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  1. Good to see your still Scanning around Racecafe Gavin . It seems you react to ideas that challenge your belief system which confirms your Cognitive bias. Prove the Irishman wrong, it shouldnt be to difficult a task hes only a Conspiracy theorist after all
  2. So you are implying this content is false. Prove it. The owner of this site ran the Covid 19 thread in this forum for weeks, what type of person must he be ?
  3. So what sort of reading are we talking here? Was it on his breath? Was he half cut? ... goes to show how good he is beating the sober ones
  4. Which tracks Mikey? Given Aucklands water issues maybe we will see track records from the too hard 80s challenged .... Heavy 10 this morning and i noticed a 3.11 2760m ... penetrometer is useless, and given Ellerslies Topography even moreso
  5. Gavin Newsom the California Democrat Governor is pushing the Climate Emergency narrative around these forest fires... but he should be made accountable Instead.... Democrat states in Blue obviously Where are the majority of these fires?
  6. Why plant trees that promote problems particularly as populations move closer to potential Danger Zones
  7. Those people could set fire to Hokesy and he still wouldnt see it Hundy Watching the Brainwashing Aljazeera before and they are going on about Man made global warming in relation to the floods in Sudan, they even had another very young Activist mouthpiece from Khartoum reading off a cue card relating to it ... mainstream media
  8. I hope you followed up.Crazy money
  9. That Tree pic above was taken in 2017, the official line is its created by a fungus in a rotting tree. But hey who knows the truth
  10. Gruff

    Jacinda Ardern

    Hes living in Milford with the pregnant Nanny im told from multiple sources, but there has been an article on smear around Clarky so who knows
  11. You got CNN on in every room of the house