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  1. Hard to say weather a smoke screen as Waverley always likes a race day but I suppose in the age we live in now when a club has to have a crystal ball and they get a lot of rain in a short period how do they know whats going to happen when jockeys turn up and say visibility issues then who looks the mug then? I sure all critics would be out then to solve the problem but there wouldn't be no one here that can control the weather
  2. Crow


    Well who's responsible for producing a track fit for racing the RIU No, the Stipes No, The Racing club yes. You can point the finger a who ever you thing has the say to abandoned a meeting but when a track is produced like yesterday the Club should of called it off simply that with recent racing the track has not recovered sufficiently to have that meeting. It's up to the track manager to inform his club of any issues relating to the track for upcoming meetings any time of the year and if the club doesn't act on those then the responsibility belongs to them.
  3. Conan won 17 beat a field by 5L in Mason WFA New Plymouth that included Veandercross, 3rd then 2nd to Veandercross in Kelt beaten a neck
  4. Only way to promote horses going to Christchurch is to have nothing in north for them which really only suits the ones with bigger teams to take down but really how long will it be sustainable to keep the Nationals in South Island let alone the lesser grade jump races. Most will stay north to chase bigger money in Northerns
  5. Course it does as Hobbs involved with both clubs at least have the statement correct . Missed the point really Hobbs would have been instrumental in them taking it as he has a lot to make up for in Taranaki, he probably told them afterwards , didn't go into bat for Stratford but quick to want those dates Hawera got 2 dates in August could see much grass growth between now and then; good luck with that Still got Woodville for another day as they aren't using this week. They race again in August before 2 Jumping days September and early October no pressure there not
  6. Well Scooby Doo the meeting Hawera took was the abandoned New Plymouth's apprentice Day not Wanganui so the Great Mr Hobbs would have organized that. He must hold the record as being involved in the most abandonments. Taranaki uses Hawera for jumpouts generally after each meeting through Hobbs to appease the New Plymouth trainers so Hawera gets more than its fair share of traffic over it and so anyone who thinks these tracks are humming with grass growth this time of the year are on a different planet.
  7. Crow


    The whole track not the problem only the 1400m corner and no one has bagged the way the put back the track after the races or their facilities there but now they going to add the greyhound track to the property and you can see that on the Wanganui Greyhound Racing Club facebook page
  8. Crow


    Remember Alwick racing in his later years and the stipes stopped Mr Waterman from racing him after the horse had finished last about 12 times in a row by various margins. Paul Worthington just starting out of was riding him at the time before he moved to Kevin Grays.
  9. Crow


    Didn't he ride Colman with 2 whips one in each hand
  10. Crow


    Amazing all the improvements and money spent on the track and the track has gone backwards Why? Look at Randwick yesterday heavy 9 with 240mm rainfall last week, shows you how far we are behind in producing racecourses in this day and age
  11. It is usually for the jumps riders voice concern about track and want to go home but then others go out and school horses around course even ones that weren't in jumps races so at least the jumpers got a run around. Only in NZ
  12. Crow


    Hard to get a consistent racing surface doing that, I bet they don't fix the problem that they have created but live with problem by doing this and doing that but hay the problem will still be there until they remove it. Honestly a basic renovation done by amateurs
  13. Crow


    Woodville not deemed a Jumps Venue yet he it is and one that was put to the sword for closure, aren't they fortunate these tracks like Woodville and Hawera aren't closed as they would have none to prop up the industry, hope they remember them when these other tracks are operationally again and the synthetic at Awapuni is going that they don't miss out on race dates.
  14. Crow


    Wanganui Report put out they now have lost another 3 meetings because of their remedial work done on the 1400m corner makes you wonder what they have done to a track that use to race 12 months of the year for the last 130 0dd years. Interesting to note if they pass what is required, the Guineas meeting will only precede if the weather is suitable a week before racing on the surface they have made. So now its fine weather track WTF
  15. How come track Heavy 10 for trials then did you get 150mm yesterday. Pull your head in and do job you employed to do