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    Multi tasking throughbreds

    But he never won a ....... maiden
  2. MJ a little ripper but I think the Rising Star of Spring and the future is Verry Elleegant There you go
  3. Charlie Bukowski

    Jockeys managers ???

    Craig Grylls , no managers in Gaz's day
  4. Charlie Bukowski

    New Partnerships

    The Chmiels ??
  5. Charlie Bukowski

    Anyone remember 'Styx' ?

    The Mitchell Brothers , did they race Heflu ?
  6. Charlie Bukowski

    il tempo rider R.I.P.

    RIP Noel Riordan, Rode over jumps as well , real gentleman , there will be some great stories told this week. Noel's record could have been better too. Miss J Edgar-Jones offered Noel the ride on Sailing Home but he already had a ride so he suggested brother John who went on to win an Akld Cup and the big International race at Te Rapa amongst many others
  7. Awesome Comp , love the upcoming nums , your hard work really is appreciated !!
  8. Charlie Bukowski

    Craig the orange whale Thompson

    Great Guy , Great Form Analyst
  9. ENTRY THREAD : ENJOY BLETCHINGLY STAKES DAY IN WINTER : INDIVIDUAL POINTS COMP: SATURDAY 27 JULY : ALL WELCOME ! We will be winter road tripping through Otaki, Rotorua, Rosehill and Caulfield ! Please read the rules and note that the comp closes at 2.30pm on Saturday and scratching replacements can be posted up until 2.30pm. After that only late scratchings will revert to the TAB sub Please read the Rules: 1. Post two selections for each race on the Schedule. You can post the number and the name but I will only take note of the number. If the number of the horse and name of the horse are different, I will go with the number. 2. You will be awarded 5 points for each winning selection. There are no points for finishing second or third. 3. You will be awarded an additional 10 points if your two selections in the race finish first and second (ie. get the Quinella). 4. You have two Best Bets to use. You can use a Best Bet on any race but you cannot use your two BBs on the same race. If you use a Best Bet, any points earned will be doubled. For example if you win and use a BB you get 10 points or if you win and get the Quinella, you can earn 30 points. 5. You can post selections up until 2.30pm, 29 minutes before the scheduled start time of the first comp race. 6. NOTE: You can post scratching replacements up until 2.30pm. After 2.30pm no scratching replacements are allowed and only late scratchings will revert to the TAB sub. 7. The winner will be the selector with the most points at the end of the schedule of races. If there is a draw on points at the end of the day, it will be a countback on winners, then quinellas, then BB winners, then BB quinellas. If still the same then you share the accolades 8. Have fun PRIZES 1st $70.00 W/P bet on a single horse 2nd $30.00 W/P bet on a single horse. Schedule of Races: Comp R1 : Otaki R5 2.59pm COURTESY FORD RYDER STAKES 2YO SW $50,000 1200m Comp R2 : Rotorua R7 3.15pm RSA TAUMARUNUI GOLD CUP OPN HCP $55,000 2200m Comp R3 : Caulfield R4 3.40pm DANNY BARRETT VOBIS GOLD STAYERS 3YO&UP SW+P $163,000 2400m Comp R4 : Caulfield R5 4.20pm TAB.CO.NZ HANDICAP 3YO $147,000 2400m Comp R5 : Rosehill R6 4.40pm NEXT TELECOM HANDICAP 3YO $136,000 1400m Comp R6 : Rosehill R7 5.20pm MALDIVES TRAVEL CONNECTION WINTER CHALLENGE GLR 3YO&UP QUALITY $163,000 1500m Comp R7 : Caulfield R7 5.40pm LONG FINE PLATE 3YO FILLIES $147,000 1200m Comp R8 : Rosehill R8 6.00pm PRECISE AIR JULY SPRINT HANDICAP 3YO&UP $136,000 1100m Comp R9 : Caulfield R8 6.20pm THE BIG SCREEN COMPANY BLETCHINGLY STAKES G3 WFA $174,0000 1200m Comp R10 : Caulfield R9 6.55pm CATANACH’S JEWELLERS HANDICAP $136,000 1400m You can post using the grid below or you can post your selections in race order, I don't mind, either is fine by me, but please remember to read the rules, post two BB's and note that only late scratchings will go on the TAB sub Comp R1 : Otaki R5 2.59pm 6.7 Comp R2 : Rotorua R7 3.15pm 3.11 Comp R3 : Caulfield R4 3.40pm 1.2 Comp R4 : Caulfield R5 4.20pm 3.6 Comp R5 : Rosehill R6 4.40pm 5.8 Comp R6 : Rosehill R7 5.20pm 3.6 Comp R7 : Caulfield R7 5.40pm 2.5 Comp R8 : Rosehill R8 6.00pm (4 BB) . 11 Comp R9 : Caulfield R8 6.20pm (6 BB) . 1 Comp R10 : Caulfield R9 6.55pm 5.7 Thanks for the Comp
  10. Charlie Bukowski

    R82 1400 Canned @ Rotorua , Why ?

