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  1. JJ it is an unreserved sale.
  2. The auction will be interesting. Currently at $1.5million. Comparing how she goes on Gavelhouse with how Melody Belle went at a big traditional auction. Both great race mares being sold in the same year. I am a little surprised the Gavelhouse auction time is relatively short ..finishes on Wed 22nd. Anyway, good luck to all the bidders.
  3. Banquo (by Written Tycoon) has been retired to WS for this season ($4000 fee)
  4. Gruff, Blueanytime has not latched onto the fact that the so called vaccines for Covid are based on a totally different technology to those that he listed. So he cannot make a direct comparison.
  5. Great piece in today's ANZ News about the start of Written Tycoon's stud career and how hard it was.
  6. Soros and Gates buy a UK company that has developed a new , quicker test. CDC announces they will stop recommending the PCR test in Dec 2021 Co-incidence?
  7. It looks like Racing NSW has bought the property, to be part of their property portfolio of new training facilities near Sydney, as the existing Randwick, Rosehill and Warwick Farm facilities are at capacity.
  8. “Controversial Auckland businessman Leo Molloy has announced his intention to run for Auckland Mayor in 2022 – and has already outlined his plans to clear out the council and crack down on “woke pretentious white whinging wankers”. I hope this real / fact.
  9. Fantastic achievement by Jamie Kah getting over 100 metro wins in Victoria in one season. Also Chris Waller gets over 200 wins for the season --his achievements keep rolling in. I had to spend two weeks in quarantine in Australia earlier this year, so I ended up watching more Aussie races than I normally would (usually it is just the big races for me). I will not pretend to understand the finer aspects of race riding. I saw Jamie Kah riding in all sorts of races --even I could see she is different to most jockeys. A very talented and well grounded horse woman.
  10. I noticed a couple of nicely bred unraced Frankel fillies from the Juddmonte draft sold on Day 2 to Rabbah Bloodstock for 40k and 30k ---good buying, even if they bought for breeding. (lots 529 and 5300
  11. Went for a bit less than I thought it would, Red Rum. I looked up Barratt Racing and the only trainers I could see with that name are in Ireland. I will try to follow his progress.
  12. Really interesting figures around Tavistock getting 100 winners for the season, in comparison to others in the club.
  13. What made me look a little closer, just as an exercise, was he is from Invincible Spirit's family on the female side. Quite a bit of that family on the male side in Aust/NZ, so as a stallion prospect he would have potential down here. I notice they have video up now. Do the UK trainers have their horse a lot leaner than we see down here or is it the breeding (ie. not so muscular). I have looked at a few videos for the sale and quite a few look like they need a really good feed !!
  14. If I had the money I would look at a Frankel colt in the Tattersalls July sale this week. Seventh Kingdom. Buy it and send it to Chris Waller (or one of the other Kiwi trainers in Aussie) and hopefully they could teach him to start a lot better, for a start. Good pedigree and good potential as long as are not selling because they think he needs gelding. Oh well dreams are free !!
  15. Agree Ohokaman. I know land is cheaper in Aussie but to get land with that sort of water supply and then try to build the same facilities, you would be lucky to get much change from that selling price. I'm not sure if horses were involved in the sale.