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    Well done Puha

    Cheers mate was extra special with the loss of a good friend on Sunday due to the effects of depression . Racing has a way of dealing cards your way when you need them .
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    We're Doomed

    Right! That's it; surely!

    Surely this weekend sums up everything that is wrong in NZ racing and answers quite a few questions. Te Rapa and Riccarton aren't minor country tracks, that are supposedly causing most of the problems; they are two of our top four or five metropolitan tracks. And there is nothing wrong with their stakes, but to be brutally honest a lot of the fields are rubbish despite reasonable stakes. The Dyke at Te Rapa has attracted exactly the same field for $400,000 that it would have got for $200,000, and a pretty ordinary field at that. It shows that stakes are not our problem. Structure is a much bigger problem. We have far too many 2,000m WFA races scattered randomly throughout the season, all attracting poor fields. Riccarton gets six horses for a $35,000 race. Hardly surprising really, following only a week after a major meeting at Wingatui. The SI doesn't have the horses to be running major races at Riccarton every second week with Otago and Southland holding major meetings on the Saturdays between. And Otago and Southland have for some bizarre reason held low key midweek meetings with only seven races for the last three weeks, whereas the last minor meeting in Canty was mid December. Totally mindboggling really. How do they expect horses to get through the grades and fill the tighter class races? I wonder if anyone has ever thought outside the square and thought of running a 1,200m 3yo race at Riccarton. It wouldn't clash with the Guineas down south. Perhaps even an 1,800m 3yo as an Oaks or Derby lead-up. Anything to shake up the "lets drag last year's programme out of the draw" school of programming. Many people on here love discussing the merits of pouring $20m into an allweather track and would love to create a few $1m races and close down a few dozen tracks, but as I have said many times most of the problems are structural and just down to administrative incompetence and don't actually take much to resolve. Handicapping probably comes into this category as well. With all of the highly paid administrators about it is pity none of them have any interest or skills in the areas of dates and programming and general structural matters. What a pity we can't get the basics right. Then perhaps start thinking about building an all weather track somewhere.
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    Closing down NZ tracks

    Alan Sharrock, amongst others, is calling for a reduction in the number of tracks in NZ due to the spate of racemeeting cancellations recently caused by inadequate surfaces. How will this help NZ racing? Forcing trainers to try and sell their properties and try to buy a more expensive property near one of the main cities where the few remaining tracks remain? Most will throw the towel in. Trying to say there are too many tracks in NZ is nonsense. Victoria has 67 tracks with a population of 5.7million. Stakes are $23,000 for provincial maiden races, $120,000 for Saturday metropolitan races. Crowds of 3000 are not uncommon at picnic meetings. I haven't counted how many tracks there are in NSW, but it is a lot. 4 tracks in Sydney alone. The problem in NZ is not too many tracks, it is not enough money. Until the entire industry is taken apart and put together again with a whole new structure, nothing will change. Winston Peters is not the saviour and never will be. To get more money flowing in, betting turnover must be increased. That will not happen as long as the TAB have a government-mandated monopoly. They offer a mediocre product and have no incentive to sharpen up their act. Once you let in bookmakers it creates competition and interest, and increases turnover. It is already possible to operate an account with one of the many Aussie bookmakers from NZ, so why not just accept what is already happening and make the most of it? As the rot continues more and more of the capable and ambitious jockeys will jump ship. Michael Dee, Daniel Stackhouse, Michael Walker and Cory Parish are already doing very nicely thank you. They won't be the last to make the move. And in the meantime nothing will change.
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    100k maiden Naki challenge

    I will go the alternative view to a few posters - good on the club for looking at something innovative and different. My picture of this club is they do think outside the square and try things. I've heard great things about their punters comp for example. They have extreme distance day/interprovincial challenge and so on. Not all to everyone's liking but at least they aren't sitting on their hands complaining. From my couple of visits there the hospitality is pretty good too. Hope it works - and if it doesn't tweak it the following year, or try something else...
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    Please be nice

