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  1. I can still remember that beating you gave me today and I was Surfing West coast power 4 days a week between hand digs working for Galbraith P&D . Take it easy on him NP ,under all that agro I’m sure Leo’s a decent guy
  2. No Conspiracy or theory ,just look at the Official Documents.... but unfortunately those come after as you’re concern grows What ever blows ya hair back Pali, but mask wearing is difficult for many , so for their health’s sake it’s not worthy of conflict
  3. Sounds like a nightmare 6. Point (s) taken
  4. Good to hear Mites , most have made their minds up justifying it for all sorts of reasons and consider it the wise move but many coerced. All the best
  5. Common sense should prevail, is this the ‘alternative universe ‘. Sad state of affairs Mitemeister
  6. And whats you’re role here? Just a concerned Citizen ? Try educating yourself ,and you may find that concern you have is unfounded and doesn’t warrant the attention you have thrust upon it. Dobbing in Dog handlers who just need to breath easy Whats next ?
  7. Crikey Scooby Do after seeing that win I reckon he could win with you on.... wet Cup in the forecast
  8. Come a little bit closer their best effort for mine. Thanks RIP "COME A LITTLE BIT CLOSER" JAY BLACK and the Americans ~ 1964 -...
  9. He was on but didn’t divulge I overheard a particularly obese individual at SkyCity Tab one night talking to someone about a Cert at Capalaba wanting to borrow a few k , Zero risk he said..first starter paying $3, the pre amble for 3 minutes never mentioned the thing and it pissed in
  10. The Correct way of breathing is in through the nose and out through the mouth, makes us a very efficient machine as Oxygen oxidises and helps remove toxins. Our Naso osopharynx also incorporates a very successful antigen defence system which contains T Cells within the Waldeyer ring , inhaling through the nose almost guarantees the smallest particulates make contact with mucous membranes unlike most at under 0.5 nanometers which if inhaled through the mouth go directly into the upper respiratory tract...a mask CANNOT stop these particulates... if you wear a mask walking outside by choice or
  11. Dont have a very Strong opinion on any ‘stolen election’ but given what’s transpiring wouldn’t be at all surprised Mitemeister, certainly thought 100 was in the Ballpark but sometimes he ended up in the Stands Keep checking you’re rear view mirror , only a matter of time before you run off the road
  12. Just angling for a run Al, we are about to letdown like a Gust of Wind Gust Of Wind's remarkable victory at Scone - YouTube
  13. Hey as long as you feel confident that’s a win ignorance is Bliss
  14. Seems to ask a lot of very relevant questions. Most here are being proven right as time goes by , but you are being left behind it’s like the ad years ago with the smoker always trailing behind lighting up another Fag. C’mon Mites get up
  15. I Copied Caroline but turns out she had a few to many Cream Sherries thought the Mai tai/ slave to love looked tidy...thankfully it translated to Belle en rogue