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  1. Well done on your stamina over that last quarter of the race Kingsbeer - you kicked away to an impressive victory. Well-deserved it was too. A fine finishing run by Jack today so with a longer trip I reckon maybe put the money on next up. Good, interesting comp all round and added some interest amidst some dreary weather. Thanks again Say No More for a top job and to Scooby for all your input.
  2. Te Rapa R3: 1-6 BB Te Rapa R4: 1-9 Te Rapa R6: 5-6 BB Trentham R8: 1-8 Doomben R5: 7-8 Doomben R6: 2-3 Doomben R7: 1-9 Doomben R8: 6-8 Flemington R7: 10-12. BB Morphettville R6: 1-2 Morphettville R7: 7-13 Morphettville R8: 1-19. Thanks again to Scooby and Say No More for all your hard work to bring us these comps.
  3. Well done Spike City. Ours was a really competitive group.
  4. Well done Alan1234 - a sterling effort and well-deserved.
  5. Rotorua R3: 1-4. BB Rotorua R5: 1-2. BB Rotorua R6: 1-2. Rotorua R8: 1-12. Eagle Farm R3: 2-8. Eagle Farm R5: 13-18. Eagle Farm R7: 1-14. Eagle Farm R8: 1-9. Scone R8: 8-15. Scone R9: 3-13. Morphettville R3: 1-2. Morphettville R8: 1-3.
  6. Great comp. Thanks so much to Scooby and Say No More. The fact that I am hanging on (but for how long?) by the skin of my teeth proves my personal theory that I am better at picking losers than winners. Good luck to the current crop of 'survivors'. Flemington: Race 1: #6 Doull (Joker). Flemington: Race 4: #1 Vesperine.
  7. I completely concur with Scooby's comments. Terrific effort Say No More. How the Hell you do one in a day let alone two is beyond me. As my old boss used to say to me when I got it right: "Wipe your nose, take a bow and go to the top of the class". So top of the class for you SNM.
  8. I felt the blade pass my left ear as it fell. Phew.
  9. Thanks again and good luck to all. Morphettvile: Race 3: #3 Aitch Two Oh. Morphettville: Race 4: #4 Designs.
  10. Thanks again for the comps and Good Luck to all. Te Rapa R2: 2 and 3. Te Rapa R4: 3 and 7. Te Rapa R5: 2 and 6. BB Riccarton R4: 2 and 5. Riccarton R5: 6 and 7. Riccarton R7: 1 and 2. Morphettville R4: 1 and 3. BB Morphettville R5: 3 and 4. Morphettville R6: 5 and 7. Morphettville R7: 5 and 7. Morphettville R8: 1 and 6. Gosford R8: 4 and 8.
  11. Te Rapa R2: 7 and 8. Te Rapa R3: 1 and 8. Te Rapa R5: 1 and 7. Te Rapa R7: 1 and 5. Eagle Farm R5: 5 and 6. Eagle Farm R7: 12 and 15. Eagle Farm R8: 2 and 7. BB Hawkesbury R6: 2 and 5. Hawkesbury R7: 1 and 5. Hawkesbury R8: 3 and 10. Hawkesbury R9: 7 and 8. BB. Sandown Hillside R8: 5 and 6.
  12. Hawkesbury Race 2: #1 I'm Not Slew Hawkesbury Race 3: #1 French Bonnet Thanks again to Scooby and Say No More. Good Luck to all.
  13. Randwick Race 3: #1 Barrichello. Flemington Race 4: #1 Alegron. Lest we forget.