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  1. Breeder

    Verry Elleegant

    Agree with your assessment Nearco. It is all about the potent females in her pedigree. Eight Carat seems be showing up now she is getting back in the pedigrees. Many believe it is the fourth line in the pedigree that is the key and that is the area she is showing up in now. Also another great day for James Macdonald. He really knows how to pick his rides and turn up with the A game on these days.
  2. Breeder

    Inglis Easter Sales

    I understand what you are saying Dopey but this tussle between seller and buyer happens in most industries. Having said I think you are right that this situation could lead to a rethink by all the parties involved. For example, Arrowfield are pleasantly surprised that some stock sell particularly well by private treaty, so in the future try selling part of their crop that way in all years , especially if they have a lot of stock of one particular stallion. Cambridge Stud have started producing an extensive package of information on each lot for Book 1 in the last couple of years. ( I think a fault with it is they put it out too late --just before the sale). This concept could be developed further and linked to other selling platforms.
  3. Breeder

    Inglis Easter Sales

    It has started. Arrowfield has withdrawn it's draft and say each lot is still up for sale but by private treaty. I suspect there more doing this. Very unfortunate for Inglis as they will inevitably take a big hit.
  4. Breeder

    Inglis Easter Sales

    Now it looks like the Inglis Sales are going online. It will be extremely difficult for all concerned. I think many will withdraw and try other ways to sell after the virus issue has gone. Maybe the Magic Millions sale in June and maybe MM will push this sale back to say July/August to help vendors, although being mid winter is probably not ideal.
  5. Breeder

    Inglis Easter Sales brought Forward

    Looks like there are further changes to the Easter Inglis Sale "The Easter Yearling Sale will not proceed as a live auction but will instead proceed in an online format, the details of which will be confirmed today. Inglis will issue a further update by close of business today, Wednesday March 25, which will include confirmation on how each scheduled sale of 2020 will operate" I think there could be massive withdraws and vendors will take there chance with the Magic Millions sale later in the year.
  6. Breeder

    Why not Racing ?

    This bit on the Jones and Credlin show last night is worth watching. Tony Abbott was onto this back in 2005.
  7. Here are the "essential services" . A large part of the economy is not affected including the important rural community.
  8. Berri I admire your optimism and thinking but there isn't that level of thinking in Wellington. The South Koreans have a phone app of some sort which allow officials to track people during their crisis. Have any NZ officials enquired about it --I doubt? The Aussies are getting 500,000 Covid19 testing kits by the end of this week which give a result in 15 minutes. Maybe some of that $50 million Maori voter bribe could have been spent on these kits, if they know of their existence. To do what you are suggesting requires the thinking which the Singaporeans showed after the SARS outbreak --they said we must learn from this and plan for the next epidemic which they knew would come. So they were prepared for a Covid19 like outbreak and results speak for themselves. After this episode is over, the industry should sit down and plan for the next one, even if Wellington sits on its hand as usual. Having said that and I haven't seen the full details of this Level 4 but does it stop the fruit picking , the grape harvest, the milking of cows and therefore Fonterra and other factories etc etc ? If it does then the virus will be the least of NZs problems --we'll have a huuuuuge recession. If it doesn't then the silver lining is the chardonnay socialists will see who the real essential people are for the NZ economy --it is not the media and the Beehive crowd.
  9. Breeder

    Inglis Easter Sales

    I missed this report, this morning. It looks like Inglis is going run the Easter Sale on an invite only basis.
  10. Breeder

    Inglis Easter Sales

    Will be interesting to see what happens (if anything) for the up coming sales with all the restrictions in place due to the virus. I hope for everyone's sake it all works out OK and it is able to operate as normal but if the travel restrictions and crowd measures remain, it will give Inglis a major head ache. This is what Magic Millions are doing for their March sale
  11. A long time in what must have been a great job during a fantastic time for the NZ industry.
  12. Breeder

    Chris Rutten

    I see Gai Waterhouse is using Chris's knowledge at the Classic Sale in Sydney this year. About 3 horses so far.
  13. Yesterday at Caulfield we saw a fantastic win by Alabama Express and we will probably see a lot more from him. Paul Moroney bought him for A$280k at the Easter Sale in 2018 for brother Mike to train. Alabama's Express' dam Lago Ovation is an unplaced mare by Encosta de Lago from a good imported family. Several members of the family have worked very well with Redoute's Choice so it is not surprising Paul had a hard look at the colt at the sales. Rekindled Outlook is a half sister by Flying Spur --similarly unplaced when racing, was sent to NZ to support Ferlax when he was standing at Haunui. The 2 colts by Ferlax from the mare sold in Book 3 for $3K and $2.5K. The Novara Park guys now own the mare (probably bought very cheaply) and have bred her to Sweynesse, so they now have possibly got a Book 1 mare.
  14. Breeder


    Pleased you are happy with the result Caroline. But it shows you how much of a fashion industry the yearling business is. I'm not sure why Power is out of favour --if your yearling was by one of the in fashion sires it would have been very different. I hope the colt proves to be a good as his mother. Baz --I think you have done extremely well but I'm sure you know the buying cost is just a small part of the running cost. It will be interesting to see how Verdi results match up with Puccini's over time. Looking at the yearling photos I think Verdi could be better. Good luck.
  15. Breeder

    new owner for stud farm

    I am no expert on these sort of deals but $5.4 mill for 35% of the stud which operates on leasehold land seems a fairly high price.