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  1. arjay

    vinny on madam hass

    That's true
  2. arjay

    vinny on madam hass

    Introduce pacemakers, drawn one, same as athletics then?
  3. arjay


    Did you feel lonely?
  4. arjay

    vinny on madam hass

    Sprinter of many years ago comes to mind Nunui could not be ridden in trackwork.
  5. arjay

    Southland Saturday

    Agreed, rain for monday tho, could be some form reversals for those backing up.
  6. arjay

    Southland Saturday

    As you say plenty of races up your way at present, why incur float fees. Invergiggle should close, Riverton stay I say, or better still Invers race at Riverton
  7. arjay

    No Avondale

    Would not need one the size of the original for sure, but clearly needed for winter racing.
  8. arjay

    C. S. Hayes Stakes........

    Can race times really be counted. 1.20 for 1400 is sure flying. Today at Riccarton the horse live drama ran1.07.76 winning the 1200 1st race. I do think 1.08.89 is fast at Ellerslie, so begs a question is 1.20 fast at the gold coast?
  9. arjay

    Southland Saturday

    wet last week, forecast not good, could be swimming races?
  10. arjay

    Grannie Herald Shows It's Colours

    Jeez do people still buy the herald? Amazing!
  11. arjay

    Riccarton fields

    Provided a good surface to race on yesterday? thoughts anyone
  12. arjay

    Incompetent Unit

    If the horse is as good as Rita, what chance?
  13. arjay

    Riccarton fields

    The track was chipping out on top, to me this means a hard surface underneath, and no real grass root structure, or water table to low to begin with.
  14. arjay

    Riccarton fields

    Still such a thing as irrigation?, am sure the 1st race could be for the babies with a starting track at dead4? or was the 2yo race at the last meeting just to tough on a good2-3?
  15. arjay

    Riccarton fields

    I should imagine the club will be lucky to get 1000 people on course saturday. This is a disgrace, the height of summer, poor fields, and clubs wondering why they cannot attract punters to a race track. CJC are they still the wankers of 50 years ago?