    Pretty quick to ditch the R82 1400 on Saturday at Rotorua , started with 7 noms , surely that's enough to run a race ??? $30,000 Stake , hopefully that will be spread over the remaining 9 races. Hohoho, Yeah Right Or did they not even have the $30k to start with ........
  11. Charlie Bukowski

    Auckland Race Caller

    Um , playing each off against each other bit harsh, no problem whatsoever with either as callers. Different callers and different calls, never saw that as a problem
  12. Charlie Bukowski

    woman drivers

    Ray Fletcher , Red colours with a black and white sash ??? R S Fletcher Una Anso didn't drive a horse called Red Achillies did she, also did I hear Una was still alive not too long ago ??
  13. Charlie is keen Thanks
  14. Charlie Bukowski

    Is this site shut down ?

    Asking for a friend
  15. Charlie Bukowski

    Is this site shut down ?

    Just checking, wondered why I wasn't seeing any posts on this forum for about a week , all good
  16. Joseph, Jones and Jones , aren't they one of the leading stables in the State. Won't be backing any of theirs in the future
  17. Charlie Bukowski

    N.Z Racing

    Mike used to help out Cliff Wilson with all the Noble and Country prefixed horses. Great bloke Mike , you're right Woodsy , genuine down to earth bloke , and Cliff a top bloke as well !!
  18. Comp R1 : Awapuni R4 1.54pm : 3 Comp R2 : Rosehill R3 2.40pm : 8 Comp R3 : Rosehill R4 3.15pm : 9 Comp R4 : Rosehill R5 3.50pm : 10 Comp R5 : Sandown Lakeside R5 4.05pm : 1 Comp R6 : Rosehill R6 4.25pm (Bonus Race) : 1 Comp R7 : Rosehill R7 5.05pm : 12 BB Comp R8 : Ipswich R7 5.17pm (Bonus Race) : 2 Comp R9 : Rosehill R8 5.45pm : 13 BB Comp R10 : Sandown Lakeside R8 6.05pm : 3 Comp R11 : Ipswich R9 6.32pm (Bonus Race) : 6
  19. Charlie Bukowski

    Race caller rumours

    Hats off to Jason Teaz calling the greyhound meeting on Tues , only hours out from finding out his Dad had just passed away. Hercurlean effort. Basil was a real character and I stand to be corrected but I reckon every horse Basil and Helen took to the races was a winner. RIP Basil
  20. Charlie Bukowski

    Mid Week $200 Competition"SHORTEST DAY" to make you smile.

    Race 1. tomorrow M4 Wanganui R 1. Pick the winner ( Number first and Name of Horse) ( 10 points) 1 - THE REVENANT Race 2 tomorrow M4 Wanganui R 2 Pick the LAST horse to finish ( Number first and Name of Horse) ( 5 points ) 9 - RUFFY RAHTWO Race 3 Saturday Ipswich R 9 Pick the winner ( Number first and Name of Horse) ( 25 points) 6 - ORGANZA Thank you
  21. Isn't is akin to having to have 1 x LBGTQB on the board , that'll be next
  22. Charlie Bukowski

    Now the sh#t hits the fan

    Spot On Ted , cheers. It's getting scarier ....
  23. Charlie Bukowski

    Now the sh#t hits the fan

    So the nzrb is paying $17,000,000 a YEAR to use openbet , That equates to $46,700 per day or.... $327,000 per week Worth it you think ?? Also Great post Berri
  24. Charlie Bukowski

    Wasn’t the budget great for racing !!!

    Saw the debate, Embarrassing and sickening Brownlee = "Racing is boring" N Smith = "Racings corrupt", not unlike one N Smith McAnulty = auditioning for Hamlet Kaye = hot air - same old mantra for 10 mins , 10 mins of talking and saying nothing , it's an art , one which John Allan has also mastered well Curran = wtf is she still doing there , obviously on the Gerry diet , couldn't tell if she was for or against Racing ? O'Connor = did he mention "his granny showing him Charlestown racecourse in the SI" ? McKelvie , thought you were going to help racing , yeh yeh we all know "the Racing season starts July 1st". And the WORST of all The smarmiest prick in the whole place , the prick who did nothing for racing the whole time he was Minister for Racing and hand balled the port folio to Weak as p*ss Bennett mere months out from an election Nathan Guy - fark me - he actually speaks !!!!! And didn't he have plenty to say the sanctimonious little prick . The Messara report has been out for nearly a year , not a few months pillock. He should have been hung drawn and quartered by the Industry but no , once again , not a peep. Peters - well, we sold our soul to get him in there, likely to be only one term but the competition is going just as bad as this lot so who knows, I think we get one shot and this is it, there will never be anybody else we can slingshot into Parliament to put any case forward unless we groom someone like a John Wheeler who knows how it is and doesn't take shit and isn't a puppet for vested interests.. Just my view
  25. Charlie Bukowski

    TAB website down for maintenance

    Couldn't bet live into AFL for duration of game yesterday , I know not earth shattering but add in my $100 I would have lost cold ....