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  1. Gruff

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Al Gore was mentored by a man who first ‘questioned’ The idea of what a potential of CO2 excess could do to our earth... in his later years he reneged on his earlier ‘theory ‘ in which time Al retorted by saying he was senile ...his carbon signature from his home residence is 5 times of most Americans joke
  2. Gruff

    Serena Williams meltdown....

    If her opponent wasn’t equally as tanned she would of played that card too,utter disgrace. She got beaten after calling out a male tennis player ranked over 200 6-2 after he played a round of golf and had a few beers, this equality in sport is a joke. I feel sorry for Osaka,she done her like a turkey dinner and had the shimmer taken off by a spoilt brat. She’s called female judges in the past so the sisterhood card is a long reach. Bitch
  3. Gruff

    Police Raids

    Why would you need to google that? You been living under a rock You ever worry about other people’s livelihoods?
  4. Gruff

    Team driving

    How often do you see a move like that at Forbury let alone with a cheat like Orange involved , my mate dropped 500 on his horse last year and Orange apologised for a lack of judgment won its next start in a hand canter and now we learn he’s about as straight as a dogs hind leg . I would never walk over someone to improve my own position ,so as a result don’t have any time or sympathy for these types of scum, only for their Kids
  5. Gruff

    Whatever it does it will improve on

    Lazy? Why will it improve? Suliman got beaten 13 lens over 2200m in a R65 run 4 secs quicker than the open class Taumaranui Gold Cup a race later?and the horse was attributed this by wearing a tongue tie ,which it has failed dismally with ever since and looks like it will never win another race? Punters have no chance,you can crunch all the data you like but your better off throwing darts
  6. Gruff

    Police Raids

    I’ve got the utmost respect for most people on this site Scoob you included but let’s face the facts, inflammatory ? It’s what everyone’s been saying for decades . We all kept punting regardless due to the entertainment value.Great Racing when it was
  7. Gruff

    Police Raids

    What Rock? I wanted to be a Driver when James Stormont was wooing teenage girls in Pukekohe. I was at Tony Perucichs when he had Stormy Morn witnessing the financial tension between him and his partner, but Tony wasn’t a betting man. I can’t blame these cheats for what they do sicko , all they are trying to do is feed their families, and when they’re not getting results what do you do? Remove the temptation is the only answer you dumb sick bastard just jokes
  8. Gruff

    Police Raids

    Everyone who walks the earth knows or knew that harness Racing is full of thieves,it’s well documented and many have seen it at the track, it’s not rocket science . It’s time this industry is shut down, I really enjoyed the theatre and given my time again I probably wouldn’t change a thing regardless ,but there are far to many variables even without factoring in the cheating to keep this viable. RIP Thieves on wheels. One things for sure if there’s pearly gates we won’t be seeing to many getting through from this mob
  9. Gruff


    Turnip sounds sure Ivan. I’m sure STD and kloppite will jump on the bandwagon soon ol son but they won’t be so polite
  10. Gruff

    Fav last leg of quaddie

    I’m not perfect STD and have never claimed to be unlike yourself list the things I’ve got wrong so I can improve after all it’s all a learning curve.. Your mate klops said sorry then quoted a passage from my original post? Sorry is all he/she needed nO ? What you have described above was understood by many when they were punting at 13 but thanks
  11. Gruff

    Fav last leg of quaddie

    Apology accepted.
  12. Gruff

    Fav last leg of quaddie

    I’m not privy to the exact amount after the takeout so for argument sake used the shown amount in the pool klops which was $33512, I never mentioned it altering the Div 17c just the unit value which is why STD mentioned the rounding. My point regarding the currency related to accounts , and any payout over the counter would need to be rounded because of that fact yes.
  13. Gruff

    Fav last leg of quaddie

    If two horses are equal fav No2–No14 it’s No 2 who’s fav
  14. Gruff

    Fav last leg of quaddie

    One dollar invested with the pool at $33,512 with a $5.90 Dividend is 5,680 $1 units(16.95 % of the pool) if you add or subtract $1 it effects it by 0.17 of a $1 unit or 17 cents on the one horse, obviously with that $1 more/less in the pool it will also have an impact on other dividends albeit particularly minor . All dividends should be posted to the exact cent,it would remove the guess work , and with the tab selling all their outlets and wanting more people to bet electronically it makes more ...sense....We will have to get STD rife to talk to his mates at head office
  15. Gruff

    Dumbest racing rule in the world...

    Sir slick was ridden like this at Ellerslie one day , but they had a few horses that normally wouldn’t run out the distance at a true tempo in the race that outsprinted him. Isn’t always the answer Berzy