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  1. Time test filly 9 days old.
  2. My mare delivered a beautiful leggy Time Test filly last week.... Thrown more to the sire than the mare.... Dark brown and no white
  3. Kingshill


    Some of my earliest memories at the racecourse with Dad - me looking at the race book and commenting on how many starts Fountaincourt had had and asking him who M Bull was
  4. Jamie Osborne - Worked for him on my OE 15 0dd years ago - Great memories of Lambourne and a few lifelong friends made.
  5. Yes.... Fully agree. Unfortunately, a vote for NZF maybe a wasted vote. ACT gaining a lot of momentum and could be the party to stop Labour having full control
  6. Interesting article found on Breednet - Coolmore obviously aware of the need for an outcross.
  7. The "And you wonder why 97% of people loath racing" Thread
  8. Bumped...... In relation to recent thread.
  9. I posted a similar idea on another thread on here during lockdown..... Have a Racing mega centre at Foxton..... All 3 codes..... Plenty of land to spread out, great sandy based surface, 20 minutes south of Palmerston north and on State Highway 1.
  10. Well said Womby..... Agree with you on getting back to basics, cutting top level salaries and getting radio Trackside back....
  11. Holy hell Bowman's horse on a 45 degree angle trying to get a gap..... You wonder how much was riding on his mount winning (big punt or big sling maybe)
  12. Or an old favourite of mine”led into straight...stopped as if shot” Hahaha.... I remember Dad reading that formline comment out from the Friday flash when I was a kid..... Still remember it
  13. Unbridled or anyone else - Any foal pictures of your Ribchester offspring?
  14. Poor Wellington - He's angling for a 5-6 year stint...... Snippet from article below - John Allen is planning to stick around. WellingtonNZ may have had four chief executives in less than six years, and Allen numerous high-profile roles in the city, but he says his new job is a keeper. The latest boss of the region's tourism and economic agency has a long-term plan. "My view is that in these sorts of roles, you need to be [there] about five or six years, and so that’s what I would expect," he says.
  15. Fully agree...... Just corporate waffle and B-shit..... Snout in the trough again... Talking in riddles again