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  1. Which may be fair enough but we all know what he means.....I watched the run and have replayed the race couple of times. Jockey goes back, has some room up the middle in the straight. Doesn't appear to go for the horse very hard. Seemed to finish off quite well for sixth or seventh I think it was.
  2. Yes, been umming and ahhing, checked the long range forecast, saw this morning it's still at $34/10 and temptation got the better of me so have had a modest go at it. Possibly not good enough to win it, but with the right draw/run, good enough for top 3 I reckon.. Weirder things have happened in MCups.
  3. Aron looked pitch perfect huh. What money he is the next Red Cadeux....place in three cups wasn't it?
  4. Yes, it's easy to carp when there is a free comp, that comes with cash prizes! To be fair, I bet most cafers appreciate the effort that goes into these events. Thanks heaps!
  5. Excellent race. Wow, AVD was impressive, sustained run from the back. Same with Pof Arran. Warning disappointing. Chosen one outstanding, and the winner. Interesting to see MC weights after that. Quite a strong CCup for mine.
  6. Great day indeed. I have been over the Turnball a few times.....Still think Warning will be good - he might be good enough to run well in CC and MC. Master of Wine, Toffee Tongue and VE for exotics. AVD...could be class but I am always wary of that first run for the internationals....He could perhaps not be hard ridden, finish sixth and they would conclude that was an excellent MC trial. That is a deep field. Good luck folks.
  7. Hastings Race 8 1,5,9.10 Hastings Race 9 1,2,5,11 Randwick Race 6 1,2, 4,5 Randwick Race 7 1,2,3,7 Randwick Race 8 ,3,4, 9, 10, Caulfield Race 4 1,2,5,10 Caulfield Race 5 2,3,4,11 Caulfield Race 7 1,2,3,7 Caulfield Race 8 1,4,7,9 Caulfield Race 9 Caulfield Race 10 1,2,3,4 Thanks heaps for the comp people. Happy punting!
  8. I know the comp will take most attention tomorrow (and fair enough) but I REALLY like the run of Warning in the Turnball. Steamed through the line after being slightly held up. Got the pedigree at the distance. Might be better suited to Flemington but with the right run, could present in the Caulfield Cup.
  9. Thought M'ounga ran on quite well. But yes. Not the greatest position in a big field.
  10. All at Caulfield.... Odeum...Mo'unga...Cascadian. See if the punting gods are kind. Good luck all!
  11. Yes, I was yelling my head off for that last furlong. Better draw tomorrow, hopefully track won't be too off and Ollie has an extra 200 m to find some space. $11s with Aussie bookmakers looks tempting.
  12. Got onto M.Dancer....thx! Cascadian again tomorrow....
  13. Not partaking in the Trump wars EXCEPT to say, I have a couple of exxes rollicking around who could lay claim to being both very bossy and extremely economical with the truth.
  14. Yes, I thought Williams did a good job with Humidor. Patient, gaps came, he went to the line well. $3s to place was value IMO. Winner way too good.
  15. Yeah, get the feeling there is a good win in the offing for him some time over the spring. Going to stick with, for sure.