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  1. i try to stick with the facts Mitey me ol China, as soon as youre wanking on can be Challenged you are on a Slippery Slope. Classic one for Untruths is Fauci , and he has proven himself over again and on National TV
  2. Oldie but a Goodie 18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine - Citizens Journal...
  3. What about Phillip Hill ? Hes a Key figure in our Response and he doesnt reply to his Emails Break out the Polygraph
  4. It better happen soon 100 your Credibility is at Rock Bottom Question remains what exactly is this Bioweapon and its related ‘Vaccine’ going to do to the Population ? The Chinese Communist Party pharma Fosun is working with ‘Vaccine’ manufacturer Biontech at present producing more Swill, when do the ‘Boosters’ start getting introduced? They need to exhaust their original supply before one would expect..who is Directing Gladys Berejiklian in Sydney? This World has a History of War Death and Deceit , what makes things different now
  5. Nightmare on Shiff Street Who writes for and Directs these Democrat Slime? In Sir Erection Schumer beyond a joke
  6. He Dropped $300 so definately time to cut him loose Its a good thing the TAB screwed him definately save him Plenty longterm
  7. Idol and Hokes somehow cant see this Orange man Bad
  8. Got to laugh at the sevens ceremony, these guys just played games against each other and theyre all masked up
  9. ive read that like most things related to this subject. Bullshit unfortunately
  10. I see She got her 2nd dose of the Biontech jab today saying it was ‘to be Kind’ ... How? You can still get it and give it regardless How do we get back to ‘Normal’ from this experiment
  11. Between 3 and 4 peoole Die every week of the Flu in Sydney mostly elderly and immunocompromised , and this number has risen significantly yearly like most Countries in recent times More tests more cases with PCR... we know Ivermectin works from 2000 frontline US Doctors so where are the life saving Stories around its use on mainstream media?
  12. Fauci has been called out as useless by a Brilliant Nobel prize winning Scientist You call him an expert based on what exactly Hokes?
  13. Gruff


    They may as well they are useless as Tits on a Bull Big E
  14. Ive got it at 1.32.89 Huester (1550- 1.29.99) always a good gauge the Mile and as they only run 1550 its all we have, is the track not that great
  15. I see Apha Charlie ran the first sub 1.33 1600m in the first today. Great surface it seems