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  1. I have a mare in foal to Ribchester and was told I was mad for the reason that Aussie basically shunned him and the Iffraaj factor (being unfashionable etc) Obviously a lot has changed in regards to the Wootton Bassett sale and the popularity of his son Almanzours first yearling crop at the sale's. Let's hope the whispers Berri has heard come to fruition
  2. Trying to follow a similar plan they had with Embellish - buy in and try and gain Aussie black type. I think injury in Australia didn't help Embellish achieve that goal?
  3. What's the word on Embellish and his first crop of foals on the ground? Considering him for one of my mares..... Bit of a punt, 3rd season and all but the bloodlines are there.
  4. Contributers 2021 fee been announced at $22000 A tad steep I thought,but good luck to them if they can get him patronised at that fee. Certainly made a promising start
  5. Fond memories of Sedecrem running around in the early 2000's from memory..... It was well documented about his feet being patched up with fibreglass and shoes glued on
  6. Apart from Hello Youmzain and a possible relocation of US Navy Flag, still no new stallion announcements that I know of..... Fee announcements for the upcoming season due over the next 4-6 weeks as well..... Any predictions fellow cafers on any big moves?
  7. Run my syndicates for leased fillies as follows - lease with right of purchase, $200 month for 10%, $100 for 5%.......Don't charge any management fees, but mainly family, friends and workmates in the syndicate. The bank balance builds up while spelling and provides a buffer for when in full work
  8. As a wise old man told me - Stud masters only want to be your friend just prior to the breeding season
  9. Feel your frustration Jeepers...... A bit of honesty from the stud would have gone a long way..... Then you could have made an imformed decision regarding the rest of the season. Not all of us are "Silver Spooners" so money spent on grazing, vets etc is usually hard earned...... Is in my case anyway.......
  10. No announcements for new sires as yet, but it's getting around that time of year..... Any whispers of any new arrivals out there? Or do you think that it could be a light year for new prospects?
  11. Link above to interesting article regarding racing in Blenheim/Nelson region. If the economy in the region is as good as they say, is this a opportunity to reinvent racing there with a big carnival or two with BIG stakes to attract the good horse's? Give them a couple of good Saturday dates, not Fridays, Mondays etc..... Beautiful part of the country and but when visiting there and driving around it's hard to even spot a horse in a paddock.
  12. Will be Interesting to see what his fee is this coming season I wish Mapperley would add a test mating feature the their stallions page
  13. There was a Complacent filly who won impressively at Matamata about a month ago..... Since sold to Australia.......
  14. After his Australian Guinneas victory yesterday at odds of $139 in a race that has had past winners that go on to be top stallions ( Pins, Flying spur, Shamus award and Zabeel to name a few) it got me thinking....... Will he now be hot property and be chased hard by studs to secure him, or will the $139 odds and the fact that he's not a son of say Fastnet rock/Snitzel/Redoubts choice calm them down a bit?
  15. Nominations were left open till 9am this morning..... Hence time for more horses to be entered.