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  1. R1 2/5/6/11 R2 1/3/4/10 R3 1/5/7/10 R4 1/2/4/10 R5 5/12/14/16 R6 3/7/11/13 R7 1/2/6/14 R8 2/3/6/8 R9 4/6/11/13. Thanks Very Much Everyone
  2. R1- 1, 2, 3 R2 - 1, 2, 9 R3 - 2, 4, 11 R4 - 2, 5, 7 R5 - 1, 2, 4 R6 - 1, 2, 4 R7 - 2, 8, 13 R8 - 2, 12, 13 R9 - 3, 9, 17 R10 - 3, 6, 7 Thank You to Sponsors and the scoring team.
  3. Hi Waves, we have looked at a few but nothing nailed down at moment , our supposedly to retire mare has struck a purple patch of form so we are a bit somewhat distracted at moment? Have you got something that might suit? what is location?
  4. We did for decades when we had no irrigation no problems!! now in the last 10-15 years all we do is listen to overcharging suits (Turf Consultants) who have to justify their salaries by coming up with stupid ideas and miracle machines that cost thousands , most of these suits wouldn't even mow their own lawns
  5. I would like to lease a nice filly for our syndicate , Our horse we are racing at the moment is in her last campaign , and I would like to try and keep the syndicate together to race another.
  6. I remember seeing at some stage in the last 12 months a list of all NZ race tracks and how they rated re. Money they cost the Industry to money the industry receives? can anyone help with this?
  7. Yep I remember that The sandwich plate in the trainers room was empty so Bryce spoke to I think the club president of Pakenham?? to see if they could get the plate refilled , from what I can remember the Club President reacted rather negatively and told Bryce if he didn't like it take your horses and get out and Bryce said sweet az and did just that .
  8. Rostropovich/Prince of Arran Last to Finish= Neufbosc
  9. R7 Caulfield Sprint (G2) Miss Leonidas Thank you guys for the comp.