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  1. arjay

    N.Z Racing

    Make Waipa a training venue? I hate the place with it's dummy straight. Maybe a case for all weather then, but no it's on the close list
  2. arjay

    How y’all looking now

    So Avondale club say's no sale. fair enough, I think the track is needed, but they propose to build a new Grandstand, why? no one attends a meeting unless it's a glamour meet of fashion and whatever. Smaller model perhaps required? Unless they incorporate it with the birdcage area and needed facilities? I doubt anyone will be able to force a sale in any case.
  3. arjay

    Showgate's Dunedin Cup on Trademe

    owner trainer Gordon Thomson from Mosgiel of Show Gate had no children that I'm aware of. i think he remained a single man his entire life, I could be corrected here. I remember him as a quiet man, famous for his carrying a roll of notes with a rubber band holding it together. had some very good horses Middy, NZ cup winner, Sandy all the talent but unsound. Had a top line of brood mares in the south Is which he bred from. Sad to see the cup online, but times go past. Dunedin club should have a look here.
  4. R1 3 double act R2 13 cool hand luke R3 organza
  5. arjay

    Felaar was ok

    To my mind Campari moves in a horsewidth, O'angel comes out and CBT gets the squeeze, would like the head on another 100 metes back. Bit suspect the reversal?
  6. arjay

    Owner Of Snortzil (Aus)

    His mate at the airport has been found to have 8 million bucks at a storage facility, but wait, aussies pay them monthly a living wage.
  7. arjay

    Felaar was ok

    2nd 3rd and 4th placing stakes are good, equal to winning a regular race here in NZ. If the track is not heavy a good chance of some spoils. Good luck
  8. arjay

    May 20 and Hastings still irrigating

    A dead 4 produced, good for the time of year. I doubt many will object to this surface.
  9. After 7 from 10 winners selected, I must concentrate on the triple point races.
  10. arjay

    Clearly he’s a good loser

    Or he's got more money than his horse can shit
  11. R1 6 R2 1 BB R3 3 R4 1 R5 7 R6 10 R7 5 R8 12 R9 5 R10 4 BB
  12. R1 4 7 R2 6 7 R3 2 5 BB R4 1 14 R5 3 8 R6 7 10 R7 9 10 R8 2 7 R9 2 7 R10 5 7 BB To my partner Swoopa, hope you have broad shoulders