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  1. Under results, click time period custom. Under from click back to jan 15 as that’s as far back as you can go, then click today’s date in the to box and you will get all your bets this year.
  2. Below the words missed or won, click on the little down arrow and the selections will appear.
  3. Under resulted bets change the search to last 3 months and click search. bottom right of page will show next, click that to load the next page.
  4. Just type into you search bar and it will work. Pin or save this into your favs and delete your old saved one.
  5. Huey, weren't you the one claiming that NZ Trainers were not competent enough to get horses ready first up over 2000 mtrs?.
  6. New fences to be seen in Aus next yr, they have been schooling over them this season.
  7. The layout is much better and the colouring makes it far easier on the eye. Definite improvement for me.
  8. You are really struggling to grasp this Huey, no ones disputing the look is ordinary, but the fact remains the most likely to win the race according to punters did so.
  9. Best you stop watching NZ winter racing then Huey. & just for your information, I never claimed front runners bias in Victoria. I pondered what the cause was as I don't believe in bias of that nature. Most percieved bias is related to tempo or tactics.
  10. Oh dear, hardly an own goal from them. For them its like Xmas every bet placed.
  11. Most favoured horse to win the race on 9 out of the 12 occasions did so, looks like most punters got it right Huey.
  12. Predictable, thanks for confirming what we knew Huey.
  13. I just did Hawkes race 5 and the win odds for 2,3,4 (money Back) tallied to 250% Good luck using this product, as you will need it. The pokies would be a better option as you will lose your cash slower.
  14. Have you worked out the market %?. The best punters on the planet would struggle to overcome it using this product long term.
  15. No solutions, just whinges Huey. Name an alternative options then please, a economically practical one please, not some pie in the sky dream that is unrealistic.