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  1. High Sparrow

    Losers Get Laid - Week 6 entries

    Thanks again Toblerone for all your hard work in this competition. Kind regards, HS. Caulfield Race 10: Schillaci Stakes. #2 Trekking.
  2. High Sparrow

    Losers Get Laid - Week 5 entries

    Thanks Toblerone for all your hard work. Randwick Race 8 (The Metropolitan): #12 Brimham Rocks.
  3. High Sparrow

    Clarification on Money Back rules please

    Thanks for the clarification guys. Much appreciated. I found the wording a bit ambiguous. Maybe they should have put and/or instead of just "and". Kind regards. HS.
  4. This the wording of the Rules (pasted below): Excuse my confusion around this type of bet but I just saw it and wanted to check for the correct understanding of it. So can someone just clarify if the wording below is actually meant to read Race 1 and Race 2 or should that word and actually be or as in race 1 or race 2? Just want to make sure I've got this straight because the way it reads it sounds as if you have to bet on both races rather than one or the other, if you get my drift. And of course the other rule is that only your first bet qualifies. Thanks for your help. Racing Money Back Refund Promotion Place a Fixed Odds Win bet (a “Fixed Odds Win Bet”) through your TAB Account on Race 1 and Race 2 at Invercargill Greyhounds on Tuesday 24 September, Race 1 and Race 2 at Wyong Races on Tuesday 24 September, Race 1 and Race 2 at Te Rapa Races on Wednesday 25 September, Race 1 and Race 2 at Cambridge Dogs on Thursday 26 September, Race 1 and Race 2 at Alexandra Park Harness on Friday 27 September, Race 1 and Race 2 at Ellerslie Races on Saturday 28 September, or Race 1 and Race 2 at New Plymouth Races on Saturday 28 September, Race 1 and Race 2 at Rosehill Races on Saturday 28 September, Race 1 and Race 2 at Caulfield Races on Sunday 29 September, and Race 1 and Race 2 at Palmerston North Greyhounds on Monday 30 September (a “Qualifying Race”) and if your bet finishes 2nd, 3rd or 4th, the TAB will refund your bet (a “Promotion Refund”), up to a maximum of $30 (the “Maximum Amount”). Promotion Refunds will be determined by the confirmed result (following any protest).
  5. High Sparrow

    Losers Get Laid - Week 4 entries

    Thanks very much for running this comp Toblerone. Tonight for me...Moonee Valley race 3. #3 Miss Siska
  6. High Sparrow

    Losers Get Laid - Week 3 entries

    Randwick R4 Tea Rose Stakes (G2) #1 Libertini. Thanks again team for the entertainment and the opportunity.
  7. High Sparrow

    John Allen

    I can't say I will be losing any sleep over that resignation. He's overseen the most disruptive and generally inept time of management (and I use the word "management" very loosely here you understand) in NZ's long racing history and all he does is repeat the same old platitudes about how well things are going when anyone in the industry knows that's just corporate jargon and PR spin of the highest order. The website is just a symptom of the greater disease now infecting racing. With today's resignation it just puts me in mind of that Italian cruise liner captain who ran the ship aground and then was one of the first in the life boats.
  8. High Sparrow

    LOSERS GET LAID - Week 2 Entries

    Flemington Race 8. #11 Demerara. Thanks again team.
  9. High Sparrow

    Saturday's Racing

    Totally agree WD. All good runs and the Kiwi connections will be smiling with future races in mind.
  10. Interesting comp. Thanks again to all the organisers. Moonee Valley race 7: #4. Eduardo.
  11. Thanks very much for all your hard work today Maria. You're a champion in every sense of the word. Well done to Ivanthegreat for such a terrific duel, which went right down to the wire. As for my rather unexpected victory - I guess even a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes. I haven't been able to enter over recent week as I've been a bit crook, so today's comp was a welcome tonic. Thanks to all who took part and to Maria and her fellow administrators for the opportunity. Kind regards and good punting to you all. HS.
  12. 1. Ruakaka R5 Starts 2:19pm 4 and 10. 2. Rosehill R2 Starts 2:45pm 7 and 12. 3. Rosehill R3 Starts 3:20pm 10 and 11. 4. Rosehill R4 Starts 3:55pm 5 and 8. 5. Hastings R9 Starts 4:20pm 10 and 11. 6. Caulfield R5 Starts 4.50pm 1 and 4. BB 7. Rosehill R6 Starts 5:10pm 7 and 9. 8. Caulfield R6 Starts 5.30pm 4 and 7. BB 9. Caulfield R7 Starts 6.10pm 4 and 11. 10. Caulfield R8 Starts 6.50pm 5 and 9. Thanks for all your hard work Maria.
  13. Well done to Right First Time, Wrinkles and Jack on their deserved success yesterday. No thanks to me my team were amongst the 'also rans'. Couldn't pick my nose at present, I'd poke myself in the eye. Well done to Memphis and Right First Time on a couple of great individual efforts too. Form is temporary, class is permanent (or so my old running coach used to say). And Wrinkles said it all with his comments to maria and Scooby above. Class acts both.
  14. High Sparrow

    Boxed quinellas on TAB app - wee query

    All resolved folks. If at first you don't succeed...must have been a "technical hitch". Tried several times so switched everything off, came back and sure enough it was resolved. Technology is not all it is cracked up to be sometimes. Though I am still not sure whether it was mine or the TABs!
  15. Excuse my ignorance but does anyone else get a problem with placing a boxed quinella on an IPad through the TAB app? I select Quinella and Boxed options and then the first horse and I can't get any more numbers because the betslip fills the right hand side of the screen over the top of the other numbers I want to select. Anyone else run into this. And if so how do you get around it. I usually just use a computer but am away from it this afternoon and having to use an IPad, which I admit is unfamiliar to me. Any help appreciated.