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  1. Houlahan's Dream

    This is how NZ racing is now internationally rated

    I think the point RR is making is that you need a set of data to make decisions about ratings. I am a teacher, in charge of literacy at my school. When we try to find out if student X needs extra reading help we get as many data sets as possible, to see if they line up. Once we have 'franked the form', and confirmed our hunch, then we act. Something similar applies with these ratings which can be very useful.
  2. Houlahan's Dream


    What those picks miss in my view is the need for value, partly a function of selecting for every race. If you had say six bets on a Saturday and 50% come in then you need your win or place return to cover your costs once all bets are accounted for. So yes, MB to win livamol is a given but 1.80 returns won't get you into the black. But the second horse in that race paid I think 3 to place and that is your value if you can snag it. As someone else said....selecting and picking for the punt almost two different things.
  3. Houlahan's Dream


    Let's be honest, how many of us would bet in every race on a programme and hope to do well? Some of those rating 65 or early 3 yo maiden races are just.....impossible. And even with the exposed form something like Yearn comes out and pays $10. But I suppose the format of the job means you cannot say 'look, this race is a minefield, keep your money in your pocket!' Interesting discussion.
  4. Houlahan's Dream

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    Four live chances for mine....humidor... Hartnell...fifty stars...MB.
  5. Houlahan's Dream

    One of the reasons racing is failing.....

    After a decade as a member I didn't renew one yr. No email. No phone call. Started going to public stand. Same shit disinterested service. But at least it's mostly free. Apart from new yrs or boxing day...always empty. And the horses look the same.....
  6. Houlahan's Dream

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    Amazing what $10 EW will do. That is a bloody odd field to sort out to be honest. Harlem's got Flemington 10f history unless I'm mistaken. Out of form but could pop up. Humidor perhaps. Or the Belle - meets most of these 2kg better off. No overseas superstars here to steal the chocolates either.
  7. Houlahan's Dream

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

  8. Houlahan's Dream

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    See she is in the Mackinnon also, against Humidor, Hartnell, Gailo Chop etc. Interesting move. Must have come through last Saturday well.
  9. Houlahan's Dream


    Cross Counter/Prince of Arran Sound for last. Thanks. Great idea for a comp.
  10. Houlahan's Dream


    R1 – 2R2 – 1R3 – 1R4 – 6R5 – 9R6 – 6R7 – 8R8 – 4R9 – 6 Thanks for comp Trump and others. Happy Punting.
  11. Houlahan's Dream


    Sorry, year before. My bad.
  12. Houlahan's Dream


    That's double has not been done since Prince of Penzance...correct?
  13. Houlahan's Dream


    You think Marmelo is going as good as last year Gruff? Injury issues aside he has had a strong season....Meets Ccounter 6kg better off.
  14. Houlahan's Dream

    ~the Cox plate..intriguing..

    I don't think that's fair. After the draw he was given no chance by many. Bosson snagged him to the rear and was patient. From last at the school to 3rd first time at valley...first time 10f. Beating all the hype Aussie horses (avilius...MJ)...quite a performance. Also that rail lane didn't produce many winners after 16 races in two days. Very good run from a very good horse.
  15. Houlahan's Dream

    Losers Get Laid - Week 8 entries

    Same here. 9 Lys Gracieux... Thanks for comp. Well played Kloppite.