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  1. Kloppite

    ~ R2 Ellerslie...

    This suggestion that had Taroni run straight, or not lost momentum just before the line, it would have won easily, is interesting but is it relevant? I don't know the rules very well so please correct me if I'm wrong. Surely it is not Bordeaux Le Rouge's fault that Taroni ran around. What would have happened had Taroni run straight is therefore irrelevant. It didn't run straight therefore that is a moot point. By running out over the last 100m Taroni forced Bordeaux le Rouge to cover extra ground. Pythagoras can help with the maths. Lets say Taroni ran out 10 metres over the last 100 metres, then it has forced the runner up to cover roughly an extra 0.5m. What was the winning margin?
  2. Kloppite

    1000 guineas

    White chalk, written on red brickOur love, told in a heartIt's there, drawn in the playgroundLove, kiss, hate or adore
  3. Kloppite

    Toblerone, declare the LGL winners please

    Great idea! Well done Talk.
  4. My lay today is Nature Strip in the Darley Sprint at Flemington. Bit risky but I really like Santa Ana Lane today (after laying him second-up in the Everest)
  5. My lay today is in the Melbourne Cup: #18 Surprise Baby Good luck Talk.
  6. Kloppite


    1st: Constantinople 2nd: Cross Counter Last: Mer De Glace Thanks
  7. Kloppite

    Losers Get Laid - Week 9 entries

    Kolding - brilliant!
  8. Kloppite

    Losers Get Laid - Week 9 entries

    My lay this week is Brutal in the Golden Eagle at Rosehill. Thought about playing safe with a $20 shot but that wouldn't be much fun, and I have nothing to lose. Brutal is a top horse but this is a great field and I'm hoping Brutal's draw is his undoing. I'm picking one of the Waller pair will win it - preferably Kolding. Good luck Talk and Koriokaramea. Thanks
  9. Kloppite


    R1 – 4R2 – 5R3 – 7R4 – 1R5 – 9R6 – 6R7 – 3R8 – 12R9 – 4 Thanks
  10. Kloppite

    Meech replaced on Derby Fave

    One or two might have backed it
  11. Kloppite

    Losers Get Laid - Week 9 entries

    Looks like Toblerone is proposing to post any picks that are messaged to him, soon after the posting deadline passes. That way those who want to follow the picks can do so, while those still playing can avoid giving someone else a last player advantage if they are concerned about that. I'm relaxed either way.
  12. Kloppite

    ~the Cox plate..intriguing..

    Fantastic effort from the Shark and great ride from Opie Bosson. The commentator didn't call the Shark's name between the 800m mark and the finishing post despite the fact it was clear he was going to run a drum coming to the home turn. Same old Aussies But the winner - oh my .........
  13. Cheers Toblerone - thanks for the update. Mystic Journey was paying $7.90 but it only makes 2 points difference so not a big deal.
  14. Kloppite

    Losers Get Laid - Week 8 entries

    Arjay still had a shot but didn’t post!
  15. Kloppite

    Losers Get Laid - Week 8 entries

    Still a few people left in, and I have lost one life so I won't count my chickens, but if my luck holds and I finish in the prize spots, I'm happy for you to find someone deserving. Cheers.