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  1. So back to the question. If I’m a trainer or jockey can I attend race days? If I ride track work can I be on a racecourse to do the job I love? Industry has invested in my training and development. If I choose not to be vaccinated is that investment flushed because I’m effectively blacklisted. and given racing is primarily an outdoor setting does that not make these career limiting Restrictions OTT?
  2. Where does this announcement leave industry personnel who are unvaccinated? Won’t be on course by the look of it. Looking for a new job?
  3. Randwick Race 7: 1,4,5,8. Eagle Farm Race 1: 1,7,8,12. Eagle Farm Race 2: 2,3,4,6. Eagle Farm Race 3: 1,2,5,9 Eagle Farm Race 4: 1,3,4,5. Eagle Farm Race 5: 1,6,7,9 Eagle Farm Race 6: 4,5,6,11 Eagle Farm Race 7: 1,2,5,7. Eagle Farm Race 8: 1,3,8,12. Eagle Farm Race 9: 1,7,8,10
  4. Case in point, horses 15 & 20. Top 2 and top 3 FF divs nonsensical. Regular occurrence for those horses long in the market.
  5. Makes you wonder how much of the odds management is manual or system generated. Yes lots of delayed changes close to market close. The other thing that’s not yet sorted is the Top 2/3/4 market. For some reason the div to run 2nd is less than to run 3rd. ie $6 2nd ,$8 3rd, $5 4th
  6. A stretch to believe this was a tech glitch. If the games started at 2am they had over an hour and a half to suspend betting. Moreover, if they (humans / systems or both) can’t respond to the market movement in the bet type (in-play) they shouldn’t offer the option. “You know the odds - now beat them” yeah nah.
  7. John wheeler’s interview is a beaut (referred to earlier) this link might get you there...
  8. Rosehill Race 1 : 1,4 Manawatu Race 6: 1,14 Rosehill Race 2: 1,3 Manawatu Race 7: 4,9 Rosehill Race 3: 5,6 Riverton Race 8: 2,4 Manawatu Race 8: 2,6 Rosehill Race 4 : 1,5 Manawatu Race 9: 1,14 Rosehill Race 5: 6,9 Rosehill Race 6: 4,5 Rosehill Race 7: 2,11 Rosehill Race 8: 4,13
  9. Rosehill Race 1 2,4 Riccarton Race 6 2,3 Rosehill Race 2 4, 7 Tauranga Race 6 2,10 Riccarton Race 7 4,8 Rosehill Race 3 5,7 Riccarton Race 8 1,2 Rosehill Race 4 1, 6 Rosehill Race 5 3,4 Rosehill Race 6 2, 13 Rosehill Race 7 2,13 Rosehill Race 8 4, 12 Rosehill Race 9 6 12
  10. Suggest you go to the website and read the Disclosure statement carefully.
  11. A critical issue here appears to be the random testing selection process. Mr Taylor’s lawyer has asked for details of the process but I didn’t read anywhere that the lawyer was satisfied with the info provided. In my opinion TDDA run a reputable process for this sort of thing so something does look a bit odd. Perhaps he will appeal on the basis of one of the agencies involved (RIU or TDDA) has not following due process?
  12. Dean, The TAB is currently marketing to ‘bring lost customers’ back to the organisation. The many that bet thru overseas agencies will do so for a myriad of reasons,, one of which will be restrictions placed on (or closing of?) their NZ TAB accounts. Can you please describe both the reason and criteria for placing restrictions on NZ customers. Seems to my eye that this aspect needs resolved if you want to win back many disaffected punters. Thanks Wayne
  13. I predict Ms Adern will be impregnated and in labour by year end. A Contributor filly will win the NZ Oaks.
  14. 1st - 4 The Good Fight 2nd - 16 Dragon Storm 3rd - 7 Robusto