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  1. I see Austria is about to make the vaccination compulsory. That government has had enough of the detrimental effect on the population of other people choosing not to vaccinate. They are getting tired of the selfish. I believe the sooner we get closer to that approach the more likely we are to be able to live again. I see it as a bit like the anti smoking changes and the seat belt rules, both of which happened during my adult life. A huge cry from the civil libertarians, but in time the common sense wins through - smokers can no longer puff in the faces of the non smokers, and
  2. Not entirely sure what Pukemoe is complaining about when starting this topic. Perhaps you could clarify whether it's the Covid restrictions, or the change of venue followed by cancellation due to weather. The timing of your post suggests it's the latter. What is your problem with the decision? However seems that 6xes sees an opportunity to complain about the rules around closed door meetings. I'm an owner and today I couldn't attend - actually it was helpful because my race was one of those cancelled. Regardless of that, I'm happy that we have the opportunity to race and limitin
  3. Go Gunsynd Te Rapa Race 5: 3,13 BB Riccarton Race 6: 5,6 Riccarton Race 8: 1,5 Riccarton Race 10 2,3 Rosehill Race 8: 5,7 BB Flemington Race 2: 3,4 Flemington Race 4: 4,5 Flemington Race 5: 4,14 Flemington Race 6: 4,9 Flemington Race 7: 9,13 Flemington Race 8: 9,10
  4. Flemington Race 3: 15,16 BB Flemington Race 5: 13,14 Flemington Race 6: 3,4 Flemington Race 8: 2,3 Flemington Race 9: 13,16 An actual winner (1st) would be nice, after leaving Verry Elleegant out on Tuesday in favour of a couple of real rough ones, arrrgh.
  5. Melbourne Cup day picks for Gunsynd Te Rapa Race 6: 3,5 Flemington Race 1: 7,11 Flemington Race 4: 2,4 Flemington Race 7: 12,16 Flemington Race 8: 5,7 BB Flemington Race 9: 5,10 Flemington Race 10: 7,10 BB enjoy the big event
  6. Tauranga Race 7: 11,12 Awapuni Race 8: 8,13 Rosehill Race 5: 9,10 Rosehill Race 6: 3,5 Rosehill Race 7 3,6 Flemington Race 1: 1,2 Flemington Race 2: 2,5 Flemington Race 3: 2,3 Flemington Race 4: 6,7 Flemington Race 5: 2,9 BB Flemington Race 6: 4,8 Flemington Race 7: 8,12 Flemington Race 8: 9,10 BB Flemington Race 9: 10,11
  7. I know Gunsynd need a break but you're still only allowed two best bets. I'll take the first two posted (Randwick R9, Valley R8) unless you advise otherwise before the posting deadline. Please advise in a new post. oops sorry, drop The Valley R8, thanks for pointing it out, not looking for any unfair advantage!!
  8. Saturday Matamata Race 6: 4,8 Riccarton Race 8: 2,10 Riccarton Race 10: 1,7 Randwick Race 3: 3,6 Randwick Race 7: 1,8 Randwick Race 9: 11,12 BB The Valley Race 3: 3,4 The Valley Race 4: 1,5 The Valley Race 5: 8,10 The Valley Race 6: 2 3 The Valley Race 7: 2,11 The Valley Race 8: 5,11 BB The Valley Race 9: 5,6 BB The Valley Race 10: 1,4 Time to make your run Gunsynd
  9. Try Many people who are much more informed and clever than you or me have identified a vaccination pathway through this Covid nightmare, and your conspiracy theories and stubborn determination to disagree with these people are affecting this way forward - not just selfish but very stupid and dangerous. Do you also believe that because 60% of road deaths were wearing seatbelts, we should all stop wearing them? Statistics need context to be useful, and the doctors group know what the statistics are really saying.
  10. If fully vaccinated, otherwise good luck playing Russian Roulette with who you’re sharing the air with.
  11. Hastings Race 6: 1,10 Hastings Race 8: 13,16 Ashburton Race 8: 2,3 Randwick Race 5: 4,14 Randwick Race 6: 10,12 Randwick Race 7: 3,10 Randwick Race 8: 5,11 Randwick Race 9: 5,8 Caulfield Race 4: 1,12 Caulfield Race 5: 3,5 Caulfield Race 6: 7,8 Caulfield Race 7: 1,8 Caulfield Race 8: 10,13 Caulfield Race 9: 7,11 BB Caulfield Race 10: 1,2 BB It’s time for team Gunsynd to shine.
  12. What threat does the ‘anti vaxxer pose Petey ? Well Gruff I’m inclined to believe the medical advice that 1 the virus will more likely find him and infect him 2 he is more likely to be infectious to me. That makes him dangerous! But even more so if he has been encouraging others not to be vaccinated. Hope you had a successful day on the punt yesterday!
  13. To the anti vacciners and anti mandatories, of which racing seems to have its share, I expect and hope that you are going to have your freedoms restricted for the benefit of the rest of us. I will want to know, when I’m cheering on my horse in 2022 and beyond, that the people in close proximity are only there because (like me and all my family members) they had their shots.