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Lay Of The Day - 8 Week Comp - Week 2 entry thread - Sat 2 April

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Pretty much the same rules as last week but with a few small tweaks and some important things to note - read these carefully, particularly the first two:

Posting Deadline - the posting deadline is 12.32pm on Saturday.   There will be absolutely no entries accepted after this time - there is plenty of time (nearly three days) between now and then for you to get your entries posted, and I'll be busy trying to collate picks for two comps so won't be picking up late entries.

Non Posters - if you don't post in any week from here on in, including anyone who misses the posting deadline, you will be allocated -50 points for that week (you won't lose any lives).  You can rejoin in the following week but with a 50 point handicap.

Abandoned races/Late scratchings - where your selections don't run because of abandoned races or late scratchings (not regular scratchings), you will have the option of taking the equivalent number of additional picks in the following week.  This won't apply in the final round where abandoned races or late scratchings are just the rub of the green.

The next post will include a list of those who have the option of additional pick(s) in week 2.

For week 2 the prescribed meetings are:

Avondale (M2)
Awapuni (M4)
Randwick (M11)
Bendigo (M12)

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Here's a list of those who have the option of 1 or 2 extra picks in week 2.  These are optional not mandatory.  For example, if you have the option of 2 additional picks you can choose to post a total of either 2, 3 or 4 picks in week 2.

Al Feilding 2
Cabbage 2
Dewandjo 2
Idolmite 2
LJ Shannon 2
Memphis3 2
Ohokaman 2
Ponderosa 2
Right First Time 2
Scooby 2
Warren 2
Weasel57 2
Archer 1
Arjay 1
Black Kirrama 1
Chiknsmack 1
d.burrow 1
Floydpink 1
Fredd002 1
Gubellini 1
Insider 1
Ivanthegreat 1
Kloppite 1
Majestic 1
Pegasus9 1
Peter RS 1
Redrew2000 1
Rooster Cogburn 1
Southland 1
Von Cettes 1

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Ok here we go 4 lays and many prayers.....

Awapuni Race 6 8 Wolverine

Awapuni Race 7 Tiptronic

Randwick Race 7 5 Regal Lion

Randwick Race 8 6 Shelby Sixty Six

Lets see where we are later today LOL.Good luck everyone hope the losers are many.

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