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  1. arjay

    Michelle Pickles

    Well I guess the old "Jobs for the boy's" has a female jobs for girls now.
  2. arjay

    Racing Industry Bill

    Get your tie downs strapped on, this is going to get very messy.
  3. arjay

    Can the RIU miss Tina dropping her Hands

    She sure stopped riding, no doubt, saw the other horse coming too late, did try to push late for 2 strides, and I was on the winner.
  4. arjay

    5 years Karaka data

    Makes depressing reading. The only happy people would be the under bidders, thanks Shane
  5. arjay

    Te Akau Thread

    Like the bit about harassing women, but toxic agenda?, that's rich from you of all people. Te Akau, great stable, good people, very good for racing, but to examine buying good and bad horses deserves a look
  6. arjay

    Te Akau Thread

    Poof, thread did not suit some for sure. However spend big does not mean win big, bit like having a bet, no certainties. Thought the thread should have stayed, no such thing as free speech?
  7. arjay

    Rotorua Scratchings Today

    Why would one choose to bet on shite fields like today. Gee racing clubs need a boot up their arse, transfer that date to Sth Island, think about what you are trying to sell................ a bet for the betting person, interesting fields, bit of form helps. Oamaru would be a good central venue down south today.
  8. arjay

    3% offer

    Have to agree with you here, you see a suit or whatever on sale for x amount, the price should not change because you wish to buy 2 or 10. Tantamount to fraud.
  9. arjay

    Matt Cross

    Well you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.
  10. arjay

    Riccarton races

    I noted that as well, was johnson's horse hanging in?
  11. arjay


    Pam, please dry the track for me, anyhow you can. Have a lazy 20 on Son of Maher at $61, thanks
  12. arjay

    m walker

    What about spurs then? Would imagine they could hurt more. Don't see riders often using them, but still around.
  13. arjay


    19 Constantinople 11 Finch Last 15 Magic Wand
  14. arjay


    R1 4 R2 9 R3 1 R4 8 R5 9 R6 2 R7 8 R8 8 R9 5
  15. arjay

    Meech replaced on Derby Fave

    perhaps the trainer could dump the horse! and the owner! Not gunna happen though is it. Owner pays the bills as stated.