    My response Bernard I’ve read your letter about Strickland. Firstly I’m learned in the subject and have been on the Handicapping Review Committee. I’ve met Strickland more than once, he’s incompetent in my opinion and there’s ample evidence to support that. I’m not going to traverse the entire corrupt history of NZTR and their inability to understand how to handicap, and how to take the business seriously, but let me point out a couple of things. When the Chairman’s horse wins an open race off a 71 rating and doesn’t even get take out of the 75 band. When Gravano wins two open races and is still not taken into the open band . When Son Of Maher loses 4 points for running last in a race he should never have run in. When Son Of Maher loses a point for winning a trial. When Flying Ibis loses 3 points for running mid field. When Quirke ( an accountant FFS ) abuses his position as handicapper but gets relocated rather than dismissed. I could go on but I’m sure you get my drift by now. What should of course happen is that the RIU should intervene and charge Strickland with corruption because he’s either incompetent or corrupt, and he favours certain trainers. Every horse who races against Son Of Maher is a victim of that ( note he won a G2 race after RaceCafe exposes this rort ) If you don’t understand handicapping feel free to call me, I’ll help you understand where you’re going wrong, and in the interim stop your attempt at bullying and address the real issue, that being that your handicapping model is useless, Strickland doesn’t know how to apply it anyway, and you’re driving all the old male horses out of the industry. That costs us all in case you didn’t know. Best Leo Molloy
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    Winstons big announcement...

    Is that what your beloved National were proposing! NO? Anything will be better than what they did for the last nine years, so don't try and create something that has no hope of being announced.
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    I'm very sad to read of Alan (Osceola)'s passing - Geoff and I started in the PJ comps at the same time as Alan which was a long time ago, and I always found Alan to be a very skilful tipster who played the game with decorum, a real gentleman as others have mentioned. I didn't realise that Alan was so comparatively young at the time of his passing. When we play alongside people like Alan in these comps for so long they become like family, and we certainly feel the loss. Thanks for letting us know, Maria. Rest in Peace, Alan.
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    Pike misses the point continually made - those (four actually not three) courses on the Coast cost not one cent to run. It is entirely(and I mean entirely) voluntary. The only one paid is the Secretary. Closing them will not save the industry one single cent not will it provide the industry with one single cent to invest elsewhere. He somehow mixes them up with the example he no doubt sees at Te Rapa or wherever where there is a myriad of track and admin staff. I appreciate that the Coast probably has too many tracks and that they are too small but it is false economy to think that closing them will benefit the industry. Maybe it is time for racing that is more tiered(City/Country) but looking at Riccarton's fields for Saturday(and Te Rapa's yesterday) there does not appear to be a desperate desire for more opportunities in a metropolitan racing environment. And the complaints re the state of the facilities are generally pointed at the Metro clubs as well certainly not the country venues. Having said all that Messara makes some very valid points and the issue of NZRB and its desire to be all things to all men in terms of the codes is something that I have not considered before. Maybe it is time for the codes to take over control of their own destiny. Three separate gaming operations maybe?
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    Waikato Race 1 Today

    Sure, if this was a small country club by now we would have many calls to shut the club down because of the financial drain they are to the industry
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    Rodeo incident at Martinborough

    A bull broke it leg the other night and was euthanised. Firstly is this seriously mainstream news anyway? the worry is this same group are targeting Dogs/Jumps Racing & if they ever get successful here then the target changes. Have a read of some of the posts in the comments section, its scary how some of these people think. Below is my post that so far hasn't made it past moderation (I wonder why). https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/101155386/bull-breaks-leg-before-being-euthanised-in-appalling-incident-at-martinborough-rodeo In NZ today (like most Western societies) there is a very small but very vocal anti everything group whose sole response to any challenges is to ban or remove it. This group has strong access to the media & are over represented in social media as well, for the 2-3% of the population they comprise. Moderate mainstream NZ constantly having this rammed down their throats follows the principle of hearing something long enough it becomes reality. The silent majority are intelligent & objective enough to resist this constant tirade of propaganda. This group is anti everything to do with animals for entertainment (& consumption), the reality is: Animals get hurt in there natural environments & on farm everyday, calls for banning because its animal cruelty & abuse is absurd. In the vast majority of cases people working with animals for entertainment or a living, respect, love and care for them far greater than society does. Logic evades these naysayers who wish to restrict,ban, remove anything they don't agree with because of a freak accident. As we become a more unbanised population we get further away from life in a rural environment & the reality & frequency of animal injury and death Perhaps if this group focused more on researching many of the imported meat alternative food products they consume and the environmental destruction around the world as a result of them then they would be free to throw stones.
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    Nina Hope

