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    TrotTech HRNZ

    Hi Rangi First of all thanks for your comments re the Trottech selections. i agree with you a rough day at Rangiora yesterday but it sounds as though you had a good go on Light Year Franco so well done. The tips for Saturday’s Addington Meeting were and still are on the HRNZ website - on race day you can find the Trottech information either on the home page banner or in the “News” section. Remember to hit “Latest News” and you will be able to scroll down and find the articles involving this information. Note: We are working on a punting section on the website that will make this information easier for you to find. We had quite a handy day on Saturday so it’s a shame you missed the post - Best Bets: Race 3 Tennyson Bromac - $3.10 & $1.50 (better odds available on Fixed odds) and Race 8 Cullens Joy - $4.50 & $1.90 (better odds available via fixed odds) both saluted the judge. Our value eachway bet - King Of Heroes placed 5th but went quite good i thought and isn’t far away from picking up a maiden victory. While our early quaddie selections came up short in the last leg - our suggested late quaddie did come in. If you had taken that suggested bet for $1 unit your total cost would have been $128 - your return was $1,130.30. Hopefully you had a bet at Invercargill on Saturday where our two bet bests - Fun In The Dark ($2.90) & James Butt ($3.40) saluted the judge, our value best bet didn’t end up paying much but is also saluted - Cast A Shadow - $3.60/$1.70 - Our Suggested late quaddie also made a tidy profit at this meeting. A bit about myself - I’ve been involved in in the Harness industry since i was a kid (some would still label me a kid at 22) - as a kid i used to go to meetings with my late granddad to either see the top class horses or support my uncles runners or horses my parents owned shares in. The horse Totally Different was one of the first my mum owned a share in - aswell as my family members having White Arrow(NZ Cup runner), Reklaws Chance and now enjoying the ride with Chase Auckland. i soon caught the racing bug and ever since my life’s been racing racing racing. In face at school when we used to do speech’s i would struggle. It wasn’t until i started doing them about Harness Racing that i was able to stand up and produce a full speech - a teacher actually had to stop me one time as i had gone way over the allocated time. During school i helped out at a range of stables and race nights - but a passion of mine was always race day form and tipping. i put it aside and decided to have a crack at driving and training and started my career with Peter Robertson at Templeton before heading to David Aiken in Melbourne - returning from Australia i’ve had multiple stints with Robert & John Dunn at Woodend - a 8 month stint with Brent White in Temuka and am currently training two horses (Black Art - going well & Tribeca - headache horse, has ability but not showing it on race day). I’m enjoying the challenge that comes with the Trottech role and the up and downs of tipping. (I’d love to tip 10/10 every meeting - but if i could do that i’d probably have a relaxed professional punter lifestyle like “Brodie” does - LOL Feel free to message me on Facebook/chat to me at the races/email me to voice your opinions on anything you’d like to see Trottech do - or anything you think we could add in/improve as i’m certainly not saying it’s perfect but i’d love to grow the readership and add in more information that every punter wants and needs to make some $$. Thanks very much Andrew Fitzgerald
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    Take a bow...Aaron Kuru

    We bred and raced this horse on the flat, and have reatined part ownership of this horse to go on as a jumper with Mark Oulaghan. I can assure you there is no trick photography here, this actually happened and it was probably the most exciting moment we have had! Unbelieveable effort by Aaron and the horse to pick themselves back up and get up to win. We will never see this again. Lets hope he goes on to be a top chaser! The horse and rider are 100% this morning.
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    Winston in free fall ?

    A better question might be what has the racing industry done for racing in the last 20 years?
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    La Zip

    Training costs AU

    no change from $120 Puha......most of the 'top' charge about 130-150. However, and it's a huge however, running costs can be much cheaper than NZ.......raceday is a no brainer, if your horse is up to city class, the starters incentive can be 2K paid back to 10th...plus an incentive fee of 200 bucks, so, you will end up in front even if down the track......in NZ we were slugged close to 700 bucks just to trial ,[Otaki to Waverley] after the floating and ancillary costs.....our friends here kacked themselves laughing when we showed them.......that sort of thing will eventually kill of the owner over there.....instead of incentivising they are being spurned.......anyway I'm wasting electricity as it falls on deaf ears....John Messara will address it no doubt, as should the absolutely useless trainers association who have been silent for so long and now are squealing like a trapped mouse....
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    My impeccable sources tell me Whiskey is about to deliver. The NZRB is going to be sacked, one member stays on, don’t want to name him just yet, Glenda goes, not sure about JA, and then Whiskey is announcing that despite claims to the contrary he has in fact negotiated a deal in the coalition to build two multi purpose AW tracks. Fuck me...this is sensational news, pass me that big slice of humble pie someone, I’ve got some eating to do
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    Pam Robson

    Dumbest racing rule in the world...

