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  1. You stalking me Teddy? However wouldn't have expected anything less from a misogynist like yourself who totally lacks self awareness. I figure if anything goes, how about the joke about the old bloke with the kiddy fiddler moustache?
  2. Definitely a distinction between comedy and homophobia. You won't find any decent comedians making gay jokes these days.
  3. Wow - can't beat a bit of good old homophobic innuendo - bring back the 20th century huh
  4. With the money back for 2nd or 3rd option, I found in many cases today that you got a better effective price by combining a final field place bet and a final field win bet, rather than taking the Winsurance bet.
  5. R1: 6/10/18 R2: 8/12/15 R3: 2/6/8 R4: 5/6/12 R5: 1/3/6 R6: 2/4/11 R7: 1/4/9 R8: 1/5/14 R9: 4/7/11 Thanks
  6. Open class at tipping a bunch of horses and then highlighting those that won, and saying nothing about those that got beaten. I tipped three horses on here yesterday (before the races were run) - one of them won and paid $6.50 and the other two were beaten. I'm happy with that. Cheers ps. has your keyboard got any punctuation marks on it?
  7. Pizzly disappointing but enjoyed the $6.50 that Archanna paid. Normally get worried when they drift like that but class prevailed. Some of the winnings on Attorney in the next - shouldn't mind the wet and recent trial was a nice tune-up.
  8. Con Te Partiro was also backing up from the Doncaster (although did have a 2kg swing in the weights on Nettoyer). A winner across the ditch today? I really liked the most recent trial of Archanna (R2 at Warwick Farm) and the stable-mate Pizzly looks a reasonable place bet, with a smaller saver win bet.
  9. Bit of history here teddy and as Billy Joel sung, "we didn't start the fire". Good to know it hasn't gone unnoticed (one word) by others. I know a few BGP members and your Harry hindsight traits haven't gone unnoticed (again one word) either.
  10. Yet you picked Nettoyer in the comp!? (before the race was run) You realise you're looking like a bigger benefit of hindsight genius than rdytdy, who I note was quick to disassociate himself from Saturday's BGP Punters Club performance - no "I" in team teddy!
  11. Unfortunately for them they had to put their bets on before the races were run
  12. Some scratching replacements - thanks R1) 1/3/4 R2) 2/9/12 R3) 2/10/11 R4) 1/2/10 R5) 1/2/7 R6) 1/4/7 R7) 1/2/4 R8) 10/12/13 R9) 5/14/17 R10) 7/13/14
  13. R1) 1/3/4 R2) 2/4/5 R3) 2/10/11 R4) 1/2/10 R5) 1/2/11 R6) 1/4/7 R7) 1/2/4 R8) 10/12/13 R9) 5/14/17 R10) 7/13/14 Thanks
  14. Do we have a consensus on that?