    Ben Hope Rulz

    Firstly this is my first post on here. Ben has learnt from this drive!! He has, as he does every drive, watched the replay hundreds of times and discussed with us in detail what he did wrong, and what he will now do in the future. Ben does feel for the connections of Laytons Lass. Both Ben and I dont agree with the rule and Ben thinks his fine, which he is paying himself btw, should be paid to the owners of the affected horse in this situation. Ben's whole life is his driving, when he make a mistake he knows it and is the first one to admit it. He is young and learning and the only way we learn is when we make a mistake. He is hard enough on himself without the likes of Who Knows and Richie knocking him on a public forum. Before you want to knock a young kid learning in an industry he loves more than anything, just think how it affects him!!! I believe all the mistakes he could make on a racetrack would pale in compare to a grown man rubbishing a kid under a fake name on a public forum .......
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    Hi everyone, I'm sorry to have to pass on some sad news to you all. Alan (Osceola) who took part in many of these wonderful comps over many many years, I think he was in the first one ever held, and who also was an avid fan of harness in the deep south, has passed away. Some of you that I'd spoken to in the past may have known that he has had a brain tumor for some years now, which had gone into remission, but unfortunately over recent months the diagnosis wasn't good and he has been in a care home, hence his absence. A kind and lovely man. He was only 53, far too young. It shows us all that life is for living whilst we can still breathe in the air. RIP Al baby.
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    Right! That's it; surely!

    Programming is a mess. Not only the WFA 2000m races you mention, but the open staying races have been disrupted since the Auckland Cup moved and had a knock on effect on a lot of other races, similar to what happened with the Derby moving to March. In an ideal world you could work from a blank page and start from scratch with the whole programming of feature racing across the country. You need to have some sort of structure instead of races plonked through the season.
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    Hound Fan

    GAP Kennels (or lack thereof)

    Common grnz...stop being dictated to...these new rules will end up having more dogs euthanized...some of us spend dollars to save a dog after injury and now they arnt suitable for gap.......i thought you are suppose to be saving dogs ???
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    Closing down NZ tracks

    I'll say it again for the 100th time. Closing tracks isn't the answer imo , utilising your existing assets is. Someone had a great idea on here the other day about having back up venues for racing , I think thats a workable solution in the mean time if planned out correctly' The reason we've got in such a mess is because of centralisation , its responsible for the neglect of some of these smaller venues as others have pointed out. It's favoured a few at the expense of many others. Why do we want to get rid of tracks if they aren't costing the industry anything to operate? If they are providing product for the industry i.e. horse numbers, a strong volunteer base, horsemanship and expertise,an affordable option to race a thoroughbred that other venues wouldn't or currently don't offer,a home for the horses that the big players don't want, not only that they create and sustain local interest that gives racing a place in the local community that wouldn't exist without them. Despite what the masses think the smaller venues can't just be sold up and the funds shifted on to the Strategic Venues to fix the ills of the industry, like many have professed I've no faith in the leadership to do whats right with those funds anyway. Nothing will prosper without a strong base, look at Australia they have their synthetic and Strathryr tracks but they still depend a lot on the provincial areas to provide product etc for race days etc. I shudder to think what NZ racing would be like without it provincial support network, I'm only a small time participant raced a couple,breed a few,bought a couple, frequent punter, learned to ride the highs and lows of the greatest game of all ... but when you take the number of persons involved in the industry out(i.e. who wouldn't be involved if they shut down the provincial venues) who have similar involvement like myself across the country it would leave a gaping big hole! What are these Super Tracks that trainers like Sharrock speak of? Isn't there already an option for trainers to relocate to where ever they want to train from, so if a trainer thought Matamata was a better option couldn't they move there even without a Super track being put in? Why blame all the smaller venues for abandonment's when its clearly an industry wide problem: Matamata Abandoned https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/99676865/jockeys-walk-away-from-fall-free-of-injury-but-matamata-meeting-abandoned https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/90972883/matamata-race-meeting-abandoned-due-to-visibility-concerns Hastings Abandoned http://www.nzherald.co.nz/hawkes-bay-today/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503460&objectid=11515796 https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/97650432/hard-merchandize-grabs-guineas-before-hastings-meeting-abandoned Te Rapa Abandoned https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/86662364/strong-wind-gusts-force-te-rapa-race-meeting-abandonment Awapuni Abandoned https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/87681495/racing-industry-hit-again-with-abandonment-of-major-awapuni-meeting New Plymouth Abandoned https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/94968095/storms-hit-races-as-abandoned-meetings-and-rescheduling-keep-officials-busy https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/70345526/opunake-cup-meeting-lost-again-as-torrential-rain-saturates-track Ellerslie Abandoned http://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=10890998 https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/100278816/two-race-meetings-abandoned-because-of-unsafe-tracks-on-new-years-day
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    No one said they didn't want to take Enzo's Lad to Wgtn rather concerns about the track were discussed EL was booked to travel a week before the race and Sam was booked before the fields were framed. As the trainer and part owner I can assure you it was on the radar before NZ Cup Week that was why we did not run in the stewards being mindful he would have to carry more weight for a Group3 win than a listed win. The result was very satisfying and rewarding Thank you
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    TOM(the other Molloy)