    Exactly. I had a smart filly in the 1000 Guineas, MJW led up on the Vela filly Insouciant; he eased and stacked the field so sharply that two horses fell - mine being one. She fractured a hock in the fall, not sure about the other filly but both were ruined...and nothing was ever said or done about it. At least action was taken in this case, as it should have been.
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    Take a bow...Aaron Kuru

    Aaron Kuru and Des De Jeu.....it falls in the run, well on landing, he goes over the side but slides along with it, scrambles back on from the off side as it gets back on its feet, then goes on to win. That'll go global for sure. Legend.
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    Take a bow...Aaron Kuru

    Ken Browne just raised his glass !!
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    Take a bow...Aaron Kuru

    Unbelievable horsemanship from AK in Race 1......staying on was one thing, but winning.......incredible.....
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    La Zip

    Interesting Messara report

    Why pre-judge John? He didn't get to where he is by fluke, if there were people like John in NZ then it wouldn't be where it is now, the conveyor belt of inadequacy in racing management knows no bounds. I think this will be NZ's last chance, you either grab it, or embrace it, your choice...or ignore John's recommendations and watch what happens. I may be wrong, I think NZ Racing is well worth saving, it used to be magic, once.......it can be again, but only with visionaries, and realists. Fingers crossed.
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    Memories , memories . Loving reading the above posts , never missed a raceday at Trentham thru the seventies , even midweek in July when i was still at college . Would get buses then trains if me or mate couldn't convince a parent to take us over from Titahi Bay . Three days of absolute bog racing most of the time with 9 race cards and mostly full fields with heaps of jumping races . You couldn,t move in the public stand , if it was raining you would struggle to get a seat or keep it if you went to bet or toilet . When i talk to younger racing enthusiasts (jocks , track riders or young stable staff and trainers ) about what racing used to be like and about how Trentham in July used to be 3 days and horses would race all 3 days and win they honestly think i'm bullshitting . Remember plenty of great wet trackers racing there , Greek Meer definatly was one but one of my all time fav's was Rising Damp . But i'm getting all misty eyed now , oh the great old days , we will never see the likes again .
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    All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    You are on drugs you think 2nd rate horses... with the greatest respect to them..is better than seeing the best of the best showcased...you got to be kidding. Love them or hate them the All Stars are the best and deserve everything they get as they are the pinnacle of the harness sport..... everyone should be applauding them not trying to rubbish them.JMO
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    Avondale is a great track, as a Racing surface, but unfortunately the club is a bit of a lone wolf, they seem to feel as though they’ve been historically marginalised and consequently they’ve got a chip on their shoulders and they’re not team players, in the sense of being a part of the city’s three clubs, clubs that should really be managed by one single admin team for the good of the industry. In an ideal world ( from an Auckland perspective ) Ellerslie would put in a Strathayr ( rather than this bound to fail lateral drain thing they’re doing ) Counties would cash their track up and build a new modern relevant facility on the black sand strip between Port Waikato and Karioitahi Beach, and Avondale would be the mid week option for the city, with the odd feature Saturday. I can’t see any of the above happening though because we don’t really have an appetite for unity here in AK and there’s no real leadership from NZTR on the matter.
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    TrotTech HRNZ

    Piss poor effort tonight had a go at the first quad at Alex park , coupled up Andrews first four picks and only got a percentage of three and a half grand.very disappointed the second horse didn't get up as it would have been thirteen and a half. Well Dunn Harry Potter.
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    Just goes to show what a professional outfit they run. They leave nothing to chance in the run up to the biggest day of the year. All the AS conspiracy theorists of which there are many will be wrong again
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    I think you're missing the point of the Online Auction, most of the stock is sold like the May Sale , It's very well operated and there are some well priced horses available. I think the most important thing about these online auctions is that the horses are potentially going somewhere where they are being given an opportunity to be a race horse or a broodmare instead of sitting in a paddock or worse. There has been a number of winners come out of the sales and its great to see. One thing it does do though is make you think why would you pay stallion fees when you see the price some of these go for.
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    When the front runner eases the pace abruptly a chain reaction can occur in a race. Worse case scenario is that a horse can be galloped on from behind and have a tendon severed or badly injured. Sometimes these injuries can be career threatening. Just another viewpoint but it can be heart breaking to lose a horse in this situation.
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    TAB......... Please explain

