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  1. Breeder


    Baz, I saw an interview with Sam Williams the other night talking about this filly. He said everyone got in behind it --the vets, the transport companies , the farriers etc. etc. All giving their services free to help out. Wonderful generosity by everyone. To top it off I think the Lindsays got a great filly.
  2. Breeder

    Inglis Digital Sale

    Those Aussies are very ruthless when it comes to culling horses. Over 300 lots for a fortnightly sale !!
  3. Breeder


    These yearling sales are like the fashion industry. Tavistock definitely seems to be out of fashion this year. I will now not be surprised to see a really good one pop up during the autumn / winter.
  4. Breeder


    Yesterday I mentioned the Breednet quick link resources. They have added a really good link which shows photos of all the yearlings for each new season sire in Book 1. So it allows those who judge on type, in particular, to view on one screen all the yearlings by American Pharoah , for example,and it gives you an idea of how much the sire is "stamping" his progeny. Or if you are interested in a particular sire which one looks better than the others available and to pay more attention to that particular yearling. I realise photos are no substitute to actually looking at the real thing but I think what they have done is a real good time saver and added tool.
  5. Breeder


    Good luck with your colt Caroline. ( for those who do not know what I am referring to --Caroline's colt is Lot 1103 in book 2. )
  6. Breeder


    Anyone who wants to follow the fortunes of the pinhookers, the site has a list in their Quick Links information resource.
  7. Breeder


    Lot 368 Thanks
  8. Breeder

    Dean McKenzie road show

    A report on the meeting held at Awapuni can be read on page 10 of todays ANZ BloodstockNews email
  9. Breeder

    RIP Tavistock

    Tavistock dies due to complications from the injuries he got a month or so ago. (scroll to page 9 for the full story)
  10. Breeder

    RIP Burgundy

    Cambridge Stud is having a really bad run this year. Hopefully the bad luck has ended now.
  11. Breeder

    Broodmare wanted

    Did you get a broodmare that suits, Sickopunter ?
  12. Breeder

    Broodmare wanted

    The late November Inglis Online sale is going at the moment --finishes on Wed. Getting a bit late in the season to get it over here on time but worth looking especially if you plan to race yourself where a late service is probably not so important.
  13. Breeder

    Broodmare wanted

    Look at the classified section on here. Aaron Bidlake has a Shocking mare.
  14. Breeder

    Where Are All The Ocean Parks?...

    Number of live foals for 2018 (foaling year ) was well down and his fertility for 2017 (serving year) was down about 8-10% from previous years. (77% compared 85-87% on previous years) He only had 62 live foals in 2018 compared to around 100 on average for previous years.
  15. Breeder

    Great female family keeps producing

    If you want to buy a filly/mare from the Tessa Gillian / Eight Carat family have a look at the latest Inglis online sale (finishes on Wednesday). Lot 49 is a Makfi 3yr old filly that traces to this family via Habibti. The filly was bred and sold by Pencarrow Stud for $180K to Darren Weir and after his problems has ended up with Ciaron Maher. It is now being sold after 1 minor win from 5 starts. Currently the bidding is at A$700 but this sale normally does not get going until the last 24 hrs just like Gavelhouse. But you never know, if you are interested you could get it cheap. There are a couple from the same family in the NZB Ready to Run sale.