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  1. Te Rapa R6. 7 Te Rapa R7. 3 + 9 Te Rapa R8. 6 + 8 Flemington R5. 1 (the special of the day ) Rosehill R7 9 Ipswich R7. 8 Ipswich R8. 6 Ipswich R9 13 + 18 Good luck to all from Oz !!! Best of luck to horse HOME AFFAIRS and kiwi's Waller and Jmac tonight at Royal Ascot. should go very close.
  2. Brilliant . Fantastic .etc...That makes up for Winx not tackling Royal Ascot. Chris getting the World Attention now , as a Melbourne Cup winning Trainer (with great NZ mare VE ) and near the World's best Sprinter in NATURE STRIP, doing it on the World stage in true Takeover Target , Choisir and Miss Andretti style !!!!!!!! loved it. Chris was quick to mention his NZ heritage Training and James Mac being a kiwi as well during the Post race Interview. Giving NZ some great credit. Well done Team Waller and NATURE STRIP connections . Bring it Home HOME AFFAIRS on Saturday !!! can't wait
  3. 1. Ruakaka R1 1 -6 2. Ruakaka R2 1 -5 3. Ruakaka R5 1 - 12 4. Eagle Farm R1 1 - 5 5. Ruakaka R7 3 - 5 6. Randwick R4 6 - 8 7. Ruakaka R10 8 - 13 8. Eagle Farm R6 1 - 4 9. Eagle Farm R7 1 - 4 10. Eagle Farm R8 1 - 4 11. Randwick R10 9 - 10 12. Eagle Farm R9 5 - 6 Looking for 5th 6th and 7th today for first time ever lol. freeshot 10th
  4. Your response and personal attack shows your desparation and Sad Lack of Knowledge about myself and harness racing in general. I would like to think that corruption DOES NOT HAPPEN in a sport I love and was an active participant in for many of my younger years. But the facts and figures and history of the sport show that Many participants are prone to trying the many methods of 'improving' and 'winning' in a money orientated sport. You know this . but are in denial. shame. I live off the punt and do quite well . thank you for your INCORRECT ASSESSMENT there of failed punter . you are
  5. Authorities can lose a case just as any crown prosecutor can 'lose a case' EVERY DAY in court. There are plenty of NOT Guilty verdicts given by jury for one reason or another. DOES NOT mean the crown Prosecutor should lose his head as P4P and Longowner are calling for . (I believe from their posts they know these kiwi folk personally in INCA.) No matter what the cost ($10 mill or whatever) it is certainly worth it !!!! , AS the accused and MANY others have got the WARNING . which is 'Don't cheat' . All good . Great result !!!! Well done NZ IMO. sadly Aus had Pitt and Jack
  6. Thanks for the Match Slinger. Your form today across 10 races with 9 wins and a second was first class !!. Pure Steel failing to nail BIG MIKE in a 4 horse field was a pretty poor effort which was the undoing lol... (Plus probably needed Invercargill trots instead of Hawkes Bay jumps, with being a trotting bloke lol.) Congrats on Great win across 2 ladders too. Best of luck with your winners Bets forthcoming. Thank you Say No More for your efforts and entertainment. all the best from Steelo.
  7. Race 1/ 2 - 6 Race 2/ 3 - 8 Race 3/ 2 - 3 Race 4/ 8 - 13 Race 5/ 2 - 3 Not sure if these are TARANTULA beaters or not. Good luck young fella anyways... Race 6/ 2 - 3 Race 7/ 3 - 4 Race 8/ 1 - 3 Race 9/ 2 - 4 Race 10/ 1 - 11 Thanks you SNM. bit of a rush job as just got to workplace as not Queens B'day holiday in QLD till OCT 3rd. You blokes are all 'Ahead of your time ' Lol.... (plus it's only 9am here too)
  8. Well I see I've gotta go again and face the TARANTULA on Monday . Thats Enough to give you Arachnophobia. A strong performer in the previous contest you had. Sorry to of knocked you out it seems SAY NO MORE !!! . you put a lot of effort in here . (Pure Steel a tough bugger though lol) At least the 1970's horse was anyway. Very high quality players Redrew, High Sparrow and Tasman Man are out as well ??? crikey ! might be a slim chance then. What race Numbers am I taking on the giant TARANTULA on Monday please ?? (working out whether I need Pea-Beau or Mortein lol....)
