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  1. If you were paying attention it would Stabey. Unfortunately you exposed your ignorance with your Covid 19 testing post I have faith in you but your going to need to cram this weekend to get up to speed go well you got any winners? Havnt seen many tips from your direction
  2. Pherozity 1 must of been burnt by the King
  3. It looks completely trainer related Punt you can normally tell 600 out which horse had turned up... Cranbourne tomorrow theyve thrown Dunn on Ozone? Damien Thornton has done a good job, not the same horse last time but if it turns up tomorrow wins regardless of the draw..$7 without scratchings, the place price always good for multis particularly if your going PGA with Sabatini and Patrick Reed at Rocket
  4. Just watching a Journalist from Ramallah on Al jazeera wearing a mask, some people walking past her with their masks dropping off their faces anyone who has done masonry cutting knows about Face masks and this woman is classic , this thing is suppose to be 120 nanos The smallest known fibre of asbestos is 3 times larger than Coronavirus ....
  5. How do you unwind Hundy,this Crusade takes a toll.? ...Donald Trump... hes over 70 taking on an Angry World and keeps coming, its unbelievable. Biden would of dropped dead by now, Pelosi has aged 10 years trying to fight him, Greatest of all time
  6. Gruff

    Jacinda Ardern

    Cindy is good, the Prick that taught her at Uni should be Knighted ....and maybe her boss at the Fish and Chip Shop Give Credit where its due if she wasnt PM shes my vote for New Zealander of the Year... but i hate Marxists
  7. Covid does seem to be ( not Sars 2) but not 20 to 50 times predicted by the ‘experts’ .The one thing that isnt known is what happens in relation to Organs as it also spreads gastrointestinally. Remember this thing works Symbiotically in the Horseshoe bat the same as our millions of Viruses work to balance bacteria in and on our Bodies. Juries out, but one things certain we cant hide from this, its not the bubonic plague its a bad flu. To rely on a Vaccine is absolutely f%^in madness and this Hysteria is designed to push the Astra Zeneca poison backed by Gates and the WHO....How are they going to get informed peoples skin broken with this to be MANDATED concoction????? Time will tell .... one things for sure if this happens the Elite need to be given the first batches Greta Thunberg, the Gates family, Fauci, Schiff and Pelosi first up
  8. The Virus isnt Covid 19 Stables this thing is becoming a more obvious a fraud by the day, wake up they are lining you up for a bullshit vaccine that will be worthless to something that is documented to mutate in 4-5 weeks
  9. Its hard enough to get a result when they actually have a chance turning for home, Fokkers done his 40 cold, let him vent . He gets it back off Ozone tomorrow
  10. Gruff


    You can see where they are coming from, they are supplying the facilities and getting little in return unlike a designated TAB outlet. I was given the same orders at the Sports bar out back in St Heliers a few years back when grumbleguts was running it , only went in to Deposit in ACC and stayed after i ran into someone i knew on way out . Its akin to using someones toilet facility without buying anything possibly
  11. Gruff

    Jacinda Ardern

    If You let a few rats loose with Fleas and no one gets bitten thats luck 3 months to prepare ? Too busy giving each other hugs and high fives
  12. Never mentioned the Eyes, you notice in any Hospital with so called ‘Covid patients’ the medical professionals are always covering their Eyes, we are being told over and over it can be spread through droplets....We should be wearing SCUBA gear Watch the news and see how loose fitting some of these morons masks are..120 nanos in diameter Have a good laugh next time you see someone wearing one, or not... the poor soul is just scared shitless by the mainstream media
  13. When it comes to Racing I only know half as much as Critter but im working on it Jotty The Study looked to be done by a military Epidemiologist Mr Greg Wolf and involved the defense force, but hey sounds like you know more than i so cant argue Save the Shire the Great Filter believer may know more but hes probably still Showering, exposing himself to Main Street had a real negative impact on the poor fella, and he only looked at one page
  14. Gruff

    Jacinda Ardern

    Its Started. The GREENS (yeah right ) have proposed a Wealth Tax on Millionaires to fix poverty..... f#%kin ridiculous , but expected by this Socialist Government. Plan unfolding