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  1. Nah , all good . I only support horses. I don't support abuse. Inca had a task . hopefully all done and dusted and we can get on with GREAT HARNESS racing !! (risking abuse) funny story. by co-incidence My dog is named LEO. so I had a nice win off that horse with that name, supporting it in the first at Royal Randwick . $6.50 odds was nice. Hope you got on. !! Hope you can't find some abuse in that post , but give it shot if you must.
  2. Your hatred is enormous. Are you even allowed to post personal insults like that. Attacking site posters is VERY POOR form. I have defamed Nobody , UNLIKE your every Post it seems, getting stuck into people doing their jobs, like Inca personnel for example. (and general posters on the site even lol) Really don't think that me saying 'Well done Inca' and ' we can all look forward to Cup week" , and 'court cases cost a lots of money' is showing any form of jealousy. Aren't we allowed to say that sort of thing without your approval ?? what are the race cafe rules ? abuse allowed by s
  3. Why are people on forums that call people they don't even know names for effect ? Because their arguments are poor usually or are disparaging to people. It's a Forum. Not allowed an opinion without abuse ? My post reflected a Positive out-look for harness racing NZ. Some not happy with that for some reason.?
  4. Too right . Having investigations does help keep the harness racing on as level a playing field as can be achieved, with everyone wanting a piece of the pie. Inca helped throw a caution to all who were treading a fine line, and a Great thing that leading harness racing participants weren't 'uncovered' so to speak, as that would of been tarnishing to the industry. Is excellent very few were effected as that might have brought the industry to it's knees., and now we can carry on back to normal and enjoy another Cup week soon !!! as for $10 mill , that's nothing worth worrying about, Mo
  5. Hastings Race 5: 1 - 4 Hastings Race 7: 1 - 6 Hastings Race 9 1 - 2 Randwick Race 5: 4 - 11 Randwick Race 6: 4 - 6 Randwick Race 7: 2 - 7 Randwick Race 8: 2 - 3 Randwick Race 9: 4 - 5 Caulfield Race 3: 1 - 7 BB Caulfield Race 4: 3 - 9 Caulfield Race 7: 6 - 13 Caulfield Race 8: 2 - 7 Caulfield Race 9: 9 - 11 BB good luck to all. thanks Ponderosa legend of the scorers. Go mighty Winx Team! . Best of luck to VE and Probabeel in the big races today for NZ.
  6. Flemington R2: 1 + 3 Flemington R3: 3 + 4 Kembla R5: 7 + 10 Flemington R4: 4 + 10 Kembla R6: 5 + 12 Flemington R5: 2 + 5 Kembla R7: 10 + 11 BB Flemington R6: 1 + 16 Kembla R8: 4 + 10 Flemington R7: 1 + 4 Flemington R8: 10 + 12 BB
  7. Thank you Ponder, yes that makes sense. I'm sure some 'players' signed up that were brushing over the site at the entry time (never to be seen again) stuffs up the whole concept. At least the teams will score points same as their 4th Ranked player. thank-you. better than nothing. Loser player not even here scores points lol....
  8. Mark has been doing a fantastic job over the years. deserved a break from that high pressure for a little while. Nat had domestic issues to sort as well. Often a fill-in Trainer is given the reins anyway, when a Trainer DQed horses put in a relatives name or if in the McCarthy's Case they used the farriers name Nzer Craig Cross. Daryl Graham in Queensland used his daughters name while did a year out for cobalt recently. Hayden and his wife doing lots of work at Allstars deserved some recognition too ! and gained public respect. A great result All round . and yes AKUTA is going to b
  9. Hello Ponder. I was just pondering whether we have the 'emergency' singles on stand-by . Like for our team WINX (or any other) if one of the players doesn't front Up. We have 4 players ready to go , but no message from Player 5. Would be out of it from the start if left Stranded in the Barrier with only 4 runners? cheers Steelo
  10. Yeah definitely mate. What a sad incident in Auckland that is. Wishing all those traumatised families the very best for recovery from that. truly awful. and the police dealing with it all. Yeah, not sorry Inca didn't find anything. That's good really !!! I'm pretty sure that is what all the true harness racing supporters here wanted to happen . .I have always found all the harness folk I've met to be outstanding people.. That would be awful too, for them to be shot /shut down for trying to win. Play to win . Yeah , it is justifiable to put processes in place that keep participants
  11. Well luckily not everyone thinks the same. Just some think they know best all the time. It's not sad to be grateful for deterring 'illegal activity.' Swabbing and stewards and Investigations are necessary in racing. I'm happy (as you are) that the Inca Investigation has seen a lack of charges , and the harness racing participants (except McGrath and Alford) can get on with doing what they do. So just saying that is GOOD . not trying to bring anyone down. You have carried on Ad Nauseam about the poor investigation and didn't go how you wanted it too (OR did it ??) lol. One thing for
  12. Wouldn't agree with that at All. The racing is carrying on as per normal (Covid exceptions of course) And is a much better place with DETERENT FACTOR now firmly in place , odd exceptions like McGrath and Alford still trying dated methods. AND so while Investigations, swabbing , stable 'raids' and all that sort of authority continues, the racing should be on a Level Playing Field for the HONEST participants to enjoy'. Imagine the total 'Chaos and Cheating' without it. AND then you would have this Great Harm to the industry.
  13. People employed to 'Investigate' something have been doing that sort of thing for decades. Whether harness racing infringements, Drug running ,tax evasion, (Do you Notice how the TAX OFFICE is hated as much as the hate Inca or RIU staff? lol just people doing their job) Shame the 'Investigators' didn't have enough 'Evidence ' to prosecute the Sri Lankan national stab man in Auckland before he hurt people. ? Is HARD job gathering evidence. Everyone Lies.
  14. There may be some ignorant folk who actually think that none of this stuff happens. Actually I'm so glad and happy to read these results you are putting above , as sick and tired of hearing accusations against the best NZ stables every year , as yet another NZ Cup is won. The fact the Investigation couldn't uncover all this shite is great for the sport. Only SOME are saying the sport is now 'tainted forever' when in reality, it isn't ? It VERY WELL COULD of been if they sentenced heaps of people? . But NO , they didn't .. How good !!!!!!! . No damage done.!!!!! we need stipes
  15. totally agree Poundy !! well done to one and all. Investigations made . nothing found? How good is that ? excellent out-come. Harness racing can move on with the high quality horseman (and women) of New Zealand, for lots of enjoyable future racing for us all to enjoy !!! who could possibly grizzle about that .