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      Outage   04/11/2018

      Hi everyone sorry we had some hosting issues and had to upgrade to a bigger storage plan. As I am now managing the site and on learner plates it caused some issues. I want to thank Admin for all his help over the past years but we have decided to go our separate ways, I really appreciate all he has done for the site and the help he has given me over the past years. We will be upgrading and adding new features to the site with a new business directory, a special members only with many benefits  and many comps and prizes as we have been doing lately. We hope the new changes make the site more accessible to more, and more industry people feel able to participate in the forum in a transparent basis. There will be something for everyone we hope and look forward to seeing you all in here.Cheers.


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    The QE2 field rated ( brutally ).

    Jase said he couldn’t get her to relax and come off the bridle He thought she should’ve run third or fourth if she’d relaxed as she normally does, but we’re not unhappy It was a privilege just to have a horse good enough to run in the same race as Winx.
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    Black Kirrama

    Gloria and Bob Autridge

    Matamata's very staunch ,fun loving, family orientated Couple who do so much for so many people . Our beautiful Gloria always the rock for me since the age of 10. Her laugh. Her looks of disapproval and then her acceptance. Her Beautiful phonecalls of re assurance. Such an amazing family with Steve and Toby. Have another wonderful journey, Gloria. Rev
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    Comps yawn

    Many years ago for 3 years I put up a couple hundred bucks in prizes for a points based cup week comp involving all 3 codes over 7 days.I enjoyed it but last one I did their was an enquiry at Riccarton on the Wednesday and I posted points based on original placings,as I didn't realise their was an enquiry and we were going out for tea. When we got back from our meal I had a certain poster,no longer on site abusing the f$%@ out of me for being incompetent.Think that was last time I put my own money and effort in to running a comp. I appreciate all comps on here even the ones with no prize as the time and effort put in is very all consuming. My point is if you don't like it then don't join in,but please don't moan.
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    Yir Tiz

    ROUND2/3 $500 VOUCHER Competition

    Bad luck Sandpiper!.....oh well upward and onward to next Saturday where $500 betting voucher has to go to someone/s. Thanks for all the entries and the support for this comp.
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    The Crucible

    Comps yawn

    Yep I'm not sure how he knows Pete - he only reads this forum. Only P4P can bring the entertainment. Can't fathom how PJ can get 40 or 50 people coming back each time for such a dry and boring competition.
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    I'd say his day starts something like this...? Diary: 8:30am Woke to alarm, I set it to play ‘Agadoo’ because I do enjoy an upbeat tune to start the day. 8:40am Boiled eggs and toast soldiers with a cup of english breakfast tea sets me up perfectly for a big day! Always eat nude because we don't want to have to iron a new shirt if there's spillage - that sort of thinking is why I get paid the big bucks. 9:00am I do struggle with these early starts (note to self, meeting to discuss working from home). Trousers, underpants, shoes, socks – take off underpants, trousers and shoes, start again. Underpants, trousers, socks, shoes – why is this so difficult to remember? 10:00am Arrive early to the office and conduct daily thought exercise – today I ask myself ‘if I was in charge of starting racing on the Moon, where would I start?’ – nice one Bernard! Obviously we would have to start with infrastructure, so we would need a head office close to the spaceport, staff cafeteria (with good sausage rolls), break-out rooms, diversity training (tick!), staffing hmmm a few hundred at least, there’s something I’m missing… racing, racing, racing … nope I think that covers it. 10:30am Mind ready. Let’s do this!
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    Punters Club 16

    YOU BEAUTY TILLY Pretty sure Nek will need security to get him off the track as I am pretty sure Team Tyler got plenty $19s into $6.50. so another $1235 for the club sun is shining and we are winning its a great day
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    Yir Tiz

    NEW Competition & Cash Prize

    Sorry to burst your little alien green bubble Hesi but the format is actually nothing to do with previous comments. I just decided to run a terminating comp because as you know I stated I had $500.00 to offer up and decided to put my money where my mouth was. So can we please just let this thread/comp run along so contributors can just have some fun & friendly banter, and the chance of getting a voucher.
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    Comps yawn

    Yeah it's amazing how some of us can actually enjoy a comp without having a financial carrot. I think a certain person would get fatally exposed in one of PJs competitions.
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    YT, if you haven’t already paid out, please retain $200 for a future comp. thanks again for running a great comp.
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    Yir Tiz

