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  1. Be a tough day on the punt for sure, big fields and bound to be an upset or two. However, laphroaig and Zurafaa appeal and Panzer in race 11. One could end up with egg on face for having a go, but surely someone else has a fancy, what about you Eastwood?
  2. And no more talk of reducing crims in jail. Mind you that was pure fantasy on his part. Meanwhile Pillars run adverts seeking your hard earnings for crims kids inside, am sure you have all supported this activity.
  3. The Shark don't do much better, so do not feel bad.
  4. Raising the weight scale, don't think so, horses are carrying 10% of their body weight approx now on average. Back in the old days 7 stone min weight was a pound under 45kg. I think the level of weights is high enough for horse and rider.
  5. Rules are rules, for better or bad, break them at your peril.
  6. Don't think Nash or Parker have anything to do with length of sentences or time served, only Judges and those at the Beehive control the length of sentence. But it is election year, someone from some political group will no doubt push the worn out Lets get tough on gangs and crime, while not knowing they are 60 years too late.
  7. So Pam it was chew on some mud, harry said it was goo to chew and very poor chow
  8. Track is good uphill straight for the most part, then a slight downhill bit to finish line I believe
  9. Gruff, don't like Kaipaki road at all, back just treasure instead. Do like Robusto at the weights, with due regard for Big Mike. Hurry Cane and Gocara ew all day at wanganui
  10. She gets her chance to atone for last year today, that draw is ideal, so good luck CT. A good field some of what on paper appear to be threats have drawn wide, with your 500 ew you stand to get a good collect.
  11. Oh great I'm gonna did out my scale electric set, ur allowed rails eh?
  12. Bloody hell, those figures are old to be quoting........
  13. Bold, love it, plenty of exposed form in that particular race, hope you get some