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  1. I think watching the 3 races last night , the drivers that know every inch of that track from 100's of races there, have got the edge. Cam Hart was Extrordinary last night. (he drives to Win with anything he jumps on) and is best driver going round currently. QLDer 'Speak the truth' was enormous death seating and winning outside Spirit of St Louis last night in his race . but took a while to get there. Meanwhile , Frankie and 'Jeff' were zooming to lead their races with confidence and gusto. 'Jeff' really powering up from the wide draw and looking impressive. Grimson has them running alright. My best guess is he'll lead out , Hi MyNameisJeff been doing that well,,,,, and then ONLY hand up if stablemate 'Frankie' comes looking. That will give them the ideal chance of the stable winning with one or the other. 'Loyalist' is practically a '3rd' String Grimson runner (Grima is an understudy) and will not interfere... Main threats Leap To fame parked , and Speak the Truth 3 back fence poking through late ? . the 2 x Purdon horses might not be fast enough? they're good stayers though. So with Leap To Fame parked he will be flat out to grab em' late. Encipher beat him in the Eureka slot race when he parked, so he is beatable for sure . So let's hope Jeff get's some of it, from the forward position, to get some of the 11-1 odds that were up for grabs in Nz a while back
  2. A Queensland V NZ Miracle Mile . Fantastic!! . all 8 horses. The Vic's will be spewing lol. We have 3 x Queenslanders v 5 ex-pat (or current) New Zealanders . I'm in dreamtime harness utopia . Four of them are now trained in NSW these days. (Frankie, Spirit, Loyalist, and Jeff) . Spirit of St Louis 2nd in 2 Miracle Miles has a bunch of Aussie and kiwi owners . Would be Great to see him take it out . Speak The Truth a very nice horse from Queensland and I was very happy to pick up some 28-1 odds last night. Think I'll Trifecta box the Queenslanders for the $1,000,000 Mile. Speak The Truth x Leap To Fame x Frankie Ferocious (frankie had 10 wins from 20 races in QLD)
  3. with 3 races to go the Top 4 Teams on the Fabulous Fours Ladder have only 3 Points between them scored today . That will tighten the ladder right up if it holds that way. Is fantastic how good all the teams are . living up to their Team names with great performances.
  4. Best of luck Team Rough Habit for a great test match today against the super fast Imperatriz. If it goes like the cricket test 'Roughie' can be the Baggies for the day, and the Imperatriz force can be the the Blackcap flyers 1. Ellerslie R5/ 2 - 3 2. Ellerslie R6/ 3 - 10 3. Ellerslie R7/ 2 - 12 4. Ellerslie R8/ 6 - 7 5. Ellerslie R9/ 1 - 17 6. Randwick R5/ 1 - 10 7. Randwick R6/ 1 - 4 8. Randwick R7/ 1 - 5 9. Randwick R8/ 3 - 8 10. Flemington R7/ 1 - 3 BB 11. Flemington R8/ 1 - 12 12. Flemington R9/ 5 - 8 BB thanks John . enjoy the Derby and cricket mate
  5. Unfortunately Timmy boo boo couldn't even pace properly the run home so was well down the track . How do these horses get to races like that I wonder sometimes. But as you predicted Double Jeopardy the only Whale Pick to get the money , and you're up for the $2 Quinella too. Whale might be better picking Ellerslie . The trotters races seem full of good candidates for there these days .
  6. Think Willow was riding Dunaden ? he won a Caulfield and Melbourne Cup 's. Willow is sure having a great time on Mr Brightside these days for the Hayes boys . A good stable to get rides for . Wonder what happened to the kiwi lad who won the Caulfield Cup for the Hayes boys ? Cory Parish won on Boom Time at big odds a few years back . seems to of disappeared ?. maybe went back Nz riding?
  7. 2019 Melbourne Cup on VOW AND DECLARE near the ride of the century by Willow after drawing wide and working forward . And Winning for Australia. And Craig has been to Ukraine 3 times to try and help with humanitarian aide to the war -torn country. (his wifes home country) Be hard to find a better more honest bloke at the racecourse. with Jimmiestar he Gets beat very late on , on one horse who was up in grade and the world is ending for some poor punter somewhere (Willow rode 2 winners on the day as it was ) . best the Punter goes to Crimea Ukraine and see's what the end of the World is really like.
