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  1. Good evening Te Rapa R3 8,11 Te Rapa R4 3,7 Te Rapa R6 7,8 Trentham R8 3,7 BB Doomben R5 1,4 Doomben R6 9,10 Doomben R7 1,10 Doomben R8 7,8 Flemington R7 9,10 Morphettville R6 2,8 Morphettville R7 7,13 Morphettville R8 2,17 BB Best of luck, thanks
  2. Rotorua R3 4,5 Rotorua R5 1,2 Rotorua R6 2,3 Rotorua R8 1,4 Eagle Farm R3 8,12 Eagle Farm R5 3,10 BB Eagle Farm R7 1,3 Eagle Farm R8 9,10 Scone R8 4,8 Scone R9 3,18 BB Morphettville R3 1,2 Morphettville R8 6,9 Another fun Saturday afternoon, thanks
  3. Here goes, match I Te Rapa R2 4,5 Te Rapa R4 5,6 Te Rapa R5 3,5 Riccarton R4 6,8 Riccarton R5 1,10 Riccarton R7 1,5 Morphettville R4 4,11 Morphettville R5 1,2 BB Morphettville R6 5,10 Morphettville R7 2,8 Morphettville R8 1,2 BB Gosford R8 5,13 thank you organisers and good luck to all.
  4. To kick this one off Te Rapa R2. 7,8 Te Rapa R3. 1,6 Te Rapa R5. 1,13 Te Rapa R7. 1,2 BB Eagle Farm R5 3,6 Eagle Farm R7 5,12 Eagle Farm R8. 2,3 BB Hawkesbury R6. 2,4 Hawkesbury R7. 1,3 Hawkesbury R8. 3,10 Hawkesbury R9. 10,17 Sandown Hillside R8. 7,8 cheers
  5. What a well thought out competition, well done and thank you. Te Rapa R4 2,10 Randwick R3 4,8 Randwick R4 5,6 Hastings R6 7,8 Te Rapa R7 1,4 Randwick R5 2,4 Hastings R7 2,10 Riverton R8 FP Randwick R6 6,9 Randwick R7. 1,2 Randwick R8 FP Caulfield R8 1,13
  6. The interesting thing to me (if my intuition is correct) is that initially the TA syndicates were full of Mum and Dad members as they provided a way for people looking for a small interest, often first timers in the game. Now however due to their high success and professionalism, I believe people who have already been in the ownership game (probably with limited success) are joining up. That is a good measure of their performance and good for them (but it’s not for me). I am continually amazed at the sheer number of owners listed in many of the successful Aussie winners, so spreading the
  7. Is it a long standing position that Sunday is Harness day, so they get the Trackside 1 spot? Someone needs to think about the viewer and punter - Charlie I agree with your point 3 in particular.
  8. This post was about the riding skills of N Parmar! Scooby, maybe he would have got On The Bubbles home in both its last 2 races, (tongue firmly in cheek)!
  9. Races are as follows: Awapuni R4 2,3 Awapuni R5 5,10 BB Awapuni R6 6,7 Awapuni R7 3,11 BB Randwick R3 4,7 Randwick R4 3,4 Randwick R6 11,12 Randwick R7 1,5 Randwick R8 2,11 Randwick R9 9,16 Bendigo R6 5,7 Bendigo R8 4,8 thank you
  10. Randwick Race 2: #3 Straight Arron Randwick Race 8: #1 Nature Strip and one for last week Bendigo Race 5: #6 La Chevalee thank you
  11. Picks are as follows: Riccarton R4 2,7 Riccarton R8. 6,7 Tauranga R6. 2,8 Tauranga R7. 5,6 Rosehill R2. 9,14 Rosehill R3. 2,14 BB Rosehill R4. 1,6 Rosehill R5. 2,3 Rosehill R6. 1,14 Rosehill R7. 10,11 Rosehill R8. 4,5 BB Mornington R7. 4,5 thank you
  12. Let’s go with Rosehill R3 #4 Mount Popa Rosehill 9 #18 Maotai Thanks
  13. Another creative set of rules, well done to the.Organisers. Trentham R4. 7 Trentham R5. 4 Trentham R6. 2 Trentham R7. 11 Trentham R8. 7 Rosehill R6 1 Rosehill R7 10 Rosehill R8 8 Rosehill R9 15 Flemington R6. 15 Flemington R7. 10 Flemington R8. 1 Two $10 winners and a couple of placings should do it
  14. Great competition, congrats to Richie. Nice going Basil too! I see Basil and I both had the first winner yesterday which bit us in the end. Big thanks to SNM etc for running this, and the extra information made it extra exciting at the end. Lost count of the 2nds I had today, including one in the enquiry room.
  15. Day 2 races are as follows: Ellerslie R1 4 Ellerslie R2 1 Ellerslie R3 5 Ellerslie R4 1 Ellerslie R5 7 Ellerslie R6 1 bb Ellerslie R7 4 Ellerslie R8 1 Ellerslie R9 2 Ellerslie R10 2 bb A third of entrants pick the first winner - might be plenty out by day2