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  1. Woodbine.... Have I got a story for you - bought a filly as a "racing and breeding proposition" and she was a grade 5 scope there is a thread on here about it titled "Gavelhouse buyer beware"
  2. Kingshill

    Rural NZ to the rescue .

    Sad but true story - couple of farmer mates (one dairy, one arable) of mine wouldn't have a horse on either of their properties - Why? well one said to me - a good way to F.CK a paddock is to put a horse in it and the dairy farmer just wants every blade of grass to feed the cows to turn it into milk.
  3. Kingshill

    NZTR Coronavirus Regulations

    Although you'd hope people 3use their naana and stay away until the storm in a teacup settles
  4. Kingshill

    NZTR Coronavirus Regulations

    Clause 4 - Good luck trying to police this...... What's stopping an owner turning up at a track like say Otaki or Foxton for trackwork? Virtue signalling from NZTR
  5. Kingshill

    All Star Mile field and barriers

    Mr Quickie?
  6. Kingshill

    At What Point

    11 people in the syndicate I manage. Ranging from 5% to 12.5%, all important in the big picture and all help pay the bills
  7. Kingshill

    All Star Mile field and barriers

    Horlicks connection? What am I missing?
  8. Kingshill


    Any thoughts? - Good or bad regarding this 4 time Group 1 winner by Iffraaj - Had the goods on the track - Will he be the Heir to the Throne?
  9. Kingshill

    Winston not happy with Brian de Licker ?

    Love him or hate him (Winston) what alternative does the industry have as far as interested politicians from the main two parties??? At least he's trying to move us forward
  10. Kingshill


    Lot 155
  11. Kingshill

    il tempo rider R.I.P.

    My guess being due to the imports in the Melbourne cup there is a huge "Class" divide between the two races now, which also translates to hardly any NZ bred/trained horses qualifying for the Melbourne cup.
  12. Kingshill

    AWT Cambridge

    Anyone know what happened at Toowoomba? Have been to race meetings there on and off for 15 odd years when visiting family..... The AW track wasn't in place for long.... 2 seasons max maybe....
  13. Kingshill


    Not eligible for the Karaka Million as she was a gavelhouse purchase.
  14. Kingshill

    Woopsy Granny Herald

    Ha ha oops....
  15. Kingshill

    What A Shambles

    Will the affected owners of scratched runners get compensation/refund in regards to nomination/acceptance fees, transport, staff costs etc? Surely someone has to cough up? Not to mention the "opportunity lost".... Some horses would have been set for this race months ago