    Well done Pitty

    Congratulations Team Pitman. Great ride great win and great to see the big cheques heading South!
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    Woodville Gone Today

    And these people want country clubs that have been a major part of their communities for well over a hundred years to just surrender and and hand over whatever resources they have accumulated to these said fools ?
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    The Royle Family .. roll on Saturday
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    Right! That's it; surely!

    Great post We're Doomed. In recent times as a punter I have looked at a raceday and thought pass as there are only one or two races I am interested in studying and betting on. Largely due to small field sizes etc.Happened with both meetings on Waitangi Day. More to come this weekend. This is down to a variety of issues but as you correctly identify handicapping and meeting programming are perhaps the two key ones. Funnily enough they would appear to be the cheapest and easiest ones to fix as well. No capital spend. Just the right people appointed and get it sorted (and you would think looking at what happens overseas and listening to industry players gives you all the information you need to improve these areas). They are not trying to invent time travel for gods sake. These areas are entirely within their control. No need for a Govt handout, or legislation or trying to get money out of overseas betting organisations. By all means have a crack at those other things. But get our own house in order and change/improve things we control.
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    LAZ again. Wow!!

    Well they dont come much better than Lazarus"s win in last nights Hunter Cup. The race had it all and was magnificent to watch unfold. A burn off the gate and Tiger Tara headed by Shadow Sax. TT immediately pushes off the fence forcing Laz 3 wide (very similar to what Purdon did on U Machete in Perth and he got a month) Laz gets the breeze and then Soho T charges around to get the breeze with Laz in the one one. Not content with that Purdon pulls Laz out out after 600 meters and sits parked with a lap and a half to go. Second last 400 down the back in 26.8 as TT pours it on. Thought Laz may have been struggling a bit but like a true champ he grabbed the bit and was challenging hard at the turn when he hit the lead. Last half 400 in 28 so half in 54.8 and he is there to be run down but NOWAY. He holds them all at bay smashing the track MR by a full second. AND not forgetting Heaven Rocks who moved up 3 wide from the 600 and stormed home for 3rd. As Adam Hamilton, notable Aussie scribe said, Laz had no right to win the race what he had to do and he believes it is his greatest winning performance. I would probably have to agree and it must put Laz amongst the very top elite of Australasian harness horses. And as a 5 year old he just seems to be getting better. There was no walking or dictating from the breeze tonight. He did all the chasing and hard work and still lifted to win when needed. No flashy late sprints like Lord Module or Monkey King etc just pure horsepower and a complete professional racehorse. A true Champ. Well done LAZ and M Purdon. A pleasure to watch.
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    great presentation by NZB to Sir Patrick and Lady Hogan.... a great guy in the industry and a real legend of a man to spend time with...hope they both have a long and happy semi retirement...
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    Woodville Gone Today

