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  1. Southland


    Has the TAB website shit itself in the last half hour. Cant seem to get an in play bet on the cricket?
  2. Southland


    Fiscal Fantasy or Trip to Freedom chrs
  3. Royal Randwick R3 3.10pm 9 BB Ellerslie R6 3.35pm 13 Doomben R5 3.53pm 4 Ellerslie R7 4.10pm 17 (BONUS RACE) Royal Randwick R5 4.20pm 5 Royal Randwick R6 4.55pm 11 (BONUS RACE) Royal Randwick R7 5.35pm 2 BB Caulfield R7 5.55pm 7 Royal Randwick R8 6.15pm 10 (BONUS RACE)
  4. Southland

    Large Debt, What to Do???

    Light fingers?
  5. Southland

    Golden Slipper

    TAb offering an option on the Golden Slipper. Goldolphin winner (2,9,10,12,15) $2.30 ony problem is Goldolphin have runner 7 Lyre as well (from the Freedman stable) surely they mean James Cummings to train the winner?
  6. 1. Ellerslie R9 : 4.55pm : 18 5/5  2. Randwick R7 : 6.20pm : 1 0/10 3. Flemington R8 : 6.40pm : 3 5/5
  7. Southland

    John Allen and the Board should never...

    If the figures you quote are correct that’s of massive concern. An eight year commitment at those costs when technology is moving faster than ever and digital effeciency driving down costs. Come on!
  8. Southland

    A simple quickie comp at Te Rapa

    Secret Allure Lincoln Falls Danzdanzdsnz Melody Belle
  9. Southland

    Wellington Racing Club playing dangerous games

    My bad... should hv read the post a bit more closely Timing the video, the Cup run in approx 3.21.75 Chrs
  10. Southland

    Wellington Racing Club playing dangerous games

    7 3:47 pm JR & N BERKETT TELEGRAPH OPN-SW&P 1200m - $250,000 01:06.95 # Silk Horse Jockey Trainer Win Place Lgth 1 Enzo's Lad llll
  11. 1. Trentham R5 2.35pm - 7, 15 B.B. 2. Trentham R7 3.47pm - 2,17 3. Trentham R8 4.22pm - 11,12 4. Trentham R9 4.55pm - 3, 6 qu 5. Flemington R5 5.20pm - 1,10 6. Flemington R7 6.40pm - 2,4  7. Flemington R8 7.20pm - 2,6  8. Flemington R9 7.55pm - 6,11 chrs
  12. Southland

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Had exactly the same problem. Most odd that it locked out as the username and passed were auto filled. Wasn’t happy with the passed. First call to help desk took 18 mins on hold - no response. Second attempt (just now) got a response after 17 mins on hold. Chap was actually very helpful and resolved the issue quite quickly.
  13. Southland

    NYD quickie Comp at Ellerslie

    R7 Contessa Vanessa  R8 Mongolian Marshal R9 Melody Belle.
  14. Southland

    The Shark Bites

    Chocate not to shabby in last years Brisbane Cup (grp2)