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  1. Has anyone got updated stats for Zed as a broodmare sire? Thanks in Advance
  2. Growth in our top talent heading to Australia...... Equine and human
  3. Roughly how much per day to get a horse trained in Victoria?
  4. Wow Moroney boys look so young.
  5. Noverre standing at $10k......Sword of State $15k......personally I'd go Noverre all day long, even if both were at $10k.....just on bloodlines alone..... Just my opinion
  6. Should be no problem selling a nomination to Shocking this coming season
  7. With Aussie buying up promising filles and mares from the trials and off the race track the numbers problem can only get worse having a filly foal from your mare not the end of the world like it once was...... All comes down to the prize money on offer over the ditch
  8. Crazy isn't it Used to attract a fullish field...... First time I remember it lacking in numbers..... Are there not the horses around or they headed to the spelling paddock early
  9. Will be Interesting to see what his fee will be set at..... See they are calling for applications now.....
  10. Acceber - race 2 Newcastle today.... First Australian winner from first Australian runner for Time Test.....
  11. Yes and also got involved in a scuffle while trying to push out to make a run just after they turned for home.
  12. The Chosen one - any whispers as to where he is going to stand?
  13. WTF Had a mare lined up for him if he was around the $5-6k Mark
  14. Yes, will be interesting..... Simalar profile and race record to Embellish......
  15. Clearance rate after 2 days of Book 2 is a bit of a worry Running at 63%.........some high priced lots but hell of a lot being sold for under cost of production.