  8. Pure Steel


    The last column is a Universal Driver/Trainer Rating system Liz . It gives an indication of how many places the trainer gets from his/her starters number. It works out fairly only if the Trainer or driver has a certain amount of starters....It is quite a good guide actually (for trainers with lots of runners). Telfer and Dunn are both 2 of the leading stables and get good results as they try and keep up with Allstars. ( and their millionaire owners) They often race in both Islands and get fairly similar results. $500 a week per horse is quite demanding , so lots of syndicates I guess? Dunn's are doing well with trotters though ( like the Greg , Nina and Ben Hope camp) training on the beach at Woodend. Barry Purdon doing well in the North now as has the Multi Millionaire ENTAIN CEO Queenslander Dean Shannon buying any amount of horses at the yearling sales to put with Barry and Scott Phelan . They won the NZ Derby in December with MERLIN beating the champion MarkPurdon . The Standardbreds ALL have a Birthday January 1st now which is great and pulls them into line with Australia . An excellent Welcome Move . All the feature Age Group races can run in late Spring / early summer now towards the end of the year which is Truly Amazing and a great Step Forward.
  9. you'll only have a heart attack Rakman mate. Better to sit this one out my friend and pick up the Sunday paper to see Cam Hart has nailed another big one. FRANKIE the GRIM ferocious one to cross those 2 kiwi's early and bring home the Queensland bacon. 3 x fried Purdon runners left in his wake ?
  10. sorry to say Janitor mate, that even those 2 are a great Place chance in the Chariots of Fire next week >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The mighty Queenslander in the Hands of your mate Cam Hart is gunna smack the Chariots out of the park . FRANKIE FEROCIOUS is near the best in the land !! Here he is with some extra Grimson Tuning Up being applied in readiness . Bring it Home FRANKIE !!! goes like a rocket lol..
  11. Thanks John. Best of luck to Veandercross for you today. Go Team Rough Habit !! Hope no-one bounces us 'Roughies' of the Comp like the POGO-stick did last week . at 100-1 lol. 1. Matamata R8/ 3 - 11 2. Otaki R7. ---/ 1 - 2 3. Caulfield R3/ 2 - 6 4. Caulfield R4/ 2 - 3 5. Caulfield R5/ 5 - 9 6. Caulfield R6/ 6 - 10 7. Caulfield R8/ 4 - 15 8. Caulfield R9/ 1 - 2 BB 9. Rosehill R5/ 6 - 13 10. Rosehill R6/ 6 - 7 BB 11. Rosehill R7/ 6 - 7 12. Rosehill R8/ 2 - 11 p.s ... best of luck to oppo PS from PS
  12. The Interdominion is one of the Fine Traditions and I reckon it will fire up again one of these days Alf after 3 quiet years. The NZ Cup has had some great Aus representation in November , and The Race By Grins in the Autumn as well in both past 2 years so things are looking bright. or on the improve anyway . A couple of really good kiwi's in the Miracle Mile next month too at Menangle. Could be a Good year for harness racing All going well.
  13. Near the greatest driver in harness racing ever in Nz was always known as Wolfie . by everyone including the youngsters. (Wolfie and his great horse 'Cardy' putting Nz on the harness Global stage as a fantastic harness racing nation) The late Peter Wolfenden MBE
  14. Weasel ran Unplaced for the entire year last year so is on the Lowest National Rating possible of NR30. so starts in the lowest class race possible each week. LANCELOT is a Bit faster , although just crawls away from the mobile these days at 14 years old . and grinds away with 30 second quarters... He ran 2nd Yesterday at Albion Park . Lancelot Bromac up to 534 race Starts now ... and building lol...... Lifetime Summary: 534-34-80-65 Stakes: $400,120 Best Winning Mile Rate: 1:53.8 This Season Summary: 4-0-1-1 Stakes: $2,469
  15. The way both Riff Rocket Won and Fangirl too , they are going to win a stack of races this year. They might go undefeated like Winx lol.... yeah so I'm a Debbie Fanboy and gunna buy some purple shirts and 'chicken' cerise shirts this week to cheer em on. Giving Taylor Swift the flick (as couldn't get a ticket like the other 600,000 fans) . so Debbie rules !! we'll see plenty of her this year .