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  1. Charlie, I presume when he sold Cambridge Stud, he and the new owners saw it as a complete break, so I understand why he did have his yearlings prepared elsewhere. Cambridge Stud would have had a "full barn " and Patrick could still have some say in how his yearlings were prepared at Carlaw and Woburn ; they in turn would learn from his experience. I heard yesterday that Waikato Stud split their draft roughly 50:50 between NZB and Aussie sales. Others , including Cambridge Stud, have also sent quite a few over to Aussie. This obviously dilutes the Book 1 Sale and a reduction in figures is
  2. Great to see Sir Patrick Hogan having a good sale. He has sold his yearlings through Carlaw Park and Woburn Farm. A Tavistock filly went for $440K a little while ago. Had a few other good prices earlier on in the sale. His new brand is PJ in a circle.
  3. Further to my comment about The Oaks not selling Milan Park is also missing, but most importantly where is Steve Davis ? (or is Steve in quarantine after the MM Sales on the Gold Coast ?)
  4. A big boy Jeepers. Paul Moroney paid $70K for him. I have obviously missed the news, but why are The Oaks not selling at the sales ? ( do not seem to be selling in Australian sales)
  5. Now I have had time, I did a similar count on yesterday's results (ie sold for $50 or less etc.) and the result 50. Huey --agree the Almanzors look to be doing OK. I'm no expert of type but they seem to be big strong horses, in general.
  6. Just for interest I went back to the 2020 results for the first 200 lots. 43 sold for $50k or less or passed with a reserve of $50k or less.( There were a few that sold for $20K.) 2020 had everyone who wanted come to NZ there. The other thing this year, is a lot more than usual NZ yearlings are being sold at the Aussie sales. I presume this is because of Covid restrictions. I'm just trying to put yesterday into perspective.
  7. The average was only down $5k and percentage sold is similar to last year after Day One. The NZB guy I saw interviewed said most people are saying the quality is better in day 2 & 3 --that could be just sales talk, but we will see. Given the problems of people getting to NZ etc. I think it is going OK. Having said that there were some bargains to be had eg. Te Akau picked a nice Belardo colt (Lot 118) for $40k
  8. Would you right off this filly because of the way the front leg dishes or swings out so much or is it a sign of immaturity and she will "grow out of it"?
  9. I am a little surprised to see only 8 of his yearlings in Book 1 this year. I thought there would have been quite a few more.
  10. Berri Slightly off topic but what do you think of Woburn Farm's different approach to their photographs on the NZB sales site --a whole range of images from different angles etc. instead of one static image and a video (that might come later)? I "take my hat off " to them for trying something different and it far superior to just having one image.
  11. Looking at the winner of yesterday's Japan Cup is interesting. ( I think they said she had won 9 Grp1's ). Almond Eye ( Lord Kanaloa x Fusaichi Pandora) . She is line breed (or inbred depending on your definition) to the mare Sex Appeal. The dam of Sex Appeal is Best in Show which appears in the dam line of Redoute's Choice and quite few other good horses. Almond Eye has plenty of good sires up close, including Sunday Silence.
  12. I have just had quick look at the French Breeding Sale catalogue for the sale on December 5-8. There are some really good fillies or mares not in foal --from an on paper pedigree view point. For those interested in what Berri has raisde with this thread, it could be worth following the results. I think there are some very well bred horses that could be be relatively cheap.
  13. Good to see Verry Ellegant run a good 3200m. A lot of people thought that she might struggle to get the distance. I agree that 2000-2400m is probably best for her. She ran in a very settled manner but quite a way back in the field most of the way. She got a decent check turning for home but still got out and ran on well. Would not have beaten the winner without the check but may have got a place. I read where one of the owners has suggested going over to the Arc next year. That would be exciting for NZ/Aust racing.
  14. I think he was because Gytrash was raised from weanling stage at Grangewilliam.
  15. I agree with you Berri and it is good to see you looking at the deep pedigrees. But to be fair a few people have been bringing in NH mares over recent years --Kevin Hickman, the Moores, Paul Moroney has been buying regularly for clients for a few decades and now Cambridge Stud has been buying quite a few in the last couple of years. Are they the right ones , only time will tell. For some fun (I cannot afford to actually buy) I have followed the NH sales, looking at the catalogues and results , in recent years, to see what could be achieved if the money was available. I have found t