    ROUND2/3 $500 VOUCHER Competition

    Admin would you kindly pin this please. OK its round 2 this week, and if not struck it has to terminate next week. As I stated after the last weeks effort I have changed the original plan slightly and this week there are 3 NZ races and 1 OZ. Also any scratchings after posting you will go numerically to the next runner, thanks and good luck. Entries CLOSE at 2pm Saturday Riccarton- Race 6 One runner to PLACE Te Aroha- Race 7 One runner to PLACE Te Aroha Race 8 One runner to WIN Sydders -Race 7 One runner to WIN.
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    Chris Wood

    Easter Monday Rotorua

    Messing with tradition hasnt really worked here in NZ. Possibly the Derby is the only race that this has helped, a bit more time for these horses to mature to cope with the 2400m.
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    Comps yawn

    woooo I go away for a day and this ... Really everyone? really? All because we have a few comps going on here that members of RC have put their money and time into and that we can choose to enter.. or not .. if we want? That deserves all this?? Do you love racing or not? That's my question... Give it a go.. all of it.. what's it costing you... a few minutes of your time.. since you are all such knowledge balls of Australasian racing .... just enjoy it ffs
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    Comps yawn

    Unbelievable. From a perfectly simple opening question this thread has degenerated into an unsightly shit fight with personal attacks, accusations and toys being thrown out of cots in all directions.......can we all calm down people, life is too short for this crap.... This site is brilliant for a whole host of reasons. And we would all be the poorer for it not being here. Let's get back to sensible discussion, the banter, the humour, the comps ( for those that want them )and the friendships.. Not too much to ask is it.....???
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    Chasing premierships

    Gruff a bit unfair on Sam’s ride on Suliman. I am the biggest shareholder in him. I was there and was totally happy with her ride. Note it was his first run for three and a half months. In all his races he steadily improves but goes through a flat patch. He is an out and out stayer so I thought his run at the 1600m distance was good. He ducked in about 100m out but the winner was going to strongly and he came up a long neck short. A big contingent of ladies have shares in him. When he came back to the birdcage Sam spent a considerable time telling these owners about the run in her usual enthusiastic and articulate manner. Most jockeys after their last ride of the day want to jump into the shower and hit the road. Not Sam. She is a total professional!
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  17. 6 points

    The Barman

    Winx was fantastic but what a great result for the O'Learys with the old boy. Just love this horse and didn't have a bean on him.
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    I get the impression that like the celebrated "Donald" Messara is going to drain the swamp on Jackson Street. But he will find that the swamp is run by determined ugly critters, and those critters will fight tooth and nail to get Messara's report ignored. Those ugly critters do little for NZ racing but they are a formidable foe. Good luck John. It is now 37 years since John tried to buy a NZ breeding outfit, but the politicians and misguided pressure groups thwarted that bid. That failed bid gave the then young Messara a great lesson in the filthy behind the scenes machinations of NZ politics.
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    Punters Club 16

    think someone is on the healthy track been a tough couple of weeks. thanks for all the well wishes
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    Does it not concern you that Messara is only a Gallops man.Also, have the Ozzies been of great assistance to NZ racing when put in postions of authority? Appointing him to do the review as well as mentioning the 2003 Racing act in the same Pres release should be sending alarm bells to both Standardbred and Greyhound codes. I'll stick my neck out now and say that in time its going to be a free for all with each code going there own way and the NZRB being downsized and not running the abysmal show they are now with their monopoly.
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    R1 - 3/5 R2 - 4/5 R3 - 2/3 bb R4 - 7/12 R5 - 1/12 R6 - 2/8 bb R7 - 2/5 R8 - 1/8 R9 - 1/3 R10 - 3/9 All the best to you Howie - very tough opponent to come up against in trying to extend the winning streak. 10 selections in common, 10 different. Only one race where we have the same two picks (funnily enough one of the biggest fields). NZ best bet race in common but I'm very keen on The Great Southern which you don't have, and different best bet in Oz - Alward is my big money bet for the day. Couldn't decide between Brave Smash and In Her Time - love the latter but the second up factor swayed me away from her - may regret that decision. In fact may regret a number of decisions - left out Jake The Muss (no run for four weeks), left out Show The World (no run for four weeks and jockey concerns), ...... Had a chuckle on the other forum when the owner was praising one of the "comps" for drawing 40 entries last week - that comp has a $500 prize. This comp gets 40 (sometimes 50) entrants week in week out and doesn't need prize money to make it great - love your work Peter J! What did the Pounder call it? Dry? Boring?
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    I wasn't casting aspersions - I agree he is. Rather I was saying I cannot recall ever seeing an established trainer line up so many horses on one day which are new to the stable.... especially when they are coming in from England, HK and the North Island
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    Yir Tiz

