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  1. Was never going to get off.Was 2 shocking bits of riding.A big difference between competitive and dangerous riding.His was dangerous
  2. Once it learns to jump cleanly will be a superstar
  3. I agree there is no difference in those pics.In fact I would say that Ian is not loose reigned there and offence was earlier
  4. Ian had the hands that farback.on the reins that if anything happened he had no control. Natalie,Mark,Blair and Tim always have hands right up on reins while "loose reigning"so they can still take control immediately.
  5. 1st=1-Anthony van Dyck 2nd=12 Prince of Arran 3rd=13 Surprise Baby Last=10 Dashing Willoughby Thanks team
  6. Great to see Jason Collett riding so well last couple of months. Our Jockeys are proving their worth. Daniel Stackhouse riding great as well as Michael Walker . James MacDonald not up to his usual high standards lately but I'm sure he will come right.He seems to be settling back.a lot lately,maybe trainers instructions,and running on for minor placings
  7. I like the fact that MW was quoted in the press as saying Odeum wont get beaten and then rode it a peach
  8. Haha Their propaganda lynchpin, The Punters Lounge
  9. Owners allowed at Trots at Methven last week with nearly 160 horses racing.HRNZ have come up with excellent crowd control plan.
  10. Ellerslie a heavy track and only 4 flat races,Riccarton a very hard track to.pick winners.Also always to find a horse with a decent chance at over odds in NZ
  11. Rosehill R8 Fasika Trainer using this as a stepping stone for an Everest spot and owners have already started discussions with a slot holder. Great fresh up record of 2 wins and a 2nd and has had 3 nice trials to get ready for this.Currently @ $2.60 but I believe will be $2 by start time.
  12. Thanks team Subs in brackets 1=1/3/8/9 (11) 2=2/7/11/12 (15) 3=1/2/10/13 (4) 4=3/4/5/6 (11) 5=3/4/11/15 (7) 6=1/3/4/15 (2) 7=3/9/11/16 (2) 8=1/4/5/11 (7) 9=5/8/10/13 (1) 10=3/5/6/7 (9) 11=2/5/12/16 (8) 12=9/10/13/15 (4)
  13. Thought I would have a go at a few place 6 today .Normally.only take quaddies and have had a great run lately so will spend a little bit more on place 6s as the boys seem quite keen on them.All for 10% Randwick 3-7/5-9/1-2-3/1-7/2-7/1-12 Flemington 11-12/12-13/4-7-8/4-8-11/1-10/5-9 Eagle Farm 2-14/4-6-7/1-3/1-14-17/1-16/5/7 Morphetville 1-4-7/1-2-3/2-3/2-9/7-8/3-12 Belmont 2-5-7/1-2/1-8/4-9/7-10/2-10 Happy punting team
  14. Condolences to you Cubes.I remember Mrs Cubes well from the Cup day we spent in your box at Riccarton.That is a day my wife and I will never forget.
  15. It was a worldwide response,most countries have done the same as others except we have kept it under control better.Even Todd Mueller has said he cant criticise NZs response so far
  16. I think worldwide the NZ economy will be one of the better performers during what will become a world recession. The Meat,Milk and Honey industries are already leading the way.All countries will struggle and I think most NZers know that
  17. I have a feeling the likes of Mark Mitchell,Chris Luxon and Judith Collins will swoop.I believe Muller and Kaye are only stop gap measures as the others know Labour got this election sewn up
  18. HTP and me go back 35 years,and he actually a good bugger who just rubs a few people up the wrong way
  19. I joined December 2001 and could be wrong but think it had been going for about 6 months then. If remember correctly my first post upset a few people and I learnt how precious some galloping people think they are compared to the harness fraternity I was part of. I ran my first of many comps on Queens birthday weekend 2002 with $100 prize money,wife wasn't happy I took a bit of a break from posting a couple of years ago after a bit of an argument with somebody,who was proved to be a dick in the end,but still followed and read the posts. Still NZs premier racing discussion s
  20. Shontelle Colin was my uncle so if he was your dad then you my cousin.I dont think I have heard of you but know Colin was a ladies man and very fertile. Can I private message you
  21. That was with a picky but there was no.pick 6 so I think break even was much less
  22. 1=3/6/11/15 2=3/4/6/7 3=5/7/9/10 4=1/2/8/10 5=5/8/12/15 6=3/7/11/13 7=1/4/6/8 8=1/2/3/8 9=1/4/6/11 Thanks Team
  23. Couple of nice horses at good odds that went ok last week and may improve with quick back up Doomben R9 Canapes has placed both times this campaign and I think this is easier,Backed in from 9s to 4.5 on Pointsbet Morphetville R3 Shes Never Late is no world beater but went nice race last start and drops in weight with a nice draw and underrated Jockey
  24. Rosehill R4 1-2 R5 2-10 R6 1-7 R7 6-16 R8 2-6 Flemington R4 1-3 R5 3-12 R6 1-4 R7 1-2 R8 7-17 Thanks team especially the Cubes
  25. 1=5/6/10 2=3/8/10 3=2/5/8 4=1/3/12 5=3/4/6 6=2/4/5 7=1/2/11 8=1/2/5 9=5/7/10 Thanks Team