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  1. Kloppite

    Losers Get Laid - Week 6 entries

    Randwick Race 7, #1 Castelvecchio Thanks Toblerone
  2. Kloppite

    Losers Get Laid - Week 5 entries

    Randwick R4, #2 Probabeel Thanks Toblerone
  3. Kloppite

    Sweeeeeny SHUT UP

    what about that farkwit Popplewell laughing at his own gags, with George Simon, about signing the beanie and giving it to Innes to give to his wife - so cringeworthy!!
  4. Thanks for the update Toblerone and thanks for running the comp - great job. I think Talk's total is 30 points higher than what you're showing here.
  5. Caulfield R7 #8 Homesman Thanks Toblerone
  6. Hey Toblerone - thanks for running the comp - much appreciated. Just to clarify - are we required to pick one on each day, or is it just one pick across the weekend (at any of these three days)? Cheers ps. Asterix is the little cartoon character from Gaul
  7. Kloppite

    Gregory Jude MCCARTHY ?

    Boom - well done the connections! That is one tough filly. Crazy money considering the 2yo form, the trials, the trackwork and the run she was likely to get from the draw with her ability to jump on the pace.
  8. Randwick: Race 7, #3 Dream Force. Any opinions this week Gruff?
  9. Kloppite

    Gregory Jude MCCARTHY ?

    $6.50 and $2.40 on Final Field for Saturday - great money!
  10. Mystic Journey beaten second-up - come in Gruffy!? Seem to be some posts going missing on here?
  11. Second-up nearly stopped Libertini last week so we'll try again this week. M12, Race 7, #13 Mystic Journey Lots of ground to make up so it's Hollywood or bust! Thanks Toblerone for the comp.
  12. Kloppite


    So what was it when Sacred Star won in 2015 and Adventador won in 2016?
  13. Kloppite

    Calling the self professed experts

    Fully aware of what irony means. Also capable of stringing together a full and coherent sentence, unlike yourself. Come back when you’ve figured it out!
  14. Kloppite

    Calling the self professed experts

    oh the irony