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  1. Well seen Mr Janitor. Your boy Laver winning very well again today , a Group race in Southland .3 wins and a close 2nd past 4 starts now over past month. going like a train. If they have that 'Race' at Cambridge worth 900k he has to be a great chance?. He raced there in the Jewels during Winter and closed in late on South Coast Arden in 1.52 (SCA went on to win the NZ FFA group 1 in November) so over the 2200m , Laver could well be getting past South Coast Arden this time round?. Hope he gets a 'Slot'. big chance.
  2. He won ok so all good. Krug had 3 Australian starts already with ANt's driving him at Redcliffe for a track record. And Blair driving him at Albion Park in winter in 2 x Group 1's for a 3rd and a 4th to great kiwis Amazing Dream (rising Sun) and American Dealer (Qld Derby) so he is just a fraction behind the very best , but doing ok. I think Tony let him run in GN Derby rather than 'pull himself into the ground' You get Good results with Best drivers On ?? . Hot and Treacherous getting bettor all the time. He would win them in a row at Menangle like Cash and Flow did. (10 stra
  3. Krug has the form on the board with the Double Nz Derby's wins last year and a 3rd in Qld Derby. Hard to beat wherever he goes. But don't forget the Jewels at Cambridge last Winter. Krug had the drop on B D Joe , with a suckalong trail and couldn't beat him sprint-laning. 'Hot And Treacherous' closed in on both of them on the line for 3rd, after being 3 wide most of last lap in a Great run to go so close. Hot and Treacherous is a Very Very Good horse ...... and is getting closer to Krug all the time.
  4. Pure Steel


    Once you changed the brilliant TOTO song 'Rosanna' to Joanna you were bound to get thumped by the stable=mate LADIES IN RED in the fillies final at Melton. Maybe you should listen to Chris De Burgh instead. (Lady in Red) here's how Joanna would of viewed her 'stable-mate ' tonight with the chorus...... "Ladies In Red is racing with me, cheek to cheek There's nobody here , to stop the ladies victory.... It's where she wants to be. But i can hardly go... with this beauty by my side I'll never forget the way she beat me tonight .........
  5. No problem ... I mentioned Cardigan Bay , because Merv as young stablehand in the 60's in Perth , saw the great horse 'repair 'firsthand . so he knows what it takes to get horses racing again. Amazing Dream won 2 x Group 1 's in Brisbane in July and has been sold to the American's. One day she might get over there and continue racing is the probability. Copy That also Won a Group 1 in Brisbane in July , defeating the best Aussie and current dual Miracle Mile winner 'King of Swing 'in a $100,000 sprint. An A +++++ AAA rating for him Amazing Dream beat him a Head in the New race
  6. Merv Butterworth the owner has already said the injury (a hairline fracture) is only a temporary set-back from a paddock injury. In his young days Merv helped nurse Cardigan Bay back from a near fatal track accident , which was the right thing as Cardy went on to beat the 'World' afterwards. Copy That has the world at his feet . being one of the few to beat ALLstars in the Nz Cup for years now. Merv owned the last NZ Cup winner to do that as well in Arden Rooney 6 years ago. He will be back racing and a huge force that is hard to beat , (whether that be in Aus or NZ) , maybe the
  7. Horses that have performed well at the track before would be likely to return . The Jewels winners/placegetters would have a crack for sure and certain. You want a market already ? Here's my Market for you then AKUTA 10-1 On, SouthCoastArden 4-1, Krug 10-1, Bettor Twist 20-1, Laver 20-1, BD Joe 30-1, HotnTreacherous 40-1, NeedyouNow 50-1, BadTotheBone 60-1. You would think with big money up for grabs 'Allstars stable' might send SELF ASSURED for a look, and Diamonds stable might send CLASSIE BRIGADE and STEELtheSHOW. up as well. so write your own ticket.
  8. Very good points. Those 2 things of enthusing people and the facilities for the crowd are very important. Hopefully new people may be connected to harness racing depending who buys the slots in the race. As for the facilities, I read a lot of criticism about Jewels Day ,with many attending person's quite 'Put-off' with small spaces, queueing , etc. So That is critically in need of attention for sure.
  9. I think you need extravagant races to aspire too. Regular races generate little interest. But racing fans love things like the pace or trot Interdominions , Jewels, Nz Cup and that. Travel is going to be more restricted the way things are going. so Aussies mightn't turn up. Copy That and Amazing Dream and Krug managed to get to Brisbane and beat the Two best current Aussie horses in Winter (King of Swing and Expensive Ego) There was a new extravagant race called 'The Rising Sun' (as well as QLD championship Blacks A Fake Group 1 races in July) . so was great to have the Nz and NSW
  10. I was thinking that earlier TM. but maybe there IS still enough around to make a competitive race the more you think about it.?? A Lot of the Jewels placegetters still available , that raced well at Cambridge that day in June ?? Akuta , the 3 yearold placegetters BD Joe, Krug, and HotnTreacherous, + fillies Bettor Twist and LifesABeach, the 4 year old placegetters were SouthCoastArden, BadtotheBone and Laver. and finally NeedYouNow who defeated Amazing Dream is another one. That makes 10 already. Regazzo Mach, Amazing Dream and Copy That were all beaten and unplaced Jewels day b
  11. Well he's a bit more than a thing lol , and hasn't started in a race since the Jewels in winter after his 10 length ultra impressive win. Already a double Group 1 winner from 5 starts. He is being set for a Huge 2022 , with the 'Race' and the Derbies on the agenda. Akuta Will follow the footsteps of the 2nd best NZer ever, the great 'Lazarus' into many records and wins , including 'the Race'. Akuta is Just quietly trialling at the moment early in Prep.
  12. It is an ideal chance to get some advertising in , and Tax initiatives etc. Chris Waller Racing had the winning Slot as he trained the winner Nature Strip who was near favourite. Some big studs/racing empires took slots like Coolmore, Inglis, Godolphin and Aquis. not sure on the others but big wigs they would be. Woodlands and Lincoln Farms and Green Foundation are all a chance of buying slots . ..Allstars should buy one themselves for Akuta the likely winner. Like anything in life you get as much exposure as what you invest in. A good junket for staff too?. maybe trot
  13. possibly . but Yes , the richer can (and Should) buy the slots. Exposure for their company is gained , etc. Plenty of developers around who make a top quid, and get publicity. As Tasman Man said they (the companies) have a Rep who negotiates with a stable/owner with a 'Good' horse to race in their slot . This could be a Grass roots player? . LAVER and SOUTH COAST ARDEN would be grabbed up for starters. So ANY harness person can get in the race if invited by , and stakemoney negotiated , with the Slot holder. And it won't cost them entry Fee. The Real problem is The Everes
  14. Kerr got life -ban sentence, so No chance .. As for Anderson don't know. They both committed crimes against people which is truly awful and hard to deal with. As for Alford after 7 years and think McGrath was 8 years DQ for 'Horse-tampering'. So those 2 yeah ! once done their 'time ', their penalty is served. So sure , you could re-licence them .
  15. Well McGrath and Alford are doing time (7 years) for fairly similar thing ( race day treatments) so they were charged and penalised by someone. I read here often about perceived failings of Inca , RUI and stipes ,and police, etc..... I'm saying , Good on em All for having a look to at least Try and keep the game 'honest as possible'. Crime is hard to prove... You need evidence. ..Evidence is hard to gather in ANY court case.... People tell lies. (especially those charged with something) . some might become bitter on being DQed and try and influence those still HRNZ licensed . So