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    Trump written off

    This senate show has the potential to go tits up in a big way for Trump. The problem Trump has, is that the Republican and Democrats are all complicit in the past and present corruption throughout the USA, so they decide the best way forward is to use this opportunity to put Trump on a short leash? The most powerful guy in the US politically is Mitch McConnell. On his thumbs down/instruction, Trump is stuffed. It's called leverage, and unfortunately for Trump to survive this he will have to agree to all sorts of horse trading deals with the Republicans. Kiss goodbye to any convictions for the Clinton camp as the politicians have Trump cornered and totally exposed. The upside is they now have the globalists, the socialists and the attempted Islam invasion beat.
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    Trump written off

    From what we are watching in the US now, Trump is definitely ahead of the game and should be home free from here. I can only imagine the deals that are being done in Washington now, as most of the prominent players are compromised in some way, either through the Ukraine corruption or via Jeffrey Epstein. Trump has now cut off almost all Democrat funding channels/rorts which is really pissing them off, and when they announce voter I/D for the next election to stop the vote rigging, the Dems will go mental to a new level as that is their only hope of getting him out. From what we are seeing in Iraq with him able to pick off the Islamic radicals with surgical precision and no leaks, he obviously has all CIA assets back on his side. Trump is telling/warning Iran via Twitter, that he knows for a fact they are hiding military/nuclear assets in or close to cultural sites, and if they move against the US he will take them out regardless. He is throwing the ball squarely back into Iran's court, and this time the powerful CIA assets and intel are working for USA national (pro Trump) interests. The corrupt US politicians that put these deals in place and are complicit up to their eyeballs, are wriggling like fish out of water as they are not getting prior intel and their network is being gutted (Ukraine crap is next). They have no idea what is happening (no inside knowledge) and only have the media outlets still helping them to try and talk their way out of trouble but the horse has bolted and no one believes the media now as too many reliable independent sources via Twitter and You Tube are spilling the beans. The ring leaders include Burr, Warner, Pelosi, Schiff, Brennan, Biden, Obama, Clinton and Valerie Jarrett. Those and others like McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio etc have been rorting the US taxpayer for years and the day of reckoning is close as their misdeeds are all known now. The Mueller probe, and the impeachment hearings simply let Trump know who the inside moles were, and they have been cleared out since to reduce the leaks. If indictments don't come in due course, we will know that Trump is also complicit, as he is holding enough info (we have seen it all through various sources) to put all these guys away. I can't wait for the movie, but it is unlikely to come out of Hollywood!
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    He's a Gold Digger

    Can anyone add any more context to this heartwarming story. Congratulations to the guy. A true racing dream that comes true.
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    Joao Moreira

    Vincent is very under rated and now starting to get entrusted with some good rides. He showed so much natural talent in his early days over here. That Moreira ride on Glory Vase was genius - what guts to go inside on the turn when he had to choose in or out. The result may have been the same either way I guess as the horse won that well.
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    Trump written off

    You might just find that Comey is not the "bad guy" you think. Without explaining the whole story line, time may reveal the following teams: Good guys include Trump, Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, Barr, Sessions. Bad guys include Obama, H Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe & Main Stream Media. Huge question marks over many key politicians of both sides who have all taken personal financial incentives from China We may never see how all this plays out as if they can cut out the bad fruit they probably just want to move on. Just suggest you don't assume Comey is in the same box as the other corrupt crooks. History may prove he was in a unique situation.
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    Jacinda Ardern

    Possibly why National has been holding off with replacing Simon Bridges. Luxon straight into Prime Minister and Nicola Willis can replace Paula Benefit as Deputy.
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    Trump written off

    It's going to be fun when Assange tells the US court that the Russians did not give him/Wikileaks the Democrat emails.
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    Owner Of Snortzil (Aus)

    The only surprise surely must be how long Damion took to be picked up! The worst kept secret over many years & loving all the faux surprise from anyone interviewed about the arrest.
  9. Great foresight is shown by this party insider when he predicts the rise of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farange.
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    Update April. John Allen

    Have they ever considered that this may be a factor in betting turnover is falling?
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    Trump written off

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    Let me tell you about my TAB experience

    A quote from Thomas Sowell " It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions, than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong." Could this apply to the outcomes from the NZ Racing Board appointees over the years?
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    TAB NZ Derby Livestream

