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  1. Gruff


    By the way I’m standing by what I said about your horse, that ride last start didn’t inspire any confidence. And I backed the horse that had his measure at Te Awamutu paying the same place price as his win
  2. Gruff


    You are a good man Gube If I was riding to win I wouldn’t put myself fourth last on the rails without the potential to control my own destiny,(Rotorua?) particularly given you are giving rivals who will compete on paper a start. The ride wasn’t rank but if I was involved in paying the bills I wouldn’t be partying over what transpired
  3. Gruff

    SHARK .......... Cough Cough

    Your tipping is as only as good as the horses preparation and handling on the track . This is where all your well spent study falls down , as your only assessing your horses best form ridden correctly on a track which you have studied as described by the very inconsistent penetrometer and that’s only a few variables. Unless you’ve backed Winx just pull out the Dartboard or put a pin through a closed Best bets and you will improve you odds of a collect
  4. Gruff

    Otaki Uh Oh!

    I thought Larima was one of the bets of the day ( as a horse with untapped ability)even allowing for the fact of the back running tendency in a ten horse field . My only reservation was the rider, for mine very very overrated . The ride as it transpired confirmed my concern and from start to finish it’s plain to see, only reason the meeting was abandoned as wellkick her off and put up someone that wants to win. ..with all due respect of course
  5. Gruff

    Caulfield Cup

    History says Caulfield is a good lead to Melbourne..... this year???? Not for mine look elsewhere
  6. Gruff


    100 they are at a hiding to nothing, if you havnt seen a fair amount of rain and then get a deluge you need to buffer between to remove the ‘slippery ‘ layer between a firmer base and the added moisture .Tough job
  7. So they should Donnas a legend
  8. This is why ‘they’ are closing outlets left right and centre not associated with pokie machines Christopher, it’s all about making money ,and service for some reason isn’t a part of their plan going forward, like the rude woman on the till at mitre ten Kaitaia. She knows if you want something you can’t go to Bunnings so you have to tolerate her ignorance to your good mornings or hellos
  9. Gruff

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Key the banker fired off 15 million to the crooked Clinton foundation ( Bill a bi homo preferential and Hilary a lesbo rapist)no wonder he resigned very very wealthy ,bankers create money from nothing now as opposed to the borrowing off others investments as we were taughtwhich of course creates financial bubbles and when the shit hits the fan it’s the person borrowing who suffers not the wankers oh sorry bankers
  10. Gruff

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    People are either far too busy trying to make money for their families and pay the rent or mortgage or not even interested in complicating their thought processes for anything else( not surprising)let alone getting their heads around the jesuits and the central banks....were fucked, you spend enough time watching the old clips it’s obvious as Jones Shit drive on yulestar or Mckeons on Ginga dude . The Oz housing bubble and the US dollar failure will unfortunately put more pressure on everything and the Chinese now have a ceiling on their housing loans so the bailout this time won’t happen.Most people don’t have spare money anymore, those on benefits and have addictions not associated with drugs outside of those with plenty willing to gamble will be the base of the industry . Not Ideal.Do u invest in gold, silver or Cryptocurrency? The Federal reserve meeting in April was the start of the 1,000 to 20,000 6 month change but the anonimity of the bitcoin creator seems to far fetched, it must be corporate.....How the [email protected]&k did Suliman get beaten 14 Len by a dog????? Forget the obvious bogus Moon landing this is the bigger conspiracy
  11. Gruff

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Al Gore was mentored by a man who first ‘questioned’ The idea of what a potential of CO2 excess could do to our earth... in his later years he reneged on his earlier ‘theory ‘ in which time Al retorted by saying he was senile ...his carbon signature from his home residence is 5 times of most Americans joke
  12. Gruff

    Serena Williams meltdown....

    If her opponent wasn’t equally as tanned she would of played that card too,utter disgrace. She got beaten after calling out a male tennis player ranked over 200 6-2 after he played a round of golf and had a few beers, this equality in sport is a joke. I feel sorry for Osaka,she done her like a turkey dinner and had the shimmer taken off by a spoilt brat. She’s called female judges in the past so the sisterhood card is a long reach. Bitch
  13. Gruff

    Police Raids

    Why would you need to google that? You been living under a rock You ever worry about other people’s livelihoods?
  14. Gruff

    Team driving

    How often do you see a move like that at Forbury let alone with a cheat like Orange involved , my mate dropped 500 on his horse last year and Orange apologised for a lack of judgment won its next start in a hand canter and now we learn he’s about as straight as a dogs hind leg . I would never walk over someone to improve my own position ,so as a result don’t have any time or sympathy for these types of scum, only for their Kids
  15. Gruff

    Whatever it does it will improve on

    Lazy? Why will it improve? Suliman got beaten 13 lens over 2200m in a R65 run 4 secs quicker than the open class Taumaranui Gold Cup a race later?and the horse was attributed this by wearing a tongue tie ,which it has failed dismally with ever since and looks like it will never win another race? Punters have no chance,you can crunch all the data you like but your better off throwing darts