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  1. like a guy said to me a few weeks back punting wouldn't happen if nothing to bet on end the day thats why i like owning in aus ( as a owner you can get stable incentive prices through tabs n book makers if you stable has a promotion with them not like here in nz if every man and there dog backs it and lets face it with so many platforms it only takes 1k to get it to fav in most midweek venues as a punting owner it annoys you
  2. yet a northern big names jockey has had theres swept under the carpet as ( it would ruin his image )
  3. when does dean the bean officially finish?
  4. yup would say trainer and mates may have some explaining to do, as it wasnt one the tagger ons first time in a stoush up there
  5. nope its there current property
  6. yup what happens when you piss the people on the bottom of
  7. lot more to the story, which i guess will stay private
  8. to brighthill 8k
  9. opps my bad its at vallachi usa navy flag 20k
  10. debbie looks after one stable and bailey has the other
  11. and you can see why , a lot of trainers ain't taking horses there we had a horse on ballot glad we didn't go it was down graded so quick n was pig slop
  12. yup he needs time but in saying that a lot have mental issues hes in japan now
  13. opps i missed A it was spoose say sold for a mil
  14. savvy coup sold 4 mil going justify
  15. waikato stud has a new one on the way
  16. wakato stud has another new one coming i hear
  17. was beautiful money for horse with good form round its 1st start
  18. the girl al sharrock has and sam o mally and ethan wright
  19. heard few days ago three big name stables other than sweetpeas could set up in aus before the next season ends
  20. rogie has a few up thoses ways
  21. brutal has been brought by newgate thought je might of come here sounds like he will race next season
  22. get in touch with terry wenn he will know
  23. i actualy thought jimmy choux might be the one going down south , but i see hes now sold to wa i wonder if that makes way for jon snow