    Thanks for the link
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    A simple quickie comp at Te Rapa

    The Real Beel Sword in Stone Charles Road Ardrossan
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    New FOB and Shutdown

    Is it too much to expect that horses named as the head to head options be posted using capital letters for proper nouns, or is that a bygone relic in this day of texting? It just looks cheap.
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    New FOB and Shutdown

    I notice a tweet on the new site telling us that new betting rule changes apply after 7th January, but not what those changes might be. There is a simply link which sends you to a 262 page notice of the rules! Is there anywhere to actually summarise what the changes are? I did not realise until recently that you no longer get refunds from a scratching in the first leg of trebles but you get given the favourite. Another rule to tilt the odds further in their favour.
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    NYD quickie Comp at Ellerslie

    R7. On The Rocks R8. Rock On R9. Stratocaster Cheers
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    Bermuda Triangle

    My 6 yr old grandson came in the other day and said with some disgust that a couple of the kids in his class were making noises that Santa was really just your parents. I had to assure him that their are some people out there just full of Sh##!t
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    Trump written off

    One man's observation and opinion (ramblings) -some light Xmas reading. Trump is really starting to hit his straps now that he is clearing the decks of the Obama anchors and hangovers like Tillerson, Mattis, Cohn, Sessions, Pentagon staff, judiciary et al and surrounding himself with a team who are on the same page and not trying to undermine him. You can't really expect him to come from a non political place and fill an entire administration structure including staff with his own people from day one, so I cut him slack for taking time to get to here. What a masterstroke in the Middle East/Syria. He has over several months and with quiet moves manipulated all the key players to allow his troops to come home from Syria which obviously reduces the US funding burden and takes physical risk of loss off his own troops fighting on foreign soil. He has got the Saudi forces now moving in to protect the Kurds from any potential risk from the Turks and to keep a lid on ISIS. He is selling/sold the weapons to the Saudis to keep Turkey, Syria, Russia and Iran in line and Israel gains another ally that US is not paying for. A Muslim war is now being fought by Muslims. Looks like a win/win/win/win deal. It should be a given that he will look to do the same deal with Pakistan to get his troops out of Afghanistan next. He also has China (North Korea is just a puppet and tool of China) on notice with tariffs etc, and motivated to clean up it's act. He has opened the eyes of the general population in Europe to the impractical dream of trying to achieve multi culturalism through allowing open borders and restricting free speech. Let's hope he soon turns his focus toward the non effective, money sucking United Nations. He has cleverly given Mexico a financial incentive to put a choke on illegal immigrants leaking through the Southern border, as asylum seekers and border hoppers that are caught now have to wait in Mexico until asylum requests are processed which could take years rather than days. He has got jobs coming back into the USA through screwing the multi national companies that took manufacture offshore for the cheap labour via import tariffs to level the playing field. He has got the USA self dependant in energy requirements and no longer reliant on middle East and others for oil,gas and coal. In fact he has just signed a significant 20 yr deal for USA energy to be exported into Europe. The list goes on and on but very little Main Stream media reports of these feats as the newspaper owners are among the big losers in all this. You will see none of this reported by the Fairfax media in NZ or Australia for instance. I must say my opinion of Jared Kusher has changed 180 degrees - he is really doing the business as seen in the Middle East moves, Mexico/Canada deals and recent Justice Reforms to name a few big resets he is given credit from the other participants as being instrumental in working through to solution. Trump is getting all this done against the headwinds of relentless media criticism, constant attack from the globalist business interests who have been robbing the public for years and now are really hurting. Hence the sharemarkets taking a hammering as liquidity and margins dry up for them and their banker backers, a lack of support from most of his political allies who have sold their souls to vested interest, the attacks from the Democrats who are desperately trying to cover up their past crimes and thefts from their own people, the attempts to restrict free speech on social media platforms by the "Silicon Valley" liberals and the brainwashing attempts on the world youth from the Universities and "Hollywood" who are all on the gravy train but see it leaving the station without them. The guy is just a machine and is now getting some really smart operators around him to restore some normality to the world. He may be personally hard to take, obnoxious (flawed) to the majority of us, incredibly narcissistic and arrogant in his delivery but you can't deny that he is a man with a plan, in a tough game with high stakes. What many people refuse to consider because they are in blind rage through having been brainwashed by the overwhelming liberal presence in social media, is that Trump is not against environment protection (climate change) - he is against paying billions of taxpayers money for autocrats to sit on their arses and pontificate while doing nothing but travel the world to conferences & hold meetings. He is not against immigrants populating the USA but is against illegal immigration of unvetted vagrants and he is against multinationals who look to control supply of global markets. These big companies have a strategy to dominate a market and thereby get to charge what markets can bear rather than allow supply and demand to determine prices. Our own examples here are the ridiculous prices of fuel, meat, dairy, apples, bank charges, energy etc which are supplied to us by virtual monopolies. He is against Socialism as you eventually run out of workers prepared to be taxed to pay for those that don't produce anything. Even in NZ now the local media are trying to have us believe that what they label a "Nationalist" is a dirty word and akin to being a mass murderer. What is wrong with a sovereign nation like NZ having it's own culture, a language you are expected to speak and understand, a set of laws to obey and norms of it's own rather than being dictated to be all the same by a global elite like the UN? As John Key said on Q & A the other night, we in NZ do not realise how much support Trump has from the man in the street in the USA. There are two sides to this story despite what we are told by our reliable daily papers and TV. Looking forward to next year when he gets judges in place and some decent support from the Senate. The Mueller enquiry, FBI, Rosenstein, impeachment etc are all just red herrings for the papers and cable news. The real story is the reset agenda he has for foreign relations that everyone said he had no idea about and would be his "achilles heel". Don't look that way to me. He just has a very different strategy and agenda than Obama did. Question - whose legacy will survive - Obamacare or the Trump wall? Sorry I forgot to mention a payment to a porn star, any offense taken at any time by an LGBTQ citizen or collusion with Russia. I'll leave that to others.
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    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Good News on climate change. The change is happening for the better! More facts to enlighten/inform us on the Truth. Worth a watch if you have 30 minutes to help you make informed opinions.
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    Trump written off