    This meeting was traditionally held at Trentham on this Monday for as long as I can remember! I cant go back prior to the Second World War. The decision to remove it was the Dates Committee of the NZRB who think the old timers were wrong and that betting would be much improved by moving it. You see they have all sorts of “models” that they use to arrive at a decision, then they go to the clubs and say, “we are moving this date to such and such because we know best”. What they forget is that the old timers new about weather patterns, tracks that were still safe irrespective of the weather or irrigation because of positive camber etc. See what fools they are and how foolish we were to give all the authority to the young university graduates of the NZRB lead by Bankers, Postmen etc.
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    Aiden R

    You have plenty to say on your first day. Just sort your spelling, grammer and break your sentences up...those commas make it awfully hard to read.
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    BS from AS?

    Leave the guy alone he puts his thoughts and opinions out there if you don't like don't listen but please don't come in here rubbishing a decent hard working trainer...cheers.
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    TOM(the other Molloy)

    Te Aroha

    Just proves there is a place for everyone(although not sure exactly which place suits the halfwits running the industry)
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    Jacinda Ardern

    You have been reading too many NZ Heralds with all their left wing commentators. What achievements, promising to have conversations surely isn't any achievement. The backflips from Ardern should be making her giddy. Election promises are now being classed as aspirations. Before the election she was stating she would eliminate poverty now it is reduce it by 50%. Which 50% of kids are going to miss out and who's going to tell them. 100,000 affordable homes to be built in ten years. That's 833 a month, How many have been built to date. 1 billion trees, again how many have been planted. The hue and cry of the Manus Island country jumpers (they are not refugees) was simply appalling. Have they entered the mine yet? Now charter schools who have produced amazing results are to be shut down. That's really looking after the kids isn't it. Truly inspirational When is she actually going to do some work as the Prime Minister instead of cruising children schools and old folks homes, engaging in photo shoots and taking her boyfriend everywhere with her. Who gives a fark about what she is wearing and all the baby talk. The weak as piss press and commentators are nothing more than obsequious fawning lapdogs As Prime Minister she should be running the country not running around going to non-threating events where she is not held to account nor tough questions put to her and pandering to snowflakes. It's about time she fronted up and did her real job. She is avoiding that.
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    von Smallhaussen

    Nz tab

    on Monday morning, John Allen and the senior management team will have a meeting. After reading this thread they will say that about a dozen customers were not happy with our effort on Saturday. That is a very small minority of our 650,000 or so customers so we are doing a pretty good job - pats on back all round
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    Melody Belle rort ?

    Good filly this, but clearly we’ve got another rort going on, or Thickland is just incompetent again. Last year she was G3 placed early on, incredibly she got no penalty there, then she won the million dollar race, then the G1 Sires, that got her to an 85 ..... no argument there even though she’s really a net 81 so maybe 3 points shy of where she should be, but then the shenanigans start, she goes off to Brisbane and wins a decent G2 Sires Peoduce by 5 lengths, then gets beat 3 lengths in a G1.....and comes home still on an 85 rating, but with another 200 grand in the bank.!! This year she runs third in a good open handicap and gets no penalty, then beaten 3 lengths in the Railway, no penalty ( correct decision there ), and last start she wins a G3 easily, and cops a mere 3 points....so if you take her sex allowance off she’s still not even rated in the open band.....but she’s won a fucking million.... Saundry and Strickland, if you want the Racing world to stop using the words “ corrupt and incompetent “ in the same sentence as “handicapper” you need to put an end to this bullshit. It’s a rort and if you can’t see that rort you should resign because you don’t understand handicapping.
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    Robert dunn supporting the smaller clubs week In week out says it all to me, invaluable asset to harness racing in nz
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    NZ Racing is fabulously rich in horsemen, trainers, jockeys, commentators, and human resources generally,........sadly it’s impoverished when it comes to visionary leaders. That rather suggests that it’s the “system” that’s broken, the model by which we elevate people to positions of authority and the mandate they have to act when they get there. I’m wondering whether it’s time to move on from this flawed system and start putting some of our excellent horsemen back in head office, maybe the likes of Jim Gibbs and Lance O’Sullivan, wise men who’d compliment the young blades coming through, McKenzie & Fleming for example, plus a few more young “kids” because they’re the future, and some proportionate female influence.
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    Where to invest capital?

