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  1. Thanks say no more and scooby for running the comp and sorting the prizes was an awesome 8 weeks really appreciate the time and effort put into these. Now to turn my form around and pick a winner not a looser. Thank you to all other competitors who kept me on my toes Richie and I were 2nd and 3rd after week 1 and were first and second going into week 8 really enjoyed it
  2. For some reason my dad (nicobury) is having trouble posting he left out eagle farm race 3 can he please have 4,7. If you will allow this cheers and race 6 at Rotorua number for was scratched can he please have number 1 cheers
  3. Rotorua R3. 2,5 Rotorua R5. 2,10 Rotorua R6. 1,3 Rotorua R8. 5,11. BB Eagle Farm R3. 1,4 Eagle Farm R5. 3,10 Eagle Farm R7. 2,3 Eagle Farm R8. 9,13 Scone R8. 12,15 Scone R9. 13,14 Morphettville R3. 1,2 Morphettville R8. 1,6
  4. Hawera race 2 #2 the stoney one (joker) Eagle farm race 7 #1 character thanks guys great comp exciting finish tough day at the office good luck to all still involved
  5. Definitely more of a focus on this comp than the other had the blinkers on today
  6. Te Rapa R2. 5,7 Te Rapa R4. 5,7 Te Rapa R5. 2,7 Riccarton R4 4,17 BB Riccarton R5. 10,11 Riccarton R7. 3,4 Morphettville R4. 4,11 Morphettville R5. 8,9 Morphettville R6. 1,4 Morphettville R7. 2,7 Morphettville R8. 5,6 Gosford R8. 1,13 BB cheers guys good luck
  7. Hahaha no miss print I’ll fully show my picks lol Morphetville race 1 number 9 eagles crag Morphetville race 6 #5 foxy Frida cheers guys and good luck to all
  8. Great stuff team some good results turning into a good comp I was changed my picks which didn’t work out any different. Looking forward to the last 2 weeks
  9. Hawkesbury race2 #3 I’m not slew Hawkesbury race 4 # 5 deep strike
  10. Te Rapa R2. 1,6 Te Rapa R3. 1,12 Te Rapa R5. 5,9 Te Rapa R7. 3,7 Eagle Farm R5. 7,8 Eagle Farm R7. 4,13. BB Eagle Farm R8. 8,9. BB Hawkesbury R6. 4,5 Hawkesbury R7. 10,11 Hawkesbury R8. 2,10 Hawkesbury R9. 10,13 Sandown Hillside R8. 2,3 thanks for comp guys
  11. Haha yea thought it would be more of a favourite day what a great comp thanks for the scoring would have been a better day had verstappen got up but all round great day of racing for a monday
  12. Hi from the comp last week can I please have the $20 put on Avondale race 7 number 12 verstappen to win please
  13. Flemington race 4 #2 cardigan queen kensington race 8 #13 Secretively cheers all good luck
  14. Thanks I thought the winner would be to good got lucky
  15. Te Rapa R4 8,9 Randwick R3 3,4 Randwick R4 1,6 Hastings R6 7,12 Te Rapa R7 7,8 Randwick R5 2,12 Hastings R7 5,9 Riverton R8 7,10 Randwick R6 3,8 Randwick R7. 2,7 Randwick R8. 5,6 Caulfield R8. 8,9
  16. Rotorua race 2 #4 hero worship rotarua race 8 #1 Wairau cove
  17. Thanks mate good luck to you will be close as long as you stay alive that’s the key I reckon