    She proved nothing at all. The test was using South American Indian DNA. She has yet to test for Cherokee DNA or genealogy heritage that she has claimed, and looks a lot like there is 0% of that. More half truths from the left.
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    Have a look at Darryl Bradley in race 3 at Waipukarau today, riding a first starter, Eternal, the stablemate of the hot favourite in the race. The ride was in fact picked up and penalised in the stipes report, but boy did he need to take desperate action to avoid beating the stablemate.
  23. Littletramp

    Bosson Group One Day?

    Really? This post must have been written by someone who has had zero personal contact with Opie. Call me sensitive but I find your uninformed insinuations about him to be a "cheap shot" and rather offensive. Everyone seems to be doing that these days so why not? Your flippant remark in closing regarding a lack of mana and charisma could not be further from the truth. IMHO Opie should be held in the highest regard by us mere mortals, both as a professional and especially as a special human being. He deserves admiration not only for for his god given talents, but also for his contribution and commitment in a tough industry over many years. What he does next is surely his own business and good luck to him whatever that may be. He has this contributors total respect ( I consider myself a tough judge)and best wishes for the future anyway. Just saying.
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    Trump written off

    You do have to wonder what is going on over there (and the local press here are just lazy and simply follow the Washington Post headlines like sheep to give Trump a daily bashing) when it is today revealed that Strzok was escorted from the FBI premises 2 months ago and fired last Friday but not one news agency published anything until today - Monday their time???. WTF? The media have also apparently had a fully unredacted copy of the "FISA" application for surveillance on Carter Page (i.e. any Trump associates) that some are now screaming for Trump to declassify, since March 2017! There have been no reveals on the contents by any of these media - again WTF? Things are really heating up from both sides and my guess is that Trump being the self proclaimed master at Reality TV will reveal what he has, when it suits him best. There seems to be only two options (1) Mueller will be able to nail Trump on obstruction of justice, as there is no apparent illegal collusion, and he is going to get nailed, or (2) the much more likely option from reading much of the investigative journalism already done and given that Trump must have access as President to all the FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA records, is that he is pulling all the strings and waiting for the control of the courts to make any charges stick and/or getting closer to midterms for maximum effect before playing his cards against the Democrats. He may be un-likeable to many people as hard businessmen often can be, but he has around him now some of the smartest, most capable, experienced and individually successful people in the USA (eg. Kelly, Mattis, Mnuchin etc) and those folk would not choose to be there with him, and put there lifetime careers and reputations on the line if they thought he was just a lightweight. The next 6 months should be interesting but I'm picking all will be revealed, and many will be surprised.
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    NZRB statement of intent released