    Check numbers of horses trialing and revert with the year on year data please. My hunch is that we have enough horses to sustain current racing, but because so many members of the Racing community have been forced into a below the poverty line subsistence existence they now have to trial and sell everything to survive, and I mean everything. Once they race these horses they’re devalued enormously, unless they win of course, hence we’re seeing more trialing and less racing. Just a hunch, please prove me wrong. Meantime the Petone pies and Pinot supplier has thrived.
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    Davey Mac???

    You are right about Aaron, has got a good commentators voice but does need to call the race without the verbal diarrhoea. Punters want the placings and not the life history and theatrics that he spurts out! Canterbury is spoilt with Mark MacNamara and Matt Cross and daylight to third!
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    He just has to argue.... he has a problem with everyone who has something to say he does not agree with...and has an issue with anyone who is successful in the industry...just the way he is...but hey if i want to post something on here I will...and if it is the wrong thing then nobody to blame but me...cheers.
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    People forget the Racing industry is just that,an industry. The general population think its punters in a TAB "making money". I could bore you with how much money the government make from Taxes from the hard working people in the game but i won't. But i will put a simple argument forward. Racing employs thousands and thousands of "unskilled workers". Not many of us knocked back the NASA junior Astronaut program to get a job in the stables. I think a figure of 16,000 people was mentioned once by NZTR Racing dies and you have another 16,000 people out of work. Lets say half of them find another job. You still have 8,000 people out of work. Thankfully this country loves paying people to sit on their arse at home. Lets say the government pay them a benefit of $600 a week.( Im not sure what they pay as i've always worked) So 8,000 people on $600 a week equals (if i paid enough attention in maths at school) $4.8 million a week!!!! $10 million sounds like alot of money but its a piss in the ocean for a government who is already planning on throwing a ton of money at "Child Poverty" Buy a few million boxes of condoms or lock up the parents who breed and then don't feed their kids. Everyone is happy to give them a handout but offended when an industry of hard workers needs a hand. Typical of the society we live in today. (The government would only be returning a slice of the tax pie racing has cooked them)
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    Winstons big announcement...

    I listened to his speech yesterday, and it was underwhelming, it was just “trust me, I’ve got this”, and of course the promise to beat up on the IRD over their interpretation of the tax write offs on breeding stock ( that was just a warm fuzzy thank you for the breeders ). However, in his defense, WP and or Labour owe Racing nothing other than to make the code knock itself into shape, so we should’ve had low expectations. We have the real estate assets, we have cash at the club level, collectively we can change this code if we want to, but the problem is we don’t have a strategy plan to do it. Someone needs to gather twenty key players for a weekend, identify where we want to go, what shape we want to be in in ten years, write a seminal document, set some goals, and give the industry some targets, something we can aspire to to make Racing better.
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    Winstons big announcement...

    There are some real wankers in this world - especially the ones that voted for NZF and the ones that think that WP is the Racing Industry saviour. The hero folk are those that voted him out of office in his electorate - they must feel betrayed now that he slunk his way into the DP's chair.
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    Winstons big announcement...

    Thats shocking.
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    Choosing A Yearling

    Hi i am Exquisite Jewels very proud joint owner /buyer. Unfortunately she injured her tendon again after 13months rehab and had returned to trentham for one race. She is too valuable - 8 carat family to risk again racing. She has now tested in foal positive to stallion Power!! I am excited beyond belief. I rushed up to buy Game Duchess when put up for sale and she was withdrawn- rest is history. I am going to this years select sale to look only......yeah right.. good luck to all. Game Duchess has a yearling in book 1 be interesting to see what it goes for.
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    Woodville Gone Today

