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  1. Great win by the winner. I'm not up to date with the riding rules in Aussie but will the stipes have a go at Glen Boss for his celebrations before the finish line?
  2. It is 25 years since Doriemus won the Caulfield Cup.
  3. Great day for Mark and his team. Pinhooked and raised Gytrash , 3rd in the Everest . Foaled and raised Verry Elleegant. --now 6 Group Ones. Must be something in the South Taranaki soil to go along with the good horsemanship.
  4. Thanks Berri. Not sure what happened to the link above but for others interested in looking, the filly is Lot 282 on Day 2.
  5. I have been looking through the Tattersall's yearling sales results and came across this cheap Frankel filly ( 50,000 guineas). Bought by Sam Sangster B/Sk ( I think he is Robert Sangster's grandson) 20/Main I would be interested in comments by those who are experienced or good at judging a yearling on type as to why she sold so cheaply --well below service fee. She was quite a late foal but given her pedigree she is likely to go over distance so you would not expect her to be up and going as a 2yr old. I appreciate that looking at a photo or video does not compare to looking at a horse in the flesh, but they should give some idea.
  6. Breeder


    Great day for NZers all round. As well as those mentioned above we had --Verry Ellegant winning her 5th Grp 1. Chris Waller gets the trifecta in that Grp 1 race plus trains multiple other group winners on the day. James McDonald rides 3 Group winners in a row and then 2nd in the next race which was a Group 1.
  7. High Sparrow The data in the link I presented was UK Govt data. In that sense where it is re published is irrelevant. Facts are facts unless the UK Government is publishing false data. No one is disputing the virus is serious, but it has to be put in perspective and questions have to be raised about why economies were wrecked. BTW : I would take being banned from the Guardian as a badge of honour..
  8. High Sparrow I posted this early in this thread. You may have missed it. Like Berri's post it is based on official Government figures. One of the interesting things that has been noticed, in Europe, is a number of countries had below average deaths , from all causes, late last year and early this year. If you look at the England Wales figures shown in the link, they fall into this category. What analysts found was that those countries have been affected by Covid much more heavily (from a death number point of view). Those countries that had normal deaths figures for that period were not affected so much. This is illustrated well when you compare Scandinavian countries.
  9. Berri Here is another , short but to the point factual article to look at. Reinforces the video you posted above. The data relates to the UK. " “Ah”, some of your may be saying, “this is just evidence that the lockdown, social distancing and masks have worked.” But that is obviously not the case. Clearly, if these measures did anything to halt viral transmission, the flu deaths would have gone down as well. They have not. They are right in line with the five-year average. Despite social distancing and wearing masks and hand sanitizer on every corner…the spread of the flu virus has not halted one bit in its usual annual progress through society."
  10. Still plenty of money around. In the top French sale there were 3 lots in 7 figures over night ( after 2 days of their sale) Galileo colt --2 million Euros Dubawi filly --2.5 million Euros Kingman colt -- 1.1 million Euros At the moment : 1 Euro = NZD 1.78
  11. Recent results in France support the decisions by Cambridge Stud for their new stallion. Kodiac is doing very well so the decision to buy into Hello Youmzain (who has also done very well this season) has been a great move. Also Wootten Bassett's great progress (and massive price in his recent sale) backs the earlier deal with Almanzor.
  12. Congratulations to the owners, who sold to Coolmore. Amazing price for a 12year old stallion that started standing at stud for 4000 euros.
  13. The PM and Hipkins repeatedly tell us the only source of truth for this virus issue is the Government announcements. Well here is official Government information that refutes that BS we hear from both of them. It is a response to an OIA request.
  14. An attorney who represented the victims of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual assault said that in 2009, the only person that helped him was then citizen Donald Trump.
  15. It is not unusual for a stallion to produce better fillies than colts. In NZ we have had Centaine and O'Reilly (at least earlier in his career). Perhaps the most "famous" was Secretariat -- his prence in current pedigrees is almost always through a female.