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  1. cheers mate M14DOOMBEN r1 2 Hang Five M12FLEMINGTON r7 5.Horrifying
  2. M2 Ruakaka R1 12 R6 10 R9 7 R10 13 M6 Riccarton R8 5 M12 Flemington R1 3 R4 8 R5 1 R8 7 M14 Doomben R4 6 R6 5 R7 5
  3. te rapa r1 8 Brucie R4 6 quaff joker R5 3 Carnaby
  4. but ryder stakes will be run saturday at te rapa
  5. mr_gee


    so if we close rotorua it leave te aroha n te rapa for jumping and we all know peoples thoughts of that track of late we suppose be known for wet track runners n jumpers how long before we ain't known for anything bar breeding
  6. mr_gee


    they just all need up grading
  7. rotorua r1 7 .Quartz Queen randwick r7 3 Titanium Power
  8. i think it has to do with the fact the motorsport part of pukey is going
  9. i can see weekends races not going ahead too
  10. good guide 4 you is Spells 84+ Days Let Up 42-83 Days Freshens 21-41 Days
  11. october was my last i was getting them weekly