    I agree with what you say TT We have raced for decades without irrigation and produced absolute champions , Watched an interview with Michael Pitman and Andre Neil where Andre asked Pity what was the biggest problem with NZ racing He immediately said irrigation of tracks! the systems used for irrigation had stuffed most of the major tracks , they now have no root system , the roots go along the top of the ground rather than downwards looking for water which causes a hard pan which the roots sit on . Irrigation is so inconsistent with the natural drainage of tracks making water run to the inside , water sprays overlap so you get so many inconsistent areas which has got to be dangerous Surely? All this creates biased tracks , Creating tracks that punters are reluctant to bet on I remember a quote from Waterhouse "Our worst Sydney track for bias was Gosford. The course curator was sacked and God was placed in charge. Within a short period the track was perfect. God was free." Woodville is probably a very good track but the whole area has been in a drought and then to cop some rain on the day is unfortunate. I would say Awapuni has got a few more issues than Woodville! and Otaki flies to bits at the drop of a hat .
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    Very sad news, Alan gave me well wishes to my boy Charlie when he was very i'll in starship a year or so ago..(similar medical condition). Charlie will fight on with every angel looking over him, rest in peace brother Al.
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    Oh shit. Allan won the first Harness comp of Bruce's I was in. An astute harness picker, and always seemed a gentleman going by his measured posts. At 65 I count my blessings for everyday of life. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Go well Allan.
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    Woodville Gone Today

    Good 2 . Shower of rain at 8a.m. End of the penny section. NZ Racing is at top of the podium for the most dysfunctional racing jurisdiction in the world. Our failed stallions sometimes end up in places like Turkey or the Chatham Islands. Pity our administrators don’t finish up their as well.
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    Aiden R

    Brett The unwritten rule of Cafe is that you write within your verifiable experience and or intellectual range. On that basis you’ll be assessed by the committee, and categorized. Based on your recent outbursts we’ve popped you in the “wanker” box, just wanker, but in very real danger of being transferred to “right fucking wanker”. Now being a wanker is ok, you’re not alone in that box, in fact half of Rangiora and two thirds of Petone will be there with you if you reach out to them ( be careful reaching out in the dark to strangers, I presume the teachers told you about “stranger danger” during the two years, one month and four days, you were at school ). Anyway back to you Brett, the rule here is that we find wankers to be very busy people, especially new wankers, and we encourage new wankers to work day on, day off, because too much wanking makes you blind. Your wanking on also makes the older intolerant members quite niggly, and I don’t think you want that. Can we please thus agree that you’ll now take the odd day off, and I’ll mesage you Fred Hollows number soon.
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    TOM(the other Molloy)

    Aiden R

    Give those presenters a break you lot. Jayne Ivil copped a ton of flack here yet is now an star in Victoria and as for critizing their selections well I consider those people to be no more knowledgeable than I am myself so never listen(not hat I claim to be any sort of judge just a mug like everyone else). Dufficy doesn't tip the card every week as far as I know even though he is entertaining. As for the Fahey girl's clothing down south well it looked perfectly acceptable to me. Anyone with wives and daughters who like dress shops would be totally accustomed to that type of gear. NZ racing has a bloody sight bigger problem than who the Trackside presenters are and what they say. Liz Whelan is a loss however
  46. 7 points
    La Zip

    Sobering Figures

    Nailed it Jess...a small cartel here and its going to come round and bite them on the bum....the ancillary costs associated with breeding a mare cannot be justified. I was charged $90 for a vacc (not including administering the vacc - that's additional) that I can buy in Australia with delivery to my front door for $29 - exactly the same brand/product. And yet the workers here are paid way less than their contemporaries in Oz. I guess many of the studs are lucky there is an abundance of young Irish folk that are very happy to work here for the experience (not so much the work experience but life experience) as a great deal of skilled Kiwis have made the decision to move on or move away. I have a lovely young, well related mare by a stallion who is proving to be a wonderful broodmare sire. She has produced 2 lovely fillies by respectable stallions, but she is not proven as yet. I tried to negotiate a fee, which I thought was more than reasonable, for a 2nd tier stallion at a major Waikato Stud...the cross was perfect...but no, they wanted more $...as if the stallion would have had a full book. I did emphasise I'm breeding to race....so I selected another stallion based at another leading stud, similar style of horse, cross is really interesting and the Stud offered a great deal for not only the fee, but for the agistment. Couldn't fault anything, mare arrived home in lovely condition, good early service and what I was liked most, the Stud was extremely enthusiastic about the mating. So there you go....2 leading studs, 2 different approaches. I know who I will be supporting in the future.
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    Stirrups too short?! Tongue in Cheek!