    NEW Competition & Cash Prize

    I thought I would have a wee bash at my own competition for those that want some interest over the next weekend/s racing. I will put up a $500.00 betting voucher as the prize Manawatu looks like it will attract some good fields so I propose a competition that starts on Saturday it may well finish on Saturday but i am willing to let it roll over for 3 weeks until we have a winner/s. This week will consist of 5 races (3 NZ & 2 OZ)and you will be required to pick The winner of 2 races A place getter in 2 races The quinella in 1 race (you will box 3 runners for this) Any scratchings after posting you will go to the next runner in the field. If no winner/s the first week the comp will be 4 (2NZ &2 OZ )races the next week 2 winners 2 Placegetters . Should a 3rd week be required it will be 5 (2NZ & 3OZ) races nominated and whoever gets the most winners and highest WIN dividend total will get the prize.
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    Comps yawn

    Blimey They seem to have quickfire comps on this forum and ones over several weeks on the other.. does it really matter? It's just a thread, and there are loads of other threads on each forum so if you don't want to enter or read it.. just don't click the thread Life is complicated enough folks without making it complicated on here Just enjoy xx and be thankful we have so much choice and yay Estijaab!
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    Comps yawn

    Let’s just enjoy any comp that is run on here.If there’s a prize good,if it’s just for bragging rights good.If it’s not your sort of comp then don’t enter,but don’t critisise,or make negative comments.Just enjoy.
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    Woohoo PJ you beauty!! I knew she'd do it!.. congratulations with Estijaab.. you got your slipper
  27. 6 points

    Comps yawn

    My position is that I only read the TB forum so if I want to promote my business to members of the TB community I like to do it here on this forum. As a willing and happy sponsor though, and I enjoy giving a little back to the industry, I am continually amazed by how ungrateful some people are on this site. It’s only a bit of fun, no one dies, who cares if it’s a bit of a shit show sometimes, the bottom line is that we give stuff away and someone wins a prize and hopefully a good night out. Is that such a bad thing ?
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    good point - we need every $ we can from sponsors - which leads me to saying I try and support sponsors where I can, especially if I have a horse in a race. Had a starter at Trentham two weeks back - Yealands wine were the sponsors. Obviously suited me to support them, but I made a point of buying a mixed dozen of their reds (including a few of the top of their range). I contacted Yealands marketing department and told them why I had purchased and thanked them for their sponsorship. Also let the Club know. And I will be doing so again as the wine is bloody good and it is disappearing fast. Gives them a tangible return, and took me all of 2 minutes to drop them a line - to which they sent a great thank you note and said they were excited about getting involved at Trentham. Just a thought which others might want to pick up on PS - the Tempranillo is great fun
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    Hi Scooby , can I post this in the main forum again please?. And could you pin it please? Thanks for support Scooby & letting us push in and go again this week!!!! Hi all, Catalano has graciously put up $200 from his win last week and we are matching it so all of you can have another comp this Saturday!!. The comp prizes will be allotted as follows. WINNER= $250.00 TAB voucher NEXT 2 HIGHEST AMOUNTS= will get a “Thanks for Coming” prize of $75.00 TAB voucher. Comp will be the same concept as last week with 6 nominated races, and entrants will choose ANY 3 for your entry. The 6 races will be 2 @ Riccarton 2 @ Pukekohe 2 @ Sydney *******There will be a twist in there like the WINX out market last week…...Will be advised on the entry thread.*********
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    Or it could be: Have you ever heard someone talk about themselves in the third person? That’s something called illeism But what do you make of a person who references himself in this unusual manner? Illeism is usually a sure sign of narcissism? When talking about their affairs with others, narcissists will rarely acknowledge error or personal shortcomings. Somehow, they’re always right and everyone else is wrong. For one thing, when speaking about themselves narcissists frequently “fish” for compliments, validation, approval, etc.. If they’re of the more “vulnerable,” neurotic variety, they get anxious and feel easily hurt or slighted if you fail to heed their invitations to stroke their ego, whereas if they’re the more “grandiose” or character disturbed type, they’ll show their disdain for you if you fail to recognize what they already know to be their greatness.
  31. 5 points
    The Brodster... no wonder you piss people off...just saying.
  32. 5 points
    Tauhei Notts

