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  1. Gruff

    Hannon Driver Tactics

  2. Gruff

    Hannon Driver Tactics

    How about Italian Lads win, Rasmussen cool as a cucumber 2.24.4 2000m Non winners
  3. Gruff

    Hannon Driver Tactics

    Ferguson robbed the race of a more exciting finish that’s for sure, should of stayed where he was,wouldn’t of changed his result
  4. Gruff

    Trump written off

    You’ve said that before Qhoka the problem is I can’t find anything to see it your way and I’ve tried I can only do so much study brother and your mates on here are closer to the mark . School kids are marching the streets and what do they know
  5. Gruff

    Trump written off

    No wonder your Mad Qhoka , you can find a 23-1 mug yet Trump wins at 6-1 and your mad as a cut snake . Get over it, this guys the best thing we’ve seen in decades and your blind to it because you never picked him ? Wake up, Prince Andrews on the news tonight and he’s fucked by the lookand you were told this by 100 -1 and you mock him you must feel sick
  6. Qhoka that was a beauty good judge of horseflesh but ‘politically incorrect
  7. Gruff

    Hardly worth

    Totalisator Totalitarianism ...Nice name for a Trotter
  8. Gruff


    Not where I was going with this Pipesy sorry, Cert beat means just that brother , would of won 35 behind that night if given its chance ... hope you got plenty Friday night , moral on the Cambridge run Working on the premise 1 sec per 10m which has worked for me from the 80s it boils down to how fast they go off the front, gives you a good gauge on chances
  9. Gruff


    Back in the day you were allowed to bet on an unofficial result, you would just say ‘I’m expecting a dividend ‘ and your on
  10. Gruff


    I hope once it was cleared that trend continued DB
  11. Gruff

    The Cups 2019 (aus)

    So true, Tawqeet Railings and Green moon have won this race so holds some Significance moving forward, Our Candidate 15-1 in Metrop market here, maybe worth a few spec multis
  12. Gruff

    The Cups 2019 (aus)

    How do you see the Kris lees horse Our Candidate Qhoka? Runs in the Newcastle Cup Friday and needs to win to get into Metrop then Caulfield ...big ask but word has it is untapped
  13. Gruff

    Rodmar - Reece Cole at Rotorua

    Violent manner Desenitivity May be at work but my memories from the early eighties on was the yelling and screaming of jocks, the sound of cracking whips and seeing the welts on horses after the finish . It was a 2200m flat race, and I’m sure this horse will be targeted for further, so why not ride the horse through the line .... and I’m sure Reece’s few persuaders didn’t factor in the whip count on the day