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  1. Trump out Biden / Harris in He dare not, far to much anger,more cuss words and personal abuse than a Jerry Springer episode. Plenty of help for you in Auckland Mitey just pick up the phone
  2. We can continue finding fault till the Cows come home on here. attitude improvement should be you're focus
  3. Not the first time I've made an error and I'm sure it will not be the last
  4. Fair point, and good to see you're not abusing Muley here Mitey , you're restraint has been noted
  5. CWJ rode out to cross the horse drawn one so must of known Chow was going to exploit the rails if he decided to move out, not a ride deserving retirement by any stretch but the difference between winning and losing most likely.Muley has been wrong previously with his comments on Lochlinoch and does tend to post from his pocket.Easy making riding decisions on the couch
  6. Normally quite obvious who the better side is from 40 minutes of footy Archie, I get offered big overs and back a mug side I'm then hoping the ref and some of the west players have taken the same odds
  7. Idolmite hasn't the capacity Hundy. Just enjoys swearing and negativity, probably dresses up a Mannequin as Trump and beats it with a stick He wanted Trump out so endorsed a Biden win....without doubt the most useless mouthpiece President ever seen
  8. That's because Bulldogs are shite Archey
  9. Mask wearers will be ecstatic, won't need them anymore because everyone's going to be so healthy after the WHO gets it's way
  10. So why are you taking sides
  11. Idolmite and Co welcome this with open arms Only the lunatics see this as an issue
  12. Hey Heap what exactly was it you were witnessing? The Azov have been busy in eastern Ukraine for years,
  13. Hey Mikey it might pay to look a little deeper into what was going on in the Ukraine since 2013 brother, the USA and Britain have alot to answer for
  14. Been told Facetime at Hawera for what it's worth. Best of luck
  15. Flem 5 R6 Petruchio Rotorua R3 4 aris aris Best of luck