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  1. They are taking operators to Court , what an absolute joke of an organisation and it looks as though rescuers are part of this. If they are doing this WHY didnt Worksafe stop everybody going to an active Volcano in the first place knowing how unsafe and how unpredictable it can be
  2. Hydroxychoroquine and Zinc, but ultimately WHY are these prople really losing their lives? I still have yet to see any literature around people who Vaccinate and and one thing is certain they would plaster the MSM with positive data if it promoted their narrative.
  3. Theres two shows, the one on here is more enjoyable The fact checkers are forever mobile
  4. I hope your right about this 100 , Mighty and Hokes are really enjoying you digging a bigger holes (if thats possible)they cant wait to get out of bed in the morning to see what gem youve posted today On a seperate note im reading in the Herald this morning Bakers going on about our massive decrease in Flu apparently due to Labours ‘successful ‘measures surrounding ‘Covid’ and Flu Vaccination .... every epidemiologist in the World knows Stress supresses our Immune Systems for one, not to mention the lockdown and fear kept those with Flu symptoms away from hospitals...and the blatantly obvi
  5. On The AM Show Garner asking Adern ‘have you seen the report ‘ regarding Tarrant being given his licence and thousands of rounds of ammo ...’No i havnt read the whole thing yet ,ts 800 pages ....need to wait for review to digest . Cafers have known this for at least 16 months so how can Adern not? ..and why didnt Garner ask the obvious question, when did you know Talk about Cotton wool Climate emergency madness being announced this week and Adern starts talking about errosion on our coastlines requiring Electric Cars you cant make this shit up , our Country is being run by a S
  6. How vaccines are REALLY made by Mike Adams The Health Ranger -...
  7. Virologist Says Measles Virus Doesn't Exist - Offers 100K Reward...
  8. Always interesting, 4600m with a 66kg minimum, i know theres a few on here following White Robe lodges Raise the Flags and Golden Flag into 9s.... any thoughts?
  9. 76 confirmed breaches of quarantine, those workers in those facilities wearing masks which DO NOT stop ‘Virus’ not to mention Border control workers and those Public transport users and how many have Died from this killer ‘Disease’....
  10. HIV & AIDS - Interview Stefan Lanka
  11. Slightly off topic but if you use Viagara Lankas theory is concerning Dr. Lanka: That's it. It was already known by 1965, definitely, that PCP is a fungus. And this was and is the most important AIDS-defining disease. If you look at who comes down with this disease, you see people who are using poppers. What are poppers? Nitrites. And check every dictionary in the bookstore, or the People's Medical Dictionary: what do nitrites do in the body? They oxidize the blood. That means the blood itself is not able to transport oxygen. So, of course, the first cells to suffer are cells in the lung.
  12. ...was a joke you need to loosen up Mighty , are you getting Gates Vaccine or know people that will ?
  13. Q went into the Bookmaking buisness, hes offering 25s for Trump at present
  14. This Genius put up 100,000 euros for anybody who could prove the measles virus existed.... Nobody could "The Misconception Called Virus". Dr. Stefan Lanka 2020 Article...