    The Totalisator Agency Board

    This morning's NZ Herald devoted 40 column centimetres to horse racing. It was all about the most famous horse race in the world with an estimated audience of 600,000, as they reported. So, think back to last Saturday when the TAB had betting on five races from Aintree. The sixth race was the Grand National. You got it! They did not offer betting on the world's most famous horse race. Somebody has to apply a blow torch to the rectal area of TAB management. This is totally unbelievable. Their argument, which is as weak as urine, will be that they had more than 24 starters. For God's sake; they have spent huge sums developing a fixed odds system that can accommodate a field size of up to 200 starters, or even more. Look at the golf betting. Okay, they could not accommodate quinella or trifecta betting with a field in excess of 24. Just go win and place. Here was a great opportunity to boost the industry's income and it was let go.
  33. 5 points
    Brown Fox

    Weekend Comp

    This will be easy.I'll just put in the ones I've backed to win.
  34. 5 points
    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm up against TC this coming week. Are you sure you got the draw right, PJ ? No loss of face for you if you got it wrong, PJ, we accept these things can happen, even to the best. Just run a simple redraw and all will be fixed, I'm thinking. I'll let my team know.
  35. 5 points

    Auckland facilities

    Would like to thank the team at Manukau for a great afternoons entertainment.The racing was good and generally clean. Lost quite a few dollars but did win a meat raffle so daughter was happy with that when we got home. I would thoroughly reccomend the experience to anyone,good facilities and close to the action
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    Smerdon Walks Away

    So nothing was said that might have messed with the defence of the cobalt in the troughs? And the valuable, highly strung derby thorougjbreds hanging out amongst his dairy cows, contained by most unsuitable single electic wire fences, rolling in cow pats, risking colic as they gorged on lush annual rye grass pasture, braving whatever the elements threw at them despite being accustomed to the luxury of a cosy stable, and having their elegant silken tails chewed by curious bovines as they napped on sunny afternoons .... THAT farm manager Robert? ....
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    How smart is your dog?

    I have a routine after I let the dogs out in the morning where I call them over from their morning talk. At first it was Chaotic with some not interested and others just looking for trouble , sort of like racecafe. Eventually I got them to all stand around while I set the days agenda. It is always amusing to me as they stand wide eyed staring at me and I wonder what they make of it all. It starts my day off with a laugh. Recently I decided to repair a part of their paddock where they had been digging holes. I told them at the next mornings meeting what I intended to do and anyone caught digging was going to forfeit their evening bickie for a month. After rotary hoeing and reseeding I was quite proud to see a good growth of young grass appear and no digging. Three nights ago I went out and there was a patch of the new grass that had been dug up. After a loud string of profanities I called all the clan over and a timid lot they all looked. I asked who was the culprit and every one of them had a guilty look to me. When no one put their paw up I suddenly noticed that the one that had the guiltiest look had dirt on her front legs. She was an old brood bitch named Abbey and the moment I fixed my eyes on her she started to slink off to her kennel (no biscuit tonight Ab). Two nights go by with no recurrence then last night I go out and another hole has been dug. After the perfunctory profanities I assembled the sorry looking clan for a front leg inspection and this time there was no one with any evidence of malicious behaviour. I was stumped. After putting them away for the night I checked that they all had fresh water for the coming day and when I got to Abbey's bowl the bottom was full of dirt.
  38. 5 points

    WINX staying in OZ

    Weasel, many years ago, some one (I don't recall who, but obviously wise) stated 'champions shouldn't be compared, merely admired'. Makes sense to me.
  39. 5 points

    Smerdon Walks Away

    STOPPPPPP IT - or I'll hunt you both down and bang your heads together!! Aaaaargh ....
  40. 5 points

