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  1. The Post of the Year. Thank you and congratulations Pam
  2. That values him at $1,500,000 The chances of getting your money back and making a profit are questionable in my opinion. He would definitely need to win $2.5 for it to happen.
  3. As a 15 year old kid, my 10 shillings (or it could have been 1pound) each way on Eiffel Tower to win the Wellington Cup bought me my first car! I had the bet as I was holidaying in Southland (with my parents) and Eiffel Tower had a week or two earlier won the Invercargill Gold Cup.
  4. At that price he will need to win about $2 million to get their money back! Even if I was rich I wouldn’t pay that.
  5. 100% correct. And they call themselves professionals.
  6. When I looked on Thursday night it was already at $20,000. In effect that was valuing Mr Brighside at $250,000. What do others value him at? I value him at $750,000 max therefore that puts the cost of the 8% share at $60,000. It will be an interesting watch!
  7. That's certainly my opinion as there was obviously a bit of were and tear from then last two days which took place only two and three weeks ago!
  8. Idolmite, Click on this link. Hopefully it works:
  9. Honestly after today’s announcement, can Auckland/Ellerslie be given anything else/more? Who's paying for it? Answer: The rest of the country, ie the punters. No one else. Certainly not the glitzy crowd lead by the Boys get Paid and the Girls get Laid.
  10. What if a name was used previously, say 30 years ago and wasn’t much good. Can it be used again like it can with the thoroughbreds?
  11. I thought Justin Even’s commentaries at Trentham today were fantastic. I was very very critical of the TAB pushing Tony Lee out, so much so, that I wasn’t really ready to give Justin a go BUT today he excelled in my opinion. Well done Justin, especially in face of the pressure that you have been facing.
  12. In some ways but not others!
  13. But I am a thrill taker, owner of many thoroughbreds, a standardbred too, go hot air ballooning in Turkey, search every corner of their underground cities too. Traveled to Russia Moscow etc, immediately before Covid, borrow money to breed another mare to the hottest new Stallion to come into the country the last three years, buy into Australia Bloodstock partnerships etc. It goes on and on! P.S. I got a bloody speeding ticket on Thursday night speeding to the pub too so I guess you can work me out!
  14. I am sure that he will be happy to pay it.
  15. Thanks Dynamite. I entered the name that I like and nothing came up, so that's positive I guess. The breeding is Tactical Landing - Lovemelikeyoudo - 2 year old filly.
  16. Our trainer has asked for naming suggestions on the rising two year old that I am involved in. When it comes to all the thoroughbreds that I have named, it's really easy to check the "availability" for both NZ and Australia, but for the life of me I cant find where to do that on the NZ Harness site. I don't want to put forward a name that is not available, so could someone please point me in the right direction?
  17. The jumping races at Trentham today have been fantastic. The win of The Cossack was exceptional.
  18. Interesting point regarding good horses being sold to HK. That’s exactly the red hot environment that so many NZ retained horses (not sold through the yearling sales) end up. If those same horses stayed in NZ or went instead to Australia (like they did in the 80’s) how strong would our racing and breeding industry be? You don’t need to answer as even blind Freddy knows the answer. Having said that we now live in a global environment so it is what it is, now with Japan also included!
  19. 4th and 6th. The 4th was fair enough, not beaten much. The track was a little deeper than he really likes. Next time I would say. The 6th was OK too because the jockey did the very opposite of what the trainer wanted. She ended up a bit too handy and then skirted wide in the straight when they were all winning on the fence or one off. I guess that it was a risk that was worth taking as later in the day on most winter tracks, that is the pattern. His only other runner did win though, and right along the fence! [I don't have a share in that one - LOL]
  20. I must say that the Hastings track played exceptionally well yesterday after the course renovation, and the 100ml of a rain it took in the preceding 8 or 9 days. Amazingly the inside held up, right to the end.
  21. Now it tells you that I sometimes visit Raceplace!
  22. Pete my friend, you are too observant! Detail, detail, detail, I like that, but actually both apps are on the same phone, as I have one app in my name and the other app in Joan's name, simply because I put her bets on, because of her Huntington's Disease, which most of you are now well aware of. Talking of that, if Scooby and Say No More agree, maybe I had better sponsor a quick fire charity competition {Huntington's] before the next big competition starts. The next posting will be of the two apps on the same phone just to confuse or confirm the situation which incidentally still has me beat, even though I have improved things today in other areas.
  23. No, both are on the same phone, as I put the bets on for Joan. I think that the one I like best is the one hat hasn't been updated to the latest version so at this stage it can stay the way it is. However in my searching, I have learned things and changed my settings in a few places so that each bet is more seamless done.