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  1. Found it a bit odd to be given a drinks voucher with a race number on it, but it stayed in my pocket when I had a beer on the club after our race anyway. I guess it comes as a result of too many free loaders getting drinks without having a horse racing. I’m sure the club would have been happy to provide a drink later in the day to any owner who has missed being there at the “correct” time.
  2. That will certainly help the numbers in the open races, but a bit tough on R66-R80 level horses to have to compete with open class.
  3. But if the programme doesn’t match the horse numbers that is exactly what might happen
  4. Ratings are being used for setting races for all meetings from 1 August
  5. Yes a very good crowd at Wanganui racecourse on a cold day, likely more than before because we have all been missing the experience during the racing hiatus. Great to see T Lee commentating despite the rumors he was finished, and there were tote operators! Pick up the Whanganui Chronicle in the cafe this morning and not one mention that there were races in town yesterday. How has it got to this? Our NZTR leaders better start announcing their marketing and promotion plan for the future or we will become a (more) forgotten industry.
  6. In Australia racing is currently being run successfully with no one on course. But racing is promoted, in the papers, broadcast TV, etc. It’s not so much about getting people on course, it’s about getting people involved.
  7. Lots of changes to TB racing in NZ, much of which is loudly criticized on this forum. Heres my views on the good and the bad. Positive: finally there seems to be some serious understanding that the structure had become top heavy, far too much management cost to support an industry which relies on grass roots participation and should reward those participants more and the “management” less. Negative: almost total loss of mainstream promotion of the industry, by that I mean to people who are not already involved. How can this be forward thinking and strategic? The concept of July racing where fields are drawn based on nominated distance is fraught with danger- whoever conceived of such a plan way back in Level4 will either be a genius or a dunce, and the excessive concern about horse numbers available to race in July has already proven that part of the plan to be ignorant. Interested in comment on these things.
  8. The last week has seen the passing of Joan Bates at age 84, after illness following her departure from greyhound racing circles a few years ago. Joan will be remembered as the champion of Hutt Park working tirelessly for many years as Secretary of the Wellington Greyhound Racing Club, which self destructed as a club not too long after she left. I worked alongside Joan (assisting her with the financial management) and was impressed with her knowledge and determination; she was a good person with a great love of the sport. RIP Joan
  9. Randwick R1 7 R2 3 R3 11 R4 2 R5 2 R6 10 R7 3 R8 4 R9 17 Flemington R1 1 R2 1 R3 8 R4 5 R5 5  R6 7 R7 11  R8 2  R9 1 Thanks Ivan
  10. Usually It’s from results that I want to mark one in my favourite list, but that functionality wasn’t provided despite the horrific cost of the new site. So how do I add one after the day the races have been run? Don't tell me to use other sites, not interested in that!
  11. Likewise I like to spread mine around in small units, it’s not about expecting to win plenty, rather about some entertainment. That way I don’t have “ a gambling problem “. Actually I have put more into breeding and ownership over the decades - it’s not all about pumping cash into the TAB. On another note, it staggers me that the decision makers are decimating the shop window before reviewing the top (heavy) brass.
  12. Has there been some change to the original plan to base the races around distance not class of horse?
  13. We can’t all be right, but we can all be wrong, aye
  14. Good morning all Randwick R1 – 6,13,14,15 Randwick R2 – 1,6,7,8 Randwick R3 – 7,8,9,10 Randwick R4 – 1,2,4,9 Randwick R5 – 4,5,12,14 Randwick R6 – 2,3,5,12 Randwick R7 – 2,5,6,14 Randwick R8 – 1,2,7,8 Randwick R9 – 1,10,11,12 cheers, thank you
  15. The press release from no surname Ian cleverly tells us that the redundancy (restructuring) proposal for consultation is for 30% of jobs to be cut - of perhaps more interest is what % reduction in staff cost this represents. I’ll bet it’s a lot less than 30%,. No doubt it’s much more of the lower paid and much less of the suits.