    You can't think of a $7 percentage quaddie as a $7 bet, because it's not one bet. It's 120 individual bets, some with a stake of $0.05 and some with a stake of $0.06. So, "I had a $7 bet and had the winner in the first leg, some other people didn't have the winner, therefore I should get my $7 back plus a share of the money from the people who didn't have the winner" is faulty thinking. While you had the first leg winner on some of your tickets, you also had first leg losers on most of your tickets. In reality, you had 12 winning $0.05 bets, each of which paid out $0.35. You also had 108 losing $0.05 & $0.06 bets, which paid out nothing.
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    They should be running R60 races for 1 win horses instead of them competing against 5 win horses who have dropped back in the grades and then get an apprentice up. Very unfair and it happens all the time & looks deliberate in cases. This is why there is congestion and it the 1 win horses who cannot get a start and get put into emergency B! B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 & so on until their owners get sick of paying bills for nothing angive the game away. Why can’t the handicappers see this glaring fact? This is where we haemorrhage horses and disillusioned owners from and meantime the higher grades race with minimal fields and make money.
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    Can't be better than this

    Michael Wallace take a very big bow. That is history defining and that a New Zealander has cracked it to that extent is something else.
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    This photo is in Tony Hilton's Book The Wellington Club - A Centennial History. July 1956. .
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    All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    All Stars have set a new stakes winning record in New Zealand this season after its glory day at the Harness Jewels. Stakes won here are $4.4m which eclipsed the previous record of $4.2m won in 2014-2015 the first year of Natalie and Mark's training partnership. Great for the game and more to come before season's end but mostly in Ozzie.
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    The Diceman Cometh

    Matt Anderson

    Yes, yes Tim, he is no doubt a lovely young hard working boy, apple of his family's eye, wonderfully generous of soul, destined for a brilliant career, asset to the industry, etc, etc, etc.......... But that does not alter the fact that I missed out on a FARKING nice collect because young Prick of a Pimply faced Matt, FARKING dragged my sole selection back off the gate .....to FARKING LAST, of all FARKING places, when the racing pattern of the day was to be on the FARKING pace, for Christ FARKING SAKE, and sat there like a FARKING stuffed muffin, and then picked the fattest FARKING mule in the race to follow while it made the shortest burst in equine history to improve, before steering right to FARKING outside fence of the FARKING track, so wide was he in fact, I noticed he grabbed a packet of FARKING TALLEYS frozen peas from the production line down the back straight.......the FARKING IDJIT...................and still those lazy FARKING stripes, didn't bother to ask what the FARK was going on in that brilliant young mind of the hard working young pilot.....MATT the PRAT. Now Tim, it's just as well I don't hold a punting grudge for longer than 48 hours, because if this FARKING excuse of an equine animal just happens to run a FARKING drum tomorrow, I may not drive to the airport, board a flight to FARKING Tasmanman country, hire a car and navigate my way to the track, and locate young MATT the Prat. I would cover his lovely young head in Vaseline, and then proceed to insert it right up the FARKING ARSE OF THAT FARKING DIRTY FARKING EXCUSE OF AN FARKING EQUINE.........no hard FARKING feelings intended of course. Take a deep breath ........remember the Punters Mantra....... "And in my hour of loosing darkness, Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom Let it be Let it be, let it be Let it be, let it be you loser Let it be There will be an answer, there is another FARKING Raceday tomorrow LET IT FARKING BE" Nurse, more medication please.........NURSE, where the FARK ARE YOU?
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    All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    I bet the helpline was busy Sat night with Brodie, FlagshipUberalles, Hunter the Punter and all other All-Stars haters ringing.
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    All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    On a brighter note I see that Shez All Rock is staying with Mark and Nats. The haters won't like this but I think it is wonderful news. Go the Allstars
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    Isn't it funny when the news came out it was all over the front page of Stuff as a scandal but when it is all resolved and nothing bad happened they don't even bother to cover it...pretty piss poor. The All Stars did everything right..and should be commended for their actions.
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    Unsure of their issue here.

