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  1. Kingshill

    What’s the go with Riverton

    Shutdown Awapuni, Manawatu Raceway (Trots/greyhounds) and Trentham (Both getting swallowed up by housing) and start from scratch with a "Mega venue" at Foxton. Better surface/drainage and on State highway 1.
  2. Kingshill

    Go The Midget !!!

    Good win Ran well last start for 5th without much luck and forgot to back her yesterday due to work commitments - Murphys Law she comes in
  3. Kingshill

    Consensus! You Darling!

    Yes - Well done, Gutsy win....TAB account was down to it's last $5, but now got plenty of $$$ to play with on Saturday
  4. Kingshill

    stallion for 2019

    One of his fillies - Embrace Me - has a shot at Group 1 glory in The William Reid stakes tonight at Moonee Valley. Will be a tough ask against top filly Sunlight - but funny things happen at Moonee Valley with the tight turning track.
  5. Kingshill

    Time for a swindle at HQ

    7.Qiji Swordsman 8. Shadows Cast 9.Glory Days Melody Belle Jonathan Parkes Thanks for the Comp
  6. Yes, I heard this rumor from a good source last week..... with this and the cost overuuns on the new website.... what a disaster. John Allen needs to go, surely he can't talk his way out of this one.
  7. Kingshill

    Capital Gains Tax

    Hey, Hey easy on bagging the Nissan Leaf's there mate The best car I have owned
  8. Kingshill

    Matamata 100 Years of Racing

    Good old "Smiling Assassin" John Key - He used to be all smiles and bulls..t when opening the Yearling sales when prime Minister.
  9. Hello All - Just putting a syndicate together for a Yearling - Lease with a Right of Purchase - After some thoughts from Cafers with some possible things to include in the lease conditions - Things like voting majority for any major decisions (Was thinking 55 or 60%), clauses around non payment (how long do you give someone to catch up payments before kicking them out?) etc. Maybe something I haven't thought of? Thanks in Advance
  10. Kingshill

    The Graveyard - why??

    Cup winner was actually a CD horse - Trained in Bulls? by Bryce Newman.
  11. Kingshill

    Well Done Team Pitman

    Yeah, I was surprised he said she didn't handle the track, since the Railway was run on a Good 3 from memory? No doubt she'll keep for another day.
  12. Kingshill

    Sir Steve Davis and his Auctioneering Skills

    Yes - agree with Elvis....Steve Davis the best by far.
  13. Kingshill

    CD alternative meeting ??????

    Has happened in the past in the CD - with all the meetings around Xmas and New year - Fields got pretty small after 5 meeting in 8 days.
  14. Kingshill

    CD alternative meeting ??????

    Better late than never, but rescheduled meeting will be 3 weeks from last weeks abandonment. If they had done some quick thinking and quick moving the ideal would have been to have a CD Industry day this coming Thursday and move Ashburton to this Friday.
  15. Kingshill

    Saundry on AW tracks

    Toowoomba - Yes, I remember them putting in the AW track when I was visiting family there....was around 2008/2009. The track was put back to turf a few years later.