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  1. Please update my Comp R3 Otaki R5 to 5,6 BB thanks
  2. Comp R1 : Te Rapa R3 1:50pm 6,8 Comp R2 : Randwick R2 2:35pm 6,8 Comp R3 : Otaki R5 3:19pm 2,5 BB Comp R4 : Te Rapa R6 3:35pm 2,10 Comp R5 : Caulfield R4 4:00pm 5,6 Comp R6 : Randwick R5 4:20pm 1,5 Comp R7 : Randwick R6 5:00pm 4,8 Comp R8 : Caulfield R6 5:20pm 1,7 Comp R9 : Randwick R7 5:40pm 10,11 Comp R10 : Randwick R8 6:20pm  1,4 Comp R11 : Caulfield R8 6:40pm 1,11 BB  Comp R12 : Morphettville R7 6:51pm 2,7 with thanks for your time and effort Chestnut!
  3. Peter R S

    The Kosciusko

    You might get a laugh out of this. TAB NSW are running a raffle in which the 16? drawn numbers will each choose a runner with the result of the race to determine the winners. So far so good, nice initiative, promotes the race, etc. so I go to buy a ticket one Sunday when down across the border at Ballina. You can only buy your $5 ticket from the TAB kiosk machine (they are in all NSW TAB’s and many pubs and clubs). So I put my $10 in the machine, locate the well obscured icon for the Kosciusko, work out how to request 2 x $5 tickets, then get the response along the lines of “fixed odds betting is not available at the moment”. So what I ask the TAB man has fixed odds got to do with buying a lottery ticket? Upturned palms, no idea, can’t help. So on our way home we call in to Twin Towns pubtab in Coolie and try again. Yes! Tickets are purchased, one for me and one for my mate in Gold Coast. Someone suggests it’s a good idea to register the ticket numbers online with the NSW TAB so that in the unlikely event we get lucky they will know how to contact us. Great idea, oh but when I try that I have to enter my address, and the small print says I have to be a NSW resident. Without a NSW address I can’t register, and it’s a condition of the raffle that the ticket holders have to live there. What a rort! Hopefully my mate (who said he would have given up after the first attempt) has another mate who lives in NSW who can front for us if we get drawn out. Does anyone actually think these things through? Not even a warning on the kiosk screen.
  4. Oh dear, best we take my pick then as you suggested
  5. Sorry missed this for a wee while, best we leave Cubes with the comp substitute I think!
  6. Another fun Sat afternoon coming up, thank you Comp R1 : Riccarton Park R5 1:45pm 13,16 Comp R2 : Flemington R2 2:10pm 2,3 Comp R3 : Pukekohe Park R6 2:39pm 1,15 Comp R4 : Riccarton Park R7 2:57pm 2,7 Comp R5 : Rosehill R4 3:40pm 1,5 Comp R6 : Flemington R5 3:55pm 6,9 Comp R7 : Flemington R6 4:35pm 6,10 BB Comp R8 : Doomben R7 5:07pm 5,8 Comp R9 : Rosehill R7 5:35pm 4,9  Comp R10 : Flemington R8 5:55pm 2,7 Comp R11 : Rosehill R8 6:15pm 4,8 Comp R12 : Flemington R9 6:35pm 2,13 BB  Comp R13 : Belmont R6 7:03pm 13,15
  7. Nice going Tony, poor day at the office (aka TAB!) for me today, but at the last got close to the winning losers. Good luck with your prize.
  8. Scratching replacement, please amend Comp R5 Doomben R5 to 4,8 thank you
  9. Comp R1 : Te Rapa R4 1.52pm 1,12 Comp R2 : The Valley R2 2.35pm 2,3 Comp R3 : Riccarton R8 3.20pm 7,12 Comp R4 : The Valley R4 3.45pm 6,7 Comp R5 : Doomben R5 4.17pm 7,8 Comp R6 : The Valley R6 5.05pm 1,6  Comp R7 : Randwick R7 5.25pm 3,8  Comp R8 : Randwick R8 6.05pm 1,7 BB  Comp R9 : The Valley R8 6.25pm 10,13  Comp R10 : Randwick R9 6.45pm 1,11 BB thanks
  10. Comp R1 : Otaki R5 2.59pm 1,4 Comp R2 : Rotorua R7 3.15pm 7,8 Comp R3 : Caulfield R4 3.40pm 2,3 Comp R4 : Caulfield R5 4.20pm 2,3 BB Comp R5 : Rosehill R6 4.40pm 8,10 Comp R6 : Rosehill R7 5.20pm 2,3 Comp R7 : Caulfield R7 5.40pm 2,3 Comp R8 : Rosehill R8 6.00pm 4,12 Comp R9 : Caulfield R8 6.20pm 2,6  Comp R10 : Caulfield R9 6.55pm 5,7 BB thanks
  11. Scr replacement please Eagle Farm R8 now 2,4 please
  12. Go Beaudesert team Comp R1 : 2.45pm Randwick R3 3,6 BB Comp R2 : 3.10pm New Plym R6 11,12 Comp R3 : 3.35pm Flemington R4 1,4 Comp R4 : 3.55pm Randwick R5 4,5 Comp R5 : 4.35pm Randwick R6 1,3 Comp R6 : 4.55pm Flemington R6 1,14 Comp R7 : 5.27pm Eagle Farm R7 2,3 Comp R8 : 6.07pm Eagle Farm R8 1,4 Comp R9 : 6.35pm Randwick R9 3,12 Comp R10 : 7.20pm Darwin R6 7,9 BB
  13. Peter R S

    Tauranga gate Pa Racecourse Could Go.

    This proposed Murray Bridge facility looks along similar lines to Pakenham in Victoria - they seem to have a model around having a state of the art track and training facility in the country some distance away from City population. Is it best to have these facilities in a City (to make attendance easier) or away nearer where the animals are trained? Seems a fundamental decision for the future.