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    Inca the stinker


    J dunn

    Go back over last couple years and how often does the DUNN name come up in race fixing, administrating banned substances etc, very quick to put blame on others. Even the old man has a shady past, something to do with a TAB agency.

    J dunn

    Three days have passed since the so called induction to hall of fame. No mention on the new HRNZ website or is it hidden somewhere on the site or forbidden to be noted as a news item. What is the criteria to be passed on to gain entry to this hall of fame? Obviously being a cheat does not remove one from consideration !!


    Why is an Addington birdcage steward allowed to wear a jacket advertising racing syndicates whilst in birdcage?. Very noticeable whilst I was on course tonight. Obviously sees it as an advantage to put his name out there. Surprised that Addington Officials have let this happen or maybe they are not awake to this persons alternate motives.


    Well, what would have happened immediately the accident happened (Saturday morning I believe) if this had been the favourite for the Melbourne Cup!. Betting would have been suspended as connections would have been compelled to advise the authorities immediately accident happening. Why did this not happen? Anyone in the know about this injury may or may not have had a bet on another N Z Cup aspirant. The favourite now is at $3.60 having dropped from $4.40 earlier today. I trust authorities and the TAB are going to look at betting records over the past 48 to 72 hours. Remember betting was suspended on certain Harness Jewels races due to advice being passed on immediately about potential problem. Another predicament for our wonderful RIU? Anyone got any thoughts on this?

    Nats Back

    Does this mean that they are all still barred or allowed to enter race courses (as per John Dunn last Friday night at Addington being on course)?

    Police Raids

    Will now be interesting to see what the RIU has to say about this. Are they not the organisation that imposed the ban. We will see who has the balls to stand up to these people who seem to think that they are above the law (so to speak)

    Police Raids

    Enjoying a great night at Addington tonight, turned around and low and behold who should be standing there but none other than John Dunn. I along with others was / am under the impression that he along with others were forbidden to set foot on race courses for the mean time. Have I missed something in the media if so could some one please point me in the right direction.

    Police Raids

    As we all know some of them are not the 'SHARPEST TOOLS IN THE SHED"

    Police Raids

    Interesting to note that no drivers notified for the R J Dunn horses for Addington Friday night. With driver engagement notification down for 1.00pm today was the trainer awaiting some devine intervention. Also notice other horse(s) without driver engagement. Does a fine get imposed for no notification by the set time of 1.00pm as set out in the programme conditions on the HRNZ site? There have been updates to the fields since 1.00pm close off.

    Police Raids

    Last I was told the charged ones very confident normalIty would resume by Friday past and they would be allowed back on race course etc. Maybe their belief was not well founded.

    canterbury Harness Awards

    Did not realise there were a lot of issues with the nights awards. If these awards were postponed / cancelled then same would have to happen with national awards, they are still going ahead. Onwards and upwards.

    canterbury Harness Awards

    Being in attendance the mood on the night was vibrant not subdued. The brief does not mean that leading, highest earner etc has to be the winner of any of awards. These awards are about rewarding not necessarily winners. Far from amateurish as lot of effort and time put in by people who give for free.

    Greg O'Conner

    Will we see G O tonight on Trackside?

    Police Raids

    Are we not getting a bit sidetracked here. These persons charged (or a number of them) are appearing in Christchurch court tomorrow. We know who a number of them are and to find out those not as yet named best place to be is court house Tuesday. The police do not arrest enmass as they have done without an air tight case. One maybe but the number they have I doubt it. Word is that media personnel are also being interviewed and investigated. Some of those already named have had previous run ins with RIU and been found guilty and fined / disqualified etc. This time they need to be completely banned from the industry. It is hard enough to win a race but when you come up against cheating ....... it is harded to win. Rid the industry of them once and for all. Do the crime then do the time!!!!!