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  1. Peter R S

    The good old days

    Wonderful malapropism there Teddy (just commenting, not taking the piss or criticising!)
  2. Comp R1 : Awapuni R4 1.54pm : 1 BB Comp R2 : Rosehill R3 2.40pm : 4 Comp R3 : Rosehill R4 3.15pm : 6 Comp R4 : Rosehill R5 3.50pm : 15 Comp R5 : Sandown Lakeside R5 4.05pm : 1 BB  Comp R6 : Rosehill R6 4.25pm (Bonus Race) : 4 Comp R7 : Rosehill R7 5.05pm :  8 Comp R8 : Ipswich R7 5.17pm (Bonus Race) : 7 Comp R9 : Rosehill R8 5.45pm : 14  Comp R10 : Sandown Lakeside R8 6.05pm : 8  Comp R11 : Ipswich R9 6.32pm (Bonus Race) : 4 thanks
  3. Peter R S


    They could have paid their own way - and got to understand a bit about how the locals feel betrayed.
  4. Peter R S


    Last race there - no one seems to be able to explain what is being gained by closure of the track for race meetings. A bit sad really.
  5. Peter R S


    The usual argument with track closure is save some money and the club can use resources at another track in another town. Closing a track isn’t closing a club, but the will to continue to volunteer for your local club must wane when the racing is many kms up the road.
  6. Peter R S


    As a “bean counter” by profession I would really be interested in what $ savings the racing industry will achieve by closing courses that are largely run by enthusiastic locals. I’m sure the industry can come up with other benefits of rationalising tracks, eg health and animal welfare, but what cost will be avoided by this action? in Australia they seem to have an operational track in nearly every town, sure they run non-tab racemeetings, but they keep the tracks going. Such as Tabulam, in NSW, one meeting per year as I understand it.. Rough as guts but cleaned up b6 the locals for their annual go. I know there has been plenty of discussion on this part of the Messara recommendations, but what is the real financial or operational benefit of rubbing these tracks and people out?
  7. Peter R S

    TAB website down for maintenance

    Here's a bit of balance to the discussion. Lack of content is a problem, no question some basic stuff like barriers and jockeys have to be on the race front page. Stake of the race must be added. However these are teething issues that should be fixed by now? But balancing speed vs content presentation to the user given the number of different devices being used would be a tech challenge. Now that my browser history is clear and not causing a hang (thank you Barry for the tip), it all works fine. I know how to and have no difficulty putting on a win, place ,each way, fixed odds, tote, Place6, etc. Wasn't hard to work out. If slow is your problem, maybe your internet connection or an out of date device? Overall however, $50m is a joke for a website, even one sold as a "betting platform". The true test will come on Melbourne Cup day - weight stops a train.
  8. Peter R S

    Dame Sylvia Kay

    Haha, yes it does, that’s the result of copying from vcr to computer. As I recall a shitty mid winter day on a heavy 11.
  9. Peter R S

    Useless TAB

    Thanks for the help Barry, a simple clear of the browsing history has indeed solved the issue for me. A bit like shut down and start again, and the wife can have her IPad back ! Can’t blame the new website, it must be so hard to get anything working with all the different devices and browsers out there, but mainly all the old farts like me with their limited IT skills.
  10. Peter R S

    Dame Sylvia Kay

    The dam of Sylvester (Pensive) deadheated in a maiden mile at Trentham back a while - the other deadheater was mine. The only win ours had. Great to see Pensive produce a good stayer in Sylvester for Sylvia Kay.
  11. Peter R S

    Useless TAB

    Rather than reading posts abusing each other, I would like to know whether my technical problem is widespread. Does anyone else have the same problem with the site as my IPad? It’s like some compatibility issue, I use the Ipad for Qld Tab site also with no problem. My wife’s Ipad has not had the problem so it gets a good workout on Sat afternoons from me! When I click on the tile for a bet (from the list of runners) it responds Your betslip is currently empty Click a price to add a selection and shows the working circular display on the tile until I close the site. Very hard to get a bet on with that, are others having this problem? No I haven’t contacted the TAB Helpdesk yet.
  12. Good evening all Comp R1 : Eagle Farm R3 2.20pm : 13 Comp R2 : Ellerslie R5 2.39pm : 8 Comp R3 : Eagle Farm R4 2.55pm : 4 BB Comp R4 : Eagle Farm R5 3.35pm (BONUS RACE) : 5  Comp R5 : Eagle Farm R6 4.15pm : 1  Comp R6 : Eagle Farm R7 4.55pm (BONUS RACE) : 5  Comp R7 : Royal Randwick R7 5.10pm : 10 Comp R8 : Eagle Farm R8 5.35pm (BONUS RACE) : 18  Comp R9 : Eagle Farm R9 6.15pm :  12  Comp R10 : Flemington R9 6.40pm : 4 BB Good luck, especially to my yet to be determined partner!
  13. Peter R S

    GST Refuns

    Yes, for the members of an ownership group from a few years ago in a non-winning horse, total of $7, biggest individual share $1.70. A great change in how the GST is done, but really.? Please put a minimum on the historic recalculation and don’t bother refunding piffling amounts.
  14. Comp Race 1: Doomben R3 2.25pm :4 Comp Race 2: Morphettville R2 3.06pm :2 BB Comp Race 3: Flemington R4 3.30pm :11 BB Comp Race 4: Morphettville R3 3.46pm (BONUS RACE):1 Comp Race 5: Doomben R6 4.20pm :2 Comp Race 6: Doomben R7 5.00pm (BONUS RACE) :10 Comp Race 7: Rosehill Gardens R7 5.15pm :13 Comp Race 8: Doomben R8 5.40pm :13  Comp Race 9: Doomben R9 6.20pm (BONUS RACE) :3 Comp Race 10: Flemington R9 6.45pm :1 thanks
  15. Peter R S

    RRC free noms and acceptances

    I’m sure in the fine print was that the free nom and acceptance only applied if you started - that’s normal and logical. Otherwise anyone can put in an entry and pull the pin without any penalty for doing so.