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  1. Yes, awesome to see J Parkes get a big win on the big night.
  2. You'd like to think that a maiden race at Ellerslie on a Weekend/Public holiday/Premier meeting would be worth at least $20k
  3. Thought I heard she looking for a mile now - So aiming at the Thorndon mile.......
  4. Saving my Per incanto yearling colt for this year's RTR sale
  5. Berri, to get the quality or rating of our horse population up I guess it can be done two ways? 1)Import a boat load of higher rated well related mares. 2) Or use higher rated stallions over our mares - assuming that would work but would take a long long time.
  6. Where is Reese Jones these days? Is he the B Jones the Stipendiary steward? Also saw a R Jones riding at some country meeting on Trackside last weekend...... Got me wondering
  7. 1st - 7 Robusto 2nd - 5 Lincoln King 3rd - 4 The Good Fight Thanks for the competition and thanks to the organisers
  8. In regards to lighting in the last paragraph - If there is a overseas market for quality night racing from Auckland let's do it once do it properly..... Install the lights and the Strafyer track and get on with it
  9. Wow you must be over the moon happy with her? Lots of natural muscle
  10. Time test filly 9 days old.
  11. My mare delivered a beautiful leggy Time Test filly last week.... Thrown more to the sire than the mare.... Dark brown and no white
  12. Some of my earliest memories at the racecourse with Dad - me looking at the race book and commenting on how many starts Fountaincourt had had and asking him who M Bull was
  13. Jamie Osborne - Worked for him on my OE 15 0dd years ago - Great memories of Lambourne and a few lifelong friends made.
  14. Yes.... Fully agree. Unfortunately, a vote for NZF maybe a wasted vote. ACT gaining a lot of momentum and could be the party to stop Labour having full control
  15. Interesting article found on Breednet - Coolmore obviously aware of the need for an outcross.