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    Surfing, Biking, Golf , Studying (anything thats relevant ) Can be Quite Opinionated if ive spent time on a subject, but always something to learn .Keep an Open mind. But i get most satisfaction being of assistance to People.

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  1. Good to see it Petal Why did you back it may I ask? You didn't see McNab being held up Pets? Momentum is quite important particularly when they've set up average time as you well know. Next time
  2. Interesting alright Dazzer, if you were a Jockey riding in a race of this nature what would you do ? A good judge of pace would be flushed out to improve or be 'forced into adopting different more pro active tactics from.the outset ...as many seem to do in races with positive speed maps its racing, mug punters take their medicine and move on...then complain again next week
  3. The third on here not to worry you need to get a few more wrong to catch most at Cafe
  4. Wasn't just the poor decision makin chicks it was the lack of effort from the outset, this is Mike McNab . If it was a first year apprentice maybe , if he was riding for his life he wins, on what 'looked' a place certainty. ...and yes I started with the best chance all day
  5. In plain view they spend Tax payer money so what's happening behind closed doors? How much did Cindy and Grant give to Pfizer???? And what other agreements were signed off over useless therapeutics and ineffective vaccines...Why did Banker Key drop out in an instant , signing up with the ANZ and having regular lunches with Luxon 'talking about golf .....we are wasting our time talking about peanuts....taxpayers= muggins
  6. He rode one against it's regular pattern last week but otherwise very good Boss
  7. They call themselves Journalists but are only mouthpieces. The News is moderated by a small group in NZ answering to a larger international entity. You need to be talented AND have a passion for racing, not see it as something that reduces a Families ability to feed and clothe their Children.
  8. Did we see a fair racing surface today? Looked 'racing striped' yet again and after watching McNab thoroughly butcher the well placed Slipper Island in Race 4 it added to the confusion. What did Pike tell him to do pre race? And did he tell Assano to avoid being handy ( surely not) while he got circled 4 wide at Cambridge over 970 on the biggest drifting warm fav in years? $2.5 to $8... Anyone would of thought it turned up with 3 legs Worth asking questions surely, when it looks and smells like horseshit is it or is piss poor decision making explained away that easily?
  9. How do you know their vaccine status? Everyone is different and to expect a similar outcome for everyone is unrealistic, particularly given the long lists of side effects these interventions are known to create. Your body your choice... For all we know she got her first jab on her 116th Birthday.....what do you put their longevity down to Trips?
  10. And as each poor young soul passes that average drops. 49..Far to young The improvements in Surgical procedures and associated technology is impressive but the reliance on Vaccines is a big step backwards, i see Moderna posted a very surprising 2 Billion dollar profit and are expecting this to swell with a New RSV Vaccine later this year... how do they know it will even work They don't need to as seen with other failed therapeutics, crazy
  11. If someone had told you to get an early share in Winks would you have missed out?
  12. The Stewards know about as much as the experts on married at first sight
  13. Trips. Are you on some heavy shit? Efeso Collins just dropped dead after what would equate to walking down the Dairy ....with emergency medics on site.. If this is something you consider normal after claiming we will all live to 90 you need help with all due respect, does your affliction create pressure around the cranium?
  14. When was the last time we lost a Jockey due to the track conditions they are describing as dangerous? The Talented Yanagida passed doing something he loved on a perfect track and given today's parameters they would of abandoned Grumpy Vances Blue Denims Cup