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  1. The Fauci Timeline - Sorting Fact From Fiction - Liberty Nation
  2. Why fillies and mares don’t need a weight allowance at ... -... dont...
  3. Cant argue with that , anything is possible and hard to prove otherwise So breathing must createTransmission, and if your breathing through a mask moisture gets created which further enhances the accumulation of viral matter ,and given these are under 0.1 of a micron in diameter one would assume there is no way of stopping their realease into the atmosphere ...if your on a Bus or any other enclosed space you are guaranteed to become ‘infected’ as a result as these virions also make contact with your eyes .. im much prefer the Coughing or Sneezing theory myself but even this doesnt guara
  4. We must be the Luckiest team of 5 million in the History of Pandemics, the large numbers of Cases , isolation breaches and errors and yet were still Covid free Been driving around Auckland today, roads still busy and plenty of activity... and watching the news tonight they show empty inner city Streets. How is McDonalds an essential service
  5. TV good ,Internet bad People who search the Internet (which includes Government sites )or read books can only be more informed than those who watch TV nO ...which Vaccine are you going with Mighty.. pfizer,janssen, Novavax or astra zenecca? And where will you get the information to make an ‘informed’ decision ? You will read the literature around this surely ...
  6. I hope you stopped at the Cheese joint next to the weird looking masonry joint west of the Manga turnoff,they have the wolf whistle door ‘chime’
  7. The Lack of ‘common sense ‘surrounding this is beyond belief. I noticed the Dragon boats racing at Orakei Basin yesterday with a very large contigent of South Aucklanders in attendance... to believe you can trace and stop the invisible is insanity... ive just been out Te atatu ,the Motorway is busy, so much for staying home ....... Where are the Deaths? ....... the latest Guy went to the Gym as ‘Coronavirus ‘positive and was Benching 140kg... obviously a Death Sentence getting this Bug
  8. How far North Tassie? The Wellsford opposite the Tavern is cheap as Chips, i drive past that Station on a regular basis ... if you want to support your local buy something in the Shop surely ?
  9. Should of been run Boxing Day. As Blueanytime would say Fuckwits
  10. Cindy is being directed by the WHO . One f;:$& d up brigade directed by Billy G . Not rocket Science,
  11. How can people ‘spread’ the invisible without being Symptomatic? Remember the wife of one of the first victims on the Cruise ship in Japan , she survived the Ship then got transported in a Plane full of ‘Symptomatic’ patients back to US , then ran a 4.32 mile 4 days later.... this is not a death sentence, snap out of it
  12. This is Cruel, are we not delaying the enevitable? Hey the Vaccine will save us