    The following is taken from a blog named Farnham Street - the highlight in the middle section is mine to demonstrate the key point. It discusses the difference between people who know what they are talking about and those who do plenty of talking but are full of B/S. A situation very common in many fields notably in local body and national politics (love the comments on journalism) and is so obvious once you read and absorbed the thoughts discussed below. Cue the engagement of John Messara for the NZ racing industry to move past this systemic problem. Charlie Munger, the billionaire business partner of Warren Buffett, frequently tells the story below to illustrate how to distinguish real knowledge from pretend knowledge. At the 2007 Commencement to the USC Law School, Munger explained it this way: I frequently tell the apocryphal story about how Max Planck, after he won the Nobel Prize, went around Germany giving the same standard lecture on the new quantum mechanics. Over time, his chauffeur memorized the lecture and said, “Would you mind, Professor Planck, because it’s so boring to stay in our routine, if I gave the lecture in Munich and you just sat in front wearing my chauffeur’s hat?” Planck said, “Why not?” And the chauffeur got up and gave this long lecture on quantum mechanics. After which a physics professor stood up and asked a perfectly ghastly question. The speaker said, “Well I’m surprised that in an advanced city like Munich I get such an elementary question. I’m going to ask my chauffeur to reply.” The point of the story is not the quick-wittedness of the protagonist, but rather — to echo Richard Feynman — it’s about making a distinction between knowing the name of something and knowing something. Two Types of Knowledge In this world we have two kinds of knowledge. One is Planck knowledge, the people who really know. They’ve paid the dues, they have the aptitude. And then we’ve got chauffeur knowledge. They’ve learned the talk. They may have a big head of hair, they may have fine temper in the voice, they’ll make a hell of an impression. But in the end, all they have is chauffeur knowledge. I think I’ve just described practically every politician in the United States. And you are going to have the problem in your life of getting the responsibility into the people with the Planck knowledge and away from the people with the chauffeur knowledge. And there are huge forces working against you. My generation has failed you a bit… but you wouldn’t like it to be too easy now would you? Real knowledge comes when people do the work. This is so important that Elon Musk tries to tease it out in interviews. On the other hand, we have the people who don’t do the work — they pretend. While they’ve learned to put on a good show, they lack understanding. They can’t answer questions that don’t rely on memorization. They can’t explain things without using jargon or vague terms. They have no idea how things interact. They can’t predict consequences. The problem is that it’s difficult to separate the two. One way to tease out the difference between Planck and chauffeur knowledge is to ask them why. In The Art of Thinking Clearly, Rolf Dobelli offers some commentary on distinguishing fake from real knowledge: With journalists, it is more difficult. Some have acquired true knowledge. Often they are veteran reporters who have specialized for years in a clearly defined area. They make a serious effort to understand the complexity of a subject and to communicate it. They tend to write long articles that highlight a variety of cases and exceptions. The majority of journalists, however, fall into the category of chauffeur. They conjure up articles off the tops of their heads or, rather, from Google searches. Their texts are one-sided, short, and— often as compensation for their patchy knowledge— snarky and self-satisfied in tone. The same superficiality is present in business. The larger a company, the more the CEO is expected to possess “star quality.” Dedication, solemnity, and reliability are undervalued, at least at the top. Too often shareholders and business journalists seem to believe that showmanship will deliver better results, which is obviously not the case. One way to guard against this is to understand your circle of competence. Dobelli concludes with some advice worth taking to heart. Be on the lookout for chauffeur knowledge. Do not confuse the company spokesperson, the ringmaster, the newscaster, the schmoozer, the verbiage vendor, or the cliché generator with those who possess true knowledge. How do you recognize the difference? There is a clear indicator: True experts recognize the limits of what they know and what they do not know. If they find themselves outside their circle of competence, they keep quiet or simply say, “I don’t know.” This they utter unapologetically, even with a certain pride. From chauffeurs, we hear every line except this.