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  1. With the period without local racing and then to return with limited meetings to get things going again be a reduction in meetings?? They said there was a 5% down turn in turnover below last year not bad I would think all things considered. A saving of 5 mill on operating expenses and 7 mill on staff expenses must be a plus though don't agree with all the changes they made with there being no promotion of racing through media etc. Least now we do have some more positive accountability in this over expensive operation.
  2. Yes that's correct McKenize cost cutting saying they can save $90,000 a year by not having one, then JCA were paying for it to be there so they can do their job with integrity but now they say its a part of the supply from TAB for them that they are contracted to do. The TAB still fail the industry.
  3. See TAB still at it with closing prices as how could a horse at Otaki in Race 7 walk into the starting gates last paying $9 then win and pay $5.50. Where's the integrity in their business.
  4. Yeah Winx grandmother (Vegas Magic)served by Al Akbar there (Grangewilliam)to produce Vegas Showgirl the mother of Winx.
  5. Sorry got that wrong Winx grandmother served
  6. If you watch the race closely on the first round through there and you will see, as they get to big screen, you will see the golf ball bouncing on the track so in fact the dickhead had hit the ball as the horse were going past.
  7. La Mer bred at Wynthrope stud in New Plymouth and when finished racing was brought by Captain Tim Rogers who set up Grangewilliam Stud
  8. Vegas Showgirl was by Al Akbar so Winx mother was served there as she was meant to go to Batavian but he died so they picked to go to Al Akbar.
  9. Jump at 100 came up wrong horse chipped into it and next jump jumped a bit high running it down a fraction and lost momentum and the rider gave it a couple of kicks and a slap with stick then at 600 another couple of kicks then proceeded to pull it up. It that's been hard ridden your glasses must of fogged up as for getting carted out by Ave Maria proves he still had a horse under him as he had already made up his mind to pull it up before then anyway that why it was that wide but the horse had put itself back into the race. If it was his intention was to ride the horse to give it every
  10. Only hard ride it was under was Cropp pulling it back. See he has a couple of rides in the Northerns this week so must have been looking after himself
  11. Well they are paid to do the job ride the horse, to give the horse every possible chance to win the race. If the job description doesn't suit the rider they shouldn't be allowed be allowed to take the ride. The real point of the matter is were the connections of the horse given a fair go with their horse and why didn't the stipes question the jockey over his ride as it was like the rider of The Big Opal being suspended for failing to ride the horse out to give it a chance of finishing closer, only he jumped all the jumps.
  12. Because the horse whizzed through a couple because the jockey wouldn't let head go does that give him the right to pull horse up. Why would you bother racing a jumper then.
  13. He was only horse pulled up hadn't asked horse for any effort in my mind horse wasn't given the opportunity to preform. Stipes seem to be sitting on fence even with Oatham in attendance
  14. When is it right to pull horse up in a jumping race. Being uncompetitive yes, losing tack with field yes, but what about horse pulling it's block off just behind the feild coming to second last jump in straight and the rider pulling the horse away from jump therefore taking him out of race. Then he could hardly pull it up as it chased the feild home. So when is the pull up rule not adhered too or why do the stipes not question such action. Just watch the ride on Hamiltonian at Hawera and wonder why
  15. With all that happened at trials and no doubt everyone's thoughts are with Rosie and her family at this time. But one does have to ask the question why were there markers used on the bend going out of the straight as it's certainly something not done on race or trial days. Obviously there must have been a problem with the track there?