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  1. Peter R S

    Not only in NZ

    Semantics surely - they each rode the wrong horse but it wasn’t their fault, the saddlecloths were put on the wrong horse.
  2. Peter R S


    No one can predict how long it will take to get to the point where it’s under control. Not eradicated, but entry points controlled properly (none of this voluntary stuff) and urgent testing of every possible transmitted case based on symptoms. No idea how to protect against spit on products. Plenty of good examples (eg Taiwan) where temperature tests are everywhere people go. I think this will be here for some time as we get back to level 3. Looking forward to a time soon where NZ is racing and it’s all that the Aussies can bet on! That’s our golden opportunity.
  3. Peter R S


    Thanks Scooby for that great information. To those with a “herd mentality” solution I think you would have us dealing with this virus forever. Here’s my logic in support of our current Government measures. The virus decays over time. NZ is an island with no land borders, so it only comes here in infected people. Stop the infected people coming here and passing it on. We missed this chance to stop it in its tracks (hardly surprising given it was likely here undiagnosed before we knew much about it). Still this remains essential and now we have a coordinated approach to keep more of it out or stop it spreading if it gets here. So accepting the disappointing fact that it was here, stopping it spreading was a no-brainer, only act quickly (unlike Scomo and his mates). This shutdown, as damaging as it is economically, had to be done, immediately it was known that infection was spreading here. Shutdown and hugely increased monitoring will beat this nasty thing. Yes I do sound like a media release from the Labour Party, but use your own logic and see where it leads. Heard Nigel Farage speaking on the Australian and UK situations this morning, never followed overseas politics and didn’t actually know much about him, but he talked real sense today. Those countries will end up in shutdown and the time taken to take the brave decision will mean it will last longer than for us. My horses are in light work with their local track closed; ready for when racing returns. My bet is NZ will be back racing for many weeks before Australia (who likely won’t be running in a fortnight from now).
  4. Peter R S

    Mulit issues

    But the ticket clearly shows 15 bets at .66
  5. Peter R S


    Are you for real?
  6. Peter R S

    This is the future......

    I love a marble run .. as for betting on them, like flies on the wall. There’s no “doing the form”
  7. Peter R S

    The Kosciusko

    I can use my Ubet Qld account from NZ, Shows in the header TAB QLd, SA,Tas, Nt NSW still separate, and dividends are declared separately.
  8. Peter R S

    TAB to go tits up

    The knives are being sharpened as they should be- but first to go are the media people, administrators not yet!
  9. Peter R S

    Closure of tracks RITA

    Thirty odd years ago I could go on a day trip to races at Marton, Bulls, Feilding, Levin, Opaki, along with Awapuni, Wanganui, Otaki, Tauheranikau, Trentham. Significant closures since then. Change is inevitable.
  10. Peter R S

    TAB favourites

    Thanks Ab for replying, I'm actually quite happy with the email notification but there does appear to be some faulty logic in the limited ways to add new names. Hoping one of the hierarchy might see this and do something about it!
  11. Peter R S

    TAB favourites

    Here’s a question for the TAB site developers, unless a race cafe member has the answer. My mate in Aussie sends me a note that I should watch out for a horse which won well at Kembla on 7 January. How do I flag this as a “favourite” so I know when it’s running next? Was simple on the old site.
  12. Peter R S

    Captain Cook Stakes

    Previously Group1 placed runner (in Aust and NZ) beats previous Group1 winner and they beat Coupland winner and warm favourite Group2 winner . You’re hard to please. That’s my thoughts since you asked! Great result for the Otaki team, well done Jonno and Holly!
  13. Peter R S

    Bryce Stanaway

    Just caught an interview on Country Racing on the Aussie racing channel (note this is free to air!) - seems Bryce pulled all his horses out recently because the track was too hard, must have been incorrectly described before he left home, but he makes no apology for his decision and claimed very few of the runners that day have raced since. Hard case fellow, who knows how to look after the horses he has.
  14. Peter R S


    Their job is to encourage betting, so more often we hear “so if you like one, get into it.”
  15. Peter R S


    From what I see (watching the clip, thanks for the link Baz) you people are damn hard to please!