    Smerdon Walks Away

    But IF he did stomach tube the horses or his staff did on his instructions is that no different than what Warner and Smith did???? He has cheated to win.... IF it is proven he should cop some punishment, not just walk away...in my opinion its not a good look.
  41. 5 points
    TOM(the other Molloy)

    WINX staying in OZ

    Big call. Tommy Smith never spared him even after he had broken down. And they didn't set the tracks up to suit him in those days either. Two unbelievable horses but Dufficy and Radley were surprised the other day when McKee effectively conceded that Winx was better than Sunline. Wonderful wonderful horses from different eras and how good is it to have lived to see them all?
  42. 5 points

    Well done Edward

    If Cubes is any good at Maths (which we aren't) , then Edward broke maiden ranks yesterday @ Wingatui in his 30th start . " Well done " said Dodecahedron , whose real first name is Edward as well . Cubity knows those feelings of countless "almost"s , but The Cubinator never quite seems to get that glorious victory to get us over the line..... don't quite seem to be in sync with the universe.....or maybe it isn't in sync with the Cubemeister..... But surely all 'Cafers should be inspired by the mighty Volksraad gelding that greeted the judge in Dunners yesterday And maybe that elusive triumph is just around the corner for all of us........
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    Yir Tiz

    Comps yawn

    FYI N1MUE, when Treasure went amiss before the Oaks Insider and I decided that since Grego was most gracious and his first concern was for the horses welfare rather than the fact his remaining chance had been scuppered....because we both believed that Treasure would have been a real chance we chose to award him $200.00 for just being a really good sport and appreciating the spirit of the whole thing. Apologies Liz as we probably would have preferred to have just kept that confidential, but now we have arses questioning our outlays...FFS really N1MUe and others. I am seriously considering setting up a very easy to win comp and first prize shall be a session of 6 colonics at Frau Brauns.
  44. 5 points

    Positives at Nelson

    Dunn, R & J should both have a ban imposed for a lengthly period. There have been numerous occassions over the past years where their names have been associated with banned substance abuse both here and Australia. It is all very well blaming others and bringing in a private investigator but guilty and only guilty can be the verdict. Do what they do in Aussie, suspension. There was even another one where a horse had two race wins taken where the Dunn name was noted in the JCA report. I say it is time to get tough and rid the industry of repeated offenders. Then and only then will a level playing field apply.
  45. 5 points
    Hard luck 'The Rubiks' ...it looked a couple of hundred metres out in the last that Sugar Bella would lengthen stride for Hesi and deny us Ad Augusta the win we were seeking and expecting. But in the end Quiista was just far too quick ! Well done team-mates Casper, Tom, Cat and in particular today Wrinkles who turned around a few misses in recent weeks to score a valuable win today seeing off a very tough opponent in Geoff. Looking generally at the Comp, special mention of TC (The Crucible) who has now gone 9 from 9. In such a tough, even, closely fought competition to go unbeaten through 9 individual matches is a phenomenal performance. You won't see TC with $1000+ scores or even 500+ scores mostly ...instead TC is a masterful exponent of match-play and no wonder was the first name picked out of the 32 names in the draft. Special mention also of Sarah, who has gone from strength-to-strength in recent comps and is one of the most difficult players to see off in head-to-heads. A tower of strength for her team 'The Dark Horses.' Heartiest congratulations PJ on your success with my Golden Slipper Best Bet, Estijaab. What a little beauty this champion is ....bounced from one of the widest gates and gave them all the chance to run her down. They couldn't ! Just too damn good. A memory for you to savour for the ages, PJ. Couldn't happen to a finer fella. Looking forward in the Super Comp, Five No Trumps have come firmly into the line of sight of us Ad Augusta in terms of a forthcoming Ad Augusta joker play. 6 wins from 100 selections is just the sort of team we want to cosy up to ! We look forward to meeting soon, FNT ! Have a good week everyone. See you next Saturday !
  46. 5 points
    Jen would be the scariest player in the Comp, in the nicest possible way of course. Scores either zero or $600+ ...and rarely anything in between. When you're drawn to play Jen you spend the week wondering which Jen is going to turn up.
  47. 5 points

