?. Total lockdown in Vic and NSW, racing last time I looked wasn't classified as an essential service.
  2. barryb

    TAB to go tits up

    Racings gone in Aus, tomorrow its last day.
  3. barryb

    TAB to go tits up

    Rubbish, that comment is 10 yrs old and belongs in the past. The problem was and largely still is the TAB and the industry itself failed to see the punter as relevant and in the current climate it’s more evident than ever. They have cut comments people, camera numbers etc, the very bloody things that keep punters coming to the well. Out the back of this, if the industry survives, the reforms that were badly needed are going to happen as a matter of course. The industry will be 1/3 the size it is currently with huge numbers of Owners, Breeders, Trainers and support industries gone.
  4. barryb

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    Not a good time to leave a balance of any substantial amount in the TAB.
  5. barryb

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing
  6. barryb

    What a complete c---

    This C should be getting a farking huge bill.
  7. barryb

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    So no change then?, most of them have been ghost meetings for a few yrs now.
  8. barryb

    Parliamentary horse trading

    Tom you are deluded if you think striking would achieve anything other than local job losses. Striking only works from a position of strength or ability to hold to ransom, neither of which SI Racing is or can do.
  9. barryb

    Racing Bill Submissions

    This bit is the interesting one. Clearly every man and his dog is embracing Lotto right now, the reality is a large portion of the population DON'T see lotto as gambling, they see it more like a donation & are happy to gift away there money twice a week on minute odds of even the smallest of collects. This is done with the knowledge that Lotto sponsors community projects from the losses of the many.
  10. barryb

    Racing Bill Submissions

    I find it amazing Trumpie how you lower yourself constantly by posting on a NZ Racing forum, I guess you just love being a big fish in a small pond. We are incredibly lucky to have you routinely tell us what dumb stupid failures we are.
  11. barryb

    Fixed odd rules

    If the bet was either a Final Field Win bet or Final Field Top 3, and your selection was scratched, you will receive a full refund. If another runner is scratched your bet may be subject to a deduction. If the scratched runner was paying under $35 your runner will be subject to a deduction. If the scratched runner was paying $36, or over, then there will be no deduction.
  12. barryb

    Waikato RC - Legends Day Saturday

    Crowd was large compared to many meetings. This meeting clashes with a 4 day weekend for many, big events mystery creek and Rugby as well, only so much money to go around. Couple that with the worst promotion possible and 95% of Hamilton unaware the races are even on.
  13. barryb

    The beginning of the end

    This is the method used to determine how wasted list votes are allocated.ë_method
  14. barryb

    Climate Change Racemeeting.

    Wellington is still waiting for a summer whilst we fry. Dont lose all hope SD, the greatest thing about a capitalist economy is that there is serious money to be made for companies in finding solutions and new technologies and its gaining rapid pace.
  15. barryb

    The beginning of the end

    No, all parties are allocated seats based on proportion of the vote they get, however depending on how electorate seats are won the Parliament numbers can increase or decrease to ensure everyone gets there %.. Electorate seats have ZERO bearing on the outcome of the election other than they contribute to the size of the number of members of parliament as described above. Remembering that ther is a portion of votes that are wasted in that because an electorate seat is not won or the party doesn’t get to the 5% threashold. The best chance National has is if Winston gets 4.9% and his vote is made up mainly of left leaning supporters, that 4.9% is wasted left votes that don’t get re allocated. Labour/Green vote without Winston falls below National/Act and we have a change of Govt.