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  1. Comp R1 : 2.45pm Randwick R3 - 3–6 B.B. Comp R2 : 3.10pm New Plym R6 - 3–11 B.B Comp R3 : 3.35pm Flemington R4 - 1–3 Comp R4 : 3.55pm Randwick R5 - 4—6 Comp R5 : 4.35pm Randwick R6 - 2–5 Comp R6 : 4.55pm Flemington R6 - 6–9 Comp R7 : 5.27pm Eagle Farm R7 - 4–5 Comp R8 : 6.07pm Eagle Farm R8 - 1–5 Comp R9 : 6.35pm Randwick R9 - 4–12 Comp R10 : 7.20pm Darwin R6 - 4–7 Thanks Good luck everyone.
  2. Gruff


    He’s no good first thing in the Morning Crust , Laura gets the Breaky in bed and shifts the covers
  3. Gruff

    Win 10% share in Showcasing filly.

    It’s always good to be in with a chance, it’s a $50 raffle ticket in effect and as a punter you’d rather have more control on the result nO? As an on - course initiative there should of been an exchange on the earlier races culminating in a playoff on later races, similar to the exchange jackpots of yesteryear,good for turnover and involving others on course (interest sake) just a thought
  4. I like your style Flock (hanging them out)... Having Fun for mine but CT although misses a few , he’s normally close to the mark regardless of the fact they are well supported , ewe agree?
  5. Gruff


    Enlighten me Kloppy, but avoid the belittling even though it may make you feel better about yourself
  6. Gruff

    Open championship

    Rory’s home track , links pedigree in majors strong around Koepka and Fleetwood and even Pepperell . Who’s on your radar? I see Shinkwins at 500-1
  7. Gruff


    You make a fair point Kloppy but then lose it at the end, sharpen up
  8. Gruff


    ,704 Posted Tuesday at 09:48 PM What a failure at the World Cup. Reputation is worth zilch if you’re over the top or out of form and Guptill has been woeful for the entire World Cup! Poor Management imho by picking him on “Hope”! A team is just that , how many times have we seen a ‘Key’player go off or not even perform only to lift others within the side supposedly against the odds? Knowing you have a legend of the game amongst your ranks can be enough to lift others around them . Lighten up, everyone has something positive to offer
  9. Gruff


    Agree wholeheartedly, it would completely depend on your relationship Crust surely ,but on face value Laura’s not that bitch
  10. Gruff

    Rory sabbatini

    Crikey, we have seen a few very good players tee to green in Scotland who have started to make a few putts looking dangerous, Hebert was 40-1 top 5 in this event and the putter started to kick in, Tom Lewis was in the same boat , both averaging close to 2 putts a green in last weeks irish then turning the stats around. Mcilroy must be very hard to beat at home next week but there are some good links players well over the odds, Stenson is also finding form , Shinkwin is 500s . Can’t wait
  11. Gruff


    Crusty you obviously Havnt seen much of Laura, she is a legend. She is probably the most positive person I’ve ever seen on TV , she does the golf show and has a passion for sport. I can Guarantee her influence would be nothing but positive to Guppy and in a game of Millimetres shit can happen. Wake up son
  12. Gruff


    I had England winning by a street. You want to pick at Guptill your crazy, fantastic effort by the team and one that we should all be proud of
  13. Gruff

    Aussie Commentator moved to Invercargill
  14. Gruff

    Parliamentary Handicap

    And look at who it’s attracted Where’s the project ?
  15. Comp R1 : Ruakaka R3 1.39pm 3/6 Comp R2 : Rosehill R2 2.05pm 2/6 Comp R3 : Caulfield R4 2.55pm 2/11 B.B. Comp R4 : Ruakaka R6 3.24pm 2/3 bb Comp R5 : Rosehill R5 3.50pm 3/12 Comp R6 : Caulfield R6 4.10pm 1/12 Comp R7 : Rosehill R7 5.10pm 3/12 Comp R8 : Caulfield R8 5.30pm 7/13 Comp R9 : Gawler R7 6.21pm 3/8 Comp R10 : Gawler R8 7.00pm 1/10 Best of luck . Thanks once again