    Comps yawn

    Insider and Trump have nothing to promote so I can’t see your point there. A Crafer won a $250 prize a couple of months ago, bought a couple of friends to HQ, I joined them, and we had a large night that I happily copped it for well over a thousand. That’s what you do, just as HQ gives significant amounts of money to the Sallies and City Mission each week. Not sure it matters what you think though, for reasons you are well aware of.
  48. 5 points

    Comps yawn

    In your not so humble opinion.
  49. 5 points
    Booby Bec

    Aaron White

    Are you serious buddy. His constant "all dressed up no where to go" is incredibly cringeworthy. Not to mention constant referrals about the wizard, the chief, the magic man, the iceman does very little to me. Have also noticed either horses he tips or has punted (not sure if he likes a bet) he gets wrapped up in how their performing rather than calling the race. Not an easy job im sure, just thankful we have Matt Cross, Mark Mac and Davey Mac in the south running A.White into the kitty litter!!
  50. 5 points

    KFE Steps Down Form Weigh In

    Whilst I have always thought that Weigh In was never the best suited forum for Karyn Fenton-Ellis you have to give her credit for her professional broadcasting skills over a long period of time and diversity of programmes she has been involved with. I wonder who the replacement will be and if it will become more hard hitting. It’s Been Wonderful Karyn writes: Over recent times I have been thinking about my 25 and a half years as a presenter with Trackside TV (and also with Radio Trackside for a period when it first started). We started out on the “smell of an oily rag” with a tiny team who dreamed large – George Simon, my wingman, at my side. Last week, I advised the New Zealand Racing Board’s John Allen and Andy Kydd that I did not intend to return to Trackside after the conclusion of this season of “Weigh In”. I will miss the team – the people who make the coverage happen and everyone who supports them – I will be involved in some projects from time to time but I made this decision as I know the time is right for me. This was my, and my decision alone, to step down. I remember well first going to air on my birthday 6 November 1992 together with George for the pioneering first edition of Action TV. A tiny team that had a dream as I said – and a quarter of a century on, I look at the team with huge pride and respect. That quarter of a century is almost half of my adult life and has been filled with the joy of friendship, the sense of challenge and the drive to always perfect the craft and art of broadcast. With a focus on professionalism and respect, preparation and a commitment to always trying to be the very best I could be. Not for myself but for the viewers and listeners who, just like me, feel deeply passionate about the industry – its progress and promotion, its wonderful history, its stories and its future. I have indeed been privileged to serve with a team of truly dedicated individuals – many behind the scenes, whose faces you will never see and whose names you may never know. They are the people who believe in what they do, who work hard under often very trying conditions, who drive and work long hours every single day of the year to bring us the best racing product they can. We should be proud of what they create. I certainly am. I feel so privileged to have been part of this team from the very beginning – they are remarkable people who deserve every accolade that comes their way. Often sadly, the flip side of being in the public eye means that you attract criticism and condemnation – that’s always difficult. Difficult when all you strive for is to do your very best because you care about the audience you serve. The barbs inflicted about everything from your lipstick to your clothes, to your hair, to parts of your personal anatomy, to your family do hurt – but they do not define what the Trackside presenters do, or who they are. I have massive and total respect for each and every one of them. I understand totally the school of thought that says “if you cannot stand the heat, withdraw from the kitchen” however as my mother always said – ‘kindness in life should be your guiding principle – that, combined with respect and loyalty’. While people may not agree with presenters, or even like them, it is the old adage ‘if you cannot say something kind, there is no need to say something cruel’ – the world has enough cruelty already. Throughout my career and my life, my mother who has just been placed in permanent dementia care has been my guiding star – and I have always believed in treating everyone with respect, care and dignity. I hope I have succeeded in this, I have always tried my very best Mum. As I watch your lifetime’s memories slip away and your knowledge of us dims, I will keep trying to make your proud of the girl you raised alone. Thank you to everyone over those years who has sent me lovely emails, messages and cards – to those who have stopped me on the street or at a race track – to share kind words and tell me about how much they enjoy our broadcast. It’s a huge change and I would not be honest if I did not say, that I feel a sense of loss of something special and valued – it is the people I will miss most. However, I know that with my other commitments to Te Akau and to the Waikato Racing Club, to my voluntary work and to my new grand daughter Lucia-Rose and my mother – the timing is right. I also wish to thank the New Zealand Racing Board for the kind words sent today, advising the team of my decision. Very humbling.