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  1. Matamata R1 11 Matamata R2 3 Matamata R3 11 Matamata R4 12 Matamata R5 4 Matamata R6 5 Matamata R7 1 Matamata R8 8 BB Matamata R9 1 BB Trentham R1 4 Trentham R2 7 BB Trentham R3 1 Trentham R4 7 Trentham R5 5 Trentham R6 8 Trentham R7 3 Trentham R8 9 BB Trentham R9 9
  2. Yes Mike you do, there are guards at all public toilets, your card should be swiped between your butt cheeks for certification, well that's what is online
  3. Nukkles, get on with the painting.........should be more rewarding, have you really got time to be looking at this? PS NZ is one country, you know the 5 million of us.
  4. Wow, pissed someone off for sure
  5. Sorry Shad, a big stuff up on my part. Forecast not good, so I guess we could have runners very wide later in the day, luck to you, and for that matter all and sundry.
  6. Well Shad both our runners are in again, but I will not follow Zoltan this time. Your Madam Ssquoia, well what can I say a 10 year old mare, on paper one would say no, but it's not a great field, and there is an even spread about the race. Going for Monderani, but waiting to see if bookies let the odds go out a bit, thought he would be at 20s, along with madam S. 2yo feature, 5 runners, bloody hell for 60k, think the odd trainer about might be kicking themselves, and no Tangerine? Pitman team not doing it so far, well not like past years, and really can't see that changing a lot. Big even fiel
  7. Thought he was a show, moved off the fence, looked like rider was going to come wide, then went back inside 2-3 horse widths, then battled. Thought the place to be was the middle of the track at this time of the day, have not watched replay to see if he was compelled to go there.
  8. Been a few years since the Pitman team failed to deliver a winner on day one of Cup week, so 2nd day they should be back to status quo. The first 3-4 races look tough to pick for my eye, like Zoltan for a rough place chance in the Couplands.
  9. Well I do not think they were an average lot in behind him, but he made them look that way. After all they were the cream of NZ 3yo crop so far. One or 2 of them were a shade below of what was expected of them.
  10. He looks the real deal for sure.
  11. Ridden some big winners last 3 weeks, of races totaling over 30 million. A huge performance, but from my viewing the best was the cup, his sheer delight for all to see.
  12. Your Priority is to post shit, shit, and more shit, that has no bearing on here. Your posts have all the hallmarks of what most people on this site consider crazy, bordering on insanity, and of no use to anyone but yourself. Am sure you post then pat yourself on the back and say what a clever buggar I am. You are totally deluded.