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  1. In the old days a farmer would have run him with his mares up the back paddock ...
  2. No, but Luigi would love that!
  3. Hi HH88, I know you may be reluctant, given you don’t focus on broodmares, rather sire patterns...however given you have looked at Golan, how does Golan mare ‘Holly Dee’ look with Time Test. Ok if you throw me to the weeds on this request as I know how much time it takes. However She’s out of a very interesting imported family and is currently an improving eventer for my daughter - her race record is worthy, and I hold a share so a serious request. Cheers. also given there is no performance data, how do you use your approach to help pick new sires?
  4. I’m sending a Time Test filly over to Aus to race...short coupled and leggy, should be fine.
  5. Yes, one in Melbourne premier and also one in Tasmania.
  6. There are a few more now being presented in Australia, which would make up those numbers by a few. But agree that he has been under represented, especially given what he is doing in HK etc... buyers find them thou.
  7. And some of the best temperament horses I’ve had.
  8. OFFICERS (ONZM) Lisa Joy Allpress, Whanganui, for services to the racing industry. congrats to Lisa for this recognition in this year honours list.
  9. Yes I saw that too. Thanks for the kind words about Turf Fire, yes another Don Carlo would be nice. She was fast, 1.08 from memory at riccarton...yes per incanto had a lot of good mares a few years ago which in my opinion really pushed him on, especially internationally. I’d be interested in opinions of him as a broodmare sire potential. ?
  10. Popular South Canterbury horseman Michael Daly passed away on Friday afternoon just minutes before quality sprinter Don Carlo (NZ) (Per Incanto) tried to provide his former mentor with a final win at Riccarton. Daly had suffered a stroke when riding trackwork in late October with complications from the episode leading to his hospitalisation with a meningitis infection that ultimately led to his untimely death. Daly, who operated a small but competitive stable from his Timaru base, had had a number of quality horses through his hands over his twenty eight year training career including ni
  11. Sad to hear that. Condolences to the family, and thanks for training my good mare.
  12. Another good weekend for Belardo with the Riccarton welcome stakes winner.
  13. Kingshill - Per Incanto ex Turf Fire filly foal 9 days old -