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    Surfing, Biking, Golf , Studying (anything thats relevant ) Can be Quite Opinionated if ive spent time on a subject, but always something to learn .Keep an Open mind. But i get most satisfaction being of assistance to People.

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  1. can you imagine the carnage given what obama and clintons mob created last time.....These People wont handle Court as well as Trump....The US Dollar,is shakey and those tied to it should be nervous
  2. been told to watch for Kokako in Victoria,a horse not far behind running ok in her last trial is in at Taupo..Sabots Dor ?????
  3. The run was alright Hokes,was Good to See Allpress actually look like she was making an effort,a few of her rides lately looked "lazy'...on that run im not sure it can get within 3 lens of Ziggy but hey, may of improved in the interim?
  4. Absolutely, plenty of variables alright Scoob which makes this Sport so interesting, its never plain Sailing. Everyone involved takes the good with the Bad but wouldnt have it any other way, be Boring otherwise
  5. Taupo The Acorn doesn't fall far from the tree, Out of an unraced Daughter of Giovanna. Very nice run at latest proving Suited further, narrowly beaten by progressive Stayer. Trialled up VERY well recently.. looks best Horse now it's up to the Universe. Odds should halve if she looks the part on Raceday
  6. Was going to label Full Noise at Te Rapa, luckily i missed out posting , the Horse looked fine and only Kennedys Ride cost it Top 3. Early Races at Te Rapa are Notorious for producing on pace inside runs yet he chose not to follow Bosson (on a firm market shift) got checked ran wide and gave room to a horse inside costing it Second... Very Surprised. Put Doyle on and get the Chocolates
  7. The Big problem here are the White Collar Criminals who recruit these gangs get away Scot free. Look at the Big Picture...stop your Family getting Screened for Cancer
  8. Goes to Show Politics and Politicians shouldn't mix with Sport, Bullshit artists
  9. You will be there soon enough, but those who are there deserve respect navigating through this World.
  10. Well said. I remember the Day Chris Gibbs talked up everyone of his runners ( Logan/Gibbs)except Tin Goose, and added don't back it.... His only winner Certainly makes you wonder
  11. Cambridge Syn R1 lomar Stable change and a Spell looks to have produced enough to suggest the 15s are generous from very decent trials...rain in forecast a questionmark but still expect a tidy run.Best of luck
  12. And yes the other is Ambergris
  13. Here's a couple of interesting finds last week..... now the Skull is a real ?
  14. Far to many Women are relying on Overdiagnosed Mammograms exposing them to Stress with very little benefit. And potential harm...Avoid unless you feel there is a real issue....Screening for Cancer is dubious...listen to your Body and keep sleep and nutrients Priority... we live in a toxic World