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    • The gullible will never admit they’ve been suckered...for four years......and Trump is still fleecing the poor dumb bastards....😆
    • What a fucking moron you are....braindead beyond belief.....all of this Twitter troll crap is irrelevant. The election has been confirmed, it’s over. YOU AND YOUR TRUMP LOSER MATES ARE JUST THAT......LOSERS.............😆
    • The reserve the bank theory works OM, 80 per cent your stake back to fight again . Decent run for your money .
    • Dont normally agree with you Leo all the time but this is an exception. What has this to do with Harness racing? Does everyone who has some connection with the sport have their misdemeanors vilified on this site and others or is it just a few old gossips having nothing else to do but take to opportunity to run down individuals without having the personal knowledge of the full circumstances.  
    • Probably because there were mitigating circumstances that haven’t been reported, but have been factored into his sentence  Why wasn’t it considered serious enough to arrest him on the night of the assault ? Who persuaded the victim to reconsider and go to the Police later ? Was the RIU involved at all, and if so in what capacity ?  In my experience there’s always three sides to every story ... I expect the same will apply here 
    • Thanks for your reply Daveski, I think I have come across the beyer doing research. Will give it another going over. Thanks again!
    • How about them quoting any Q posts and discussing them ? Na they can't because the truth would put them all in jail Just like you ...a fake. Can't be bothered finding out. What do you think of the 2018 executive order? relevant? What about the hundreds of affidavits?  relevant? What about the servers? relevant? You said you wanted the fraud checked out? not bothered now? your fake news has convinced you he has lost? How do you catch these fraudsters in the act?  you let them certify the election? Biggest sting in history  
    • Had three breeding syndicate horses in today , Laureate later and Willpower scratched out .  No Limits looks like Lethal to have ability, he battled on OK just now  , but more grand worth of ability  or South Island lease for few mates for a bit of fun rather than mill plus breeding syndicate . 
    • This line was written especially for you Hundy; "It will be very hard for people who've convinced themselves that this is the most important fight of anyone's life to realize it's all been a lie."
    • Agree Eastwood, nah P4Pound, there's never mitigatin circumstances for what that clown did, ever! everybody has issues in their lives to deal with, but nobody in their right mind does anything like that; there are places and people out there to help one with any pressures, an stresses in life that may occur; but what he did to my mind deserves a jail sentence an I'm amazed he didn't get just that.....   Cheers Iraklis
    • And comment from the Scottsdale event.... Speakers at the event, some of the conspiracy theories' most ardent peddlers, referenced specific posts shared by the anonymous person or people behind QAnon as if they were scripture. Some told the audience that it was necessary to re-elect the President so the QAnon prediction of the arrest of people like Hillary Clinton could finally come to fruition.    QAnon had first falsely predicted Clinton's imminent arrest in 2017, and some speakers hinted at growing impatience and even perhaps skepticism about QAnon's claims and predictions.    Others, though, suggested it will all fall into place after Trump's reelection. This part was less surprising to hear. It will be very hard for people who've convinced themselves that this is the most important fight of anyone's life to realize it's all been a lie. And besides, many of the speakers had Q merchandise and books to sell.
    • If you click on the persons name & go to their profile you can send them a PM through there.
    • HI Scooby,  Has the PM system finished , I cannot seem to find it anymore . Might be my old tablet but format seems a bit different .
    • R40 trotters in a mobile against (say) R65's not really a good idea is it?                       0b 
    • Ardern pledges to care 9% more by 2030   Danyl Mclauchlan | Contributing writer Satire Some observers are questioning whether there are sufficient Facebook livestreams to support the goal, writes chief caring correspondent Danyl Mclauchlan  Jacinda Ardern has responded to a surge in house prices, concerns about carbon emissions and calls for action on child poverty by pledging to care more about these issues. The pledge comes after a week of harsh criticism and opposition attacks, and in response to them Ardern has promised to drastically raise the already high levels at which she cares. The move has delighted her supporters and international admirers, with US vice-president-elect Kamala Harris liking Ardern’s announcement on Instagram, while calls for the prime minister to receive a Nobel Peace Prize have intensified. But critics and commentators have raised doubts about the new caring, wondering whether the promised new levels of care are credible, and even questioning whether the government should solve problems in addition to caring about them. Details about the increased caring are yet to be revealed but experts predict it will be in line with the prime minister’s previous track record of looking thoughtful and sad whenever questioned about an issue in front of media, and will consist of furrowed brows, worried frowns, and empathic nodding. The furrowing, frowning and nodding, which Treasury refers to as F2N, will increase by one percentage point a year, aggregating each year to an astonishing 9% increase in Net Prime Ministerial Caring, or NPMC, by the end of the decade. Some economists and political commentators question whether these levels of care are sustainable, predicting that Ardern will risk straining her neck and run out of adorable children to do Facebook livestreams with long before she reaches her new goals, while others have suggested Ardern’s majority government should do actual things to reduce house prices and carbon emissions and improve the lives of children, a suggestion Ardern has dismissed as anti-caring. ‘This will be the kind and compassionate caring that New Zealanders expect from their government,” a statement from Ardern’s office read. “As prime minister for all New Zealanders I will put caring at the heart of everything I do. I make no apologies for that.” In her post-cabinet press conference, the prime minister would not be drawn on whether she would care passionately about child poverty but deeply about climate change, or the reverse. The adverb she would use to care about housing affordability was still being decided. “Intensely” and “strongly” are rumoured to be options and Ardern refused to rule them out, declaring, “I’m leaving every option on the table. I will choose a word ending in ly. That is my commitment to you.” Further details about the caring will be determined by a task force, and the State Services Commission has formed a working group to determine the terms of enquiry for the interdepartmental agency that will establish the task force. Ardern would not be drawn on whether climate, housing and child poverty were challenges, crises or disasters, and in response to questions about their priorities she explained that each of them was her highest priority. “Let me be clear. Child poverty is the reason I became a politician. And climate is the greatest problem facing the world, while housing touches every whānau. So in answer to the question of which I care about more, my answer is: be kind to one other.”  
    • I understand the sentiment but even if I agreed with you, I would think the mitigation would apply to reduce a two year jail sentence to say one year.  If this was my daughter ...
    • Anybody heard how the new track performed yesterday.My spy said there was a lot of kickback ,any comments
    • My thoughts  Inca has taken many good people to very dark places ... financial pressure, reputational damage ....the relentless lies told to the Organised Crime Group to keep the inquiry going as they tried to find “something” I’d never excuse domestic abuse but sometimes, just sometimes, there are mitigating circumstances that should be considered before judgement is passed