    If you have 8 horses off the front and 5 off the back, you have a 38% chance of drawing the second row. All Stars runners have a 38% of drawing the second row, just like everyone else. All Stars have 21 runners. 38% of 21 is 8. Exactly the number of second row draws they received. Nothing unlucky about it at all. Just simple maths, and the law of averages.
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    Did they stop off for hydration from a trough in Matamata?
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    This is why we are buggered

    So its 15.26%.....down from 22.84%. We could have held an Everest but we didn't. Speaking of things that need to be watched....today's episode of Bred to Win at 2.30pm. The rest of the World is talking about marketing the horse where our marketing team are marketing betting. Any relatively intelligent person would realise that the horse comes first...especially when it finishes racing.
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    Hi everyone I know this is the Thoroughbred forum but we are going to do something different this coming weekend. We are going to have a Crown Jewels comp here next weekend on Harness racings biggest day of the year.I hope everyone gets behind it for a bit of fun, there will be big prizes up for grabs also. To make it easy to score --- you pick one horse per race which has a fictitious $1 to win on it at tote odds, not F/O To add some spice you will need to pick the Quinella in Race 4 on top of your single race selection, so select a 2nd horse and the Trifecta in Race 9 on top of you single race selection so select two further horses. Trifecta can be in any order as long as you have the three correct numbers. In Race 4 and Race 9 the quinella and trifecta races your first number written down will be your win bet selection. Should keep it interesting right up to the final race.....and give even the back markers a chance of pulling of a win. Entries submitted like this R 1 No 3 R 2 No 7 R 4 No,1,2 Quinella Race 9 No 3,4,5, trifecta Enjoy the fun lets show the harness forum we can tip winners in their neck of the woods as well. I will try to get the fields posted here so everyone can view them to ...so we can all do some studying up on the form. $400.00 prize thanks to $250.00 from Yir Tiz who is off the scene at the moment recovering from surgery and $150.00 from me. First prize $250.00 2nd prize $150.00 3rd prize $50.00 Entries Close 10AM Saturday 2nd June. Scratchings go on to Favorite. Cheers Scooby.
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    Hayden Sefonte

    TrotTech HRNZ

    Must go down as the most respectful reply ever seen on this website.
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    Waikato trainers Ruakaka/Hastings

    Hastings for me. Travel cost maybe a bit more but no Auckland traffic to navigate & no sand kick back. More midweek winter racing at Taupo would be a good option too IMO.
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    Counties Abandoned

    Shame it only suits the locals .Shithouse location unfortunately.
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    Trainers UDR

    If they recognise they are slow ones they shouldn't be bleeding the bill-payers by keeping them in work but rather go and buy a hamburger bar. An old saying -there's no hope for the hopeless. Training daily fees should include a profit margin, I accept that, but look at some of the stakes some stables are earning then take the trainers % and many are making sweet FA so why are they still in business? At least the trainer gets a % of the gross stake earning. The owner then has all the expenses deducted from his. It's a hard game but while a "licence" says you are officially a trainer it doesn't make you a professional or a businessman.
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    We need Desmond Morris to do a research paper on the type of person who votes for and or supports NZF Clearly ( using 6xes ) as an example were not looking at the deep end of the gene pool here, and one would hope this type of voter wouldn’t currently be breeding ( humans that is ). I note too that according to impeccable sources the pickled poli Whiskey Peters didn’t even write that budget statement, instead he plagiarised it from a submission made to the courts in a case brought by the IRD against a high profile syndicator. That explains the curious vernacular used to describe the qualifying criteria for yearling purchases. I’d also like to give that million a year tax write down opportunity some perspective. Grant Robertson found 24 billion in extra funding for his budget, that’s 24 billion dollars, the well soaked demented old fool found 4 million, but he didn’t really find anything, he just tweaked the existing interpretation of the law. Does anyone still believe in him, and does anyone still believe Messara is likely to be effective ? Wake up please, this is the real world calling !!!
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    tim vince

    Tayla Wenn

    Great girl.partner of jac MacKinnon.risk their lives every day.us punters should never forget that.not much danger sitting in an armchair watching trackside.get bagged mercilessly especially now we have social media.walk in their shoes.
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    silly comments man

    I'm a big fan of his and think that he does a great job, across multiple platforms; tv, print and social media. He's extremely knowledgeable with harness racing, can string a few sentences together and not afraid to at least ask a few "tougher" questions or provide an alternative point of view. Over 35,000 followers on twitter proves he has a following, so he must have a few clues. Plus a lot of the major racing media outlets in Australia utilize his services frequently as they value his input. If he decided one day to leave the industry he would be missed. Left a massive hole when he departed Trackside a few years back. Sometimes you don't know what you've got until it's gone.
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    tim vince

    Matt and jack.

