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  1. Have you got a pulse? Ive been waiting for you to trot from the outset but you break everytime? I know when you trot you are awesome but please show something . Go team mate I don’t care you get $20 every week but show some emotion please !
  2. Hey I’ve cleaned you up without raising a sweat so I’m happy You can’t pick your nose looks like Alfs a mug as well which is a shame, if you didn’t take VE to win Cup you need to re evaluate . To those who did Cheers I offered Alf half of a bet if I made any money from this comp and he sided Memphis ..... I couldn’t care less . Pondy you are legendary , Scoob is brilliant , he’s tolerated my Arm chair criticism for years and actually liked some content . Great people. The rest of you who knows , but there are some good people on here. Jerry Jerry see you see you Wake up Please
  3. Three people in the same little Car with the windows up wearing masks These people Vote. They probably only wear slip on Footwear They test you with intrusive swabs deep into you’re Nasopharynx as they need to get sufficient mucous to detect viral load, yet they can detect ‘Sars Cov 2 ‘antigens in wastewater that is diluted beyond belief from 3 random samples taken at very small intervals .... nothing to see here
  4. I have quite a few Workmates who have been forced into getting the Experimental potions,wives and Children pressuring the move through main stream media propaganda, add to that the huge amount getting these shots Cuzz because they are coerced through work and because they think it will allow Air travel....’.they ‘ DO NOT want Air travel because of the life sustaining CO2 ‘pollution ()so how will this play out There is nothing to show that Benefit outweighs the risk . We have seen thousands of cases in Auckland, two people in ICU , the 49 in Hospital are mainly there because of co morbiditi
  5. Yeah we have all had one of those days and removing Halverson when seeing the Soft this morning was my moment Thought the Day was saved When my BB Butter Blonde went outside rail at $55/$10, looked promising but Not the place to be beaten 1 length Makes for a more exciting finish though !
  6. Balmerino r3 3-10 bb r5 16-19 r6 6-8 r8 3-9 r9 6-14 bb Best of Luck All Thanks again
  7. May of posted the wrong clip, a few to many Stouts Adern deserves Plank of the week and Mike Graham has never built anything in his life Do you look for Symbolism in everything 6s ? Can complicate things unnecessarily
  8. NZ making news around... - The Freedoms & Rights Coalition |... Thanks Archer
  9. Balmerino Te Rapa Race 6: 4-5 Flemington Race 1: 3-10 Flemington Race 4: 4-5 Flemington Race 7: 3-4 bb Flemington Race 8: 2-6 Flemington Race 9: 5-13 Flemington Race 10: 10-11 bb Best of Luck ! Thanks Paul , Leigh
  10. Every one of these People in positions to lockdown their Countries are on board with Climate Alarmism... coincidence
  11. The Adventures of Danocchio - EP8 'Squid Games Race Day'
  12. The Adventures of Danocchio - EP7 'Danocchio's Tavern' - YouTube
  13. Very Good Watch Cannot see how Adern will get to Xmas without major issues.
  14. Shaun Hendy....Covid Modeller? When has any ‘Modeller’ ever been even close to being right? Now we know from overseas how High vaccination rates translate badly, we also know Populations that Open up are going well without mandates so why is this Baffoon talking about putting us back into level four for two weeks so ‘tracers’ can discover where cases are coming from I can’t believe for a second People are buying this Utter bullshit so why is Hendy still in a Nothing job getting paid taxpayer money while others die a slow death .... Adern is in a BIG hole
  15. They ran some time on Derby Day, another Sub 3.19 Cup looks on the Cards
  16. Always a good laugh. How could any of these people ever be taken seriously again .... and we actually have people following Greta Thunberg who would have to be the least informed activist in the History of Activism Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions ...
  17. Tauranga Race 7: 6-7 bb Awapuni Race 8: 10-13 Rosehill Race 5: 4-5 Rosehill Race 6: 1-8 Rosehill Race 7 2-13 Flemington Race 1: 6-9 Flemington Race 2: 1-4 Flemington Race 3: 1-10 Flemington Race 4: 3-8 Flemington Race 5: 4-8bb Flemington Race 6: 6-9 Flemington Race 7: 2-10 Flemington Race 8: 3-7 Flemington Race 9: 1-16 Best of Luck All Go Balmerino and Thanks again to Paul and Scoobs
  18. I can still remember that beating you gave me today and I was Surfing West coast power 4 days a week between hand digs working for Galbraith P&D . Take it easy on him NP ,under all that agro I’m sure Leo’s a decent guy
  19. No Conspiracy or theory ,just look at the Official Documents.... but unfortunately those come after as you’re concern grows What ever blows ya hair back Pali, but mask wearing is difficult for many , so for their health’s sake it’s not worthy of conflict
  20. Sounds like a nightmare 6. Point (s) taken
  21. Good to hear Mites , most have made their minds up justifying it for all sorts of reasons and consider it the wise move but many coerced. All the best
  22. Common sense should prevail, is this the ‘alternative universe ‘. Sad state of affairs Mitemeister
  23. And whats you’re role here? Just a concerned Citizen ? Try educating yourself ,and you may find that concern you have is unfounded and doesn’t warrant the attention you have thrust upon it. Dobbing in Dog handlers who just need to breath easy Whats next ?