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  1. Pedigree gold IMO classic Nijinsky, rainbow quest, warning, sadler’s wells, Danehill dancer, … all gold Galileo as a sire of sires the main risk IMO. Others might be able to talk to the actual family pedigree.
  2. Think the best 2 foals from my bay mare - by a bay sire - are chestnuts and were/are group level horses. Both sold for six figures as well so others thought so as well. So I’m of the opinion that it’s a wife’s tale or in more politically correct terms now..bull$&*# also think some of iffraaj best were chestnuts - gingernuts!?
  3. Eulogy video here: ive am still breeding from the eulogy line…
  4. Agree. I’ve ‘worked’ behind and in the gates in a time where stable connections were allowed to do so at Riccarton… it looked like there was a lack of decision making and some horses given too much time, creating issues with those loaded and waiting… need more confidence and timely decision making.
  5. See Hollywood North won it’s Maiden. how did the others go?
  6. Fascinating stuff. My read is this … that is a lot of money for some very nice looking (some of them) horses who are racing at below top tier venues for some very expectant owners? Hollywood north for me.
  7. Perhaps NZTM can do a story on this and get some attention on it
  8. Interesting comment. I think it ended up in hindsight being the price paid to get the necessary experience and fitness into a horse to get to the 2000 guineas - and win. often the most educated and professional get the job done - and clearly the stable is good at that. the race is in November remember, and can take its toll on a 3yold…It’s not easy.
  9. Rip van w an amazing racehorse but from a somewhat under rated direct family in the UK. Others know more than I on that, just relaying what I was told. to my eye has some nice broodmare sire names in his pedigree. nice 2000 guineas win in a weaker year than usual.
  10. The yearling is a per Incanto full sister, not time test. Which I’m soon syndicating for racing.
  11. same type as Glinda who was quite a classic type. higher and longer than Don, don Carlo a heavy brut. I have another yearling full in the paddock - retained for racing - Photo pre Xmas. Glinda below that as a 2yold at Cambridge trials
  12. breeding GG in partnership, have a Time Test colt 1st foal, and back in foal to the same this year. nurturing is a good word…such a long (satisfying) pursuit.