    Wahoo Matt first win.jack Harrington Matt Anderson the rising young guns who don't mind putting their balls on the line.help themselves.hard workers done the yards.need a few more.
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    All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    Which AllStars story Scoob? the one about AllStars bein the most successful stable since, since, well forever or the one about them havin the most wins, or the one about them toppin the premiership, just bein simply too bloody good for words , I know, the one about them constantly turnin out champion horses, then there's the one about how 'lucky' AllStars are to have really great owners who trust and appreciate that they know what they are doin, and know they will above all get results!!!......bugga those others they aint no great loss in here, and who really cares what they have to say let alone outside here, that's right......no one! Cheers Iraklis
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    Hey Gom. Just looking at comments that have been made and not necessarily by you. I'm not making a case for either side. I re-read the published appeal decision last night. There were a number of admissions made by DS. In your last sentence, you say 'bet he never envisaged it would be him having to get rid of all his dogs." The disqualification rules are quite clear in that regard. You cannot own, race, train, or breed a registered grey for the duration of your disqualification. That rule has stood for some time now. As a license holder, you are prohibited from associating with a disqualified person. However, the dogs were permitted to be transferred to a family member which meant any income earned from those dogs post DQ went back to that relationship. The RIU has no powers to force anyone from a property, only the police can do that. There had to be some type of agreement between the current property owner and those who issue the new training license in order for the dogs to be trained from that property. The property owner had the right to tenant the property as he/she wished, he or she would have to agree to any proposal put forward, and I assume that is what happened. As no licensed trainer resided at the property prior to the DQ taking effect, a new trainer would have to be found. For the property to be re-licensed restrictions may have been imposed and agreed to. Remember, the dogs could have gone to other properties to be trained by one or more new trainers. All details should have been sorted during the extension period to ensure a smooth transition. That appears not to have happened. The trainer engaged has now departed. GOM to my knowledge, a person who has been warned off cannot live on a property that is registered for the purposes of training or breeding registered greyhounds. As always I base my opinion and it is just my opinion, on the rules that currently exist and the published JCA transcript. I may or may not renew my license come July, currently in two minds. If I do, I will sign the declaration accepting the T's and C's. If I do, I will be locked into abiding by the rules as set out. Had we not signed away all of our rights, maybe we would have some power to correct any possible injustices that may exist. But that's a whole new thread.
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    Thanks for the comments... yes I did make a mistake in adding Petes and a few others scores I only gave them double points not triple. I will be the first to admit I had a bad day... but its all sorted out in the end... and i hope everyone appreciates the time and effort put in to running these comps for your enjoyment... so if there are the occasional mistakes made just send me a PM and we will get it sorted.Thanks everyone for the support... all the experts elsewhere will no doubt have their say... but thats life and we will all Iive to fight another day...and we still have the best comps with the best prizes...Cheers.
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    Happy Birthday.....

    von Small Haussen ..hope you have a good weekend on the punt
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    Riccarton tomorrow-what chance?

    Thanks Rich and Col.Yea never nice having to sweat an enquiry,moreso when you have a share in one thats under protest.He's really improved in leaps and bounds,and he definitely can handle the wet tracks.Interesting to hear Paul say that he thinks in another year it will be the making of him...and he may even take in a Cups Race in November.Plenty of lows in this game,but it is good to enjoy the highs when they come along.
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    Thanks Trackside for the extensive coverage. An outstanding effort and loved the camera work. Made for a great days viewing
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    All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    Well don't watch - anyone who finds it boring should take up another hobby.
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    Yes Fartoomuch there will be some awful people on other sites who wished bad things on the All Stars camp that will have a lot of egg on their faces after this....can not believe how nasty some people can be.
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    TrotTech HRNZ

    Thanks for coming on and giving your side of the argument to...really appreciate your participation ...Scooby.
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    There’s your ultimate indictment of the bewildered and the brainless. The issues are twofold..... the most compelling of which is the congestion in the 65 grade....so what did the lobotomised morons do with that 65 grade ......absolutely far-king nothing.....
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    Baz (NZ)

    Te Rapa Gate Attendants!

    Kudos to the three gate attendants who rescued Tayla Wenn out of harms way before the start of Race 7. Brave quick thinking guys certainly prevented further injuries to young Tayla! Great job they did and do every meeting! Hopefully Tayla is O.K Baz!