  9. Yes , I just tend to read harness forums and the racehorse form in the main , so there is a lot of poor stuff involved lol. you could be right. I was involved in harness in Nz and Aus for many years. Once in Nz we started the wrong horse as another .good outcome too. funny things happen when you can get away with them. You need 'Authorities ' and investigators constantly working to stop this sort of thing happening . Excellent IMO that your hated mob have finished without a trial. How good? and yet you complain??. Harness Racing NZ would of looked far, far, far far worse if they co
  10. Waverley R4 8 - 9 Avondale R3 4 - 5 Waverley R5 2 - 3 Avondale R4 6 - 10 Waverley R6 2 - 4 Beaut day in Brissie, gunna be some great racing today...... Eagle Farm R4 12 - 13 Eagle Farm R5 2 - 7 Eagle Farm R6 1 - 5 Eagle Farm R7 2 - 8 Eagle Farm R8 3 - 4 Eagle Farm R9 2 - 12 Eagle Farm R10 3 - 7
  11. Yeah I see you all saying they failed . But I see it (and many in the industry see it ) as a Success. Why?. Because the very presence of an investigating body must Alter the thought and actions of the industry participants doing something against the rules. Did RIU process leading Trainer Nigel McGrath ? (BTW ,His sentence was extremely Excessive IMO ) It deter others though . Obviously didn't deter some like Alford . Also caught . a good thing for what he was doing . It deters others though. I'm glad some cases are found Not Guilty too .(I did jury service recently and we gave a n
  12. Do you guys realise that a LOT of cases that go to court, are given Not Guilty from various reasons (beyond reasonable doubt , etc) Bloody stupid saying 'Shoot the prosecution' because they Didn't Win the case. Try and prosecute the lies from offenders and see how you go?. Posters here should hang their heads in shame for trying to bag the authorities that are needed to Keep the Game Clean and the participants honest . Would be total CHAOS without them . where money is involved you know it brings out the calculating and the devious. Believe it or not . Always has in racing.
  13. There is some amazing results for the Oz and Kiwis go'in on in yank land. Cardigan Bay set the Bar high and the great kiwi horses have responded ever since (including Young Quinn) Both Quinny and Cardy (2 Best ever) cleaned up in Aus-land as well !! you'd be proud of em Rakman !! Cardy's great rival Robin Dundee even won the Very First Miracle Mile in the 60's at Harold Park for Bob Cameron . How good is that ??????? Of course I was thrilled for you , your boys Bolt and Temp (both part owned by the adorable Suzanne Herlihy ) quinellaed the Rowe Cup !! Old Sundee beaten.?? Who w
  14. Quite an interesting concept SayNoMore ... Hopefully can survive to get to the local Eagle Farm contests. (Where the sun is shining brightly for a nice weekend change) Pukekohe R2 5 - 7 old mate Thunder the NZ Cup winner again. Can he do it this time Pukekohe R4 1 - 5 Pukekohe R5 1 - 2 Pukekohe R6 FP Pukekohe R7 1 - 2 Eagle Farm R4 5 - 16 (go the 'Tower 'of strength) Caulfield R4 FP Eagle Farm R6 2 - 5 Eagle Farm R7 11 - 13 Eagle Farm R8 2 -
  15. Te Rapa R3 1 - 2 Te Rapa R4 7 - 9 Te Rapa R6 6 - 8 Trentham R8 4 - 7 Doomben R5 4 - 8 BestBet Doomben R6 6 -10 BestBet Doomben R7 1 - 4 Doomben R8 4 - 7 Flemington R7 9 - 14 Morphettville R6 10 - 13 Morphettville R7 2 - 3 Morphettville R8 8 - 15