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  1. Totally agree. And to be fair , after they said they were stepping back and taking a decent break I thought they would be having a decent break. Just haven't seen it yet. That's all I was alluding to.
  2. Apart from Lone Star and a fingernail beauty parlour, it is like walking through a war ravaged Bosnia. It's got bad vibes all the way through it
  3. I love Harness Racing, always have always will. Watching last night though, Alex Park small shit fields that just don't inspire anyone to bet. Addington and and all those features. All the time in the world for for Hayden (and wife Amanda) but I scratch my head about why Mark and Nat still so involved driving ?? Bit weird to say the least. Dalgety's win the Derby with the renowned drunk aboard , especially after Cran's drug record and his weird departure from the training ranks last year, still can't fathom what was going on there. What is happening with Inca ??
  4. Sorry guys , but where did Extortion touch SuperDonna ?? Or is intimidation now a cause for protest ??
  5. Sorry John , beg to differ, just not the race for her , let alone the Sydney Cup
  6. Concert Hall was a car crash just waiting to happen , can't believe they took her over ... I know , easier to say after the event but I did say before the event it was madness taking her over
  7. Where the f**k did Extortion touch the 3rd and 2nd horses ??? Wow , what a f**k up Maybe the 3rd vs 2nd but so close to the the line I don't even know if that was warranted Not talking through my pocket either , just an observer
  8. Randwick Race 2 4,12 Randwick Race 3 3,7 Riccarton Race 5 2,12 Te Aroha Race 5 5,7 Randwick race 4 3,5 Riccarton Race 6 3,8 Te Aroha Race 6 1,2 Randwick Race 5 4,6 Riccarton Race 7 2,5 Te Aroha Race 7 1,2 Randwick Race 6 1,8 Randwick Race 7 1,5 Randwick Race 8 1,3 Randwick race 9 1,10 !! Thanks for the Comp , Good Luck to all participants and especially the Scorer !!
  9. Mannix ! What a freak he was , could have been anything. DJ Riordan , one of 3 brilliant jockey brothers. Up there with the Harris and Skelton brothers. Oh , those were the days. Was Mateland another of Des's champions ?
  10. If you're happy with that drivel , then you are part of the problem. Thought the Owners Fed would be up in arms.
  11. I Wish I Win , Good Luck to everyone participating
  12. As an Industry this is totally not acceptable. This is from John Allen 101 corporate speak. Make a lot of nice headings and blah blah blah This is exactly what Brown Bayliss and Allen have justified their 6 figure salaries on. Saundrys article in Raceform this week was absolute drivel. C'mon , is that all you've got you Fraud ! Compare that to any Brian De Lore article and it's so poles apart it's like a smack in the chops. I understand the Te Akau's , Baker/Forsmans , Marsh stables are doing ok thank you very much but these are the guys we need to hold thes
  13. Farrrrqq me, has John Allen returned. That has him written all over it. Farq , we know what is wrong with the Great game and this diatribe is a great example of it. Bullet points with a brief synopsis which doesn't actually do or say anything. We read this shit every year and that is all that happens. Good luck for the short term future......
  14. Shit show more than a road show
  15. Heading for a bigger shit storm than we've been through before by the look of it. Henry and Brooks should be in jail and yet they get put forward !! You're right Nerula , we'll be off to the DIA for a punt soon cos the TAB can't get their shit together. Robertson isn't going to f*** around , he's still spewing Winston gifted them all that money. Watch out. Nice work The Optimist ,it's a pity this bloke doesn't get more support.
  16. Trentham Race 1 8,9 Trentham Race 2 1,6 Trentham Race 4 1,3 Trentham Race 5 1,3 Rosehill Race 2 2,7 Trentham Race 6 1,8 Rosehill Race 3 4,13 Trentham Race 7 6,10 Trentham Race 8 5,11 Rosehill Race 5 1,3 Rosehill Race 6 2,6 Rosehill Race 7 3,10 Rosehill Race 8 1,13 Rosehill Race 9 5,11 Cheers and Good Luck all
  17. First up , Why was the Pick 6 yesterday at Invercargill harness and not Auckland , I mean it was only Auckland Cup Day ... Secondly , 2 meetings in the country today , Reefton on Trackside 1 , Gore on Trackside 2. FFS, how hard can it be..
  18. What are you on Nottsy ??? Wilcox is not a govt brown noser , He should be CEO of ALL the Clubs in the North Island !!
  19. Ummmm it's by Showcasing , the Ifraaj ran 2nd last ...
  20. That's not the same Mango of old is it ... Cleaning up Artisan was atrocious, You're rght , what can Barry offer and Scott was there ? Surely this could have been settled on the night ?
  21. Matamata Race 6 - 5 Flemington Race 3 - 7 Matamata Race 8 - 10 Randwick Race 3 - 1 Flemington Race 5 - 2 Randwick race 4 - 2 Flemington Race 6 - 11 Flemington Race 7 - 16 Randwick Race 6 – 6 BB Flemington Race 8 - 13 Randwick Race 7 - 7 BB Flemington Race 9 – 12 Once again , thanks for all your hard work
  22. This is widespread. More questions need to be asked.
  23. Could it be ...... "The Shark" Any name yet ?