    Tongue in cheek? Maybe in this example but maybe not so much. I’ve driven draught horse, ridden show ponies, hunters, gallopers and in point-to-points and don’t in any way consider myself a world authority but I’ve watched this scenario for some time and like others am increasingly frustrated by postponements and abandoned meetings for seemingly trivial reasons in some cases. Yes, I know all about safety first but while racehorses travel at speed there is no more danger there than kids from 5 or 6 years of age riding showjumpers jumping maybe 100 hurdles in a day in a restricted arena and against the clock, or ODE cross-country courses which are never abandoned regardless of the weather. So ! 40-50 years ago it was rare to find a jockey who stood over 5Ft 3 ins. Nowadays it’s rare to find one under that and some are getting up around the 5’9” – 5’10” mark. Therefore they are naturally heavier than their former counterparts. Coupled with the fact that they ride much shorter and on tippy-toes their centre of gravity is much higher than yesteryear which must effect their balance, especially in a split-second situation of a horse slipping. One of the first things we ever learnt on horseback was gripping with your knees. We rode bareback for years before we were considered competent enough to ride in a saddle. We then had pennies under our knees to ensure gripping with the knees was the most important thing in riding for obvious reasons. Not one jockey grips with their knees these days. In fact, because they are heavier their saddles are little more than a sliver of cardboard and their knees never even touch the saddle pads. This brings me to “hands and heels”. No such thing as a jockey kicking their mount these days. You simply cannot kick with your heels or move your lower leg unless your knees are fixed and this never happens. Sometimes heels move slightly but, as they ride so high, they do little more than rub against the girth or number cloth. Then we have this tippy-toe thing. Don’t tell me this was instigated as a safety measure because that’s B/S. Put your feet right home, grip with your knees, kick the horse and ride him out to the finish. This round-arm whip action isn’t helping the balance of a horse one bit. I think Terry Mosely is the only one I see these days riding with his feet right home. Maybe CJ some times. Look back at pre-2000 videos and see Peake, Andrews, Skeltons, Hughes and Mudford hunker down and drive to the finish in true hands and heels fashion. I’m not saying todays jockeys aren’t good judges of pace and can feel how much a horse has under them, I’m saying that these postponements are not all down to poor track management. I believe ‘over-reaction’ is a factor also. In every aspect of life today, everyone is responsible but no-one is accountable. If jockeys were better ‘riders’ the odd slip by a horse wouldn’t have such far-reaching connotations. I think the industry is sadly getting soft. This is just MHO. Just as an aside I seem to recall a pic in the old Hoofbeats magazine of Ngati and Steven Proud probably about 15 or 16 year old apprentices. The caption referred to Ngati being, in today’s terms, about 35kgs wringing wet and his boss had to carry his saddle and lead bag because he could barely manage it making minimum weight which was probably about 48kgs at the time. Many may ask “what the hell is a leadbag?” Those were the days.
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    But seriously, does anyone think like me that the standard of tipping in PJ Super Comps is getting better year-by-year.Here is a 6th v 8th matchup featuring players the calibre of John, Steve P, Gordy, Casper, Catalano and others, players who have regularly graced Grand Finals and won Grand Finals. You'd think looking at the lineups that this is a Grand Final match, not a 6th placed team v 8th placed team match.
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    Karaka tv coverage

    Great to see a lot of the top lots either staying in NZ or bought by NZ trainers or Bloodstock agents. Te Akau has bought some outstanding lots as has Trent Busuttin and Paul Moroney.Wish them all well with them. And what a great interview Peter Moody did with Sir Patrick.... need more like it.
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    Closing down NZ tracks

    They have had plenty of years to do lots of things to stop NZ clients departing to greener pastures. The outcome is obvious to everyone bar them. They have absolutely no idea about innovation and are reluctant copiers. The only thing they ,as in NZRB, are outstanding at is paying over the top salaries to people who have little or no knowledge of racing/gambling.