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  1. barryb


    Exactly right, try getting a few into a ownership syndicate, bloody near impossible now.
  2. barryb

    TAB Final Field Option Numbers

    When do you even need to know them Tom? I am guessing it’s when you fill out a manual ticket in the TAB, otherwise never? Dont you just use the phone app or website? Why would anyone need to go into a TAB today other than possibly the elderly?.
  3. barryb

    Te Rapa Track

    I left after race 2, it was cold and miserable & so god damn boring. The comfort of my lounge and the ease of trackside, plus easy access to various odds options just makes it far easier to be at home. It was members day and even they cant be bothered going along, in the members area I would have been 1 of 5 under 65yrs of age. Te Rapa is devoid of a spine, its dull and boring & no one in Hamilton could care less if the racing is on or not, in fact most wouldn't have a clue a meeting was on. They do have a good idea (but its bloody years too late) coming for the new members yr ahead, they are going to have an access card entry to the members so they can see who is coming along etc and offer rewards to those who are regulars, this idea should be rolled out by NZ Racing & be applicable across the country and not just one venue, owners should be offered similar.
  4. barryb

    Tauranga gate Pa Racecourse Could Go.

    Agree with Huey, I don’t even answer the door on a Saturday. Anyone mad enough to come to our house on a Saturday afternoon has to be prepared to endure a truckload of swear words.
  5. barryb

    RITA's Rolling

    Oh dear, it’s those domiciled in NZ like me whom prop up NZ racing with the Aussie corps/TAB. There would be 10s of thousands of us now who place bets via them. 90% of what I do is with them.
  6. barryb

    Tauranga gate Pa Racecourse Could Go.

    Meanwhile in Aus
  7. barryb


    Best place is here
  8. barryb


    It appears to be there on my PC, not sure what else you are wanting.
  9. barryb

    John Allen must be sued !!!

    Fark he could be waiting for a while for Nats, they have zero idea how to get re-elected. I am a Nat member and paid supporter but fark mate they have zero idea about how MMP works. Do them good to reflect on the benches
  10. barryb

    John Allen must be sued !!!

    more than a few by the looks, damp cold Saturday brings them out.
  11. Have a read of this, Roy Morgan survey on Australian race gambling.
  12. barryb

    N.Z Racing

    Nothings changed, the same carpet etc inside & the outside seating is still dusty and covered in birdshit. If they leave it another 5 yrs the carpet will be back in vogue.
  13. barryb

    Thatz David

    The point you are missing though Gub, is this isn't the local pony club derby whereby it just can run around for the hell of it. Its a business where unsupecting people are placing money on something that is no longer competitive & hasnt been for a fair while, its bloody obvious to all that the horse has had enough, its embarrassing to her as much as it is to NZTR to allow it to continue.
  14. barryb

    Thatz David

    Yes it is, however if the horse is consistently uncompetitive like he is then it’s NZTR’s role to issue a warning and then enforce if no improvement. Unsuspecting people are investing in a no hope option, you could say serves them right, but the reflection on racing is not good if allowed to continue