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  1. Have used tunnelbear in aus to get to nz tab. Not very hard to do.
  2. It was strange to see such a lack of hype around the Telegraph, for me one of our greatest races. But how good was Avantage! It looks like they are hyping the Wellington Cup meeting next week more. Sitting in the public stand reminded me of a mid week meeting I attended at Geelong last January. But we had a good day. Average cup of tea, terrible food, but really good punting. So it goes.....
  3. Agree on Messerschmitt...rider fkd around too much choosing inside or outside. I liked Grand Bouquet in Marton Cup (2nd to Beuden). Not sure if it is in Wellington Cup but one to watch heading forward.
  4. Times Ticking, Awapuni r4 Grand Bouquet, Awapuni r7. That's about all I can rustle up today. Happy punting team!
  5. I would tend to agree. He will still get slapped over the wrist, but with a smaller bus ticket that perhaps costs a little more.
  6. I mostly agree with you. Why are they sitting there, 5/6/7 lengths back of the lead, while leader walks between 1000 - 600 metre pole? Its a group one! Have a go at least. Especially Levante. Shades of Gee I Jane about the horse, so why on earth does Collett remain anchored at the back when the pace slackened? Surely creeping closer down the side means being 5 lengths off at the 400, not 6 or 7? I thought they wrote a bigger cheque for first.... What do I know..
  7. Both Zabeel and Railway run at, shall we say, pedestrian paces. Happens time and again in NZ races when the money is up. If I was on a horse that was NOT Avantage or Levante whats my only chance to beat them? Run the bejesus out them, steal a few lengths on the turn, put one of them in a pocket on the fence, etc, hope to hold on. Instead they sit and wait, and wait, and then, oh gee, Avantage can run 33 for the 600 and wins. I mean, I get that you are in a race with a genuine champion. But you could at least make it a race. It's like winning a shot at the heavyweight title, not thro
  8. Platinum Invador!!! So close. Having some of the place $$$ on Pretty to Sea. Decent odds for a horse with such good Ellerslie stats.
  9. Only one from me today.. Platinum Invador, over 12f at Ellerlslie. Could give a sight late at 10s.
  10. My view having rewatched. Bosson does NOT check behind him, but he pulls the horse back half a width towards the rail, to cover anyone sneaking up the inside. And they is why he is the champ. It's ..competitive riding, shall we say.
  11. I wasn't. Poor ride for mine. Four back on the fence over 10f, in a group one which always lacks pace. Asking for trouble.
  12. Funny you mention that. I had a decent place wager on Twinkling, and held my breath for a minute or three, but by my reckoning he shifts the horse in (OP) before the 4th runner has poked up inside him. So, I guess, no inquiry.
  13. only one from me for this side of the ditch today.... Platinum Invader. Could go a race fresh from Aus, has trialled ok I believe. 2nd in this race last year, drops to a good weight. Could be value at 10s/4s.
  14. Closer to home for me than normal today. I like Mascarpone race 5, and Yatima in the cup., Crafty Jess in the Cal. Happy punting.
  15. Keeps being ridden to take gaps....which he doesn't seem to like. Reasonable 4th or 5th again. Hard horse to back