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  1. mr_gee

    Chelsea Burdan (a4)

    the girl al sharrock has and sam o mally and ethan wright
  2. mr_gee

    Marsh starting $600k colt at Caulfield...

    heard few days ago three big name stables other than sweetpeas could set up in aus before the next season ends
  3. mr_gee


    rogie has a few up thoses ways
  4. mr_gee

    2019 new stallions

    brutal has been brought by newgate thought je might of come here sounds like he will race next season
  5. mr_gee

    Clerk of the Course

    get in touch with terry wenn he will know
  6. mr_gee

    2019 new stallions

    i actualy thought jimmy choux might be the one going down south , but i see hes now sold to wa i wonder if that makes way for jon snow
  7. mr_gee

    Name for my horse please.

    as you well know chris in race cafe no secret's here and we all know
  8. mr_gee

    Endless Drama - for stud in NZ ?

    wonder if john snow and eminent will stand here too
  9. mr_gee

    Big news right here

    so with winnie not helping with captail gains tax do you think labour will geld him on the racing bill
  10. mr_gee

    2019 new stallions

    yup highly recommenced due to price drop ,Embellish will be going down maybe in a year or two as i believe there is allready talks for a new one at cambridge 4 following season
  11. mr_gee

    Sean Bartholemew......

    yes there a few like him in aus that paid by others
  12. mr_gee

    Down come the Fees....

    yeah no suprise when you see mare return numbers
  13. mr_gee

    jordan grob